We are so excited to share this method with you; it will save you so much time and will make you successful with much higher profits from your products. So let’s see how it works.

1) Picking a Dropshipping Supplier

We will go to any random dropshipping site that we want to use. In this case, we are going to use HomeDepot just for the example. It doesn’t matter which supplier you choose.

2) Picking a Niche

So we will go to HomeDepot, at the top, we have different categories. Let us choose a random one.

Let’s say that we will go to all the departments and choose Bath & Faucets, for example.

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Why we chose this category?

We don’t want cheap categories; we want to make more profits on the products that we find using this method. 

Also, we want products that we can sell all over the year. Not seasonal products.

In the Bath category, we want to overview the type of available products. We need to understand what’s going on in this category.

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3) WatchCount

After we have got some ideas about what’s going on in this category, let us go to a site called WatchCount.com.

After that, we will choose the category on the right that is right for the site that we are using, in this case, It’s HomeDepot. So we will go and choose the home and garden.

If we want to work on the kids’ niche, things like this, we will go with the Toys and Hobbies category.

4) Choosing The eBay Marketplace

After that, we have to choose the marketplace that we want to target. In this example, let us choose the US marketplace.

Then we will go to the category that we chose before, and we will take the name of the category, in this case, Bath.

We will not take any specific keywords; it should be something general, so we will take “Bath”. Put it under the keywords, and click “show me”.

As we said earlier, with this method, we want to focus on more expensive products. So a towel is not a good example.

We want something like this, this one is great. It’s $129.

5) Analyzing The Competitor

Then we will go to the product, open it, and the first thing that we will do is to check the quality and the level of the seller, to know if we can compete with them or not.

In this case, we can see that the seller has only 300 feedbacks. So even new sellers can compete with him we don’t need thousands of feedbacks to compete with a seller who has only 300 feedbacks.

The next thing that we will check is if this product continues to sell until now. So we will click on the amount of sold quantities to check when is the last time this item got sold.

We can see that it was 5 days ago, then it was 10 days before that, and so on. So actually this product sells well.

So we would go and try this product because we want to find as many products as possible for the long term.

By the way, we can also see here “18 people viewed per day”, which is super cool, and it means that this product is already hot right now.

6) Finding the Product in The Source

We will go and take the title of the product, then we will go to the site that we want to source from, in this case, it’s HomeDepot and try to search the title. And let’s see what we found.

We can see a similar product, and maybe it’s even the same product.

This product costs $79, while the item on eBay is available for sale for $129.

We don’t want to copy the same product; we only want to take ideas and find a cheaper product to sell than this one.

So we want to copy his products and lower the prices so we can compete.

We can also copy his products’ keywords and see what we can improve in their titles using Title Builder or any different similar tool.

Also, we can copy this product, list it to our store, and compete with the seller.

Then you can take the whole niche; we wouldn’t take only one product we want to take the entire category. Then, export all the products using AutoDS Helper and list all of these products with a bulk upload.

Because we know that these products are selling well, we saw it in the WatchCount site, and we saw that we really could compete.

We can also go and find ideas from the same seller to make even more profit and get even hotter dropshipping products.


To sum up, product research is the first and most important step in starting a dropshipping business. Without it, we will struggle to list the best possible products in our stores, and thus, we will miss out on great profits. To avoid this from happening, we need to continuously research trending products and scale our dropshipping knowledge: