In 2023, people are more open and modern in comparison to earlier years. So, there’s no better time than now to start offering adult toys in our dropshipping stores.

When we dropship adult toys, we don’t have to maintain physical stocks. All we have to do is source them from a reliable supplier and sell them on our selling channels. Thus, this low-risk business model enables us to earn high-profit margins.

Does that make you excited to dropship adult toys? Keep going, as we’ll uncover chart-topping products that will bring considerable sales to our dropshipping stores. As a bonus, we’ll also discover top adult toy suppliers we can work with.

Can I Dropship Adult Toys Legally & Earn High-Profit Margins?

Generally, dropshipping adult toys is legal. Despite being a sensitive product range, it is still worth dropshipping.

As long as we do it correctly and abide by the laws, it is a promising venture to take part in. However, we need to remember that nudity is not tolerated when selling adult toys.

In particular, product images and marketing materials cannot contain nudity. Therefore, we have to keep our images depicting the products themselves.

If we wish to dropship adult toys, we can utilize Wix and Shopify. On the other hand, eBay and Facebook Marketplace don’t allow the sale of adult toys, unless we are authorized distributors.

When selling these products, we must be diligent in terms of identifying our target audiences. To elaborate, certain countries do not allow the sale of sex or adult toys like Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, we need to explicitly declare on our websites that adult toys are for 18+-year-old customers only.

Nevertheless, according to Grand View Research, the global sex toy industry attained a massive 30.48 USD in market value in 2021. With this huge figure, we know that this niche is a profitable one. Thus, selling adult toys will surely help us reach enormous profits.

10 Best Adult Toys Products For Dropshipping

So, are you ready to discover the trending products that will ensure your customers’ complete satisfaction? Behold, here are the top adult toys to dropship:

  1. Rabbit Vibrators
  2. Male Masturbator Cup
  3. Cock Rings
  4. Water-Based Warming & Cooling Lube
  5. Remote Control Butterfly Vibrator For Couples
  6. Portable Bullet Vibrator
  7. Tightening Sensory Exercise Stick For Women
  8. Adult Sex Toy Cleaner
  9. Couples Bondaged Kit
  10. Sensual Massage Oil With A Roller Ball

Let’s begin our steaming adventure with our first product idea.

1. Rabbit Vibrators

To begin, we have the Rabbit Vibrators, whose form resembles a rabbit’s ear. Specifically, the vibrator has a phallic-like form for vaginal penetration and an external tickler for clitoral stimulation. Ultimately, this adult toy provides a more intense sensation than the ordinary dildo.

Thus, this adult toy is perfect for dropshipping, targeting audiences who love solo or partnered sexual play. In general, rabbit vibrators are available in silicone, rubber, latex, and jelly-like materials. For less porous options, we can offer variations made of elastomer, vinyl, plastic, and metal.

To spice things up, we can offer our customers various vibrator sizes. Plus, these adult play items are available in different colors. Moreover, ensure to sell vibrators with several intensity settings for a more exciting play experience.

Beginner’s Tip: Suggest a lubricant when dropshipping this product, as some vibrator materials tend to be rough.

Product img
Rabbit Vibrators
Retail Price
Item Cost
Potential profit:
Shipping time: 3-8 days

2. Male Masturbator Cup

Our next adult toy to dropship is the Male Masturbator Cup. This hands-free masturbation solution for men helps release stress and tension without getting their hands dirty. So, dropshipping this adult toy will surely entice the male population who enjoys private sensual pleasures.

Subsequently, selling the masturbator cups lets us select from a wide array of styles and shapes. Also, these play toys are available in different sizes to accommodate varying customer preferences. Additionally, we can sell battery-operated and rechargeable options.

When dropshipping this item, we can sell masturbators that come with rotation and grip pattern choices. We should also consider varying mode settings for a more pleasurable customer experience.

Aside from that, there are variations that are noiseless or produce erotic sounds for better stimulation. So, ensure to provide customers with the most exciting options.

3. Cock Rings

Another adult toy that gives users a pleasurable experience is a Cock Ring. Commonly, these adult-only products are worn around a penis’ base, allowing a stronger and bigger erection. Besides that, the cock rings can address issues like Erectile Dysfunction with proper advice from medical experts.

For a long-lasting solo or couple sexy time, we can offer customers cock rings with vibrators or stimulators. It’s also crucial that we sell several ring-size options to fit different people. The most common sizes range from 35 mm to 63 mm in diameter.

In general, cock rings come in silicone, rubber, leather, and metal. Additionally, we have color and style choices for this adult toy.

Beginner’s Tip: For a more exciting experience, we should consider rechargeable cock rings that are mobile-app controlled.

4. Water-Based Warming & Cooling Lube

More often than not, adult toys can provide maximum benefits with the help of reliable lubes. That’s why, we have the Water Based Warming and Cooling Lubes for users’ benefits. Essentially, lubes are special liquids or gels that are applied to intimate areas to ease discomfort during sexual encounters.

As a versatile adult product to dropship, water lubes are safe for oral sex. Thus, it is available in different flavors like strawberry, chocolate, and more. Aside from that, water-based lubes are easily washable, so customers don’t have to worry about stubborn remnants.

With the vast selection of lubes in the market, ensure to offer a diverse selection of container sizes. Furthermore, we should sell varieties suitable for sensitive skin.

Beginner’s Tip: When selling the lube, remember to incorporate precautions before using the product, like testing it in a different area to check for allergic reactions.

5. Remote Control Butterfly Vibrator For Couples

For hands-free sexy action, the Remote Control Butterfly Vibrator For Couples is a perfect pick. This wearable adult toy can lead to a quirky experience anytime and anywhere. So, adding this sexy product will surely attract customers who love to experiment with steamy surprises.

For the remote control butterfly vibrator, we should provide variations with speed and intensity settings. And, it’s best to offer customers noise-free vibrators for unexpected moments of pleasure.

Moreover, we can dropship various color and size options for different customer needs. Also, selling vibrators with non-porous and skin-loving materials will be valuable. As porous materials tend to absorb moisture that can lead to bacteria build-up. Once again, increasing the perceived value of the product.

To top it off, this remote adult toy comes in rechargeable or battery-operated types. Bear in mind that the more choices we offer customers, the more likely it is that we will attain customer satisfaction.

6. Portable Bullet Vibrator

From one vibrator to the next, we have the Portable Buller Vibrator. As an excellent adult product to dropship, this item helps users to stimulate erogenous zones during couple play or masturbation. Despite being compact and discreet, this adult toy can lead buyers to a mind-boggling experience.

To maximize this vibrator’s feel-good effect, we must offer variations with pleasure settings. Additionally, we can sell portable bullet vibrators in attractive colors and styles.

Subsequently, customers will love finding waterproof and rechargeable vibrators. Apart from that, lightweight options will entice frequent travelers too. So, the more options we offer in our stores, the higher the chances of sales!

7. Tightening Sensory Exercise Stick For Women

For liberated women, experiencing romantic time like it’s the first time is priceless. Therefore, we offer them the Tightening Sensory Exercise Stick For Women. This solution offers women the benefits of narrowing and shrinking vaginal muscles for tight-loving adult action.

Hence, we must offer our customers the best-fitted exercise stick for them. In particular, we can sell different sizes and colors. In addition, these sensory sticks come in several scents, offering the best rejuvenating experience to users.

Moreover, buyers will appreciate hypoallergenic adult product options. For added value, we can dropship odor-eliminating and long-lasting tightening sticks. With these excellent features, customers will surely purchase from us.

8. Adult Sex Toy Cleaner

So, what happens to the adult toys after all the hot action is over? Of course, users must get rid of bodily fluids using a reliable Adult Sex Toy Cleaner. Remember, customers need to maintain their cleanliness to avoid bacteria build-up, leading to more serious health issues.

Therefore, we must dropship the right cleaner that suits every type of adult toy. For instance, we should sell different types of cleaners for porous and non-porous toy materials. And, to ensure complete safety, we can sell food-grade or medical-grade disinfectants.

For adventurous people on the go, we must offer them portable cleaning mists or wipes. Apart from that, there are also UV sanitizers that we should consider. On top of that, antibacterial and fragrance-free soaps are also superb options that we can add to our stores.

Beginner’s Tip: When offering different toy cleaners, ensure to provide critical information of use, for the safety and protection of our customers.

9. Couples Bondaged Kit

Next up, the Couples’ Bondaged Kit is perfect for kinky lovers. This set of adult toys is best for erotic roleplaying. Hence, by providing this item in our stores we’re ensuring our customers are attaining the best sensual experiences possible.

Primarily, bondage kits contain different types and numbers of items. To mention some popular options, we have whips, gags, cuffs, paddles, and more.

Normally, this adult set of toys comes in black, but we can include other seductive colors like red and bronze. Finally, we should offer bondage kits in leather, fur, satin, and other materials.

Beginner’s Tip: We can pair this kit with a suitcase or travel bag to make it portable and increase our average order value.

10. Sensual Massage Oil With A Roller Ball

For more aphrodisiac vibes, the Sensual Massage Oil With A Rolling Ball is a must-have. This stress reducer and pain reliever adult product can be used with a partner for a more sensual feel. Due to its compactness, the rolling ball is suitable for sensitive areas.

While getting intimate, the perfect scent will help boost the mood. That’s why, we should offer buyers several massage oil options. The most popular ones include Jojoba, Almond, Coconut, and Sunflower oils.

For the rolling ball, we can sell different sizes that perfectly fit the users’ hands. Plus, offering color variations adds value to the product’s quirkiness.

Thus, with the vast selection of adult toys on the market, we have the potential to gain huge sales in no time. With that said, let’s see where we can source these items.

The Top Suppliers For Dropshipping Adult Toys

Great! We have a solid list of best-selling adult toys, but how do we find them? When searching for reliable suppliers, we have to select those that offer high-quality products at competitive prices.

To make your life easier, we’ve put together a list of the top five dropshipping suppliers of adult toys:

  1. DHGate
  2. AliExpress
  3. Banggood
  4. Alibaba
  5. Amazon

We’ll go over each one in the following sections.

1. DHGate

Kicking off our suppliers’ list is DHGate. For our adult toys dropshipping stores, here are the main benefits that this supplier provides:

  • Vast selection of adult toys
  • High-quality products
  • US and UK warehouses
  • Fast shipping times

Primarily, DHGate offers millions of adult toy choices on its website. As such, we can search for best-selling options under the ‘Wholesale Adult Toys Women’ product category.

Aside from the China warehouse, we can source top-quality items from DHGate’s US and UK distribution centers too. The presence of these domestic warehouses also helps in the faster delivery of items to customers. Thus, customer satisfaction increases when their orders arrive on time.

3. AliExpress

When we speak about top-grade dropshipping suppliers, AliExpress is definitely on the list. Now, let’s check out the key features of this supplier:

  • Extensive adult toys catalog
  • Dropshipping Center
  • Competitive prices
  • Swift worldwide shipping

Essentially, we can source millions of adult toys from AliExpress. In fact, its website dedicates a ‘Beauty and Health’ category to numerous adult toys. Likewise, AliExpress has a Dropshipping Center, where we can score the most trending items while analyzing their sales potential.

Another factor that makes AliExpress popular among dropshippers is its competitive product pricing. Through this, we can source items at a lower price and sell them for a higher profit margin. Meanwhile, AliExpress’ domestic warehouses enable it to offer swift shipping to customers all over the world.

4. Banggood

Next up, Banggood is a Chinese-based eCommerce supplier that sources varieties of adult sex toys. Below, we’ll explore the top reasons to work with this dropshipping supplier:

  • Domestic warehouses
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Dropshipping-friendly
  • Exclusive deals and discounts

As a reliable dropshipping supplier, we can source vast quantities of adult sex toys from Banggood. Not only do we have a huge product selection, but the items also come with competitive pricing, allowing us to gain more profits.

