If we are looking to dropship in the U.S., finding dropshipping suppliers in Florida can help.

Dropshipping suppliers in Florida enable us to offer fast domestic shipping all over the U.S. Additionally, having a local dropshipping supplier means easy returns and convenient customer service. As a result, Florida-based suppliers can boost customer satisfaction and increase sales.

In this article, we will list Florida’s top eleven dropshipping suppliers. By the end, you‘ll know what benefits each of these suppliers can offer our businesses.

Top 12 Dropshipping Suppliers In Florida

While there are several Florida based dropshipping suppliers, none are better than the following 12:

  1. AutoDS Warehouse & Private Suppliers
  2. Safety Technology
  3. DropForYou
  4. Baby Bedding Design
  5. Magnum Tuning
  6. CWR Wholesale Distribution
  7. Golf Training Aids
  8. Blessed Bean Coffee
  9. Nearly Natural
  10. Levenhuk
  11. OfficeCrave
  12. Perfect Plants

Let’s discuss what features each of these suppliers has to offer.

1. AutoDS Warehouse & Private Suppliers

AutoDS warehouse

AutoDS emerges as one of the top Florida dropshipping suppliers, offering exceptional advantages for businesses in need of fast shipping options. With a strategically located warehouse and a network of reliable private suppliers, AutoDS ensures swift order fulfillment tailored specifically to Florida.

By partnering with AutoDS, you gain access to exclusive private suppliers who offer unique products not easily found elsewhere. This provides your store with a competitive edge in the market, allowing you to offer distinct items to your customers. Moreover, these suppliers frequently offer discounts, enabling you to maximize profits and effectively scale your dropshipping business in Florida.

Additionally, you can personalize your shipments by incorporating your store logo, reinforcing your brand presence, and fostering customer loyalty with the AutoDS warehouse. AutoDS streamlines the shipping process, freeing up your time to focus on expanding your dropshipping business in Florida while they take care of the logistics.

2. Safety Technology

safety technology dropshipping

The first supplier on our list is Safety Technology, the largest dropship wholesaler of self-defense products in the U.S since 1986.


  • Wholesale suppliers
  • 200 products to choose from
  • Customer support for our customers
  • Custom wholesale ordering site


  • Products are illegal in some countries
  • Longer shipping time

Safety Technology has been a genuine wholesaler of safety products for 34 years and provides them at wholesale rates. With more than 200 products to choose from, the company offers a variety of non-lethal self-defense devices. Products include stun guns, pepper sprays, personal alarms, hidden cameras, knives, etc., through its network of approved dealers.

Additionally, Safety Technology offers direct customer support to our customers. If our customers have any queries or concerns about the products, Safety Technology will offer their assistance.

 Moreover, they also have a custom-built ordering site for dropshippers to place their orders. That means dropshippers will have an easy time ordering from Safety Technology.

However, Safety Technology would not be a good choice for international dropshipping as certain products are illegal in some countries. Also, it takes a longer time to complete paperwork whenever we are dropshipping to another country. With that said, it can take longer for shipping when fulfilling orders from another country.

2. DropForYou

DropForYou takes the number two spot in our list of Florida suppliers, mainly providing dropshipping services for those selling sports and entertainment products.


  • Range of products from different categories
  • No minimum order
  • Super fast shipping


  • Requires membership

DropForYou offers a range of products from different categories like home and garden, electronic accessories, tarps, airsoft guns, and much more.

On top of that, there is no minimum order quantity which means we don’t have to risk buying more than our received orders. Additionally, DropForYou offers super-fast shipping, with most of its products taking just 1-2 business days to reach customers in the US.

On the downside, dropshippers can only order from DropForYou if they have signed up for a DropForYou membership. Those customers that are not members of DropForYou are not eligible to buy or dropship its products.

3. Baby Bedding Design

The third Florida dropshipping supplier on our list is Baby Bedding Design. It is the best destination to find top-quality bedding products and home accessories for babies and kids at wholesale prices.


  • Large selection of baby products
  • Free worldwide shipping and insurance for orders above $160
  • Competitive shipping rates for orders below $160
  • Tracking updates


  • No Best Seller section

Baby Bedding Design’s huge product range includes Disney bedding, baby bedding for boys and girls, and toddler bedding. Moreover, nursery decors like curtains, play tents, diaper bags, mosquito nets, etc., are also available.

Similarly, Baby Bedding Design provides free shipping worldwide if the orders are above $160. Plus, it provides tracking updates that help customers track their orders in real-time and know when to anticipate delivery.

Despite being a trusted supplier with many products, Baby Bedding Design doesn’t have a ‘Best Seller’ section. The lack of a best-seller section makes it harder to pick out the most trending products with high selling potential. Therefore, it is more challenging to choose which products are trending and worth listing in our store.

4. Magnum Tuning

With over 25 years of experience, Magnum Tuning manufactures and dropships performance-boosting vehicle parts all over the US.


  • Wide range of products
  • World wide shipping
  • Free shipping on all orders above $100
  • Tech support


  • Poor website layout
  • Specialized niche

Magnum Tuning has a wide range of performance-boosting solutions. Currently, it supplies parts for ATVs, snowmobiles, boats, jet skis, motorcycles, cars, light trucks, and heavy-duty trucks.

Moreover, Magnum Tuning has a fantastic shipping policy. It provides worldwide shipping, and the shipping charge is free for orders above $100. Even after shipping the product, it still provides technical support to the customers if any issues arise.

However, Magnum Tuning has some drawbacks. First, the website’s user interface is poor, so it is difficult to navigate through its page. Secondly, the products require the dropshipper to have specialized knowledge in the niche. With this in mind, it may not be the best option if we’re new to dropshipping.

5. CWR Wholesale Distribution

Fifth on our list, we have CWR Wholesale Distribution, another niche dropshipping supplier headquartered in Florida. As a dropshipping supplier, it provides services for a wide range of wholesale marine products in Florida.


  • Massive in-stock inventory
  • Wholesale pricing from over 300 brands
  • Offers a variety of products from other sports


  • It does not provide a list of top-sellers

With over 18,000 products in inventory, CWR Wholesale Distribution offers us a variety of options. In addition, CWR Wholesale Distribution is a network of over 300 top brands determined to give their customers affordable rates.

Although mainly known for marine products, it also offers supplies for camping, hunting, sailing, sporting goods, fishing, watersports, cycling, training/fitness, and more.

However, CWR Wholesale Distribution doesn’t provide a list of best-selling products on its websites. As such, dropshippers won’t be able to obtain this information easily through the CWR Wholesale Distribution platform.

6. Golf Training Aids

Grabbing the sixth spot on the list of Florida dropshipping suppliers is Golf Training Aids, a market leader in the golf industry for over 35 years. Additionally, it is a one-stop dropshipping solution for golf equipment.


  • World’s largest selection of golf training equipment
  • No minimum orders
  • Multiple payment options


  • No wholesale prices

Golf Training Aids is a one-stop solution for golf training equipment with a massive selection of products. Its product selection includes balance beams, swing aids, grip products, head motion indicators, swing path boards, half swing guides, arm straighteners, and more. However, we don’t need to buy the products in bulk because there’s no minimum order quantity.

In addition, Golf Training Aids accepts various payment plans such as Apple Pay, credit cards, Google Pay, Diners Club, Shop Pay, Venmo, and PayPal. With this variety of payment options, dropshippers will have an easy time when they are buying products.

On the other hand, while there are several advantages to working with Golf Training Aid, it does not offer dropshippers wholesale prices. This makes it harder for us to earn a sizable profit.

7. Blessed Bean Coffee

Seventh on our list is Blessed Bean Coffee, a Florida-based dropshipping supplier specializing in coffee products.


  • Wholesale Supplier
  • Private Labeling Services


  • Minimum order of 50 lbs. per month
  • Dropshipping fees

Blessed Bean Coffee is a dropshipping supplier providing coffee products at wholesale prices. Along with its wholesale pricing, it also offers branding and private labeling services. That means we can dropship coffee under customized packages with our branding visuals.

On the downside, we need to meet the minimum order quantity required when ordering from Blessed Bean Coffee. After 3-6 months, we have to order at least 50 lbs of coffee per month.

Additionally, while many suppliers do not charge any dropshipping fee, Blessed Bean Coffee charges a $250 fee for dropshipping services.

8. Nearly Natural

Eighth on our list of Florida dropshipping suppliers is Nearly Natural, a leading manufacturer of artificial flowers and plants in Florida.


  • Variety of selection
  • Horticulturists designed & approved
  • Affordable prices for every budget
  • No Dropshipping fees


  • Issues with product descriptions

Ranging from artificial cactuses to artificial outdoor trees, Nearly Natural provides a variety of artificial plants with durable quality and affordable prices. In addition, it has beautifully designed artificial plant products curated by reputed horticulturists.

Also, its plants are suited for all budget ranges. Besides that, there are no dropshipping fees when using its services.

On the flipside, Nearly Natural does not always provide accurate product descriptions. This has resulted in customer complaints about differing plant sizes, which is important to keep in mind for our dropshipping business.

9. Levenhuk

Levenhuk is an optical equipment store offering all kinds of high-quality and user-friendly optical instruments that we can easily dropship. Its product variety includes telescopes, microscopes, binoculars, and science kits.


  • Bestseller section
  • Discounted items and clearance sales


  • Faster shipping, but at an additional cost.
  • Longer delivery times for product shipping from Europe

Levenhuk’s ‘Best Seller’ section showcases Levenhuk products that have gained popularity among our customers. Plus, it also shows brand-new items that have high demand after their launch. Furthermore, Levenhuk also discounts unused products with slight defects such as dents and scratches.

Nevertheless, delivering products can take 3-14 days. Usually, 3-14 days is relatively slow, and a faster shipping time is only available at an additional cost. Likewise, there is an even longer delivery time as some of its products ship from Europe.

10. OfficeCrave

The tenth Florida dropshipping supplier on our list is Office Crave, which specializes in selling office supplies. It sells cleaning supplies, organization supplies, and office products for affordable prices.


  • Highly trusted supplier
  • 48 distribution centers in 25 different states


  • Niche-specific supplier

Office Crave is a highly reputable supplier. It earns its reputation by fulfilling orders with the utmost care and is offering refunds for late orders. Talking about delivery times, we can expect quick shipping due to its presence in 25 states. Along with 48 distribution centers spread across the country, we can ensure our customers quick and reliable deliveries.

Despite being an excellent supplier, Office Crave only focuses on cleaning and office supply products. Thus, if our dropshipping business isn’t specializing within this niche, it’s best to choose a different supplier on this list.

11. Perfect Plants

Last but not least, we have Perfect Plants, a wholesale live plant dropshipping supplier located in Florida.


  • Wide selection of items
  • High-quality packaging
  • Multiple payment options
  • Super fast shipping times


  • Cannot ship to California, Arizona, Hawaii, and Alaska
  • Only ships with UPS ground

Perfect Plants is a family-owned business delivering a wide variety of live plants such as herbs, shrubs, and trees to its customers. Additionally, their products are securely packaged in high-quality boxes to deliver to the customers.

Furthermore, we can pay Perfect Plants for their products through various payment plans. As such, payment options include PayPal, credit cards, Amazon Pay, Facebook Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Stripe, Affirm, & Venmo. This makes it convenient for dropshippers to pay for products.

However, Perfect Plants do not ship its products to California and Arizona due to their agricultural rules. Similarly, it does not ship to Hawaii and Alaska due to its long distance from Florida. 

Another disadvantage of dropshipping with Perfect Plants is that the company only works with one shipping carrier: UPS. Therefore, the lack of USPS shipping forces us to pay more for UPS shipping

Another disadvantage of dropshipping with Perfect Plants is that the company only works with one shipping carrier: UPS. Therefore, the lack of USPS shipping forces us to pay more for UPS shipping.

Working With Multiple Dropshipping Suppliers

Great, now we have a list of the best Florida suppliers! With these suppliers in mind, let’s look at some additional benefits of working with multiple Florida suppliers.

First, we have a vast selection of products from various niches. Second, working with multiple suppliers allows us to have a backup if our primary supplier has a problem supplying the product. Besides that, automating our business with dropshipping automation software will enable us to save time and effort.

As such, an excellent option is to dropship from other US-based suppliers that support automation. On that note, AutoDS has an excellent list of US-based suppliers that ship to and from Florida with fast shipping speeds. Furthermore, all of those suppliers have the added benefit of price & stock monitoring, quick product importing, automatic order fulfillment, and much more.

For example, manually importing products from the suppliers takes 10-20 minutes per product. To conserve our time and effort, we can automate the importing process. With the help of AutoDS’ product importing tool, we can import thousands of products with a few clicks.

Overall, by working with AutoDS suppliers, we not only work with reliable U.S. suppliers but also we can scale and continuously expand our dropshipping business.

Final Thoughts

And there you go! You have all the knowledge about the eleven top dropshipping suppliers in Florida and their services.

With these local suppliers, you are ready to dropship anywhere in the United States. Additionally, you can impress your customers with fast shipping times and quality products. As a result, it will give you a significant edge over your dropshipping competitors.

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