Imagine having diverse product listings that include top-selling dropshipping items. Sounds interesting, right? Well, as a matter of fact, with AliExpress’ vast product catalogs, you can surely turn that idea into reality.

With that said, AliExpress offers millions of profitable dropshipping products from every retail category. All we need to do is conduct in-depth market research to identify trending and high-quality products.

And, to help us pick the best AliExpress dropshipping products, we’ll explore top sellers from each niche. On top of that, we’ll discover how to find top-notch items from this reliable supplier. So, are you ready to scale your dropshipping business to new heights? Let’s get started!   

How To Find AliExpress Dropshipping Products

So, how do we search for top dropshipping products on AliExpress? There are several ways to do so:

  1. Search The Product Categories On AliExpress
  2. Recommended For You Section
  3. Best-Sellers Tab
  4. Seller Recommendations
  5. AliTools Shopping Assistant
  6. AliExpress Dropship Center
  7. The AutoDS Product Research Tool

Let’s uncover excellent dropshipping products using these tools.

1. Search The Product Categories On AliExpress

A convenient way to search for product ideas on AliExpress is by directly searching for the product categories. Then, under each category, we’ll find specific product lines. To narrow down our search, we just need to input relevant product keywords.

Although this is one of the easiest product-finding methods, it’s difficult to compare sales metrics with it. For that reason, we’re providing multiple product research methods. Nevertheless, searching for items under different categories will give us vast product selections.

Another way of getting top product ideas is through the ‘Recommended For You’ section on AliExpress. This section appears on the right side of a product page.

Generally, this section recommends related products according to our search preferences. For example, if we’re looking for a necklace, AliExpress will recommend related jewelry pieces, such as earrings. In this way, we can explore other superb products under the same category.

3. Best-Sellers Tab

As we scroll down the AliExpress homepage, we’ll find the ‘Top Ranking’ tab that includes best-selling products. This section showcases trending items with the highest current sales.

By checking out this section, we’ll uncover products with the highest recent purchases. By knowing this, we can add these in-demand items and start gaining huge sales.

4. Seller Recommendations

Meanwhile, the lowermost portion of AliExpress’ website gives us the ‘More to love’ section. Essentially, the products shown here are seller recommendations. In addition, these dropshipping product suggestions are listed according to our recent searches.

With the help of these recommendations, we can add similar winning products to our dropshipping store. But of course, we must analyze the products’ profit potential before adding them to our online stores. We can do this by comparing a product’s source price and selling price. Then, we can add products that will lead to massive dropshipping profits.

5. AliTools Shopping Assistant

Aside from exploring AliExpress’ website, we can also utilize dropshipping tools to discover profitable products. With that said, AliTools Shopping Assistant is a versatile AliExpress browser extension.

Using this tool, we can analyze product metrics, such as price changes, seller ratings, customer reviews, and similar items. Through this data, we can optimize our product listings by adding products based on our profitability analysis.

6. AliExpress Dropship Center

When sourcing dropshipping products from AliExpress, we can enjoy the perks offered by its Dropship Center. Interestingly, we can find hot selling items and sponsored products. Besides that, the platform allows us to search for products using their images.

Conveniently, we can filter search results according to categories, delivery times, source, destination, and other criteria. Moreover, the Dropship Center lets us analyze metrics like sales performances of dropshipping products. As a result, we’re confident we’re getting high-quality and best-selling items for our business.

7. AutoDS’ Product Research Tool

On top of everything, the AutoDS Product Research Tool generates outstanding product recommendations according to our search criteria. What’s more, we can apply filters to come up with more accurate product ideas. For instance, suppliers, price ranges, and warehouses are among the standard filters.

Moreover, this dropshipping tool also gives insight into an item’s cost and retail price. Therefore, we can analyze the profits we can get from dropshipping the product. With that in mind, we can assign flexible prices and maximize our dropshipping revenues.

To conveniently add a product to our online stores, click the ‘Import Product’ button below the item details. Then, AutoDS automatically copies the information from AliExpress to the platform. After such, the product becomes available on the ‘Drafts’ page.

When the product is saved as a draft, we can start optimizing the product information. To do this, we can set relevant keywords in the title and description. Also, we can add location, tags, and images to improve the product presentation.

Once we’re done with the optimization, we can ‘Save’ and then ‘Import’ the item. Afterward, our product will be available in our online store. By then, customers can start buying it, and we’ll start gaining profits.

Best Niches & Products On AliExpress To Scale Your Store

We know that the wide product array on AliExpress can be overwhelming. Since there are many products to choose from, we have to narrow down our options. Therefore, we’ve selected top trending products on AliExpress according to their sales volume and number of reviews.

For us to save time and effort, here are the 13 AliExpress product categories that we’ll explore:

  1. Women’s Fashion
  2. Men’s Fashion
  3. Cellphones & Telecommunications
  4. beauty-health-hairComputer, Office & Security
  5. Consumer Electronics
  6. Jewelry & Watches
  7. Home, Pet & Appliances
  8. Bags & Shoes
  9. Toys, Kids & Babies
  10. Outdoor Fun & Sports
  11. Beauty, Health & Hair
  12. Automobiles & Motorcycles
  13. Home Improvement & Tools

Below, we’ll identify the top-selling products to dropship under each category.

1. Women’s Fashion

With the rise of over-the-top fashion statements, women absolutely love to shop trending apparel. Therefore, our first AliExpress dropshipping product category is Women’s Fashion.

Now, here are our best-selling fashion picks for women:

Let’s get started, beginning with the first product.

1.1. High Waist Seamless Leggings

The seamless leggings are perfect for casual wear or sports activities. This fashion trend is both comfortable and sculpts the body perfectly. Thus, it allows the users’ skin to breathe while remaining sexy.

Product img
High Waist Seamless Leggings
Retail Price
Item Cost
Potential profit:
Shipping time: 2-6 days

Commonly, these leggings are available in Spandex, Nylon, and Polyester. As such, ensure to dropship different colors and sizes for our buyers so that they will find the right match for them.

1.2. O-neck Seamless Slim Tops

Next on our list are the o-neck seamless slim tops. Due to their versatility, these tops can be worn independently or under another layer of clothing.

Moreover, these tops come in different styles. For example, we have long-sleeved, sleeveless, halter, and tank tops. Undoubtedly, AliExpress women’s fashion will surely attract a large audience to our stores.

1.3. Winter Velvet Leggings

From the seamless leggings, we move on to the winter velvet leggings. Indeed, leggings don’t go out of style because they are suitable for any season, including winter.

In particular, winter velvet leggings can have double linings, such as fleece. Thus, this gives women warmth and comfort during winter. Plus, velvet leggings come in many styles and colors, allowing women to dress up nicely despite the cold season.

1.4. Corset Crop Top

Another in-demand fashion find from AliExpress is the corset crop top. Being highly fashionable, these dropshipping products allow women to flaunt their figures.

With that said, there are numerous options for corset crop tops on AliExpress. For instance, we can dropship leather, lace, satin, and denim variations. Don’t forget to offer stylish options and different sizes to fit every woman’s needs.

1.5. Double-breasted Blazer

Blazers being formal wear is a thing of the past. Today, double-breasted blazers can complete the casual everyday looks of women.

Remember to sell blazers that suit pants, dresses, shorts, or skirts. Additionally, we should offer blazers of different lengths and styles. For example, these blazers are available in plain, plaid, printed, and chic designs that women will love.

2. Men’s Fashion

Aside from women, men also have varying preferences for apparel finds. So, our next AliExpress product line is Men’s Fashion.

Without further ado, let’s discover the top products under this category:

Let’s see what makes these products trendy in today’s market.

2.1. Retro Leather Jacket

What’s a better way to complete a masculine look than with a retro leather jacket? This AliExpress dropshipping product incorporates a vintage appeal to modern men’s fashion.

Meanwhile, there are numerous leather jacket colors and styles that we can sell. But the most common ones are black and brown jackets. Moreover, we should offer our buyers both buttoned and zipped choices.

Beginner’s Tip: Offer a ‘complete the look’ suggestion in your store, such as matching boots.

2.2. Two-piece Hooded T-shirt

Following our retro look is the funky two-piece hooded t-shirt. This shirt caters to the fashion-forward niche, those always in line with the latest trends.

Thus, because of the t-shirts’ aesthetic styles, we can choose from countless designs to sell. Likewise, we should offer different sizes and fabric materials, ensuring our customers are satisfied with a diverse range of choices.

2.3. Polo Shirt

As a classic in every man’s wardrobe, polo shirts are a best-selling product all year round. Essentially, polo shirts are great for casual looks or formal events.

In general, we can dropship five kinds of polo shirts. There are short-sleeve, long sleeve, sportswear, pique, and wool. With this broad selection of polo shirts, we must also provide sizes and colors for different preferences.

2.4. Shirt And Pants Summer Set

In general, men appreciate simple yet sophisticated looks. That’s why we offer them the shirt and pants summer set.

Subsequently, these wearables come in solid colors, unique prints, and patterned designs. Mostly, the shirt and pants set are made from cotton, linen, and other fabrics that add comfort to users. Once again, we must ensure that our customers are comfortable and satisfied with the products we sell.

2.5. Cargo Pants

Another chart-topping AliExpress dropshipping product is cargo pants. In particular, cargo pants include many pockets that have become a popular look lately.

Additionally, this clothing article has numerous style types. To mention some, we can offer combat, samurai, jogger, harem, and other excellent choices.

3. Cellphones & Telecommunications

Proceeding to the next AliExpress category, we have Cellphones and Telecommunications. Under this product line, we’ll explore gadgets and accessories that can bring huge profits.

With that said, here are the most trending AliExpress dropshipping products under this category:

Next, we’ll discover each top-selling product under this niche.

3.1. Tripod With Carrying Bag

For hobbyists and travelers, capturing a magnificent moment is priceless. So, here’s the tripod with a carrying bag to help customers with their picture-perfect set-up.

When selling this item, ensure to offer variations that can hold different camera sizes and weights. Also, we need to consider selling varying lengths and materials. In general, these dropshipping items must be weatherproof and durable to withstand any condition while being used.

3.2. Fiber Optic Cable Tester

Next up, we have the fiber optic cable tester. This trending item is utilized to test active signals for ports and cables.

While there are several tester types on the market, we can offer the most common choices. Specifically, these are light sources with power meters, and fiber identifiers, to only name a few. Thus, dropshipping this top AliExpress item will surely entice tech-savvy customers.

3.3. Mini Walkie-Talkies

Another gadget worth dropshipping from AliExpress is mini walkie-talkies. These products are portable and wireless, allowing communication in areas where getting a cellular signal is impossible.

Furthermore, these two-way radios have a different communication reach, depending on users’ needs. Plus, walkie-talkies can be rechargeable or battery-operated. Hence, we must provide our customers with a wide selection of this AliExpress dropshipping product.

3.4. Portable And Adjustable Phone Holder

Whether we’re taking selfies or multitasking, we need a reliable phone holder. That’s why portable and adjustable phone holders are must-haves.

In particular, these phone holders come in sleek designs, appropriate for table tops or car dashboards. Finally, don’t forget to offer styles, sizes, and colors that fit all phone models.

Beginner’s Tip: Aside from a holder, we can cross-sell earphones or earbuds for an enhanced wireless call.

3.5. Fiber Optic Cable Stripper

The last phones and communications product on our list is the fiber optic cable stripper. Primarily, these strippers allow the safe removal of cable jackets and fiber coatings.

Moreover, we should source different types of cable strippers from AliExpress. Technically, these strippers vary depending on the kind of cable materials involved. For example, we have the fiber gripper, cutting shears, and other durable cable strippers.

4. Computer, Office & Security

The next AliExpress product category we’ll explore is Computer, Office, and Security. Items belonging under this category are home and office essentials that will attract a broad audience to our stores.

As such, best sellers under this dropshipping product category include:

Let’s continue further to learn about these in-demand products on AliExpress.

4.1. Tablet Tempered Glass Screen Protector

For a touchscreen gadget like a tablet, the screen is the most delicate part. This is why we should offer our tablet customers a table tempered glass screen protector. This AliExpress dropshipping item protects the screen from scratches and cracks, prolonging a tablet’s use and functionality.

When sourcing the glass screen protector from AliExpress, include options for different tablet models. Also, choose durable and long-lasting variations when dropshipping this item.

Beginner’s Tip: Don’t forget to add wet and clean wipes along with the screen protectors to increase your average order value.

4.2. Kindle Leather Case

Another device that many people use today is a Kindle. So, it’s only proper to protect them with the Kindle leather cases. Not only do these cases protect the Kindly from dents, but they also make reading more comfortable.

With that said, we can dropship cases with stands or holders. Also, these cases come in chic designs and colors, depending on customer preferences. Therefore, offering a wide range of cases will give customers more choices, increasing the chance of sales conversions.

4.3. Samsung Tablet Cover

For one of the most popular gadgets today, we can offer the Samsung tablet cover. Once again, these covers don’t only minimize scratches but also serve many purposes.

As an example, these tablet covers can have magnetic keyboards with them. Apart from that, they can also serve as a standee for tablets. Thus, include a vast selection of covers suitable for different Samsung tablet models.

4.4. Paper-like Screen Protector

Who wouldn’t love writing on a screen that feels like paper? If we’re targeting writers, the paper-like screen protectors will make a perfect addition to our online stores.

Particularly, paper-like screen protectors are suitable for any iPad variation. Thus, dropshipping this item at reasonable prices will surely entice customers to buy not one but several quantities. As a result, we’ll achieve higher profits.

4.5. Four-piece LED Strips

Finally, the four-piece LED strips are popular among gamers, streamers, and room decorators.  These strips are usually put around computers or rooms to create striking effects.

Therefore, we should add color and size variations when selling this item. Besides that, there are LED strips that can be remotely controlled to set light timings and intensities. With these awesome choices, we can easily convert viewers into buyers.

5. Consumer Electronics

Our fifth product category on AliExpress is Consumer Electronics. Products under this line involve everyday use goods that are intended for non-commercial purposes.

Let’s take action with these top-selling AliExpress dropshipping products:

Below, we’ll learn why these consumer electronics are excellent products to dropship.

5.1. Game Controller Finger Covers

In general, game controller finger covers serve as grips that help improve play precision. With that said, these products are excellent for phone or tablet gamers.

When selling these products, we must source lightweight and breathable covers. For example, the most common material is nylon. Furthermore, we should offer finger covers in different sets, such as by 10s, 20, or more. By doing so, we can improve our average order value when customers buy multiple pieces.

5.2. Long-lasting Battery Packs

Power interruptions may come unexpectedly at times. So, having long-lasting battery packs at home is a must-have. As such, essential electronics continue to function with these reserve power sources.

Now, sourcing battery packs from AliExpress requires us to pick portable and durable options. In addition, these products are available in different power capacities, depending on consumers’ needs.

5.3. Mini LED Camera Lights

Our third best-selling consumer electronics are mini LED camera lights. Because of remote work setups or at-home vlogging, these lights have become an in-demand commodity.

To maximize our profits, we must sell this item with different light intensities and adjustable modes. Also, these lights come in various styles and colors that we can add.

Beginner’s Tip: For portability and ease of use, we can offer mini LED camera lights that can be attached to gadgets like phones and laptops.

5.4. Waterproof Fitness Watch

Today, people have become more health and fitness conscious. With that in mind, a waterproof fitness watch is an excellent accessory for fitness routines. These watches can track one’s heart rate, walking distance, and other metrics.

Essentially, these watches are waterproof. However, we need to let our customers know about the use limitations, such as depth and length of submergence in water. Nevertheless, fitness watches come in several styles, colors, materials, and other features that we can add to optimize our listings.

5.5. Photo Studio Lighting Kit

Topping off our consumer electronics list is a photo studio lighting kit. This set includes essential lighting equipment to complete a photography setup.

Basically, these kits contain light stands, umbrellas, bulbs, backdrops, and other necessities. So, we need to offer different kit inclusions to maximize our sales.

6. Jewelry & Watches

Another set of products to explore belongs to the Jewelry and Watches niche. When dropshipping these accessories, we can set flexible prices to suit these unique items.

The following are our trendsetting jewelry accessories:

Now, let’s explore precious jewelry pieces in the next sections.

6.1. Lettered Charms For Bracelets

Who doesn’t love customized accessories? We definitely do! That’s why we’re offering our customers the lettered charms for bracelets.

For one, these lettered charms can be gold, silver, or bronze. But for more playful chains, we can also add colorful acrylic or enamel options. Of course, we need to offer vast letter choices, font styles, and charm sizes that perfectly match any bracelet. In particular, selling these products targets teenagers, as these charms are great for DIY friendship bracelets.

6.2. Wing Pendant Crystal Necklace

From bracelets, let’s jump into necklaces. To add elegance to one’s outfit of the day, here is the wing pendant crystal necklace.

On AliExpress, we can find one-winged or both-winged pendants. Also, this necklace comes in different chains, such as gold and silver. When selling this product, we have to offer a diverse selection of stone colors, designs, and sizes that suit customers’ tastes.

6.3. Ring Finger Sizing Tool

When talking about jewelry pieces, rings never go out of style. However, how do people measure the correct ring sizes? Well, it’s easier than ever with the ring finger sizing tool.

With this convenient AliExpress dropshipping product, customers will no longer worry about finding the perfect ring match for them. Therefore, we should sell different sets of sizing gauges. Additionally, this tool is made of metal or acrylic materials that customers can choose from.

6.4. Drawstring Jewelry Bags

Aside from accessories, we must have a form of storage alongside our jewelry offerings.. Whether for storing or gifting, drawstring jewelry bags are reliable and chic options.

On another note, these bags are made from satin, burlap, canvas, organza, and other materials. In addition, we should offer different bag sizes, colors, and designs. Remember to add these bags in sets for a higher average order value.

Beginner’s Tip: Since these jewelry bags are perfect for gifting, we can offer personalization options like printing names or photos on suitable fabrics.

6.5. Black Pendant Necklace

When it comes to jewelry, black exudes elegance, just like the black pendant necklace. This trending jewelry piece from AliExpress is among the best-selling products in dropshipping.

So, if we plan to dropship this item, include different black pendant styles, sizes, and shapes. Moreover, add chain options that best complement the pendants. With this precious find, we’ll earn high-profit margins.

7. Home, Pet & Appliances

Now, let’s see what products are trending under AliExpress’ Home, Pet, and Appliances category. Essentially, items under this product line are practical everyday use goods.

So, here are the best products in this niche:

Want to know more about these trending items? Let’s learn about them in the following sections.

7.1. Golden Dinnerware Set

As a classy addition to meal times, the golden dinnerware set is perfect for every home or party. That’s why this item is among the best-selling products on AliExpress.

When offering this item, we should consider different sets of cutlery. For example, we can sell cutlery sets good for 4s, 10s, or even 24s. Lastly, we must include only food-grade and non-toxic golden dinnerware sets in our online stores.

7.2. Portable Lint Remover

For pet owners, unwanted hair on fabrics is an everyday struggle. But wait, the portable lint remover is here to save the day. This product easily removes pet hairs from clothing and furniture.

In particular, we have mechanical and automatic lint removers to source from AliExpress. Additionally, these items have several styles, just like those that come with handles. So, dropship portable lint removers now to enjoy big sales.

7.3. Pumpkin Pet Brush Comb

Another great find for pet lovers is the pumpkin pet brush comb. This item is an all-in-one solution for cleaning, grooming, and massaging pets.

Generally, this brush comb is available in several colors on AliExpress. Also, the product can be battery-operated or rechargeable. Plus, the brush is made from safe stainless steel bristles suitable for brushing and massaging.

So, what are you waiting for? Start promoting this in-demand product to pet lovers and reap the rewards!

7.4. Mini Beer Bottle Opener

Ending the day with a bottle of beer becomes more convenient with the mini beer bottle opener. With this AliExpress dropshipping product, users can open beers anytime and anywhere.

For this home must-have, we can offer a variety of designs and styles to choose from. Aside from that, we can incorporate bottle openers as refrigerator magnets or keychains.

Beginner’s Tip: For customers who want bottle openers as souvenirs, we can utilize print-on-demand techniques.

7.5. Metal Hook Arc Igniters

Let customers be their own chefs by selling metal hook arc igniters. These products allow the ignition of fire without the use of matches.

Meanwhile, igniters come in different lengths and sizes. Also, these items can be electronically charged or battery operated. To complement buyers’ kitchenwares, we can sell igniters in sleek styles and colors.

8. Bags & Shoes

Alright! On to our next AliExpress product category, we have bags and shoes. This category includes a wide variety of designs and styles, so ensure to dropship top-selling ones.

In line with that, we’ve run down the top five in-demand bags and shoes on AliExpress:

Below, we’ll discuss these AliExpress dropshipping products.

8.1. Leather Ankle Boots

Kicking off our list are leather ankle boots. This trending footwear is versatile, meaning it’s suitable for office, party, or casual outfits.

When dropshipping these boots, we can offer faux pas or genuine leather. Some variations include zippers and other designs. Furthermore, don’t forget to add several color and size variations that will fit every customer.

Beginner’s Tip: Provide a chart size when selling shoes, so customers can properly choose the right fit for them.

8.2. Crossbody Bag For Women

As a convenient accessory, the crossbody bag for women is a top choice among buyers. Due to their size, these bags are convenient to wear while securing one’s belongings.

Since women have varying preferences, we should offer various colors, sizes, and style options. On top of that, these bags come with zippers, magnetic locks, and other designs. Of course, these body bags should come with adjustable straps for our customers’ convenience.

8.3. Insulated Lunch Bag

Let’s admit it, no one likes to eat cold food that should be hot. That’s why, we should dropship the insulated lunch bag in our stores. As such, we’ll please our customers by providing them with a product to keep their food fresh.

Technically, these bags maintain the temperature of the food, preserving its freshness. So, add insulated bags suitable for cold and hot food. Also, consider selling elegant bag designs, colors, shapes, and sizes that entice customers.

8.4. Crocs-like Summer Shoes

During summer, it gets super hot and with it, so do our feet! So, here are the comfy crocs-like summer shoes. These shoes allow users’ feet to breathe while remaining trendy.

Furthermore, these shoes come in unique styles we can sell. Also, remember to add sizes and designs suitable for all genders and ages. So, both children and adults can enjoy comfortable shoes despite the heat and humidity.

8.5. Small One-shoulder Purse

Another chic AliExpress dropshipping product is the small one-shoulder purse. As a trending fashion accessory, many women buy this product. Thus, selling this item can lead to huge sales in no time.

Subsequently, these purses come in many shapes and colors. Considering the straps, we have chains or fabric options. There are also zipped or magnetic locks that add class to these products. Now, ladies can show off their new compact, fashionable purses.

9. Toys, Kids & Babies

Who says online shopping is only for adults? Well, little ones also have some say in the Toys, Kids, and Babies category.

So, here are excellent product ideas that we can source from AliExpress:

Next, we’ll discover the features that make these items worth dropshipping from AliExpress.

9.1. Baby Swim Trainer

To begin, the baby swim trainer is a top seller on AliExpress. With this product, babies learn how to kick and flap in the water independently.

For the product variations, we have inflatable and non-inflatable options. We also have different styles, sizes, and colors that fit every age and gender. Most importantly, we must ensure that we’re selling BPA-free and hypoallergenic materials to protect little ones.

9.2. Cotton Baby Short Socks

Little ones love comfortable clothing, so cotton baby short socks are perfect for them. This breathable and lightweight footwear protects their delicate feet.

To help babies become fashionable too, we should sell different sock designs. For instance, we can offer socks with character prints, patterned designs, or bright solid colors. Ultimately, these socks must be soft and free from abrasive and toxic materials.

9.3. Neo Rubix Cube

As a unique toy, the neo Rubix cube entices kids’ critical thinking skills. This item is a highly demanded dropshipping product on AliExpress. As a result, selling it can lead to massive profits.

For the neo Rubix cube, we can offer different variations and levels of difficulty. To mention some types, we have the 2×2, 3×3, 6×6, and more. Apart from the conventional square Rubix, we can add mirror blocks, megamix, pyraminx, and other complex blocks.

10. Outdoor Fun & Sports

The tenth AliExpress category on our list is Outdoor Fun and Sports. Under this product line, we’ll explore equipment and accessories that maximize customers’ outdoor adventures.

With that said, here are dropshipping products with the highest sales on AliExpress:

Let’s begin the outdoor fun by exploring these best-sellers below.

10.1. Mountain Bike Bottle Holder

Biking is a popular sport or hobby. And staying hydrated while pedaling is crucial. Well, a mountain bike bottle holder is a convenient way to carry our water bottles while being outdoors.

Essentially, bicycle bottle holders are installed so that bikers can quickly grab bottles anytime. That’s why we need to sell durable and weatherproof bottle holders since they’re exposed to environmental elements. Don’t forget to add different styles and colors to complete the bicycle’s overall look.

10.2. Adjustable Heavy Hand Gripper

In general, adjustable heavy hand grippers help to strengthen the muscles, especially for athletes. Similarly, these grippers help manage arthritis, carpal tunnel, and other hand-related concerns.

Primarily, hand grippers come in different tension capacities. For example, we have adjustable capacities that range from 5 to 60 kilograms. Furthermore, grippers are heavy-duty steel, with handles coated with rubber or acrylic. With this diverse selection of grippers, our customers will surely find a suitable option for their needs.

10.3. Professional Swimming Goggles

Our next best-selling AliExpress product is professional swimming goggles. Mainly, these are designed for pro-swimmers. But, swimming enthusiasts will also love this item.

When dropshipping swimming goggles, ensure to offer different sizes that fit all ages. Plus, these goggles come in various colors and designs that will add funkiness to swimming attires.

10.4. Rechargeable Heated Insoles

During cold seasons, closed shoes are a must, but the prolonged wearing of shoes also has an impact. To address both issues, we should offer rechargeable heated insoles. These insoles give off heat and at the same time, enable proper circulation while wearing shoes.

For these dropshipping products, we should consider the power capacities of insoles. Likewise, remote-controlled variations are available for easy adjustment of heat intensities. Besides that, we should source different sizes that fit every buyer’s shoe size.

10.5. Ultralight Camping Tent

What is outdoor fun without camping? So, to enjoy camping adventures, we have the ultralight camping tent. This spacious and easy-to-carry tent is perfect for backpacking activities.

Essentially, camping tents with multi-layer fabrics are our best option. As such, they can withstand environmental conditions, such as rain or wind. Additionally, we must add several size and style choices that will attract customers to purchase.

11. Beauty, Health & Hair

Apart from fashion and gadgets, we must also consider products that address customers’ overall well-being. Therefore, let’s check out the Beauty, Health, and Hair niche.

On AliExpress, the following are the top-selling products to dropship within these categories:

Ready for some beauty and health finds? Let’s get into it!

11.1. Stainless Steel Nail Clipper

Kicking off the list is the stainless steel nail clipper. This basic necessity allows for trimming or cutting of nails for beauty and hygiene purposes.

So, there are several types of nail clippers we can dropship. For example, smaller ones are perfect for hand nails, and bigger options are fit for toenails.

Nonetheless, ensure the material is high-quality stainless steel for safety reasons. Remember, we want to offer our customers the best products, as this will result in customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

11.2. Electric Hair Clippers

Then, we have electric hair clippers. These products are specifically designed for cutting hair at home. As such, electric hair clipper online sales have boomed during the pandemic, and have continued to remain popular even today.

Furthermore, electric hair clippers have different styles and sizes. There are also cordless and wired options that we can sell.

Beginner’s Tip: Offer electric hair clippers in a set with extra blades.

11.3. Medical Back Brace

Our next top seller is the medical back brace. This product supports the back, maintains posture, and manages the uneasiness of those with health conditions.

Categorically, back braces are rigid, semi-rigid, and flexible. Depending on the customers’ needs, these back braces are made of plastic, metal, or elastic fabric. Remember to include proper descriptions of these products, as the suitable back braces can help manage our customers’ health conditions.

11.4. Rechargeable Water Flosser

Now, let’s proceed to dental health. Although most believe brushing will clean everything inside the mouth, it’s not true. Thus, a rechargeable water flosser is a great add-on to one’s oral health care.

To mention some features, water flossers have different power capacities and flossing intensities we need to consider. For rechargeable options, we must dropship portable, lightweight, and compact flossers. In this way, customers can carry them at work or during travel.

11.5. Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner

Another in-demand dental care product is the ultrasonic tooth cleaner. With this tooth cleaner, users can remove plaques, tartar, and stain build-up.

So, when adding this item to our product listings, offer variations that come with adjustable intensities. Plus, add some fun to customers’ oral hygiene routine by selling attractive colors and styles.

12. Automobiles & Motorcycles

We’ve all heard of fast and furious, right? Great, because our next AliExpress niche is  Automobiles and Motorcycles, perfect for car lovers.

With this in mind, here are the top products in this category:

Buckle up because we’re going on a ride, starting with the first trending product on our list.

12.1. Universal Car Sound Simulator

At the top of our best-selling automobile and motorcycle products list is a universal car sound simulator. With this item installed, cars will sound turbocharged.

As such, these sound stimulators are usually made of aluminum or stainless steel. Also, they come in a wide selection of colors to match different cars. Hence, these items are for car lovers who want to drive vehicles producing whistle-like sounds.

12.2. Car Diagnostic Scanner

Whether for professional use or home check-ups, the car diagnostic scanner is a useful tool. This scanner diagnoses issues with engines, emissions, suspensions, and other car parts. Likewise, it’s a ready-to-use tool that will let users know if it’s safe to drive or not.

For this product’s variations, we have types that are purely touchscreen, with buttons, or a combination of both. When selling this item, ensure to include scanners that are compatible with different car models. Lastly, add options that can connect to gadgets like phones for easier monitoring.

Beginner’s Tip: Source car diagnostic scanners from AliExpress stores that offer warranties. These warranties are after-sale services that ensure customers receive high-quality products.

12.3. Car Vent Phone Holder

Generally, using phones while driving is dangerous. To ensure road safety while checking for directions, the car vent phone holder is crucial. By utilizing this tool, drivers can focus on the road while having their phones in easy reach.

On AliExpress, we can find stylish designs of these phone holders that match every car’s dashboard. Also, there are clip holders or magnetic features that customers can choose from. Overall, dropship holders that suit different phone types and sizes.

12.4. Rearview Mirror Protective Film

Rearview mirrors are crucial for reversing and checking for incoming vehicles. Undoubtedly, dropshipping the rearview mirror protective film can lead to massive sales. As these films protect against fog, moisture, and glare, these items are drivers’ top choices.

Since different vehicles come with varying rearview mirrors, it’s important that we sell suitable sizes. Also, offer easy-to-use films along with wipes for better installation. To maximize protection, we must only source durable and high-quality films.

12.5. Car Key Shell

Our last item under automobiles and motorcycles is the car key shell. Aside from being protective covers, these shells integrate electronic functions such as controls and alarms.

Generally, these shells are made of rubber with metal ensembles, like gold or silver. When dropshipping this item, remember to add descriptions so customers can choose the right fit for their car models.

13. Home Improvement & Tools

Last but not least is AliExpress’ Home Improvement and Tools niche. Under this product category, we’ll explore different tools and accessories that are home must-haves.

Here are our best-selling picks for this AliExpress product line:

Let’s see how these AliExpress products will benefit our dropshipping stores.

13.1. Five Modes Shower Head

To start, we can give our customers a better shower experience with the five modes shower head. As such, these modes can adjust the water pressure to the user’s liking.

For the shower heads, we can sell handheld or wall-mounted options. Also, we must consider varying styles fit for every bathroom interior. And, like always, offer diverse options, so customers can conveniently find what they need.

13.2. Mesh Window Screen

Another product that homebodies will love is the mesh window screen. This functional home improvement product protects windows from insects and other foreign objects.

As a conventional variation, we have manually installed window screens. But for easier installation, magnetic screens are also popular. Subsequently, we need to offer different screen sizes and colors suitable for all kinds of windows.

13.3. Foam Brick Wall Sticker

Our third home improvement item on this list is the foam brick wall sticker. These decals can add sleekness to plain boring walls. Plus, these stickers are easy to install.

To give our customers diverse choices, we have to sell stickers in different colors, sizes, and textures. Additionally, there are solid colored or printed designs we can offer.

Ultimately, we should source stickers that are waterproof and long-lasting. By offering our buyers with durable and top-quality stickers, we can attain high customer satisfaction.

13.4. Modern House Numbers

It’s always a pain going to a new house and struggling to find the house number. Therefore, the modern house numbers are perfect for every home. These are elegant fixtures that help identify house numbers.

Depending on the house exterior, we can offer metallic or acrylic signages. In addition, these numbers come in varying sizes. On the other hand, the installation of these signages can be welded, stick-on, or other durable methods. With these stylish and functional house numbers, homeowners will love buying this product from our stores.

Beginner’s Tip: When selling the modern house numbers, include extra installation necessities such as screws, tapes, and similar accessories.

13.5. T-tap Connector

On to our last product, we have the T-tap connector. This dropshipping item is used to safely and securely connect wires or cables.

Furthermore, we can source different types and colors of these connectors. Aside from that, we must ensure to dropship insulated connectors for better wire protection. Remember, the safety and durability of the products we sell are important aspects of maintaining a highly reputable business.

Now, that’s a substantial list of top products to dropship from AliExpress. Next, we’ll discover key factors for product research on AliExpress.

Key Factors To Consider When Searching For AliExpress Dropshipping Products

Yay! We now have lucrative AliExpress products to dropship! But wait, before we start picking what items to sell, we have to remember these key factors:

  • Abide by copyright/trademark laws
  • ePacket shipping 
  • Product reviews/seller reviews
  • Number of product orders
  • Affordability
  • Multiple product photos or videos
  • Comprehensive product descriptions

Primarily, our dropshipping products must abide with copyright and trademark laws. In this way, we can ensure that our business runs legally. In addition, selling low-quality, fake products can result in low customer satisfaction.

Meanwhile, ePacket shipping means quicker shipping to the US and other regions. Plus, this method offers free shipping. Ultimately, it’s the most cost-effective way of delivering orders from China to the US.

Another way to ensure top-caliber products is by checking product and seller reviews. It’s safe to say that reliable sources and products receive at least 4.5/5 average ratings.

Aside from that, looking at the number of orders is a great way to analyze an item’s sales potential. Generally, an item that receives over 300 orders is a great find! Since many buyers purchase it, it’s likely an excellent product to sell.

Moreover, a product’s affordability is beneficial to both dropshippers and buyers. For dropshippers, we can gain high-profit margins by sourcing low-cost items and selling them at flexible prices. On the other hand, customers love purchasing products at reasonable prices.

Furthermore, professionally showcasing our products is crucial. Therefore, we need several high-quality photos and videos. We can adapt these materials from AliExpress and improve them according to our store’s interface.

Finally, comprehensive product descriptions are essential to showcase a product’s features fully. As such, product details must be clear and concise. Thus, viewers can easily capture the essence of the product, further leading them to the final purchase.

What Products To Avoid Dropshipping From AliExpress

As we’ve mentioned earlier, our product listings must abide by copyright or trademark laws. Therefore, we must avoid dropshipping products that belong to these categories:

To start, copyrighted products have Intellectual Property rights. Consequently, items under this category are prohibited from dropshipping. Thus, we should not sell branded products, including their imitations.

Another category to look out for is the age-restricted line. For instance, pornographic materials. As these items can’t be sold to specific age groups, we must avoid selling them, especially when we can’t verify our customers’ ages.

Next, we must not offer products under dangerous classifications. In particular, the selling of weapons and armories is prohibited. Most of the time, these products pose hazards when the distribution is not controlled.

Then, the special categories have unique provisions, so we can’t freely dropship them. For example, we should not sell medical supplements as they must be regulated by medical professionals.

Finally, highly and technically complex products are not recommended for online stores. Most of the time, these items require crucial handling and complicated installation. Thus, they’re prone to issues when not properly sold and shipped.

When in doubt about which products to dropship, we can check out AutoDS’ VeRO guide. Once again, it’s crucial that we maintain the legality of our dropshipping business by offering quality products from legitimate sources.


What Are The Best AliExpress Dropshipping Products?

With millions of products online, AliExpress offers a wide selection of high-rated dropshipping products. Among the top choices, the best ones include high-waist seamless leggings, retro leather jackets, and tripods with carrying bags.

Where Can I Find AliExpress Dropshipping Products For My Store?

We can find top-notch AliExpress dropshipping products on the best sellers, recommended for you, and seller’s recommendations sections on the AliExpress platform. Aside from that, AliExpress’ Dropship Center and AutoDS’ Product Research Tool are excellent methods for finding trending items.

Is AliExpress Good For Sourcing Dropshipping Products?

Yes! AliExpress offers vast product catalogs that receive high customer ratings and huge daily sales. Apart from that, AliExpress products are also low-cost, which means we can gain high-profit margins by dropshipping them.


Way to go! We’re ready to pick the best AliExpress dropshipping products and offer them in our eCommerce stores. By knowing how to source these items, we can save time and effort in finding our next best-selling products!

So, are we ready to bring our dropshipping business to the next level? To achieve that, we need to try and test different AliExpress products from various niches. In this way, we’ll identify the best-sellers and slow movers so that we can optimize our product listings.

If you’re eager to learn more about dropshipping with AliExpress, here are articles that will help you expand your eCommerce venture: