One of the most significant factors in the long-term success of your dropshipping business is knowing how to find trending products. Your store heavily relies on the items you sell, and that is precisely why our content team shares so many great product-finding methods.

Today’s article is about one of our favorite dropshipping suppliers, Walmart. As the world’s leading discount retailer, Walmart is known for appealing prices and year-round deals.

Besides their generally low prices and product diversity with 50 million products, Walmart has a section called Walmart Savings Spotlight. This is where you can find their best-selling products once they get discounted.

Needless to say, this is a golden opportunity for us dropshippers. So, keep reading for a step-by-step guide on how to use Walmart’s savings spotlight to find new hot products for your dropshipping store.

Walmart Savings Spotlight

The Walmart Savings Spotlight section quite literally shines a light on their best-selling items. This allows you to import products that have already proven to sell and save precious time testing products.

Additionally, all products featured under the savings spotlight section have discounts. This is especially great for dropshippers because of the lower prices offered. Walmart helps us keep our prices competitive all while increasing our potential profit.

There are four main factors to keep in mind when it comes to searching and selecting products to sell in your dropshipping store. By sticking to this process, you will simplify your search and ultimately save hours of tedious work.

The steps to finding both evergreen and trendy products using Walmart’s saving spotlight are as follows:

  • Browse By Category – Choose a niche and then a product category within your preferred niche, or go for a general product category.
  • Sort By Seller/Price – Narrow down your search and filter products according to sellers or by sticking to a specific price range.
  • Product Reviews – Always get as much information on your product as possible. What are buyers saying about it? Are they happy with it? How is its quality? This will help steer you away from products that are likely to be returned.
  • Seller Reviews – Once you feel confident about a product you found, always check for reviews on the seller. Just because the product is good doesn’t mean the seller is. There may be a better seller to choose from for the same product.

This doesn’t take long, and it can help you avoid any unnecessary problems down the line.

Import Walmart Dropshipping Products & Save Time

Import Products To Dropship

Well, now that you have a new trick to finding dropshipping products, you will need to import them to your dropshipping store. Besides manually importing products to your store, there are ways to automate the product importing process and save precious time.

Regardless of your selling channel, AutoDS provides multiple automatic importing options.

  • The AutoDS Product Lister – Quickly import single products and up to thousands in bulk by product ID or URL.
  • The AutoDS One-Click Importer – Import products straight from Walmart with just a click of a button, using The AutoDS Helper Chrome extension.
  • The AutoDS Exporter – Import up to thousands of products within just a few clicks, using our AutoDS Helper Chrome extension to automatically export a CSV file of products to import to your store.

Import In Just A Few Clicks

Since dropshipping is a numbers game, we recommend The AutoDS Grabber’s importing method. Here is how it works.

Once you have the Helper extension downloaded, go to Walmart > Walmart Savings Spotlight and search by niche/subcategory, price, or filter through any of their other options.

When you get to a search page with multiple items you want to import, activate the helper extension by clicking on it. It shall be in the bottom right corner and appear as a round button with AutoDS’ logo. 

Activate Helper Extension

Extract & Export

Click them in that order, and the AutoDS Helper will create and download a CSV with all the products on the page.

Once downloaded, head to AutoDS and add Products > Multiple Products > Upload CSV.

Upload CSV to Import

Drag and drop your newly created CSV file to import your selected products. From here, you can either import directly to your dropshipping store or import to the ‘Drafts’ page on AutoDS.

This way, you can edit and optimize your product’s title, images, description, specifications, and more.

Once done and ready to import, click ‘Save & Import’ at the top right corner, as seen in the image above.

And that is the easiest and fastest way to import tens, hundreds, or even thousands of new dropshipping products to your store.


Besides learning a new method to product finding, we hope this article shows how there are many ways to simplify this timely task. Many more suppliers besides Walmart have discount sections, or “Best Seller” categories.

That way, you can truly save time on testing products and focus your efforts elsewhere. Are you looking for some other fantastic dropshipping suppliers and methods? Check out the following articles: