Through the years, jewelry has been a part of culture and trade. Centuries after, who would have thought that dropshipping jewelry would turn into a billion-dollar market?

Global Online Jewelry Market Value

Jewelry offers a huge profit potential and covers a wide selection of product categories. In this article, we’ll explore the top 20 dropshipping jewelry items. Let’s get started!

Top 20 Dropshipping Jewelry Products To Sell For High Profits

Are you ready to uncover the best jewelry pieces to dropship? Here are the top 20 dropshipping jewelry products to sell to achieve massive profits:

  1. Men’s Wolf Necklace
  2. Abstract Hug Necklace 
  3. Glowing Moonstone Necklace 
  4. Natural Stone Crystal Pendant
  5. Hand Of Fatima Pendant 
  6. Heart Pendant Necklace 
  7. Letter Pendant Chain
  8. Shiny Silver Choker 
  9. Opal Star Necklace 
  10. Wood Beaded Choker
  11. White Beaded Bracelet
  12. Thin Gold Anklet 
  13. Evil Eye Bracelet 
  14. Rotating Beads Ring
  15. Moldavite Stone Ring
  16. Black Drop Tassel Earrings
  17. Teardrop Hoop Earrings
  18. Heart Statement Earrings
  19. Dainty Dangle Earrings 
  20. Small Hoop Earrings Set

Let’s check out the features of these best-selling jewelry items.

1. Men’s Wolf Necklace

Dropshipping Jewelry Men’s Wolf Necklace

To kick off our list, we have the men’s wolf necklace. The wolf necklace symbolizes strength and courage and is a meaningful accessory to complete a stylish statement. Thus, this item should be a staple in our dropshipping jewelry business.

Next, we’ll explore the profitability of this product.

Product img
Men’s Wolf Necklace
Retail Price
Item Cost
Potential profit:
Shipping time: 1-2 weeks

Prices & Profit Margin

  • Selling Price: $28.95
  • Source Price: $6.03
  • Potential Profit: $22.92

Seller/Supplier Links

Target Audience

  • Gender: Men
  • Age: 18 to 35 years old
  • Marital Status: Single, Married
  • Interests: Tribal designs, Mystical themes, Jewelry & accessories

Seller’s Facebook Ad

Dropshipping Jewelry Men’s Wolf Necklace FB Ad

Viennais wolf necklace’s Facebook (FB) ad offers many promotions that help entice customers to check out the item. For one, it extends free shipping and a 10% discount for two or more purchases. In addition, the seller has a clear call to action, directing customers to the product page and helping convert more viewers into buyers.

Overall, the ad garners 1.3K+ reactions, 30+ comments, and 60+ shares. With these figures, we are confident that the product will get substantial sales.

Seller’s Website

Dropshipping Jewelry Men’s Wolf Necklace Seller

Entering Viennais’ website, we are welcomed with the wolf necklace’s marked-down price of $28.95, including shipping. The discounted price has a countdown timer, enticing customers to purchase now due to the limited-time offer. Also, the ‘Buy 2, Get 10% Off’ promotion can also help increase the seller’s average order value.

Moreover, the website has a minimalistic theme, which complements the product. Although the product description showcases the item’s features, the text needs to be bigger, making it reader-friendly. Nevertheless, Viennais’ 30-day return period and money-back guarantee ensure a top-quality business.

Supplier’s Website

Dropshipping Jewelry Men’s Wolf Necklace Supplier

Are you interested in dropshipping the wolf necklace? Don’t worry; we can find the same item on AliExpress at $6.03, including shipping. Plus, we can score coupons when dropshipping this item from AliExpress, such as a $3 discount.

Noticeably, the supplier provides several images that depict the item’s weight and dimensions. On the other hand, we can utilize ChatGPT, an AI writing tool, to help us come up with optimized product descriptions and titles. Overall, the seller has a 98.1% positive feedback rating, showing that it’s a reliable source for the wolf necklace.

2. Abstract Hug Necklace

Dropshipping Jewelry Abstract Hug Necklace

Another trending dropshipping jewelry product to sell is the abstract hug necklace. The abstract hug necklace is a popular gift to express support and affection. Moreover, this necklace deserves a spot in our jewelry dropshipping stores due to its unique design and sentimental value.

With that said, let’s look at the abstract hug necklace’s profit potential.

Prices & Profit Margin

  • Selling Price: $38.95
  • Source Price: $2.39
  • Potential Profit: $36.56

Seller/Supplier Links

Target Audience

  • Gender: Men, Women
  • Age: 21 to 35 years old
  • Marital Status: Single, Married
  • Interests: Unconventional jewelry designs, Abstract art styles

Seller’s Facebook Ad

Dropshipping Jewelry Abstract Hug Necklace FB Ad

With 8.5K+ reactions, 700+ comments, and 500+ shares, Viennais hug necklace’s FB ad is undoubtedly a hit. With this wide audience reach, we can say that this item has high sales potential.

To add more value to the product ad, the seller can add more images or descriptions to showcase the necklace’s features. Nonetheless, customers can conveniently click the seller’s link, which will take them to the product page and purchase it.

Seller’s Website

Dropshipping Jewelry Abstract Hug Necklace Seller

On Viennais’ website, the Love Style II necklace sells at $38.95, including shipping. Aside from the trending black & silver variant, the seller provides more options like monochromatic combinations and rainbow shades. Moreover, we must avoid improperly cropped photos and add high-quality images that highlight the product’s value.

When dropshipping jewelry pieces, we must consider the materials from which the products are made. That’s why, the seller ensures that the hug necklace is free from nickel, lead, and cadmium, making it generally safe for all users. In addition, Viennais offers free worldwide shipping and a 30-day return period, which speak about the seller’s good business practices.

Supplier’s Website

Dropshipping Jewelry Abstract Hug Necklace Source

Checking out AliExpress, we can source the same necklace at $2.39, including shipping. The supplier offers many promotions, such as an 80% price markdown and an additional 3% discount. On top of that, the source ensures confidence with its 75-day buyer protection guarantee.

On the downside, the product description contains different languages. As such, we must ensure that we convey an understandable and clear text to our audiences, giving them a clear overview of the item. Nonetheless, the hug me necklace gains an average of 4.8/5 customer rating, portraying its top caliber quality.

3. Glowing Moonstone Necklace

Dropshipping Jewelry Glowing Moonstone Necklace

Joining our trending dropshipping jewelry finds is the glowing moonstone necklace. In ancient times, a moonstone was believed to be connected to the moon, bringing protection and luck to its owner. Today, the moonstone necklace is a popular mystical accessory that can attract significant traffic to our dropshipping business.

So, let’s check out what this best-selling jewelry item can offer our business.

Prices & Profit Margin

  • Selling Price: $39.99
  • Source Price: $2.74
  • Potential Profit: $37.25

Seller/Supplier Links

Target Audience

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 25 to 40 years old
  • Marital Status: Single, Married
  • Interests:  Mystical gemstones, Ethereal fashion, Spiritual accessories, Jewelry

Seller’s Facebook Ad

Dropshipping Jewelry Glowing Moonstone Necklace FB Ad

The enchanted moonstone necklace’ FB ad entices customers with its magical description. Also, the ad image highlights the mystical glow of the necklace when worn. By doing so, we can help customers see how the item works in an actual setting, making the promotion more realistic.

In fact, many customers believe in the necklace’s magic as the ad received 100K+ reactions, 13K+ comments, and 14K+ shares. Interested customers can directly access the necklace’s product page through the ‘Shop Now’ button provided by the seller.

Seller’s Website

Dropshipping Jewelry Glowing Dropshipping Jewelry Moonstone Necklace Seller

Welcoming us on Twinkling Tree’s website is the enchanted moonstone necklace at a discounted price of $39.99, including shipping. This seller’s commitment to environmental sustainability for every product purchase makes this platform unique. As such, the seller pledges to plant a tree for every order.

Notably, Twinkling Tree provides a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section that guides customers with common queries about the item. The seller also extends a 30-day guarantee for unsatisfactory items, entitled to full refunds. To top it off, new buyers can enjoy a 10% discount upon checkout after subscribing to the seller’s newsletter.

Supplier’s Website

Dropshipping Jewelry Glowing Dropshipping Jewelry Moonstone Necklace Source

Some good news: we don’t need to search far for the moonstone necklace. We can dropship the same jewelry item from AliExpress for $2.74, including shipping. Aside from the moonstone necklace, we can source diverse product variations to add magic to our dropshipping jewelry business.

However, the product description and images need improvements in formatting and quality. Remember that when selling necklaces, we must highlight their great value by optimizing each word on the product page. Nevertheless, the supplier gains high customer satisfaction with 95.2% positive feedback.

After exploring the insights about the profitability of some dropshipping jewelry products, let’s continue with our trending products list. Next, we’ll discover more popular jewelry pieces and the features that make them top choices for dropshipping.

4. Natural Stone Crystal Pendant

Dropshipping Jewelry Natural Stone Crystal Pendant

To continue, we have the natural stone crystal pendant. This dropshipping jewelry must-have is composed of a decorative mineral often seen as a healing tool and energy amplifier. Besides that, the stylish design enhances the user’s visuals, making it a trending product in the market.

Beginner’s Tip: Including various types of crystal stones, such as amethyst, quartz, and citrine, would be beneficial as each mineral holds distinctive significance to the individual wearing them.

5. Hand Of Fatima Pendant

Dropshipping Jewelry Hand Of Fatima Pendant

Another top-notch dropshipping jewelry piece is the hand of Fatima pendant. This jewelry piece has intricate patterns, symbolizing meaningful ideals of different cultures. Furthermore, this pendant can be made from stainless steel, brass, silver, or gold, so ensure to dropship endless varieties.

6. Heart Pendant Necklace

Dropshipping Jewelry Heart Pendant Necklace

The heart pendant necklace is one of the most in-demand dropshipping jewelry products of all time. Google Trends shows the constant popularity of this item in customer web searches worldwide.

Popularity Of Heart Pendant Necklace On Google Trends

The heart pendant necklace is a famous gift for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or as a random romantic gesture to a special someone. This item has a wide range of styles, including variations with embellishments and engravings. Undeniably, the heart pendant necklace is a promising product that can help us achieve huge sales.

7. Letter Pendant Chain

Dropshipping Jewelry Letter Pendant Chain

From shapes to characters, the letter pendant chain is our next trending jewelry dropshipping item. With its style and versatility, this item is made from crystal, enamel, metals, or wood. Offering this item will attract lovers of personalized accessories and those who seek one-of-a-kind gifts for loved ones.

Beginner’s Tip: Add letter options with precious stones or engraved patterns for a more personalized shopping experience.

8. Shiny Silver Choker

Dropshipping Jewelry Shiny Silver Choker

Are you looking for a timeless jewelry piece to dropship? Well, we should add the shiny silver choker to our product listings immediately. Plus, this item can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit. 

Silver Choker Web Search Results According To Google Trends

The item’s popularity is evident in the insights provided by Google Trends. In addition to catering to the high demand for this product, our goal is to offer our customers timeless jewelry pieces that they will cherish. So, by dropshipping the shiny silver choker, we can generate substantial profits. 

9. Opal Star Necklace

Dropshipping Jewelry Opal Star Necklace

With its mesmerizing color effects, the opal star necklace is a best-selling dropshipping jewelry product. Opal gemstones and star shapes are popular representations of hope and creativity. Thus, this item is best for those who love celestial themes or sparkly accessories.

10. Wood Beaded Choker

Dropshipping Jewelry Wood Beaded Choker

Now, let’s check out the wood beaded choker. Ranging from 14 to 16 inches in length, this dropshipping jewelry piece can be painted, stained, or in its natural design. When selling this item, we can market it to bohemian fashionistas and those who love natural materials.

11. White Beaded Bracelet

Dropshipping Jewelry White Beaded Bracelet

As a popular accessory for customers of all ages and genders, the white beaded bracelet is a dropshipping jewelry must-have. This eye-catching accessory is perfect for outdoor adventures or beach getaways. Being a neutral yet versatile complement to a wide range of outfits, selling this product can result in a high sales potential.

12. Thin Gold Anklet

Dropshipping Jewelry Thin Gold Anklet

The thin gold anklet is a famous symbol of wealth and social status in many cultures worldwide. For others, it is a meaningful accessory for religious practices. Today, the popularity of the thin gold anklet is constantly growing, as presented by Google Trends.

Gold Anklet Keyword Searches Based On Google Trends

This lightweight but elegant jewelry piece can include features like charms, pendants, or crystals for an overall higher aesthetic appeal. Since this item is for men and women, ensure to offer different sizes of comfortable and durable anklets.

13. Evil Eye Bracelet

Dropshipping Jewelry Evil Eye Bracelet

Joining our list of eccentric dropshipping jewelry items is the evil eye bracelet. This product features a talisman in the form of an eye, which is believed to offer protection from the evil eye. Today, this symbol of luck and safety is a popular item to dropship in many parts of the world.

14. Rotating Beads Ring

Dropshipping Jewelry Rotating Beads Ring

A spot on our trending dropshipping jewelry list goes to the rotating beads ring. Interestingly, the beads of this accessory are available in different forms made of metal, plastic, wood, or acrylic. Aside from being a fashion accessory, this product is a calming and soothing tool, reducing users’ stress and anxiety.

15. Moldavite Stone Ring

Dropshipping Jewelry Moldavite Stone Ring

Moldavite is a rare gemstone due to its unique origin and distinctive features. Thus, the Moldavite stone ring is a sought-after dropshipping jewelry item in the market. Besides its fashionable style, this accessory enhances spiritual awareness and brings positive change to users.

Beginner’s Tip: To give customers diverse options, we can offer a single Moldavite stone or multiple stones arranged in a pattern or cluster.

16. Black Drop Tassel Earrings

Dropshipping Jewelry Black Drop Tassel Earrings

Another classy add-on to our dropshipping jewelry business is a pair of black drop tassel earrings. This accessory comes in different tassel lengths, thicknesses, and embellishments. Remember to dropship long-lasting, high-quality tassel earrings that are comfortable on the ears.

17. Teardrop Hoop Earrings

Dropshipping Jewelry Teardrop Hoop Earrings

The popularity of hoop earrings is continuously rising, according to Google Trends. Due to its versatility, it’s one of the widely-used ear accessories among women.

Hoop Earrings Popularity On Google Trends

Suitable for casual and formal occasions, the teardrop hoop earrings are top dropshipping jewelry items to sell now. Additionally, this item is made of metal, plastic, or gemstones. For a more stylish look, the earrings can be incorporated with other elements, such as beads, crystals, or engravings.

18. Heart Statement Earrings

Dropshipping Jewelry Heart Statement Earrings

Heart statement earrings are a must for customers with bold fashion styles. This dropshipping jewelry idea can be plain metals or contain stylish crystals. Moreover, this everyday wear accessory has a wide range of colors, sizes, lock types, and styles, making them an in-demand fashion piece.

19. Dainty Dangle Earrings

Dropshipping Jewelry Dainty Dangle Earrings

According to Google Trends, dangle earrings have an all-time high volume of web searches. Therefore, selling the dainty dangle earrings in our dropshipping jewelry stores will surely attract customers worldwide.

Search Volume Of Dangle Earrings Based On Google Trends

This jewelry product suits people who prefer a more subtle accessory style. These earrings come in endless styles, from casual to formal. Therefore, we should dropship several colors, embellishments, shapes, and sizes to serve the different fashion preferences of customers.

20. Small Hoop Earrings Set

Dropshipping Jewelry Small Hoop Earrings Set

Our last dropshipping jewelry item is the classic small hoop earrings set. Interestingly, this jewelry set contains solid or embellished hoops in different sizes and styles. Before offering this item, ensure we’re sourcing hypoallergenic materials to ensure customers’ safety.

Now that we have excellent jewelry products to dropship, the next step is to choose reliable sources for these items. Integrating with multiple suppliers protects our business against the risks of relying on a single source. If one supplier runs out of stock, increases prices, or alters their shipping time, we won’t be caught off guard.

Another advantage of working with multiple suppliers is diversification. More sources mean wider varieties of products, allowing us to stand out from the competition.

Moreover, this approach is an excellent way to gain more dropshipping experience, as each supplier has unique policies, prices, products, and niches. Here are some key suppliers for our dropshipping jewelry business:

  • Etsy
  • AliExpress
  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Banggood
  • and more!

With AutoDS’ 25+ dropshipping suppliers, we have ample opportunities to access millions of products and manage our business effectively. Furthermore, the AutoDS All-In-One Dropshipping Solution can help us diversify our product listings and expand our market reach.

Streamline Your Dropshipping Jewelry Business: The Power Of Automation

Streamline Your Dropshipping Jewelry Business With Automation

Our dropshipping success doesn’t stop when we gain huge sales. From here, we must expand our dropshipping business even more. Through automation, we can scale our dropshipping jewelry venture to greater horizons.

As a leading dropshipping platform, AutoDS provides the best automation features to streamline our daily business processes. Among the numerous automation features, automated product imports are one of the most efficient features we can utilize. Here are AutoDS’ easy-to-use product importing methods:

  • One-Click Importer
  • Single Product Uploader
  • Multiple Product IDs/URLs
  • Bulk Importer

Next, we’ll demonstrate adding one jewelry item using the single product uploader.

Single Product Uploader

Importing Using A Single Product URL

The single product uploader is a fast and easy way to import individual products. First, we must copy the product URL or ID from the supplier’s website. Afterward, we can go to the AutoDS platform and select ‘Add Products’ from the left menu.

Next, we should select the ‘Single Product’ option and paste the product URL/ID into the dialog box. Once we have done this, we can click the ‘Edit Now (Quick)’ button to create a product draft and begin optimizing it.

Optimizing A Jewelry Dropshipping Product

We can set a search-engine-optimized (SEO) title, image, description, tag, location, and other necessary details during the optimization process. Doing so improves our product’s potential ranking in customer keyword searches. In addition, ptimizing our product also enhances its professional appearance on our website.

Once we have completed the optimization process, we can click ‘Save’ to update the changes and then ‘Save and Import’ to transfer the item to our selling channel. The product will then appear on the ‘Products’ page of the AutoDS platform.

At this time, the item becomes visible on our online store and is ready for customers to purchase. Now, we can expect to see significant profits from customer purchases.

Aside from automatic product imports, here are other features that our business can enjoy while working with AutoDS:

  • Complete Order Fulfillment
  • Price/Stock Monitoring 
  • Automatic Price Optimization
  • Inventory Management
  • Advanced Product Research Hub
  • Tracking Number Updates
  • and more!

Ultimately, dropshipping automation employs a tool that aids us in the management of our online stores. Thus, we can streamline our business processes and increase efficiency. The most beneficial aspect of automation is that it operates around the clock. Thus, it frees us from concern over incomplete tasks while we sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dropshipping Jewelry Worth It? 

Yes, dropshipping jewelry is worth it. In fact, the global eCommerce jewelry market is expected to reach 117 billion USD in value by 2027. With this huge market value, dropshipping jewelry is a lucrative venture to start.

What Is The Best Dropshipping Jewelry Supplier?

Some of the best dropshipping jewelry suppliers include Etsy, AliExpress, Amazon, Walmart, Banggood, and more. Ensure you work with multiple suppliers for a more optimized dropshipping business.

What Are The Best Selling Dropshipping Jewelry Products? 

The top dropshipping jewelry product ideas are the Men’s Wolf Necklace, Abstract Hug Necklace, and Glowing Moonstone Necklace. These jewelry items have high-profit potential, making them the perfect dropshipping choices.


Once we have enticing dropshipping jewelry product ideas, it’s time to incorporate them into our dropshipping stores. Some products have enduring popularity within the jewelry category, while others experience a temporary surge in demand.

With the help of business automation, we won’t worry about finding the best products to dropship. Plus, we can easily access insights about the sales performances of jewelry items to ensure their profitability.

Let’s continue to widen our dropshipping jewelry empire. Check out the following articles to explore more product ideas and accelerate our sales under this niche: