Imagine running a dropshipping store that offers high converting products. Sounds profitable, right? To achieve that, we need reliable tools to help us optimize our product listings. That’s why Minea Product Research Tool Review by AutoDS is here to save us from the tedious task of finding winning items to dropship.

Remember that when dropshipping, the right products are crucial in attaining substantial sales. Thus, we need to conduct extensive product research to find popular and profitable items to sell.

Don’t worry, as we will explore one of the thriving product research tools in eCommerce today: Minea. Notably, the platform will help us discover trending products, and uncover effective marketing techniques used by other sellers. So, buckle up as we gain insights toward dropshipping success.

What Is Minea & How Does It Help Dropshippers?

Minea And Its Benefits To Dropshipping

With the vast selection of product research features in the market, it takes one tool to bring our business to the next level. With that in mind, Minea is here for our market research needs. Essentially, Minea is an all-in-one tool that allows us to analyze various advertising methods.

Additionally, it helps us find the best products to launch on different platforms. Plus, Minea provides the best creatives according to effective ads and successful marketers. Besides that, here are Minea’s key features:

  • Find a winning product
  • Facebook Adspy
  • Tiktok Adspy
  • Pinterest Adspy
  • Find the best creative possible
  • Best (All in one) Adspy tool
  • Competitor analysis
  • Lists of products/influencers

Notably, spy tools increase our chance at dropshipping success. As such, we gain insights into the products, strategies, and other essential metrics of other sellers.

With that said, we can adopt and optimize the techniques that lead to competitors’ successes. On the other hand, we should eliminate or improve processes that are not converting or increasing our sales. Therefore, by spying on what other stores do, we can build our business and stay ahead of the competition.

How To Use The Minea Product Research Tool

Are you ready to uncover the secrets behind other sellers? We got you! Here, we’ll discover the Minea Product Research Tool Review by AutoDS to spy on our competitors.

With that said, these are the features that we will explore on Minea:

Let’s get the ball rolling.


Minea's Dashboard

When logging on to our Minea account, the first page we’ll see is the Dashboard. As the home screen of the software, we’ll see navigations to different sections here. For instance, we can access product suggestions, personalized lists, and more from the Minea dashboard.

In particular, the Dashboard highlights the ‘Top 10 winning products of the day’ section. Here, Minea’s AI displays the top 10 items from well-converting ads from Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest. Thus, we can add these trending products and test them in our dropshipping stores.

Moreover, the top product suggestions on the dashboard show statistics. Particularly, we can see the number of engagements, such as the comments, likes, and shares, of the product ads. As such, high ad engagement rates mean that the items are in-demand in the market. 

Ad Spy Tools

Minea's Ad Spy Tools

Next up, we have the Ad Spy Tools on the left sidebar of the Minea platform. These tools include Facebook Ads, Pinterest Ads, and TikTok Ads.

In this section, we can see ad details, statistics, and audience targeting. Plus, we can choose multiple products to add to our lists at once. So, we don’t have to go back and forth every time we need to add an item.

However, we must ensure to go over the specific features and search for actual items to analyze on Minea. To do this, we can search products by keywords, set the country, select the eCommerce platform, or apply other filters.

Minea's Facebook Ad

Notably, the Minea Ad Spy Tools let us run an analysis on ads that are clicked on. For instance, Articture’s Facebook (FB) Ad showcases a desk lamp with a Bluetooth speaker, wireless phone charger, and contemporary design. Also, the ad statistics show that the item’s FB ad has 5K+ likes, 700+ comments, and 300+ shares.

With these figures, we can conclude that the product is getting audiences’ attention. Thus, we can try dropshipping the same item and see if we can attract substantial sales.

Subsequently, Minea has the biggest Facebook ads database for eCommerce ads. Additionally, it is one of the only spy tools in eCommerce with access to TikTok ads.

Likewise, Minea is the only platform with access to spy tools for Pinterest ads. As such, Minea is a goldmine for dropshippers, both for those promoting their business on Pinterest and for anyone who is selling under the home & fashion niches. Essentially, Pinterest, as an image-sharing platform, is a great avenue to showcase inspirations from home interior designs and the latest fashion trends.

All in all, Minea gives us insightful metrics on eCommerce ads that help us scale our business.

Influencer Marketing Spy Tool

Minea's Influencer Marketing Spy Tool

Another worthwhile feature of Minea is its Influencer Marketing Spy Tool. In this section, we can analyze the Promotions, Brands, and Influencers utilized by other successful dropshippers. Additionally, we can search according to countries, technologies, and categories.

Influencer Analysis On Minea

Remarkably, the platform analyzes over 20K stories of sought-after influencers on Instagram and Snapchat. Subsequently, the system monitors all promotions to give us insights into what products perfectly fit our target market.

Likewise, we’ll also discover the influencers that popular brands work with. Finally, this marketing spy tool allows us to see stories on different platforms and save them even beyond 24 hours after they are posted.

Shop Analysis

Minea's Shop Analysis Feature

Next, we have Minea’s Shop Analysis tool. By clicking on the ‘See shop’s analysis’ button, we can gain access to the websites’ statistics of our competitors. For instance, we can see the website’s visits last month, bounce rate, average visit duration, and pages per visit.

Website Insights On Minea

Besides that, this feature analyzes the website’s running and total ads on different networks. Moreover, Minea also provides information about the website’s global Alexa ranking and placements from influencers.

On top of that, the Shop Analysis tool specifies the tools utilized by the website, such as Shopify themes and apps. Furthermore, we can access similar shops where we can uncover more insights on how to achieve eCommerce success.

Minea's AliExpress Product Search Feature

Last but not least, Minea extends the AliExpress Product Search for dropshippers. With this feature, we can determine whether an item is available on AliExpress. In addition, we’ll access the product’s prices and sales volumes in just a few clicks.

To do this, click the ‘Search on AliExpress’ button on the ad on Minea. Then, the system will search for similar items on AliExpress using the product images. 

Search AliExpress Products On Minea

Once Minea detects the item on AliExpress, the screen will show all possible options for the product. By then, we can see the source page on AliExpress and add the items to our stores.

As such, we won’t worry anymore about finding reliable sources of in-demand dropshipping items. Plus, we can add high-profit potential products in minutes!

Next Step To Dropshipping Success: Automate Your Business & Scale

With the help of the superb features of Minea, we’ve got a great list of winning products. But wait, our journey to success doesn’t end with our product listings. In fact, we can scale our business even more.

With business automation, the software helps us manage different aspects of our stores.  Therefore, our business processes are easier and faster. As a result of more efficient business, we gain optimized profits in no time.

Now, as a leading dropshipping automation software, AutoDS provides easy-to-use tools that will help us bring our business to the next level. Take it from successful dropshippers who have automated their business with AutoDS – here are some of their testimonials:

AutoDS testimonials

One of the features that we can streamline is the product importing process. With this in mind, let’s explore AutoDS’ automatic product importing methods:

  • One-Click Importer
  • Single Product Uploader
  • Multiple Product IDs/URLs
  • Bulk Importer

Next, we’ll demonstrate importing a product we found using Minea with AutoDS’ single product uploader.

Single Product Uploader

Primarily, the single product uploader enables us to add one product in just a few seconds. For this demonstration, we’ll use the product we found on AliExpress using Minea.

AutoDS Single Product URL/ID

On the product page, we’ll copy the item’s product URL or ID. Afterward, proceed to the AutoDS platform and click the ‘Add Products’ button on the left sidebar. Then, choose the ‘Single Product’ option.

After doing so, a dialog box will appear. Here, we’ll paste the product URL/ID and click the ‘Edit Now (Quick)’ button. At this time, AutoDS will copy the product information from the supplier’s website. Once the transfer is complete, the product will become a draft.

AutoDS Single Product Drafts Optimization

In the drafts section, we can optimize the product. In essence, optimizing the item means setting search-engine-optimized (SEO) titles, descriptions, images, and more.

By doing so, our product will rank higher in customer web searches using relevant keywords. Additionally, it will appear professional on our websites.

Next, click the ‘Save’ button to update the changes. When the product is ready, click the ‘Save and Import’ button to publish it to our selling channel.

Now, the product moves to the ‘Products’ page. And that’s it! The item is now available in our stores, and soon enough, we’ll start raking in sales.

Aside from product imports, AutoDS also offers the following automated features for our dropshipping business:

  • Product Research Tool
  • Complete Order Fulfillment
  • Price/Stock Monitoring
  • Automatic Price Optimization
  • Inventory Management
  • and so much more!

With these excellent services of AutoDS, partnered with Minea’s promising market research tool, we can grow our profits massively. Undeniably, this Minea Product Research Tool Review by AutoDS will always keep us one step ahead of the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Minea Used For?

Minea is a product research tool designed to help eCommerce sellers find profitable items to sell. It gives users valuable insights and data analysis on various product metrics, including sales performance, competition levels, and pricing trends.

What Are The Best Products For Dropshipping? 

Dropshipping involves endless product ideas, but it takes trending items to make our business grow. So, some of the best products for dropshipping include heated vests, table lamps, seat cushions, and more.

Is It Worth Using The Minea Dropshipping Tool? 

Yes, the Minea dropshipping tool is worth it. It offers benefits like product research, ad spy tools, competitor analysis, and more. With these exceptional features, we can optimize our business and gain significant profits.


And, it’s a wrap! Undoubtedly, Minea is one of the most diverse product research tools in eCommerce. Now, we can enjoy a massive product database and accessible insights on different platforms. Thus, we’re confident in sourcing the best dropshipping products using the Minea Product Research Tool Review by AutoDS.

Of course, we can further optimize our business by integrating AutoDS into our processes. With dropshipping business automation, we’re just a few clicks away from building our eCommerce empire.

Let’s continue exploring and testing in-demand items to maximize our business’ full potential. Here are helpful guides on top product ideas to dropship: