1. The Top-selling Report 

This method depends on subscribing to the Banggood dropshipping center, where you can find a special section named Top-Selling Report. 

top selling report dropshipping from banggood center

Here you can find the records of the top-selling products on Banggood in different categories with the option to download reports of the top-selling products in a given category.

In addition to the Top-selling report, you can find two other sections, Hot Selling and Big Discount. You can use these sections to find products or product ideas. You can also choose a trending category and do a bulk upload of its products.

Hot selling products and discounts on dropshipping center banggood

In case you haven’t opted in the Banggood dropshipping center, You can check our article about how to opt-in and benefit from a VIP account level because of the partnership between AutoDS and Banggood. 

2. Banggood Flash Deals

In this category, you can find products with significant discounts, that you can list to your store.

flash deals on banggood dropshipping

The problem with this method is that you can only list its products if you have an automation tool that will reprice the product on your store as soon as it rises on Banggood. If not, then you will have problems if a product’s price increases to a point where it is not profitable anymore, and you don’t realize that until you get a sale and you head to the product page. 

On the other hand, if you have AutoDS automation on hand, you can list these products and have a competitive price, and as soon as the price rises, AutoDS will automatically reprice the product on your store. 

3. Banggood New Arrivals 

This category is quite risky for inexperienced dropshippers.

new arrivals dropshipping from banggood

The reason behind this category’s products being risky is that we don’t know much about the products. Since they are new, most of them don’t have any reviews and haven’t been tested before. So we don’t know if their quality is reliable.

But if you insist on using this method to drop ship products from Banggood, we recommend that you examine the product page. 

product page on banggood dropshpping

You can check its pictures, see if the seller has good ratings, you can also sometimes find reviews on the product like in the case above. From here, you can decide if you want to list the product or not.

4. Using AutoDS Finder To Dropship from Banggood

AutoDS Finder is a platform on AutoDS that helps you find profitable products with a click of a button. 

Autods Finder platform

Start by choosing Banggood as the source site, then select the number of products that you want to upload then click upload it.

Autods uploader and finder

You can configure your uploader and then choose between a regular or a recurring upload. And you can even schedule the upload for a later time.

5. Already Sold Products In Your Store 

This method is relevant for any supplier that you use, its simple but powerful method. When a product is selling for you, try uploading similar products from the same category or niche.   

watches on banggood

Let’s say, for example, a specific watch was selling well for us, then what we would do is upload multiple similar watches in bulk.  


To conclude, product research is crucial for the success of our dropshipping business. However, the methods of finding profitable products to dropship can differ depending on various suppliers. As dropshippers, it’s good for us to know as many methods as possible to be able to compete.

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