Moreover, Banggood is a dropshipping-friendly supplier, which provides numerous benefits to dropshippers. For example, it offers up to 20% worth of cashback and discounts to VIP online sellers. With these promotions, we can convert more viewers into buyers.

Likewise, when we receive discounts from our suppliers, we can set competitive prices for our products. Thus, attracting more customers to purchase in our stores.

5. Alibaba

Our last exceptional adult toys supplier is Alibaba, another Chinese supplier that we can work with. Here are the worthwhile benefits that we can enjoy while dropshipping from Alibaba:

  • Diverse adult toys categories
  • Huge profit margins
  • Branding solutions
  • Verification of sellers

In general, Alibaba has millions of products available on its website. For adult toys, we can find specific categories like Vibrators, Masturbators, Sex Dolls, and other sex toys. Additionally, these items are low-cost, giving us enormous profits for every sale.

Apart from that, Alibaba helps us establish our business through its branding solutions. For instance, we can add customized logos for our products or packaging. Finally, Alibaba verifies its suppliers for their legitimacy, protecting dropshippers from fraud sources.

2. Amazon

Another supplier that offers a diversified range of adult toys is Amazon. This gigantic eCommerce supplier offers the following advantages to dropshippers:

  • Wide array of adult sex toys
  • Domestic warehouses
  • Fast shipping times
  • Excellent customer support

Unquestionably, Amazon has a substantial database of best-rated dropshipping products. These products also come from domestic warehouses, which serve customer orders globally.

Additionally, this top adult toys supplier provides a two-day shipping time in the US. On top of that, Amazon highly values customer service.

For instance, it extends a 30-day return period for defective and unsatisfactory items. Remember that we extend the quality of service we get from our suppliers to our customers. So, with great customer service, buyers will likely repurchase in the future.

Keep in mind when sourcing from Amazon, we risk account locks. Thus we must navigate this process carefully. As such, we can opt to use Amazon as a product research platform and then, import the best-selling products from another top supplier.

With these dependable product sources, we’re now ready to set up our dropshipping venture.

How To Dropship Adult Toys In 6 Simple Steps

Once we have adult toys and their sources, we’re set to start our dropshipping business. Hence, here are the six simple steps on how to dropship adult toys:

Let’s jump into action beginning with finding the right adult toys to dropship.

Step 1: Product Research

Apart from our top ten trending adult toys list, where else can we find best-sellers? Look no further, because AutoDS is an all-in-one dropshipping solution that provides us with top-notch product-finding tools. Now, here are proven platforms that can lead us to our next top-sellers:

  • AutoDS Product Research Tool
  • AutoDS YouTube best sellers playlist
  • AutoDS product finding blog section 

AutoDS Product Research Tool

One of the proven ways to search for best-selling products is with the AutoDS Product Research Tool. With this tool, we can set filters while searching for best selling products.

Some examples of filters are categories, warehouses, suppliers, price ranges, and more. With a vast selection of items from supported suppliers, we’ll surely find the best adult toys to dropship in our stores.

AutoDS’ YouTube Best Sellers Playlist

Meanwhile, AutoDS’ YouTube best sellers playlist offers suggestions on what products to sell. All we need to do is watch and take notes of these items and their relevant features. With top product suggestions in the videos, we’ll gain insights into the most profitable products to dropship.

AutoDS’ Product Finding Blog Section

Likewise, we can search for relevant articles in AutoDS’ product finding blog section. Here, we’ll discover product-finding articles that will give us insights into the current market trends.

On the other hand, we can also explore other product finding methods like:

  • Google Trends
  • Search on competitors’ websites
  • Find best-sellers on suppliers’ websites

Essentially, Google Trends is a platform that provides analytics on popular topics worldwide. To discover the current market trends, search for keywords like ‘dropshipping products’ on the search bar. When doing so, we can apply filters, like categories, for more comprehensive results.

Search On Competitors’ Websites

Another way to find in-demand products is to search on competitors’ websites. All we have to do is search for what other sellers are offering. In this way, we’ll know whether an item will also work in our online stores.

For Shopify and Wix, we can conveniently spy on other competitors with the Koala Inspector. Using this dropshipping tool, we can analyze seller metrics, such as suppliers, products, sales, and other details. Thus, Koala Inspector will help us uncover top products to dropship and their sales potential.

Find Best-sellers On Suppliers’ Websites

Next up, we can score trending items by checking out the best-seller sections on our suppliers’ websites. For instance, we have the ‘Movers and Shakers’ section on Amazon. With our suppliers’ top sellers, we’ll adopt customers’ frequently purchased products and attain massive sales.

Step 2: Choose An Adult Toys Supplier

Once we know what adult toys are best-sellers, the next task is to find their suppliers. Aside from the top dropshipping suppliers we’ve presented earlier, here are other ways to find reliable product sources:

  • AutoDS supported suppliers
  • Google search

AutoDS Supported Suppliers

To find the best dropshipping suppliers, we can select from over 25 platforms that integrate with AutoDS. As such, we not only will be able to work with credible suppliers, but we can also benefit from dropshipping automation. When working with these reliable suppliers, we won’t have to worry about sourcing high-quality products anymore.

For example, AutoDS works with Amazon, AliExpress, Banggood, and other dependable adult toy sources. Thus, these suppliers automatically connect with our online stores for more efficient dropshipping processes.

Besides our supported platforms, we can easily search for top adult toy suppliers on Google. To do this, we need to input related keywords to come up with accurate search results. Then, Google will show us top supplier choices, depending on their popularity and relevance.

Step 3: Add Products To Your Store

When dealing with adult toys, the most suitable selling platforms are Wix and Shopify. So, before we add trending products, let’s first discover the benefits we can get from dropshipping on these selling channels.


Dropshipping adult toys on Wix is convenient due to the following features:

  • Customizable website
  • Ready-to-use templates
  • Dropshipping-friendly

To begin, Wix stores are fully customizable, which means we have the freedom to design how our stores look like. For instance, we can arrange pages and links to optimize the user’s shopping experience. Additionally, customizing our websites helps us build our brands, giving our business a unique identity.

Moreover, lots of ready-to-use templates are available on Wix. With these templates, we can present our websites professionally, adding to the accessibility and aesthetic of our pages. Thus, attracting more viewers to check out our online stores.

Furthermore, Wix integrates with different dropshipping tools like AutoDS. These tools can help us improve how we run our dropshipping business. In addition to being dropshipping-friendly, Wix enables us to scale our business to new heights.


Meanwhile, creating adult toy stores on Shopify lets us enjoy these advantages:

  • Website customization
  • No selling limits
  • Establish customer database

Similar to Wix, we can fully customize Shopify stores. Through customization, we can add professional images and descriptions to our products. Hence, we optimize how our websites appear, creating a professional appearance that customers will love.

Another benefit of utilizing Shopify is the unlimited product listings. Without selling limits, we can add many adult toys to our stores. With this feature, we can diversify our product selection and offer our customers what they’re looking for.

Finally, Shopify enables us to collect customer information. In particular, we can utilize newsletter subscriptions to establish an email database of customers. By doing so, we can entice more customers to buy from us by offering exclusive deals or discount coupons.

Now that we know the features that selling channels offer, we’re now ready to add products to our online stores.

Importing Adult Toys To Our Online Stores

Primarily, we can import top-selling adult toys to these selling channels using manual or automatic methods. However, the manual importing process requires us to copy product details from the supplier’s website individually. Afterward, we need to input these details into our selling channel.

Thus, manual importing takes significant time and effort to accomplish. So, automatic importing is the answer to save us from this lengthy process.

With automatic importing, a dropshipping tool handles the listing procedures on our behalf. Therefore, we don’t need to individually manage each product listing anymore. Thus, products are automatically added from our suppliers to our selling channels.

With that said, AutoDS is a leading dropshipping platform for automatic importing. As such, it offers four easy-to-use automatic importing methods:

  • One-click Importer
  • Single Product Uploader
  • Adding Multiple Product IDs/URLs
  • Bulk Importer

For us to have a glimpse of the convenience of using this tool, let’s demonstrate the Single Product Uploader.

Single Product Uploader

The Single Product Uploader is a straightforward process of adding one product in a few seconds. Without further ado, let’s discuss how this automatic importing method works.

Begin by entering the supplier’s website and searching for an adult toy you want to dropship. On the product page, copy the URL or ID of the item. After doing so, go to the AutoDS platform.

Then, click the ‘Add Products’ section of the AutoDS platform. Next, choose the ‘Single Product’ option. Afterward, a dialog box will appear, where you will paste the product’s URL/ID.

Next, confirm by clicking the ‘Edit Now (Quick)’ button. During this time, a dialog box will appear on the top of the AutoDS platform, signifying that the item is being processed as a draft.

Meanwhile, you can automatically import the product by clicking the ‘Publish To Store’ button. However, this will add the item to your store, without optimizing the product’s description.

Once the adding process is done, the adult toy is ready for optimization. By then, you can set the images, descriptions, tags, and other important information. By doing so, you are ensuring that the product is search engine optimized (SEO).

Being SEO relevant means that customers can easily find your product by searching for related keywords. Likewise, optimization allows customers to find your product on top search results.

After the optimization, click ‘Save’ to update the changes made to the product. When the product information is complete and optimized, import the item to your store by clicking the ‘Save and Import’ button.

At this time, the adult toy is available in the ‘Products’ section of the AutoDS platform. Also, this signifies that your product is now available in your dropshipping store. Now, customers can start checking out your products!

Step 4: Market Your Dropshipping Business

Now that we have products to sell, we need to maximize our audience reach. By doing so, we can ensure that more customers can access our product listings. To do this, we have to utilize proven marketing strategies.

When dropshipping adult toys on Shopify and Wix, we can market our items through:

  • Pay-per-click (PPC) Ads
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Blog
  • Affiliate Marketing

Pay-per-click (PPC) Ads

One effective way to market adult toys is through PPC ads. By utilizing this technique, we pay every time a viewer clicks on our ads. Specifically, PPC campaigns are popular on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Google, and YouTube.

Frequently, customers can access PPC ads depending on their preferences and search histories. Also, clicking on PPC ads will direct viewers to our dropshipping websites, enticing them to purchase our products.

Influencer Marketing

Another great way to showcase our products is by utilizing influencer marketing. With this marketing method, we ask popular social media figures to review our products.

Since these personalities have wide follower bases, they can easily convince a huge market to purchase our products. On top of that, their followers have confidence in their testimonies, so it’s easier to convert viewers into buyers. 


Next up, creating blogs is an effective content marketing technique. Essentially, blogs bring organic traffic to our dropshipping websites. To illustrate, customers can search for related keywords that can lead them to our online stores.

Moreover, we can optimize our blogs by adding helpful tips and worthwhile articles. Not only will customers find our product pages with keywords used in the articles, but we’re also improving the overall perceived value of our stores. As a result, our profit potential will increase.

Affiliate Marketing

Lastly, we can also integrate affiliate marketing with dropshipping. Generally, affiliate marketing allows other people or companies to advertise our products on their pages. For every purchase through affiliate links, advertisers gain commissions.

In particular, individuals or companies can post testimonials about our products on their websites or buy and sell groups. Then, customers can access our products through a link that directs them to our websites. Overall, with the right marketing strategies, we’ll achieve an excellent profit portfolio.

Bear in mind that we’re involved with a sensitive product line, so we need to exercise caution in marketing our products. With this in mind, we must avoid nudity when showcasing adult toys. Moreover, we have to maintain the professional presentation of our items by showing appropriate materials in our stores.

Step 5: Fulfill Your Orders

Next, for us to start gaining substantial profits, we have to fulfill orders as soon as they come. When fulfilling orders, we have manual and automatic options.

As such, manually fulfilling orders requires us to purchase an adult toy from our supplier’s website. Then, we input the customer details one by one. After such, the supplier will directly ship the item to our customer.

Now, imagine getting tons of customer orders in a day. Manually fulfilling these orders individually will be time-consuming and prone to typing errors. That’s why, we have the automatic fulfillment methods to help us carry out customer demands hassle-free.

As a top dropshipping platform, AutoDS provides the Automatic Ordering System and Fulfilled by AutoDS. These convenient tools automatically fulfill customer orders, without us having to monitor them all day round.

On the one hand, AutoDS’ Automatic Ordering System uses our buyer accounts when fulfilling customer demands. Essentially, a buyer account requires different payment methods in processing customer orders. For instance, we can use credit cards or online payment methods to pay our suppliers.

On the other hand, Fulfilled by AutoDS is an all-in-one order fulfillment service that automates 100% of the order fulfillment process. Using this feature, we can load our auto credits on our AutoDS account. Then, the platform uses these credits to fulfill customer orders at any time of the day.

Both these automatic order fulfillment tools provide up-to-date tracking updates on the whereabouts of customer packages. Plus, they process customer details accurately and efficiently. With the help of these tools, customer orders are managed even while we’re away, maximizing our passive profits.

Step 6: Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Finally, providing exceptional customer service is as essential as picking the right products to sell. By giving our customers the best shopping experience, we gain their loyalty. Remember that satisfied buyers tend to repurchase and promote our products to others.

So, how do we extend excellent support to customers? For one, we must answer customer queries in the quickest time possible. When customers feel we put effort into addressing their concerns, they will be confident in doing business with us.

Another way to satisfy customers’ expectations is by providing valuable information. One of the most crucial tasks is providing them with real-time tracking updates. By doing so, customers will know we’re eager to deliver their orders on time.

In addition, offering loyalty programs can help us obtain repeat sales. By offering discounts and exclusive deals, customers will take advantage of these offers while they’re available. In return, we can achieve more sales through loyal repurchases.

Furthermore, we can offer outstanding customer support by opening live chats, where customers can directly send their questions. Also, we can utilize email or phone to connect with our customers.

As customers are our business’ lifeline, we can’t afford to lose them because of poor service. Therefore, we must offer our buyers the best shopping experience.

How Can I Continue Scaling My Adult Toys Business?

After establishing our dropshipping stores, we can continue scaling our business through automation. Once again, business automation gives us the freedom to run our business efficiently from anywhere in the world.

To help us manage our adult toys business easily, here are other automated features that we can utilize:

Once again, with the help of these dropshipping tools, each task will become more manageable. With an optimized business, we’ll definitely attain huge profits in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Legal To Dropship Adult Toys?

Yes, dropshipping adult toys is legal, as long as you adhere to specific policies. For example, no nudity is allowed on your online store or marketing materials. Otherwise, ensure you’re utilizing the correct selling channels for adult toys, such as Shopify or Wix.

Where To Find Adult Toys Suppliers For Dropshipping?

We can find outstanding adult toy dropshipping suppliers from the AutoDS suppliers’ database. Similarly, some excellent adult toy suppliers from this article include DHGate, AliExpress, Amazon, Banggood, and Alibaba.

Can AutoDS Help Me Dropship Adult Toys?

Definitely! AutoDS can help you sell adult toys through its dropshipping automation features. For instance, AutoDS has a product research tool to help you find top-selling adult toys. Aside from that, the platform offers automatic importers that will easily add products to your online store.


Perfect! Our customers will be excited for some action with our hottest adult toy selection. While our buyers enjoy the benefits of purchasing our products, we’ll also gain significant sales from selling these trending items.

However, our journey to success continues as we scale our dropshipping business to the bigger eCommerce arena. Through dropshipping business automation, we’ll continue gaining substantial profits while we sit back and relax.

To further enjoy the benefits of an optimized dropshipping venture, you can explore other profitable product categories. As such, here are worthwhile articles that will help you land your next winning niche: