As all of you know, Amazon is causing a lot of problems to dropshippers, and people are struggling with the Auto Ordering from Amazon or just processing the orders manually.

These 4 features will make your life much more comfortable and smoother to work with Amazon as a supplier.

1. AutoDS Internal Amazon Account Freezing System

If you had any problem with your Amazon account, for example, password verification, low gift card balance, so the orders couldn’t get processed or for any other reason that could lock your Amazon Account. AutoDS will see this problem and will lock your amazon account automatically for 24 hours.

After 24 Hours, AutoDS will retry processing the orders again, and if it’s still doesn’t work, AutoDs will freeze the account for another 24 hours.

Now, if you want to make your account active again, you can go to the orders processor page and set your Amazon account to active status without any help from our side and without having to wait for 24 hours.

2. The Daily Limit

We added the daily limit feature to limit your Amazon Account for maximum orders per day.

So if you set the Daily Limit to $100, any of your Amazon Accounts will process up to $100 worth of orders per day.

It means that this way, you can decrease the amount of the locked money on your Amazon accounts, and you can avoid AutoDS trying, again and again, to process your orders while you don’t have gifts-card balance.

It is something that will also help you decrease your Amazon Accounts by a lot of percentages. 

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3. Pending Orders Limit

Using this feature, you can limit the number of pending orders in your Amazon account.

Pending orders are the orders that still didn’t get the tracking number from Amazon.

In this way, you can limit the number of orders that may get canceled if your Amazon account got blocked.

For example, if you set the pending orders limit to 4, and you processed 4 orders but still didn’t receive their tracking numbers from Amazon, AutoDS will wait until one of these orders ships out before processing more orders using the same Amazon account.

As soon as one of the orders ship out, AutoDS will process another order from this specific Amazon Account.

If you set the pending orders limit to 0, AutoDS will process unlimited orders per the account.

But if you put any other number, AutoDS will check how many orders still didn’t receive tracking numbers from Amazon, and when this amount is equal to the pending orders limit you set, it will just wait.

AutoDS will only process the orders when the number of pending orders decreased below the pending orders limit.

4. OTP code

To activate this feature, you can watch this video:

If you add the OTP code, it will be much easier for AutoDS to login to your Amazon account, and it will look for Amazon as a real person accessing the account.

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5. Bonus Feature

The feature is the gift card balance, so after you processed your first order using the AutoDS auto ordering system, you can quickly check the exact amount of gift card balance remaining in your Amazon account.

You don’t have to access each of your Amazon accounts to check the remaining balance.

With AutoDS orders processor, you can have multiple Amazon Accounts and check their gift card balance very quickly.


Awesome! Now you know how to keep your Amazon account safe from being locked. Undoubtedly, AutoDS can significantly help us both keep our accounts safe and also to scale our dropshipping business. So, let’s continue learning all there is to know about dropshipping products from Amazon: