1) PriceBlink:

Priceblink is an extension that shows you coupons for products on multiple websites, including Banggood.

Usually, you can find a lot of coupons using PriceBlink. It is a handy extension to find coupons.

So now we have only one coupon, which is 25% on LED Light Clearance.

We recommend you to check if Priceblink has any coupons before processing your orders.

Also, you can set PriceBlik to notify you when there are any new coupons. All you need to do is to click on “Get Notified of New Banggood.com Coupons.”

2) Banggood dropship center

The way number two is Banggood dropship Center, which we also talked about in one of our previous articles. AutoDS has a partnership with Banggood Dropship Center.

So if you register to Banggood Dropship Center and you mention that you are from AutoDS, Banggood will apply a 7% discount for your account instead of the regular 5%.

It is incredible because you will have another 2% more than any other dropshipper from Banggood.

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3) Flash Deals:

If you go on Banggood’s homepage and click on flash deals, you will see many different products that have coupons.

It is fantastic because if you are using an automatic tool that does repricing for you, you can use these coupons automatically.

When the price gets increased, the monitor will increase the product’s price for you automatically. So you will be covered, and you will also be much more competitive than your competitors.

4) Simply Best Coupons Cashback:

If you go to simply best coupons and search Banggood, and process all your orders through Simply Best Coupons, you will get 4% back automatically.

So it is another 4% profit which you can make fully automatically, it’s fantastic for us as dropshippers because we want to save as much money as possible.

5) Banggood Points:

How to earn Banggood points?

You earn points by ordering products on Banggood (ever $10 spent equals 1 BG point), by writing reviews, during special events, and sometimes from Prizes in some of Banggood games.

How to use Banggood points?

You can use your earned points by getting a discount at the checkout of up to 15%, and you can also exchange them for coupons or using them to enter the $0.01 Snatch event.

How much are Banggood points worth?

100 Points worth 1$, to do this you can exchange points into a discount during checkout.

Making the most out of your BG points will give you even more savings when you shop at Banggood.

The thing is that you will not be able to use the points system if you have a drop shipper account.

Also, there are some products which you can’t get a discount for them through the drop ship Center program.

So you can use another Banggood account to earn Banggood points.

This way you will still make some cashback even if you don’t have the Dropship Center discounts for some products.


To sum it up, we can save on costs by using the Dropship Center, Banggood points, Simply Best Coupons, PriceBlink, and the flash deals. All of the resources will help us remain competitive and save a lot of money when dropshipping from Banggood. Now that we know how to save money, let’s learn how to continue scaling our dropshipping business. With that said, check out these articles for more information on how to dropship from Banggood and other great suppliers to boost your sales: