Are you looking for a glamorous and lucrative niche to start your eCommerce business? Look no further, as jewelry is one of the best product categories for dropshipping that you should check out.

In fact, the worldwide online jewelry market was valued at a whopping 21.5 billion USD in 2020. Moreover, the jewelry eCommerce industry is expected to be over 60 billion USD in market value by 2027. However, remember that jewelry items have high values, so it’s important to source them from top-caliber suppliers

But, we don’t have to search far for the best dropshipping jewelry suppliers. As this article will help us discover reliable retail and wholesale platforms where we can source high-quality jewelry products. So, let’s get started.

20+ Best Jewelry Dropshipping Suppliers To Help You Scale

Before exploring our list of product sources, let’s first discuss the factors that define a reliable jewelry dropshipping supplier. Essentially, we have to choose the suppliers who can offer the following benefits to our online business:

  • Wide product range of jewelry 
  • High-quality products
  • Global warehouses
  • Clear business policies
  • Positive reviews 
  • Great customer service

Now that we know the qualities to consider when choosing a supplier, let’s move on to the types of platforms we can work with.

In general, there are two types of dropshipping jewelry suppliers we can work with: retailers and wholesalers.

To clarify, retailers are platforms that sell products to end customers, those who use the product they purchase. Furthermore, retailers can be dropshippers selling to other online sellers.

Meanwhile, wholesalers offer cheaper jewelry pieces to resellers, such as dropshippers. Then, we resell the items to the end users.

Most of the time, wholesale platforms are more dropshipping-friendly due to the dropshipping services they provide. For instance, dropshippers enjoy benefits like huge discounts for bulk purchases without a minimum order quantity requirement. Nonetheless, both retailers and wholesalers are viable options.

With that said, we’ll begin our search for the best jewelry dropshipping suppliers. Let’s start with our top retailer choices.

Retail Jewelry Dropshipping Suppliers

Alright, here is our excellent selection of retail jewelry dropshipping suppliers:

To note, most of these suppliers are supported by AutoDS. Thus, we can utilize dropshipping automation when working with supported eCommerce retailers.

So, without further ado, let’s explore our retail suppliers and their worthwhile features.

1. AliExpress

At the top of our retail suppliers’ list is AliExpress. As a versatile platform, AliExpress is best-suited for beginners in the jewelry dropshipping arena. 

Key Features

  • Diverse selection of jewelry products
  • AliExpress Dropship Center
  • Business-friendly platform

Primarily, AliExpress provides a diverse selection of jewelry products. On this supplier’s website, we can find almost anything from rings to necklaces and more. Plus, we can score these items at competitive prices.

Another reason to choose AliExpress is its Dropship Center. Through this platform, we can easily find top-selling jewelry pieces in the market. Also, we can apply filters for accurate results, such as the number of sales, customer reviews, product categories, price ranges, and more.

Ultimately, AliExpress is a business-friendly platform. In fact, dropshippers can enjoy reasonable duties, competitive currency exchanges, and lower taxes. 

2. Banggood

With hundreds of products on Banggood, we will surely find top-selling jewelry pieces for our dropshipping business.  

Key Features

  • Global warehouses
  • Exclusive membership deals
  • Multiple payment options

With several global warehouses, Banggood helps us serve customer demands swiftly. Plus, this supplier caters to customers from more than 200 countries worldwide. Thus, working with this supplier can help us expand our market reach.

In addition, Banggood offers exclusive membership deals. Notably, we can enjoy a cashback of up to 9% and discounts of up to 20% for every purchase.

Meanwhile, this jewelry dropshipping supplier extends multiple payment options. For instance, we can utilize Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, UPI Payment, and other secured payment methods for our transactions.

3. Temu

temu dropshipping jewelry supplier

Launched in 2022, Temu is a new eCommerce player that made a name for itself in just one year. This Chinese marketplace offers a vast selection of cheap, quality items across different categories, with free shipping on almost all orders. There, you can find trending jewelry products popular on platforms like TikTok.

Key Features

  • Fast shipping
  • Price adjustment within 30 days
  • Free returns within 90 days

Similarly to AliExpress, Temu hosts a vast range of cheap products from different categories. What makes it a better option is that it ships faster in general. While both platforms offer free shipping on most orders, Temu ships to the US in under 20 days. On average, their shipments arrive in between 7-14 days, which is much faster than from AliExpress.

The Purchase Protection Program is another huge advantage. If a product doesn’t look like its online version, arrives damaged, or doesn’t arrive at all, Temu guarantees a full refund for returns within 90 days. In addition, Temu provides the price difference if the price drops within 30 days of the purchase. On the other hand, Temu doesn’t integrate with AutoDS automation, which limits it as a dropshipping supplier. However, its numerous advantages make Temu a viable source of products.

4. Amazon

As one of the biggest players in the eCommerce scene, Amazon is an exceptional dropshipping jewelry supplier. This American-founded company is an established name in the industry.

Key Features

  • Huge jewelry department
  • Fast shipping arrangements
  • Convenient 30-day returns

For one, Amazon has a huge department for jewelry items. Since this supplier has a wide product range, we’re confident in sourcing above-standard jewelry products from the platform.

Moreover, the Amazon Prime membership enables us to extend fast shipping arrangements to our customers. In as fast as two days, we can deliver customer packages in the United States.

Besides that, this supplier provides a 30-day return period for unsatisfactory or incorrect items, subject to the company’s guidelines. With this feature, customers will feel more appreciated, especially if they purchase high-valued jewelry pieces from us.

5. Etsy

Exceptionally, Etsy specializes in handmade and vintage products. With its support to local artists and creators, we can source one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces from this platform.  

Key Features

  • Top-quality jewelry items
  • High-profit margins
  • Free shipping

With its unique line of top-quality jewelry items, Etsy is unstoppable when it comes to offering over-the-top products. This supplier is perfect if our target audiences seek one-of-a-kind and handmade accessories.

Since products from Etsy are custom-made, they have more value. Thus, we can set higher profit margins when sourcing items from this supplier.

Another perk of Etsy is its free shipping for most products in the US. Plus, we can deliver customer orders fast within 1-3 days

6. eBay

As a multi-national company, eBay serves customers worldwide. As a vast marketplace, we can source an endless range of jewelry products from eBay.  

Key Features

  • Worldwide distribution centers
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Spy on other competitors

With the presence of domestic distribution centers, eBay fulfills customer demands quickly. Thus, sourcing from eBay enables access to fast and convenient delivery times.

Apart from that, eBay provides outstanding customer support. Through the platform’s communication lines, like email and phone, clients’ concerns are addressed efficiently. Remember that the quality of service we get from our supplier is the same one we extend to our buyers.

On top of that, we can easily get insights about competitors’ successes on eBay. All we have to do is search for jewelry suppliers and see their best-selling products. In this way, we will know the most in-demand items in the market and add them to our stores too.

7. Target

As one of the largest US retailers, Target is undeniably a supplier to look out for. This popular dropshipping jewelry supplier manages physical stores and an online platform.  

Key Features

  • Several warehouses globally
  • Membership perks
  • Flexible return policy

To start, Target houses about 45 warehouses worldwide. With the presence of these distribution centers, we can offer free two-day shipping for orders $35 and up.

Moreover, Target offers a Red Card membership program. With this feature, cardholders can enjoy free shipping without minimum order requirements. On top of that, members get to enjoy an additional 5% discount upon checkout.

In any case that buyers find their purchases unsatisfactory, Target entitles them to a 90-day return period. With this flexible arrangement, customers are assured that they will receive top-quality jewelry items from Target.

8. Walmart

Next up, Walmart is an American-based company and the world’s biggest retail chain. 

Key Features

  • Diverse jewelry product catalog
  • Discounts and deals
  • Price match guarantee

With millions of products available online, we’ll surely find the most trending jewelry products on Walmart’s website. Remember that the more diverse the jewelry product catalog we have, the greater our chances of attaining high sales conversions.

Plus, Walmart offers endless discounts and deals all year round. With the help of these perks, we can score competitive product prices. As a result, we can set flexible prices for our jewelry items and earn significant profits.

Another exciting feature of Walmart is its price match guarantee. This service works when we find the same item at a lower cost from other reliable platforms. Hence, we are assured of fair market competition, especially in terms of product pricing. 

9. Pure Pearls

Another eCommerce retailer where we can source top-notch jewelry pieces is Pure Pearls. As the company name suggests, this company showcases pearls on different jewelry pieces.  

Key Features

  • Unique range of jewelry products
  • Free shipping
  • Flexible return period

To kick off, Pure Pearls offers a unique range of jewelry products. As mentioned earlier, this supplier specializes in incorporating elegant pearls into jewelry pieces, such as necklaces, earrings, rings, and more.

Plus, the platform offers free shipping via FedEx. Aside from that, customers can receive their packages in as fast as two days. These shipping arrangements can help us attain customer satisfaction with our service.

On top of that, Pure Pearls has a flexible 90-day return period. Hence, customers can quickly request returns if they receive unsatisfactory items.   

10. Onecklace Jewelry

Onto our last retail supplier, we have Onecklace, an American company that focuses on jewelry.  

Key Features

  • Jewelry personalization 
  • Free worldwide shipping 
  • No minimum order quantity requirement

One of the most unique features of Onecklace Jewelry is its personalization services. From this supplier, we can source customized jewelry pieces and provide our customers with a personalized experience. For instance, we can request name engraving on wedding rings from Onecklace.

In addition, this eCommerce supplier offers free worldwide shipping. With such a feature, we can reach a broader market globally. Hence, the more audiences we have, the more possibilities of converting viewers into buyers.

Above all, sourcing jewelry products from Onecklace doesn’t require a minimum order quantity requirement. This feature is especially beneficial to dropshippers like us since we don’t hold a physical inventory of items. Without any minimum requirements, we can serve customer orders as they come.

Wholesale Jewelry Dropshipping Suppliers

From the retailers, let’s jump into our wholesalers. As such, here are the best wholesale platforms where we can source trending jewelry pieces:

Now, let’s dive into action, starting with our first wholesale jewelry supplier.

1. CJDropshipping

Starting off our top wholesalers’ list is CJDropshipping. With hundreds of warehouses in different regions in the world, we can find top jewelry items from this supplier. 

Key Features

  • Product sourcing solutions
  • Print-on-demand services
  • Private label branding

With CJDropshipping’s product sourcing solutions, we can request jewelry products that aren’t readily available on their platform. Then, CJDropshipping will help us find such items online. With the help of this feature, we can establish a unique jewelry collection in our stores.

Additionally, this China-based company extends print-on-demand services for our jewelry products. With this business solution, we can offer customized jewelry pieces, such as rings, bracelets, and more.

Next up, CJDropshipping offers private label branding. As such, we can use our brand names and logos in product packages. Thus, helping us improve our brand visibility and credibility

2. DHGate

Following our list of the best wholesalers is DHGate. Essentially, this supplier offers one of the best dropshipping protection services.

Key Features

  • Wide array of jewelry products
  • Practical shipping arrangements
  • Competitive prices

From a selection of 20+ million product listings online, we can find a wide array of jewelry items on DHGate. With a comprehensive collection of jewelry products, our customers will indeed find the perfect match.

Remarkably, DHGate houses over 16 warehouses in different countries. Also, about 60% of the products online are ready for shipping from American and European warehouses.

As a wholesaler, DHGate offers competitive prices, especially for bulk orders. By taking advantage of this feature, we can score great deals from the platform. Hence, we can obtain substantial profits with jewelry items from DHGate.

3. Alibaba

Our third wholesale dropshipping supplier is Alibaba. This massive eCommerce marketplace is a perfect venue for wholesale perks for the jewelry product category.  

Key Features

  • Exceptional jewelry choices
  • Supplier verification program
  • Private label services

As one of the largest dropshipping suppliers, we can find exceptional jewelry choices from Alibaba. What’s more, we can source these items at wholesale prices. Meaning, we can gain significant profits from the competitive prices on Alibaba.

Another one-of-a-kind feature of Alibaba is its supplier verification program. Through this program, we can ensure that we’re sourcing from legitimate wholesale suppliers. Additionally, payment methods are more secure because Alibaba filters reliable manufacturers before allowing them to sell on the website.

To add to these perks, Alibaba offers private label services to dropshippers. With this program, we can build our business’ identity by incorporating our names and logos into customers’ packages. This feature can also help us build our business’ reputation in the dropshipping scene.

4. BrandsGateway

As most jewelry items are high-end products, BrandsGateway is a perfect supplier for this niche. On the supplier website, we can find luxurious jewelry pieces that we can dropship.

Key Features

  • Massive profit margins
  • SEO and marketing templates
  • Flexible payment methods

Once again, since luxurious jewelry pieces are valuable items, we can set competitive prices for them. And, buyers are willing to spend money on unique and high-end items. As a result, we can earn massive profit margins, up to 250%, on each customer purchase.

Moreover, BrandsGateway supports dropshippers by extending SEO and marketing templates. With the help of these guides, we can optimize how we present our jewelry products. As such, it can help us build a professional brand for our dropshipping business.

Furthermore, the platform accepts flexible payment methods for more convenient online transactions worldwide. For instance, users can utilize PayPal, credit cards, or online bank transfers when purchasing.

5. PierceBody

Another excellent source of dropshipping jewelry products is PierceBody. As a reputable name in the jewelry industry, we can source unique jewelry pieces we can’t find elsewhere.  

Key Features

  • One-of-a-kind jewelry catalog
  • High-tech factory
  • Low-cost prices

Interestingly, this supplier specializes in jewelry pieces for body piercings. With this one-of-a-kind product catalog, we can quickly rise above the market competition.

To produce over-the-top jewelry items, PierceBody utilizes high-end technologies for its manufacturing processes. Likewise, we can ensure high-quality products since this supplier utilizes efficient production methods.

And, since PierceBody manufactures its jewelry items, we can source products at factory prices. Thus, low-cost supplier prices allow us to set higher profit margins. As a result, we’ll enjoy massive passive income from dropshipping jewelry items.

6. House Of Jewellery

Next, House of Jewellery is a Canada-based wholesale supplier. From this platform, we can source top-grade products for our dropshipping stores.  

Key Features

  • Great jewelry product selection
  • Secured user verification
  • Real-time inventory monitoring

On this supplier’s website, we can enjoy a selection of great jewelry products. Some top-quality items we can find include diamonds, karat gold, sterling silver, and more.

Additionally, we can ensure that transactions on the website are safe because of its secured user verification feature. With this program, users must provide proof of a fully-operating business before being allowed to create an account.

Furthermore, wholesale account holders can access real-time inventory updates under one dashboard. Through this feature, we can easily track what items are in stock so that we won’t run out of best-sellers.

7. Rubyimports

Popularly known as a top custom jewelry platform, Rubyimports is a top US-based wholesaler. As a family-managed company, the platform continuously aims to improve its dropshipping services.  

Key Features

  • Extensive choices of jewelry items
  • Excellent customer support
  • Perks and discounts

On Rubyimports’ website, we can find extensive choices of jewelry items, including seasonal trends. For instance, there are bead necklaces, dangle earrings, bag chains, and more.

Plus, the platform vows to extend excellent customer support. As one of its goals, Rubyimports encourages maximum customer engagement. With this service, customers will feel more appreciated since their queries are addressed accordingly.

Apart from that, there are many perks and discounts on Rubyimports’s website. In fact, clearance sales online entitle us to source jewelry items at superb deals. Plus, some items are discounted up to 75%, helping us gain massive profits.

8. Richard Cannon Jewelry

Coming in at the tenth spot is Richard Cannon Jewelry. Notably, this long-established American jewelry supplier supports dropshipping.  

Key Features

  • Diverse jewelry choices
  • Integration with dropshipping platforms
  • Jewelry customization services

With thousands of dropshipping products online, we can score gold, silver, and diamond pieces from this supplier. Its diverse jewelry choices include anklets, toe rings, pendants, bangles, chains, etc. All the more, this supplier produces exceptional men’s jewelry pieces, which we can’t easily source elsewhere.

To easily assist us with our dropshipping jewelry ventures, Richard Cannon Jewelry integrates with popular selling platforms. Some of these channels include eBay, Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce, and more.

On top of everything, this dropshipping jewelry supplier extends its customization services to clients. Moreover, its unique production of jewelry makes it a top dropshipper choice.

9. SilverBene

Joining our pool of China-based dropshipping jewelry suppliers is SilverBene. Remarkably, the platform is continuously serving over 2000 jewelers.

Key Features

  • Proven quality of jewelry items
  • Works with multiple selling platforms
  • Practical delivery options

Undoubtedly, SilverBene’s long list of clients proves that it only offers top-quality jewelry items. More specifically, we can also source bracelets, pendants, earrings, rings, and other top jewelry options.

Additionally, SilverBene works with multiple selling channels. In this way, we can easily connect our stores to this supplier. Thus, dropshipping processes are straightforward and convenient.

Furthermore, we can extend practical delivery options to our customers by working with SilverBene. We can utilize USPS, DHL, ePacket, and other couriers. Plus, some orders are delivered as fast as three days, depending on the location.

10. Topearl

And, yet another pearl jewelry dropshipping supplier is Topearl. This wholesale platform offers competitive pricing in the market.  

Key Features

  • Wide array of pearl jewelry items
  • Branding solutions
  • No minimum order quantity requirement

Once again, we have a unique supplier that offers pearls alongside a wide array of elegant jewelry items. On the supplier’s website, we can find pearl rings, pearl brooches, and pearl pins, and the list continues.

Another reason to work with Topearl is its dropshipping branding solutions. With this feature, our customers receive their orders without the trace of the supplier. As a result, we can establish our brands and attain more visibility in the market.

Also, Topearl doesn’t require a minimum order quantity. Hence, we can serve customer orders without the hassles of pre-purchasing products.

11. JGoodin

With decades of experience, JGoodin is among the top suppliers for our dropshipping jewelry needs. As a wholesale jewelry supplier, the platform has its base office in the US.

Key Features

  • Premium jewelry products
  • Daily inventory updates
  • Secured packaging

With its comprehensive product line, JGoodin offers premium jewelry products. Some of its best-sellers include sterling silver, cubic zirconia, stainless steel, rhodium-plated jewelry, and more.

In addition, this dropshipping jewelry supplier provides daily inventory updates. With this information, we’ll discover new product ideas as they become available. Hence, fresh jewelry ideas can help us build a substantial product catalog.

Subsequently, JGoodin ensures that customer orders are well-packaged. Remember that secured packaging is crucial when selling valuable items like jewelry.

12. MMA Silver

Next up, we have  MMA Silver. Let’s discover what makes this dropshipping jewelry supplier one of the best.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive jewelry catalog
  • Low-cost products
  • Fast worldwide shipping

As a renowned jewelry wholesaler, MMA Silver offers over 4000 product choices online. With this comprehensive selection of jewelry pieces, we can source elegant items from this supplier. This list includes necklaces, chains, charms, pins, rings, and more.

Another feature worth mentioning is the platform’s low-cost products. Since the company manufactures its own products, we can enjoy direct factory prices. Hence, we can earn significant profits from these affordable jewelry finds.

Then, MMA Silver also provides fast shipping options to international customers. As such, the platform utilizes FedEx or USPS when delivering customer orders. 

13. Danforth Pewter

Wrapping up our list of outstanding suppliers is Danforth Pewter. Next, we’ll check out the features we can enjoy while working with this supplier.  

Key Features

  • Artisan jewelry items
  • Local industry support
  • Customization solutions

With its unique production process, we can find artisan jewelry items on this platform. As claimed on its website, Danforth Pewter makes jewelry pieces by hand. Thus, customers will appreciate the craftsmanship and quality of items we source from this supplier.

Another worthwhile feature of Danforth Pewter is its local industry support. As such, the company hires and works with local craftsmen to produce elegant metal jewelry. Aside from this, its workers are professionally trained, ensuring top-quality products.

Since this supplier designs most of its products by hand, it offers engraving services. With this feature, our products become more personalized. As a result, customers will find our items more treasurable.

Now, what’s in store for our dropshipping jewelry business after we’ve selected reliable suppliers? Let’s continue further to find out!

Automate Order Fulfillment From Jewelry Suppliers & Save Time

Way to go! As we now have exceptional dropshipping jewelry suppliers, we can start adding trending items to our stores. Then, customers will begin placing their orders, and we need to fulfill these demands quickly.

Generally, we can serve customer orders manually or automatically. For the manual fulfillment method, we must purchase the jewelry item from our supplier’s website. Then, we’ll manually input the customer shipping details during checkout.

While this process is sufficient in the beginning, it becomes laborious once we receive multiple orders per day. At this point, automating the order fulfillment process will save the day.

In essence, business automation utilizes a dropshipping tool to carry out the tedious process of fulfilling customer demands. Thus, we no longer have to monitor orders in front of the computer all day long. Instead, the tool does all the work for us!

AutoDS Automatic Order Fulfillment Methods

With that said, AutoDS is an all-in-one dropshipping automation tool that provides excellent order fulfillment services:

  • Automatic Orders
  • Fulfilled by AutoDS

For the Automatic Orders feature, we’re utilizing our buyer accounts in fulfilling customer orders. Meaning, we need to provide our payment methods to our suppliers, such as credit cards.

Nonetheless, this order fulfillment method conveniently provides tracking updates under one dashboard. Additionally, Automatic Orders works with all of AutoDS’ supported suppliers, giving us a wide range of platforms to integrate with.

On a different note, Fulfilled by AutoDS is a 100% automatic order fulfillment method. This service utilizes auto credits, which we attain through the AutoDS platform.

So, if we’re sourcing from US suppliers, Fulfilled By AutoDS is perfect! Plus, this method enables one-click returns that automatically process return labels on our behalf. With this feature, we can easily cater to the return requests of customers.

All in all, automated order fulfillment methods enable an efficient and hassle-free experience while serving customer demands. With these convenient benefits, we can save time and tremendous efforts while running our dropshipping jewelry business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Safe To Dropship Jewelry? 

Yes, it is safe to dropship jewelry products. However, we must ensure that we don’t offer Intellectual Property-protected brands without prior permission from owners. Doing so will help us run our business legally and hassle-free.

How Many Jewelry Dropshipping Suppliers Are There?

There are many jewelry dropshipping suppliers in the industry. However, we must pick the most reliable ones for our eCommerce ventures. For example, we can work with AliExpress, CJDropshipping, Walmart, BrandsGateway, and more.

How Can I Fulfill Dropshipping Orders From Jewelry Suppliers?

You can either manually or automatically fulfill orders from jewelry suppliers. However, automating the order fulfillment process can help you save time and money. To mention the best automated order fulfillment services, we have AutoDS Automatic Orders and Fulfilled by AutoDS.

Is Dropshipping Jewelry Profitable?

Undoubtedly, dropshipping jewelry is profitable. As a matter of fact, the eCommerce jewelry industry is foreseen to attain a market value of 60 billion USD come 2027. Now, this is a massive industry that you want to be part of.


Well done! Our dropshipping jewelry business is ready to go. With an outstanding range of retail and wholesale suppliers, we won’t worry about sourcing high-quality jewelry items anymore.

To scale your dropshipping jewelry venture, consider automating your business processes. We can do so by utilizing the excellent automated order fulfillment services by AutoDS. In this way, we can sleep soundly at night, knowing that our business is well taken care of.

But wait, your dropshipping adventure doesn’t end here. As such, you can transition from being a starting online entrepreneur to becoming a pro-dropshipper by expanding your horizons. Hence, here are more dependable suppliers and superb niches to explore: