How to get AliTools Extension? 

To download Alitools dropshipping extension, you have to go to google and type AliTools and then just click on the first link.

Dropshipping Extension

Now download the extension; it will take only a few seconds. After you install the extension, go to AliExpress, and then you will see the AliTools Bar at the bottom left of the product’s page.

Alitools dropshipping extension

What kind of information can we obtain from AliTools extension?

The Price History Graph:

The first information that we can get using the AliTools dropshipping extension is the product Price History. It is a super important piece of information for us as dropshippers who use Aliexpress as a supplier.

If we have a product which we sell a lot, we will want to check the Price’s History Graph that AliTools Extension provides us. If we see that the product got sold for a much lower price for a long period, we will want to contact the seller and ask for a lower price.

In other words, we will try to ask for a Price Match as we do with Homedepot and Walmart when the price gets increased of a sudden.

AliTools price history

In this way, we can get very cheap prices for any product. Let’s assume that the product sold for 10$ for a long period of time, and now the product cost 11$.

If we get 468 sales from this product, we can make an extra 468$ profit. It’s Magic, Isn’t It?

Not only this, but also if we see that the price was cheaper just a few days ago, and now it got raised, we will want to contact the seller and ask for a price match.

How to get cheaper prices on AliExpress by using AliTools Extension?

The process for this is straightforward. We need to message the seller, telling him that we are buying from him a lot. (Or even if we don’t currently buy from him.)

We want to tell the seller that we are planning to buy from him a lot and that we see that the price of a particular product got raised. Then ask the seller gently about offering us the price which we saw on AliTools Extension. It’s unfair that we will pay a higher price for the same product.

Most of the time, the seller will accept it, and they will give us the same old price that AliTools Extension provides us.

The Reviews:

With this feature, we can find more images that we may wanna use for our products on eBay or Shopify.

AliExpress Reviews

Also, we can gather information about the quality of the product and feedback from buyers.

Similar Products:

The next thing is the similar products page, let’s assume that we have this product.

And let’s say that we already made the market research using any market research tool.


Finding similar products

Using similar products feature we can find more similar products and just import them to our eBay stores. Basically, we can just sell more products and maximize our profits using this feature alone.

Because if we have a product which sells well for us, we can just go to the similar products page, take all of the similar products and upload them to our stores.

analyzing similar products using Alitools

You can use AutoDS Helper Chrome extension, it can help grab all of the products from a specific page.

The Seller Level:

With this feature, we can identify if the seller is actually a good seller or not before we start using it.

finding seller rating using Alitools

You can get for how long the seller is selling on the platform—the buyers’ overall satisfaction with the seller’s services. Also, you can find if the products match their description. How fast the seller ships the product and so many other information about the seller.

Usually, we want to work only with sellers that have over 90% rating. Also, we need to check all of the other parameters, like positive feedbacks and the product’s reviews. But the Seller’s Ratings along is a very good indication which can help us a lot and save us time.


To wrap, Alitools is only of the extensions that help us when sourcing from AliExpress. While it’s a great feature to use, we need to optimize our product listings from AliExpress, and the best way to do so is by gaining further insightful information on dropshipping from AliExpress. As such, here are some great articles that will help: