What is Costway?

Established on June 29, 2008, Costway has become one of the top retailers in both North America and Europe. Their mission statement is “Where there is Costway, there is home! They have exceeded customer expectations by providing “premium products with ultra-low prices. 

Costway prides itself on serving thousands of customers per month all while devoting its time and resources to better manage customer expectations and developing a diverse range of products. In 2009, Costway started selling its name-brand products on large third-party platforms like Amazon and eBay.

They didn’t even have their online store until 2015. Costway has over 8,000 branded products that are available with 9 large warehouses in total around the world (5 in US, 2 in UK, 2 in DE.) Already in their 10 years of business Costway has served over 10 Million+ customers.  Averaging 10,000 orders and $1 Million in salesPER DAY.”

Costway To eBay Dropshipping

Costway History Chart

Costway To eBay Dropshipping

Warehouses locations

Costway has 9 large warehouses in total around the world (5 in US, 2 in UK, 2 in DE.) Some of which have more than one warehouse in a particular location.

  • US warehouse locations
  • California – Kansas – New Jersey
  • Non-US warehouse locations
  • UK – Ipswich, Russia – Moscow, Germany – Hamburg

Dropshipping from Costway Pros & Cons


  • 8000+ Costway self-branded products.
  • Thousands more of other brands
  • Fast reliable shipping
  • No invoice in the packages Shipped


  • Costway delivery packages have Costway logos on them.
  • The VIP membership program isn’t compatible with dropshipping program.
  • Using “Rakuten” (more commonly known as EBATES) is against their dropshipping policies.

Dropshipping from Costway special & unique things

The official partnership between AutoDS and Costway! (Get extra 3% off!)

Costway To eBay Dropshipping

Finally, after a lot of negotiations and hard work, and after the successful partnership with Chinabrands,
AutoDS and Costway done and signed a partnership where AutoDS users will get the dropshipping agreement much faster and easier, And that’s not all!

Any dropshipper from AutoDS who registered using this link will get an extra 3% discount for each order!
This is a huge advantage and benefit, that will increase AutoDS members’ profits a lot.

Costway dropshipping agreement

One amazing thing about Costway providing an official dropshipping agreement is that you will have a certificate (image below) giving you the authorization to sell their products on eBay and prevents and VeRO violation infringement issues from selling their products.

That said you do have to specifically inform Costway that you will be selling their products on eBay in which that have no issue with.  It’s professional courtesy since they are providing you with an actual authorization certificate from Costway to sell their products online.

Costway To eBay Dropshipping

Special programs

VIP Benefits


VIP Benefits are not compatible with the dropshipping program.

Costway To eBay Dropshipping

Costway’s multi-dropship level coupon system

  • Level 1 – More than 10 orders a month, Costway will give you a $5 coupon.
  • Level 2 – If your monthly sales between $5000 – $9999, Costway will give you a $55 coupon, including 5 x $5 coupon and 3 x $10 coupon.
  • Level 3 – If your monthly sales between $10000-$29999, Costway will give you a $150 coupon, including 10 x $5 coupon and 10 x $10 coupon.
  • Level 4 – If your monthly sales between $30000-$59999, Costway will give you a $ 350 coupon, including 14 x $5 coupon and 28 x $10 coupon.

Preferential policy for Drop Shippers

  • Drop shippers with an account of a higher-level will enjoy a larger amount of coupons.
  • Drop shippers with $60,000 monthly sales are qualified to earn rebate (Example: Level 7 drop shipper with $400,000 monthly sales will get $12,000 cashback in the first week of the next month).
  • Coupons will be issued at the end of the month or the beginning of next month.
  • Account-level will be updated according to the sales of last month.
  • All the coupons have valid dates.

Costway To eBay Dropshipping

Specialist DropShip Policy

Once you have exceeded more than $10,000 in sales per month, you can email the Costway Dropship representative at [email protected] to discuss an additional exclusive policy. 😉

Any violations to Costway’s Dropship Terms & Conditions can cause your authorization to be immediately terminated.


  • The Dropship program cannot be combined with the Costway Membership Program.
  • Drop shippers are strongly advised not to use the “EBATES” Rakuten affiliate program. Costway has the right to terminate and deny any outstanding amount of current and accumulated commission.

Costway Membership Program

Costway wants to help give you a way to save even more by earning “POINTS.” Earning reward points is so easy.  Just download the app, take a survey, make your first purchase, and every $1 you spend.  

Costway To eBay Dropshipping

How to become a Costway Dropshipper?

Joining the Costway dropship program is pretty easy.

  • Create your Account
  • Explain to Costway your business model
  • Receive your dropship certification
  • Begin placing orders

Costway To eBay Dropshipping

First, Click “Sign In” then when it comes up you will select “Create Account

Costway To eBay Dropshipping

Fill in your Information as needed or if you notice you can continue with facebook etc… 

  • Also, take a moment to notice the benefits note they provide
  • It is suggested to sign up with your information and not facebook, twitter, etc…

Costway To eBay Dropshipping

Click Register and you will be brought to the “Welcome Screen”  You will begin at the “Bronze level” and can get more details on dropship membership VIP levels.

Costway To eBay Dropshipping

Policies & Recommendations

Return Policy

Returns are 90 days and only Free if damaged.  Please read Returns Policy for further information on returns for (ordered by mistake, changed mind, etc….) This is great and allows us as dropshippers to have 60 days eBay return policies which give us an edge over our competitors.  The eBay algorithm also known as “Cassini” loves this and will be more willing to promote your listings than if you have less than a 60-day policy.

Costway To eBay Dropshipping

Shipping types and explanations

The first thing you need to know is that shipping with Costway is “FREE ON ALL ORDERS!!!” and the products from US warehouses arrive in 2-5 business days with a 90-day warranty.

  • Same-Day or Next Business Day Handling
  • All orders are shipped via UPS or USPS Standard
  • Only to the United States excluding Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or Guam
  • No FPO, APO, or PO Box addresses
  • No sales tax except CA
  • 8.25% tax for any delivery to CA address

Recommended US Warehouse Shipping Policy

Costway To eBay Dropshipping

Recommended Non-US Warehouse Shipping Policy

Costway To eBay Dropshipping

Orders Tracking

At least 2 emails will be sent for each order you place to update you on the tracking information for your order. Track Your Order

How to find products to dropship from Costway?

Seasonal deals

Using seasonal sale products is easier to dropship because there is a higher chance of price differences between you and other platform sellers giving you an edge in pricing. Below you will see that I have highlighted “Winter Sale” and “Black Friday.” These are both great examples of seasonal items for you to choose products from.

Costway To eBay Dropshipping

Best Sellers

Found mid-way down the homepage you will find the “Best Seller” list that Costway puts together and updates regularly to reflect what products are in high demand. In short, this is a big time-saver in your research for products you need to list.

Costway To eBay Dropshipping

New Arrivals

New arrivals give you the opportunity to try to be among the first to sell those products.  They are not proven sellers, but for those of you who are willing to take chances, it could pay big dividends in the long run for you.

Costway To eBay Dropshipping

Featured products are appealing to potential buyers are products with demand and a high chance for seasonal discounts.

Costway To eBay Dropshipping

Costway Customer Support

Customer service for Costway is pretty straight forward.  Any issues you have just send them an email and they will reply reliably within 24 hours. Or they now have the option to contact them via Facebook Messenger.

Main Location:

11250 Poplar Ave, Bldg C, Fontana, CA, 92337

Customer Service Email:

[email protected]

Facebook Page:


Facebook Messenger:


Costway UK Phone Number:


Payment Methods

  • PayPal

  • Bank Cards

Dropshipping from Costway using AutoDS

Using the Costway to eBay dropshipping tool,  you can save time automating your dropshipping business easily and scale. With the help of the AutoDS Helper extension, you can extract all products from a specific page at once to help assist in speeding up the listing process by following the steps below. Highlight each link and paste it into the AutoDS Add product.

Costway To eBay Dropshipping

Very Important to make sure you change the supplier to Costway before pressing “Create and Publish”.

Costway To eBay Dropshipping

How is Costway helping your dropshipping business?  We want to hear about your success stories and experiences below 👇