Every year, the fourth quarter (Q4) is packed with holidays perfect for dropshippers. Halloween is one of the best holidays to leverage as a dropshipper to boost sales. To take advantage of the holiday, we need to find profitable Halloween dropshipping products. However, since product research can be time-consuming, we can leverage resources filled with Halloween best-sellers.

To explain, if you haven’t heard of Halloween yet, it’s a super fun holiday that happens every year on October 31st. People of all ages get excited about events like costume parties, pumpkin carving, and all the spooky decorations. It’s a blast! So, in this article, we will see which are this year’s Halloween most trending and profitable products. As such, we can build a stellar product catalog and maximize our sales.

Why Should I Sell Halloween Products?

profit potential of Halloween products

Before we get into our selection of top-selling items, let’s see why dropshipping Halloween products is a fantastic idea. Halloween is one of the most fun holidays, while it unleashes our inner creativity. As such, people tend to favor Halloween and are willing to spend more to make their night memorable. 

In fact, there is a substantial annual demand for Halloween dropshipping products, including costumes, decorations, and more. In 2022, customers spent over $10.6 billion on Halloween products without slowing down in 2023.

As dropshippers, it’s crucial for us to remain relevant and competitive, especially during Halloween. To do so, we must keep our product catalog updated with the latest trends and cater to the holiday’s demand. Even if our store has a specific niche, we can still offer Halloween-themed products.

All in all, we have an incredible opportunity to cater to the growing demand for Halloween products. By consistently refreshing our stores with trending items, we can take advantage of the holiday frenzy and increase our profits. 

17 Best-Selling Halloween Dropshipping Products

Now, to ease our product research process, we’ll run down the 17 best-selling Halloween dropshipping products. Building a Halloween product offering with proven items will help us cater to demand and boost sales.

With that said, let’s take a look at 2023’s Halloween best-sellers

  • Halloween costumes 
  • Spider Web Lights 
  • Scary-themed Silicone Molds 
  • Floating Halloween Candles 
  • Trick-or-Treat Bucket & Candy Bowl 
  • Bloody Hand & Foot Prints Stickers
  • Halloween Headbands & Wigs
  • Witch Hat & Broom Set 
  • Halloween Scary Animatronic 
  • Animal’s Skeleton Decoration  
  • Halloween Party Supplies: Straws 
  • Spider Web Garlands 
  • Inflatable Outdoor Decoration
  • Foam Graveyard Tombstones
  • Fake Scars & Stitches Tattoo Sheet  
  • Halloween Yard Scarecrow
  • LED Pumpkin & Ghosts String Lights

Halloween Costumes 

Halloween is all about dressing up in costumes. So, people go all in when it comes to finding the best costumes. Regardless of age or any other demographic, everyone wants to look their best so we can tap into a massive market. 

On that note, let’s take a look at this year’s most in-demand costumes: 

  • Couples Costume: Barbie & Ken 
  • Women’s Costume: Wednesday Addams
  • Men’s Costume: Jedi 
  • Kid’s Halloween Costume: Superhero

Couples Costume: Barbie & Ken

Halloween barbie and ken costume

In 2023, one of the biggest movies to come out is Barbie. As a result, one of the most popular couple costumes is the Barbie & Ken costume. Although Barbie & Ken is a classic, this year, it’s really making a boom.

Excitingly, there is a lot of variety when it comes to style. Since Barbie is so diverse, so are the costumes. This way, we can offer many options and ensure we cater to different tastes and demands. The costumes also come with accessories to complete the look. 

All in all, 2023 is the year of Barbie, and we are here for it! So, let’s make sure we have a solid offering of this cool couple’s costume.

Product img
Couple's Costume: Barbie & Ken
Retail Price
Item Cost
Potential profit:
Shipping time: 10 Days

Women’s Costume: Wednesday Addams

halloween wednesday adams costume

Another production that took the world by storm this year is Wednesday. So, it’s no surprise that one of the most popular Halloween costumes for women this year is Wednesday Addams

The costume comes with the full Wednesday Addams ensemble, complete with a wig. Similarly to the previous costume, we can offer a few variations that convey Wednesday’s most iconic looks. Plus, each costume comes with its respective accessories to complete the look. 

Men’s Costume: Jedi 

halloween jedi costume

And now we’ve made it to the all-time classic – the Jedi costume. Star Wars is easily one of the most iconic and evergreen movie franchises. So, it’s only fitting that men have an obsession with one of the most recognizable characters, the Jedi. 

However, the Jedi costume has been a staple piece for Halloween for a long time. The costume includes all the accessories to ensure our customers look like the real deal. Honestly, there is no way we can go wrong by dropshipping a Jedi costume for Halloween 2023. 

Kids’ Halloween Costume: Superhero

halloween superhero kids costume

Another evergreen costume, especially for kids, is the Superhero costume. Since kids are the ones most excited about Halloween, they are also the most dedicated to dressing up. 

Thus, we can offer a large variety of superhero costumes to include the most trending and popular superheroes. From all the most iconic Marvel superheroes to the badass DC ones, there’s a lot of variety. 

Beginner’s Tip: Offer female superhero costumes to cater to the female demographic. Plus, superhero costumes are no longer predominantly in demand just for boys. Girls are also increasingly interested in dressing up as Wonderwoman or the Black Widow. 

Ultimately, costumes are the most important part of Halloween. So, if we nail our custom catalog, we can maximize our profits. 

Spider Web Lights 

halloween dropshipping product spider web lights

Spider web lights are an incredibly profitable product to dropship for Halloween. These unique lights add a spooky and festive touch to any Halloween decor. With their intricate spider web designs and built-in LED lights, they create an eerie ambiance perfect for Halloween.

Customers are drawn to these lights since they are easy to install, durable, and they can use them both indoors and outdoors. By dropshipping spider web lights, we can tap into the growing market of Halloween enthusiasts and maximize our profit potential. These spider web lights present an excellent opportunity to capitalize on the seasonal demand. 

Scary-themed Silicone Molds 

halloween themed silicon molds

Since Halloween’s motto is “Trick or Treat”, let’s get into the treats part of the holiday. There is an increasing interest in unique Halloween-themed treats. As such, scary-themed silicone molds are a great Halloween dropshipping product. Our customers can go wild and make ghoulish chocolates, eerie ice cubes, or creepy cake decorations. 

The demand for unique and creative Halloween-themed desserts and snacks is consistently high. Thus, making these silicone molds a sought-after item. With the molds’ intricate and detailed designs, our customers can get creative while adding a spooky twist to their treats. As a result, dropshippers can tap into a niche market and maximize their profitability. 

Floating Halloween Candles

floating halloween candles dropshipping product

Now, let’s look at the next Halloween dropshipping product that has gained popularityfloating Halloween candles. These candles add a captivating and eerie atmosphere to any Halloween decor. With their ability to float in water and flicker hauntingly, they create a unique and mesmerizing visual effect. They are in such demand because people want to enhance their Halloween parties and haunted house displays. 

Since Halloween is a festive and decorative holiday, the demand for unique products like floating candles is high. By emphasizing their enchanting qualities, dropshippers have the opportunity to generate significant profits during the Halloween season.

Trick-or-Treat Bucket & Candy Bowl

trick-or-treat bucket & candy bowl

Trick-or-Treat buckets and candy bowls are a necessity for the holiday, making them a great Halloween dropshipping product. These essential accessories play a crucial role in the traditional trick-or-treating experience. With their eye-catching Halloween designs, these buckets and bowls are a very sought-after item

Notably, dropshippers can tap into the demand by offering a wide variety of sizes, colors, and spooky designs. By dropshipping these items, we can capture a significant market share during the Halloween season. With the continued tradition of trick-or-treating, we can easily profit from these items.

Beginner’s Tip: Sell the Trick-or-Treat bucket & candy bowl as a bundle with Halloween candy. That way, we can increase our average order value and see more profits. 

Bloody Hand & FootPrint Stickers

bloody hands and foot print stickers

Bloody hand and footprint stickers are spooky stickers that add a scary touch to any Halloween decoration. With their realistic and chilling design, the stickers create an illusion of blood trails and footprints. This instantly transforms any space into a haunted setting. 

Since these stickers enhance the Halloween mood, they are a great Halloween dropshipping product. Plus, they come in all sizes and styles so that we can cater to the different decorative styles of our customers. 

Beginner’s Tip: Offer better prices for larger purchases so that you can establish a good and fair relationship with your customers. That way, you can convert them into returning customers. 

Halloween Headbands & Wigs

halloween headbands and wigs dropshipping product

Halloween headbands and wigs are great Halloween dropshipping products. They offer a quick and easy way for people to transform their appearance and create memorable Halloween costumes. There are spooky headbands adorned with bats, witches hats, or pumpkins, as well as wigs in vibrant colors and styles. 

The versatility of headbands and wigs allows customers to enhance their costumes and stand out at parties. By dropshipping these items, we can capitalize on the high demand for Halloween-themed accessories.

Witch Hat & Broom Set 

witch hat & broom set halloween dropshipping product

The classic combination, the witch hat and broom set, is a must-have for anyone looking to dress up as a witch. The set includes a stylish and iconic witch hat along with a broom, completing the perfect Halloween costume.  Plus, this is an affordable and convenient costume while also just being a Halloween classic.

Interestingly, this set is popular among different ages making it in high demand during the Halloween season. Notably, we can see a huge spike in interest in these items during Halloween. Thus, it proves that this year we can expect the same high demand. By leveraging this, we can boost our sales. 

Beginner’s Tip: Apart from this combo, you can also sell bundle sets with multiple complementing items. For instance, you can also include makeup, a dress, a witch’s nose, and nails to complete the look. As a result, you can increase your average order value. 

Halloween Scary Animatronic 

scary animatronic halloween dropshipping product

Halloween scary animatronics are life-sized, motion-activated decorations designed to frighten and thrill guests. They can be utilized for haunted houses, parties, and other Halloween events. With their realistic movements, sounds, and terrifying appearances, they create an immersive Halloween experience. 

Dropshipping these products allows us to tap into the demand for high-quality, interactive Halloween decorations. In fact, by seeing last year’s spike in interest during Halloween, we can expect the same in 2023 as well. As such, we can increase our profits since these are high-ticket Hallowing dropshipping products. Since they create unforgettable Halloween experiences, Halloween scary animatronics should be in our Halloween product offering. 

Animal’s Skeleton Decoration

halloween animal skeleton decorations

These eerie and realistic skeletal figures of animals, such as cats, bats, and owls, provide a spooky touch for Halloween. With their intricate detailing and bone-like appearance, animal skeleton decorations add a chilling atmosphere. 

Animal skeleton decorations offer a lot of variety in the animal or style and even placement options. With their unique and spooky aesthetic, Animal’s skeleton decorations present a converting Halloween product during the holiday.

Halloween Party Supplies: Straws

halloween party supplies straws

Straws are an important Halloween party supply making them a key Halloween dropshipping product. These themed straws come in various spooky designs, such as ghosts, pumpkins, and witches. As the popularity of Halloween increases, there is a growing demand for unique and creative party supplies.

With the massive increase in interest in Halloween straws during the holiday, we can expect high demand in 2023 as well. With their festive and functional appeal, Halloween straws are a must-have in our Halloween product catalog. 

Beginner’s Tip: Party supplies are a great way to offer bundle deals to increase your average order value. For example, you can offer bundles of Halloween-themed straws, plastic cups, and plastic plates. 

Spider Web Garlands

halloween spider web garlands

Spider web garlands are spooky and decorative garlands that create a haunting atmosphere. With their intricate spider web designs and spiders, they transform any space into a chilling setting. Moreover, the versatility of these garlands allows for easy and creative use in various settings. 

Spider web garlands are a great Halloween dropshipping product because of their eerie design. Plus, with Halloween parties and events happening all around, these will be flying off our virtual shelves. 

Inflatable Outdoor Decoration

halloween dropshipping product inflatable outdoor decorations

Next up, another stellar Halloween dropshipping product is an inflatable outdoor decoration. These inflatable decorations are eye-catching and whimsical. For example, we can dropship giant inflatable ghosts, pumpkins, or witches. Notably, they instantly draw our attention and create a festive atmosphere in front yards and outdoor spaces.  The visual impact and playful designs of inflatable decorations add excitement to any setting.

As Halloween becomes more popular, the demand for impressive outdoor displays has grown. By dropshipping inflatable outdoor decorations, we can cater to this demand and boost our profits. Plus, these items can be more high-ticket items for us since we can mark them up more than most of the other products. 

Foam Graveyard Tombstones

foam graveyard tombstones

Foam graveyard tombstones are realistic and durable tombstone replicas that create a spooky graveyard ambiance. Furthermore, they have intricate designs and are made from weather-resistant foam. Thus, making them perfect for outdoor decorations and haunted house setups. 

The demand for unique and immersive Halloween experiences is growing. So, our customers can create a chilling atmosphere in an affordable and hassle-free way with foam graveyard tombstones. The versatility and realistic appearance make them a must-have for any Halloween-themed setup. 

Fake Scars & Stitches Tattoo Sheet

fake scars and stitches tattoo sheet

The fake scars and stitches tattoo sheet has a unique appeal and high demand during the spooky season. With its realistic and convincing design, this tattoo sheet allows customers to create lifelike scars and stitches. Additionally, the convenience of temporary tattoos makes this product even more appealing. Customers can easily apply and remove the scars and stitches as needed.

Halloween enthusiasts, cosplayers, and party-goers use these to elevate their costumes. Thus, resulting in a surge of orders during the holiday. Thus, making it a profitable Halloween dropshipping product. So, by tapping into the excitement and thrill of Halloween, dropshippers can expect a surge in sales by offering this tattoo sheet.

Halloween Yard Scarecrow

halloween yard scarecrow

The Halloween Yard scarecrow proves to be a highly profitable dropshipping product due to its widespread seasonal demand. As the spooky season approaches, Halloween enthusiasts seek to decorate their yards. Notably, the Halloween yard scarecrow perfectly fits the bill with its scary feel. Its versatility allows customers to position the scarecrow in various creative ways, creating an eye-catching centerpiece.

Embodying the spirit of Halloween, this item taps into the desire for spooky yet family-friendly decorations. Its durable materials ensure it can withstand various weather conditions, allowing customers to reuse it for years to come. So, by offering the Halloween yard scarecrow as a must-have decoration, we can expect a surge in sales.

LED Pumpkin & Ghosts String Lights

halloween LED pumpkin lights

As the holiday approaches, people eagerly search for unique and festive decorations. The LED pumpkin and ghost string lights are the perfect solution. The warm glow of the LEDs, combined with the playful imagery of pumpkins and ghosts, adds a touch of magic to Halloween. 

With their energy-efficient and long-lasting LEDs, these string lights are visually appealing and cost-effective. Their versatility allows for effortless installation and positioning, encouraging repeat purchases. This is because customers return year after year to create the perfect Halloween ambiance. As a highly sought-after product during the spooky season, dropshippers can expect a surge in orders. 

How To Automate Your Halloween Dropshipping Store

AutoDS Dropshipping Automation

Now that we have compiled the top 17 Halloween dropshipping products, the next step involves listing them in our store. We can accomplish this either manually or automatically.

To clarify, manually importing Halloween products can prove to be tedious and time-consuming. This requires us to manually input product titles, images, and descriptions from the supplier’s website into our store.

However, there is an alternative option that can save us time and effortAutoDS’ automated product importing methods.

With this approach, we can take advantage of four product-importing features offered by the AutoDS dropshipping automation software:

  • One-click importer
  • Single product uploader
  • Multiple URL/IDs
  • Bulk importer

These automated features streamline the process, making it more efficient and convenient for us to add the Halloween products to our online store.

Single Product Importer

To illustrate the simplicity of AutoDS’ product importing methods, we will concentrate on the single product uploader. In essence, this feature allows us to import a single product within a matter of seconds. Let’s explore how to use it!

To begin, copy the Halloween product’s URL or ID from the supplier’s page. For this example, we will be using an AliExpress product link. 

Copy product URL from supplier

Then, navigate to the AutoDS platform and access the ‘Add Products’ feature located in the top left menu. From the available options in the dropdown menu, opt for the ‘Single Product’ selection. Once chosen, a dialog box will emerge, prompting us to paste the product’s URL. After pasting the URL, select the ‘Edit Now (Quick)’ button to proceed.

Add product URL to AutoDS product importer

Now, the software will proceed to upload the item’s details onto the draft page. The draft page is where we can fine-tune and optimize our listings before publishing them in our stores.

The listing optimization process is a crucial part of importing a product to our store. In fact, it helps us stand out from the competition. By optimizing our products, we increase their likelihood of ranking higher in search engine results. As a result, we can boost their visibility. The optimization procedure involves editing various elements, such as the product’s description, tags, images, and more.

Once we feel satisfied with the product’s optimization, we click on ‘Save and Import’. Consequently, that initiates the product’s import to our dropshipping store. Then, the system will transfer the items from the draft page to the ‘Products’ page.

Edit and optimize listing before importing

And that’s it! Obviously, the AutoDS product importing process is super quick and easy, making product importing hassle-free. 

AutoDS Dropshipping Automation Features

While product imports are one of the AutoDS’ tools we can use, other ones can help scale our business, such as:

  • Product Research
  • Complete Order Fulfillment
  • Price/Stock Monitoring
  • Price Optimization
  • Easy Inventory Management

… and more!

With all these features, AutoDS saves us a bunch of time compared to manual dropshipping. Consequently, it gives us the freedom to focus on other vital aspects of business, such as customer service or marketing. Therefore, with AutoDS dropshipping automation, we take our business to new heights while the software does the work for us.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the best-seller product for dropshipping on Halloween?

The best-seller product for dropshipping on Halloween is definitely the Halloween costumes. The demand for costumes transcended any demographic, so they will be selling like crazy. But other popular products include the Trick-or-Treat bucket and candy bowl.

When should I start selling Halloween products?

You can start selling Halloween products in September, giving you enough time to reach as many people as possible and sell as many Halloween dropshipping products before October 31st. 

Is it profitable to dropship Halloween products?

Dropshipping Halloween products is the golden ticket for Q4 dropshipping. People are always so hyped and excited that the demand for Halloween products skyrockets even before Q4 begins. 


All in all, Halloween is a highly anticipated holiday of the year. So, there is a substantial demand for Halloween dropshipping products as customers eagerly seek to enjoy and celebrate the event to the fullest. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Halloween dropshipping offers a great way to boost profits by providing the spookiest products.

However, to truly optimize our dropshipping business and maximize our sales, we can utilize these articles: