One of the main time-consuming tasks when dropshipping on eBay is finding good products to sell in your dropshipping store. This is a crucial aspect of having a long-lasting successful dropshipping store.

A common strategy is going to your favorite supplier site and looking at best-sellers or trendy new products being sold. That has worked wonders as it allows you to see what products are in high demand.

This made us wonder, “What if we flipped the process?”. So we did exactly that. We went to see what are the best-selling items on eBay. What are people searching for, and what are customers buying?

Well, keep reading to find out. We put together a list of 10 hot best sellers on eBay. You can increase your eBay sales and scale your dropshipping business further by adding our product recommendations to your store.

Best Selling Items on eBay to Dropship

Find Best Selling Dropshipping Items on eBay

When searching for products to add to your dropshipping store, you can also look for single items or niches. Chances are, if there is a hot selling item, there will be more similar items that can rake in just as many sales.

If you first come across a niche, dive in and narrow down your search. If you find a product, work backward from sub-category to a category, and then niche.

So let’s get to it. We have ten hot product categories with ten hot-selling eBay products for you to start selling in your eBay dropshipping store.

1. Cell Phone Cases, Covers, and Skins

eBay Best Selling Phone Products

First up, we have the ‘Cell Phone Accessories’ niche. The easiest and quickest way to find best-selling cell phone products on eBay is to look for those selling well and selling similar ones.

Start by clicking on one of the phone types or phone case types shown in the image above. We selected ‘iPhone X’ and got a list of eBay’s best-selling iPhone X cases.

We went ahead and chose a currently very trendy case that has sold over 3,000 times and continues to get viewed hundreds of times a day. 

You can sell this exact case and use eBay as your dropshipping supplier or find this case through another supplier’s site.

Furthermore, take a category and go into more sub-categories. For example, we chose to go with ‘Cell phone Mounts & Holders.’ 

eBay Cell Phone Products

Then just like previously done and shown with the phone case, we selected a best-selling cell phone mount.

eBay Best Selling Cell Phone Mount

We see it has a high rating, many pieces sold, and a good daily view count. It would be a good and safe choice to add to our dropshipping store.

The critical thing to take away from this is that you can branch out and narrow down multiple times from any niche. To continue with this, you could go on to cables, adapters, headsets, speakers, and so much more!

2. Jewelry

eBay Best Selling Jewelry Products

Second, on our list is ‘Jewelry. As seen in the image above, there are tons of categories in the jewelry niche: fine jewelry, fashion jewelry, vintage, antique, and many more.

Additionally, you can choose to sell rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants, and chains.

Furthermore, from jewelry, you can go on to jewelry accessories such as charms or jewelry tools to tap into a whole other side to the niche.

Our product recommendation from within the jewelry niche is engagement rings.

eBay Best Selling Engagement Ring

This one, in particular, has sold almost two hundred times, has a decent shipping time, and has a lower than average price which means a higher potential profit margin.

There are different ring types, cuts, diamonds/gems, different metals, and sizes, so add multiple options for your buyers to choose from.

Additionally, there are wedding rings, not just engagement rings, so that is a great up-sell item to pair with your item listing.

3. Beauty & Makeup 

eBay Best Selling Beauty Products

Next up we have a top-selling eBay item from the beauty and makeup niche. If you thought the last two niches had a wide variety of product categories, then hold on to your hat.

The beauty industry is by far one of the biggest and most profitable globally, especially in eCommerce.

There are hundreds of thousands of products to choose from, making it highly diverse and easy to build a dropshipping store from this niche.

When adding beauty products to your dropshipping store, make sure to avoid any big brands which would be in violation of Vero, but otherwise, dive in and find trendy, evergreen, and high-profit margin products.

Our product recommendation from within the beauty niche is the ‘Nail Art Stamp.’

eBay Best Selling Beauty Product


 Nail art products have been trending well in the last few decades and remain in high demand. They are also an evergreen product that sells well all year round.

If you want to go deeper into nail and manicure products, you can sell nail art kits, nail tools, nail stickers, and more nail art accessories.

4. Home Improvement

eBay Best Selling Home Improvement Product

As our fourth best-selling product from eBay, we have ‘Garage Door Openers’ from the ‘Home Department’ niche.

These have become especially popular recently and are currently a trending item within the niche. This is great for practical living in an older home as the older system they have installed might need updating.

The garage door opener is an easy-to-install solution to having an automatic garage door. Additionally, many of the garage door openers can be used even if the electricity is shut off.

Furthermore, since this is not a season-based item, you can sell these year-round, making it an evergreen niche.

Other great product categories from within the home improvement niche include ladders, flashlights, hand tools, power tools, paint supplies, and so much more.

Check out our Home Improvement Products article to find more hot-selling products to sell from this niche. 

5. Kitchen Storage & Organization 

eBay Best Selling Kitchen Storage & Organization Product

Fifth on our list, we have the ‘Kitchen Storage & Organization’ niche. Our eBay’s best-selling product for this niche is the cute and useful ‘Spice Jars and Racks.’

For anyone who likes spending time in the kitchen, these are a must. The more you cook them, the more you need an array of spices, so these will surely come in handy.

Remember that spice jars and racks come in different sizes, colors, styles, and even shapes. Adding multiple variations is vital to make the most of this product.

As always, search for products that have the best reviews to know you are offering your clients quality products and look at the amount sold to make sure you’re selling a product that has proven to sell well.

6. Headphones 

eBay Best Selling Headphones

Next on our list of best-selling items on eBay, we have ‘Headphones.’ To narrow it down, we chose the ‘In-ear Ear bud’ type headphones.

These are lightweight, easy to pack up and travel with, perfect for people on the go. Additionally, they are at a lower price point, making it easy to have a higher profit margin.

One thing to consider, this is an item to be cautious with. Due to the many big brands, make sure to avoid Vero violations.

Besides this one factor, it is a hot-selling, evergreen product with thousands of variations to choose from.

7. Furniture

eBay Best Selling Furniture Product

Now moving to a higher price range category, we have ‘Furniture’. From this niche, we have ‘Nightstands’ as our chosen item.

Nightstands are not only useful, but they’re a lovely way of adding a touch of style into the bedroom.

With so many to choose from, you can find an excellent classic one-tone nightstand that blends nicely with the available interior or a funky and unique one that will stand out.

Add multiple nightstand styles, sizes, and ones at different price points to generate the most sales.

8. Tools & Workshop Equipment

eBay Best Selling Workshop Equipment

Coming up as number nine on our list of eBay’s best-selling items, we have ‘Tools and Workshop Equipment’. A solid and safe choice of product from this category is the wonderful all-in-one ‘Tool Kits’.

They are great for everyday fixer-uppers around the house, big renovations, or fun DIY projects. These tool kits can be a fantastic present too, for someone who loves getting their hands dirty.

A thing to consider when selling tool kits is their size and tool types. They come with various mixes of tools, plus different tool counts, so make sure to add variations.

9. Lamps, Lighting, & Ceiling Fans 

eBay's Lighting Niche Products

Second to last we have another big broad niche. Within ‘Lamps, Lighting, & Ceiling Fans’, hundreds of thousands if not millions of products to dropship.

We wanted to choose something a bit different between smart lighting, lampshades, light bulbs, night lights, string lights, and so many more.

As our product recommendation for the ‘Lighting’ niche, we looked into ‘Accent Lights’. 

eBay Best Selling Lighting Product

In other words, unique, creative, funky, and fun! A great supplier for these kinds of lamps would be Etsy. They specialize in all things different or unique.

Although there is nothing wrong with typical lighting fixtures, people love handmade items or things that are slightly less mass-produced.

10. Fitness, Running, & Yoga

eBay Best Selling Fitness Product

Last but not least, we have ‘Activity Trackers’ from the ‘Fitness niche’. These are by no means new devices to the market but have proven to be hot-sellers as they remain in high demand.

What once was more common for professional competitive athletes has now made its way to general gym goers and even stay at home moms.

This device will help those training for their next marathon while helping and motivating others to get more active.

Additionally, activity trackers are lightweight, comfortable, and come with advanced features similar to smartwatches.

Furthermore, like most products, they come in various colors and styles, so they import multiple variations to appeal to a wider audience.


This time around we combined a product guide and product finding method into one. As always we hope you’ve enjoyed this article and that it’s been helpful.

Besides helping our dropshipping community find good products to sell or learn new product finding strategies, one of our goals through the product articles is to show the importance of having a big number of products in your dropshipping store.

Dropshipping is often a numbers game. The more products you have in your store, the more potential sales and profit you will earn. And of course, not always will each product sell.

That is where editing, optimizing, and the occasional inventory management come in. Additionally, we recommend creating product tags and collections to help keep track of your products for future analysis. 

If there is a niche you’d like us to research, let us know in the comments below. We always love hearing about your experience, thoughts, and opinions, so feel free to reach out to us!