What is AliPocket?

AliPocket is actually the gift card system of Aliexpress, this is the way how we can purchase gift cards using a credit card for AliExpress, so we can load them to our account and use them to fulfill our orders using this balance. now why we need this AliPocket if we can just buy the products using the credit cards or for some of the products we can use PayPal on AliExpress.

Why we need AliPocket?

The First Reason: Avoiding Surprises

So the first and the main reason is that because we don’t want to get any surprises, what do I mean? I mean that sometimes when we use a credit card, the credit card may get declined because one of the two factors, the first one can be AliExpress, sometimes AliExpress just cancels the orders because they think that it is a fraud transaction or they didn’t get the transaction approved from the credit card company or things like this.

Imagine that we have like 10 clients who wait for their orders but we got stuck because we can’t make the purchase on AliExpress we will be in trouble, so we don’t want this situation to happen so we just load the gift balance before in our AliExpress account and that’s all. This how we can avoid these surprises.

Another reason why we can have these surprises is because of the credit card company, if we are doing like one or two orders per day using our credit card then suddenly we start making like 10 or 20 orders using the same credit card, the credit card company can think that it’s a fraud or something like this and then they would just decline these transactions.

Also, you may have a limit in your credit card so this is also something which you need to know, this way you can just have the balance before you make the purchase and you will not get any surprises on the day when you create the order, so this is the main and the first reason why we want to use AliPocket.

The Second Reason: Management

The second reason is management, it’s much easier to manage our orders when we know exactly how much we spend, this way we can just put the gift cards amount in a sheets file or excel file and then it’s much easier for us to track our profits and know what’s going on in our business instead of checking what we ordered and the balance on our PayPal and credit cards in a daily basis, so this is the second reason.

The Third Reason: Virtual Assistants

The third reason is that when we use the AliPocket we can give Virtual Assistants access to our AliExpress account then they can process orders for us, they can manage the orders, manage the account and everything.

When we process the orders using our credit card or PayPal we don’t want to share the credit card or PayPal with our Virtual Assistants so this way it is much easier to handle this situation, because we can just have balance in our account and we don’t need to give the credit card to our employees.

The Fourth Reason: Auto Ordering

The fourth reason is auto ordering, when we use the AliExpress pocket we can connect Auto Ordering systems like AutoDs and then the system will make the purchase for us automatically and update the tracking number for us also automatically, so the auto ordering system will not work with your credit card but it will work with the AliExpress pocket. This is something which is very good for us and it’s much more comfortable to use the AliExpress Pocket.

Let’s see how we can load Aliexpress pocket and how we can get these gift cards, so, first of all, you have to log in to your AliExpress Account then browse to my orders and then click on My Aliexpress pocket, now you can just click buy Aliexpress pocket and you can choose the gift card which you want after you made your purchase you will get the gift cards, then you can just use them, it’s very easy.


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