Legal Disclaimer: Understanding eBay MC011 Restrictions

While facing an MC011 restriction on eBay, creating stealth accounts may seem like a solution. However, this approach poses risks and violates eBay’s policies. We advise against using stealth accounts. Instead, explore legal options such as opening accounts under family members’ names. This guide aims to help resolve MC011 restrictions through legitimate means. Prioritize transparency and compliance with eBay’s policies to safeguard your online presence.

If you are reading this article, chances are that you have already received an MC011 restriction.
Or, maybe, you have just heard about other people who got suspended with this type of restriction.
In most cases, people give up on trying to open accounts with this type of suspension. They usually create
eBay stealth accounts. However, it is a fact that if you put some afford into this, you can resolve this situation easily and remove the suspension.

This article is very important as it will show you not only how to get rid of this suspension, but also how to avoid getting it at the first place.

Ofir Dadon, the writer of this article,
 is a professional dropshipper in AutoDS and has opened many accounts from MC011.

In this article, Ofir will give you a full explanation and instructions on how to get rid of this situation.
Before we get started, let’s start by saying that there is no magic solution for this restriction. However, if you don’t give up, and you follow the rules, in most cases, you will be able to resolve this situation.

MC011 – The first email that you will get about it


However, I have found out that the message will not always mention that it refers to an MC011 restriction.
In many cases, the email will request to upload all the tracking numbers of your sales history. Only after responding to this email, you will receive another one, where they will ask you for documents with proof of identification.

Why did you get MC011 restriction and what to do to avoid it?

Mc011 is one of the most complex restrictions on eBay’s system. An internal team at eBay’s offices handles it and is very common on these scenarios:

  1. Multiple cases from buyers that you have not treated or properly issued, that has raised some concerns for your account, on eBay’s system.
  2. Low percent of tracking numbers uploaded on time
  3. High returns & cancellations rates may cause MC011.
    Try to
    avoid high returns rate as much as possible, as this will decrease the chance for this eBay’s suspension.
  4. Lack of communication with buyers and bad customer service.
    Use these simple tactics to avoid angry customers who could leave you negative feedbacks and affect your eBay account.
    This one is the hardest scenario as you can’t really see this parameter on eBay’s site, but it’s the most common option because usually, dropshippers are don’t put enough attention on the customer support in their stores.
  5. Too many cases closed without your resolution

    You can check this under your seller dashboard on eBay.
  6. You use different dropshipping methods on your account, eg. dropshipping from China (AliExpress to eBaywhile at the same time you also dropship from Amazon to eBay.

How long does an eBay MC011 suspension last?

MC011 is a permanent suspension, and your account will remain restricted until you finish the process that we will describe in this article.

Can I open another eBay store if I don’t want to invest time in opening my suspended accounts?

This is against eBay’s terms of conditions. The only way to create another eBay account in these cases is to
open an eBay stealth account. Therefore, you can not open another account under your name and with the same details.

I want to open my account, how long should this process take? 

Mc011 is a very serious restriction and it can take up to 3 months to get an appeal decision from eBay’s team. In most of the cases, they usually deny it.

If you follow the exact steps in this post, the process can take between a few days to one week until you get a final decision to get your account back from eBay.

Can I remove the MC011 suspension alone?

This is basically why I wrote this article, along with Lior, the founder of AutoDS monitor.

We want to let the community know how to remove this restriction, with the tips I have learned from my experience with my business.
This is actually how I’ve managed to get my restrictions off and got back to selling on eBay.

After clarifying the most common reasons to get you this restriction, which sometimes it doesn’t even seem it is a restriction but only a simple tracking number issue, we can find out what we should do and whom to talk to, to appeal. 

The most common reaction I have seen is calling eBay support from skype cause it is free and easy. However, eBay’s common customer support cannot handle these situations.

The only team that can handle this type of suspensions is the internal team in the back office of eBay.
Calling eBay is pointless
and will not assist you. In most cases they will tell you that you need to respond to emails you received, to get this issue inspected.

So after clarifying this, use the link on the email, and upload the files (if you do not have a link, send them an email and you will get one)

This is how the email should look:

Does it matter which document I will send?

I recommend sending the documents from eBay’s given options. We will get better chances to get them uploaded right and better odds for successful appeal:

  • Financial proof – I recommend a phone bill, as it’s reliable and easy to get via your phone service.  Needs to provide information on name, address and needs to be of a recent date. You can download it as a pdf. 
  • Proof of identity – I recommend a driving license as its easy for most of us to fetch from your wallet. All you need to do is to take a photo of it from both sides, make sure the image is sharp and the details are readable. Also, all edges of the license must be in the image, on a clear background.
  • Proof of merchandise – this is the serious one that needs to be done correctly.
    There are many ways to prove it and I recommend from my experience to buy a few items from Amazon, pay with a credit card, and send them to the eBay account’s owner’s address of the owner of eBay’s account. Buy 3 items at least, separately to get 3 different invoices.  Download the invoices from Amazon and send them. Then it is you to decide if you want to cancel the orders or not. 

After you have uploaded all files, there’s a textbox – comment box where you can write at(see image below). I suggest writing why you deserve to get your account back, explain why you are a valid and great seller for eBay’s site,  mark the number of good feedbacks you got lately and insist it is a mistake/unjustified that you got such restriction. 

Use the comment box wisely to explain your reason for the appeal and provide reasons to reinstate your account.

Therefore, after sending all the documents, I recommend getting in site support and if you get no response in a day or two, email them to escalate the issue as this is important to you, hoping you will get an answer fast.

Don’t delete the files you’ve collected as proof, as they might claim they did not receive them. In such a case, you will need to ask for a new link and upload them again. Also, better keep them for any future verification.

How to remove the MC011 suspension using external services?

Just to make it clear, there are services on Facebook by some people that might help remove the suspension from your account. This can be priced from hundreds to even thousands of dollars.