Jewelry is one of the oldest types of archaeological artifacts. From ancient times to the 17th century, we see such an extensive history and use of jewelry. From small pieces made of bones, feathers, and shells to precious metals, gems, and diamonds. Who knew that dropshipping jewelry will be a thing in our time?

What started as a part of the culture and was thought to have magical properties once turned into a  huge billion-dollar industry. Jewelry, as we know it today, comes in so many forms. To some, it is a way of expression, a symbol of love, or just part of our everyday esthetic.

Most importantly, to us dropshippers, jewelry is an enormous category and has a huge potential profit. There are endless niches within this vast category, a huge variety of different jewelry products (rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and so much more), and additional accessories or tools.

So, if you’re looking for a new niche to get into or are currently dropshipping jewelry products, keep reading to learn more about the top 10 jewelry products to dropship.

Top 10 Jewelry Products For Dropshipping In 2022

Before we get into which hot products to sell, here are some guidelines for selling products from this niche. 

When dropshipping products, it is crucial to add as many item specifications as possible. This is especially crucial with jewelry products since buyers want to know exactly what they are buying.

Make sure to always add as many describing features. For example, the type of material, metal, stone, gem, chain, or other relevant details.

This is true for any dropshipping store, regardless of the chosen selling platform. Additionally, if you are selling on eBay specifically, this actually plays a part in your product exposure. Item specifications and images are very well-liked by eBay’s search engine, Cassini. Be sure to make use of this. 

So, now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get into the hottest trendy jewelry products to sell in your dropshipping stores this year.

1. Tree Of Life Necklace

Tree Of Life Necklace dropshipping

First up on our list of jewelry dropshipping products, we have the lovely tree of life necklace. Its design symbolizes immortality in many cultures and is of great meaning.

The tree of life comes in different versions as its original design has been reinvented countless times. Different colors and sizes are available, so make sure to offer your buyers a variety. 

Additionally, it is sold as a necklace and as a pendant. You can offer your customers the choice. Furthermore, if you are selling it as a pendant or any other pendants for that matter, you can upsell by offering chains to go along with it. 

Many people buy necklaces with pendants and end up replacing the chain. This can be due to the material type and quality, length, color, etc. As you can see, there are multiple ways to profit from this product. 

Product img
Tree Of Life Necklace
Retail Price
Item Cost
Potential profit:
Shipping time: 6-7 days

2. Bridal Jewelry Sets

Bridal Jewelry Sets online seller

Second, on the list is bridal jewelry sets. This is a bride’s must-have on their wedding day. Perfect for dazzling up a gown and completing the final look.

You need an extra spectacular set of jewelry for such a special day, but this can come at a huge cost. 

Weddings are quite the expense as it is, so we are seeing many less expensive alternatives popping up on the market. 

Help your buyers find the perfect addition to their special day and offer multiple choices. Different styles, designs, colors, and sizes are what you need to rake in the big bucks.  

3. Chain Jewelry

Chain Jewelry dropshippers

Now that you have an elegant, classy product for your store, let’s mix it up a bit. The chain jewelry subcategory is blowing up! 

The alternative, slightly grungy look from the ’90s made its way back and has proven to be a huge hit in 2022. 

Young men and women love the edgy look chains give off and are implementing it as a staple in their collection. Here are the top 3 chain jewelry that gives off an edgy vibe:

3.1 Chain Necklaces

Chain Necklaces dropship jewelry

Chain necklaces are one of the most popular styles and have been for ages. They are classic, simple, and can be paired with practically any look.

 There is quite a variety, Different lengths, widths, and designs. Add a few to your store to see which performs best. 

3.2 Chain Bracelets

Chain Bracelets dropshipping

The second from within this subcategory is chain bracelets. Everything said regarding the necklaces above is relevant to bracelets too. Don’t forget that there are jewelry sets besides bridal ones. 

If you sell chain necklaces and bracelets, you might see they will be bought together. Offering various materials, colors, and styles to help buyers create a matching set or mix it up to add flavor to their look. 

3.3 DIY Chains

DIY Chains dropship jewelry

As for the third chain jewelry product, we have something a bit different. As much as people love treating themselves and buying a nice piece of jewelry, DIY crafts have taken the world by storm. 

Today we can easily find DIY blogs, YouTube channels, stores, and so much more that make up this big trend. 

Tons of people are looking for DIY chain rolls to craft their own jewelry and accessories. 

Different materials, colors, and designs are available, so add between 5-10 minimum and optimize as you go. 

4. Boho Dangle Earrings

Boho Dangle Earrings jewelry dropshippers

Moving on to number four on our dropshipping jewelry products list, we have the perfect product to create a stunning gypsy look – Boho Dangle Earrings. Boho to many equals hippie chic. 

Colorful beads, feathers, dreamcatchers, and many more are all good choices. Luckily, many suppliers offer sets of 6,8,12 and more. 

Whether single pairs or variety sets, your buyers will satisfy their retro needs. You can sell stainless steel, silver, or gold earrings to appeal to more buyers. 

Make sure to mention the metal in the description, so customers know what they are buying.

5. Cross Jewelry

Cross Jewelry dropshipping products

Up next we have cross jewelry. Popular since the Roman Empire was Christianized, cross jewelry is nothing new. Just like almost anything else in this world, they can be capitalized on. 

For some, it is still very much a subversive act, but recently it became its own aesthetic. A few Instagram models take a few pictures, and the next day it is a trend.  

Take advantage of the hot product and start selling cross bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other crucifixes.

Unlike other jewelry products, this is very much an evergreen product. It is selling strongly all year round and is not a momentarily trendy product, nor seasonal. 

6. Chakra Bracelet

Chakra Bracelet dropshippers

As sixth on our list, we have chakra bracelets. According to yogic tradition, there are seven wheels in our body associated with different body parts and organs.

It is believed that each chakra holds its own energy, and if one is blocked, fast-forward can cause physical and emotional harm. 

Just as many like using different gems and crystals for their believed healing powers, a chakra bracelet is supposed to help balance our chakras. 

Whether worn for this purpose or just as a cute accessory, they are a hot product and have been trending for a while now. 

There are single chakra bracelets and full seven chakra bracelets. There are different kinds so offer your buyers choice. 

Also, add more than one from each bracelet since many buyers often buy two or three. This way, our AOV (average order value) will increase along with our profit

7. Angel Wing Necklace

Angel Wing Necklace dropshippers

From crosses to chakras, here is another symbolic piece of jewelry that has proven to be a hot-seller from crosses to chakras. Angel’s wings are special as they represent angels, who symbolize protection, courage, love, and/or purity. 

Many wear angel wings in tribute to a lost one who they believe is watching over them. On the other hand, just like cross jewelry, angel wings have been simplified. 

Although their original meaning, to others, it can simply be a cute accessory. Make sure to offer a wide variety of angel wings as they come in different colors and styles. 

8. Teardrop Earrings

Teardrop Earrings jewelry dropshippers

The next dropshipping jewelry product we have are teardrop earrings. These are classic, elegant, and are a super hot dropshipping product, not just for 2022. 

Teardrop earrings are a timeless design that has been treasured and worn for decades. 

Coming in different versions, studs and dangles, offer different types to rake in the most sales and profits from this product. 

9. Choker Necklace

Choker Necklace dropshipping products jewelry

Second,’ to last on our list, we have choker necklaces. Aging all the way back to Sumerian artisans around 2500 BC, chokers have been around since the world’s earliest civilizations. 

Fast-forward hundreds of thousands of years, we have a newer and more modern version. Nowadays, we refer to them as “edgy” or “grundy” statement pieces from the ’90s. 

From concerts, runways to everyday fashion, these chokers have proven to be here to stay. When selling them in your dropshipping store, offer your buyers multiple choices. 

Make sure to take into consideration the different colors, materials, styles, and sizes. 

10. Jewelry Storage

Last but certainly not least, we have jewelry storage. If you are going to sell jewelry, you might as well give your buyers a solution to storing it all.

No matter how big or small, we need somewhere to keep our collection safe, organized, and clean. There are plenty of options, so here are the three best-selling products for storing jewelry.

10.1 Mirror Jewelry Cabinets

Mirror Jewelry Cabinets jewelry dropshippers

This mirror jewelry storage cabinet is the perfect choice for any jewelry lover. Specially designed for the different jewelry types, there is room for everything. 

Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more can all be stored here easily. Whether for someone with a big collection or on their way to one, this is a must-have. 

10.2 Jewelry Trays

Jewelry Trays dropshipping products

Another great way to store jewelry is by using jewelry trays. This makes it easy to view your jewelry and organize it simultaneously. 

Great for all jewelry types, trays can be used on a vanity or inside drawers. Either way, a big necessity for jewelry lovers. 

10.3 Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry Boxes dropshippers

Last, of the three storage types, we have the old school jewelry box. These are a great choice for at-home use and on the go. Boxes make it simpler to store, organize, and travel with jewelry. 

For someone with a more modest jewelry collection, this could be all they need. Jewelry boxes come in different shapes, colors, and sizes, so remember that a variety will be necessary. And, this sums up our list of the top 10 dropshipping jewelry products with all of it’s subniches!

Multiple Suppliers

Multiple Suppliers dropshipping products

Using multiple suppliers for your dropshipping store is definitely the way to go. Suppose you have been using only one until now, not to worry. There is nothing wrong with that, but here are some of the benefits that working with 2-3 suppliers will bring to your dropshipping business. 

Using multiple suppliers is the safer way to dropship. If the one supplier you are using suddenly has some items fall out of stock, increases their prices, or changes their shipping time, you won’t get stuck.  

Another reason is diversification. Working with more than one supplier means wider variety and more chances to stand out against your competitors. 

Lastly, this is a great way to gain more dropshipping experience. Different suppliers mean different policies, prices, products, and niches! 

The AutoDS platform supports over 25 suppliers, which is more than enough to reach millions of products and balance your business.

How To Save Time Adding Multiple Products

save time adding items

To save you hours of tedious manual work, we have a special tool we developed to help you add new products to your store.

Our very own AutoDS Helper Chrome extension enables you to quickly grab and import products from any of our 25 + supported suppliers. 

Easily add hundreds or thousands of products to your dropshipping store with just a few clicks. Add our extension to your browser, go to your favorite supplier, and start searching for products. 

If you come across a product or niche you want to try out, click “extract” to grab all featured items and then “Export as CSV” to have a CSV file automatically created for you. 

Next, go to the AutoDS platform. Using the top left menu, click  ‘Add Products’, then ‘Upload CSV’. Drop that CSV file that the extension downloaded configure your import settings, and enjoy easy product importing. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you have some hot jewelry product ideas start adding jewelry products to your dropshipping store. Remember to keep track of the different products from each category or niche and follow their sales. 

Keep in mind that you need at least 20 or more products from any given niche to really be able to analyze that niche’s performance. 

In the jewelry category, there are evergreen products, and then there are plenty of hot trendy items that blow up and pass. Always be ready to adapt!

If you’re looking for more niches to start selling, check out the following articles to jump-start your sales!