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eBay fees calculator - Europe

Our eBay Fees Calculator will help you calculate your eBay profits accurately when you are selling on eBay Europe.

Updated: 12 July, 2023

Category What category does your product belong to? Pick ‘Other Categories’ if you don’t find a match.

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Selling Price *
The price you sell the product for
Product cost
The price you bought the product for
Shipping Price
How much your customers are going to pay for the shipping on top of the selling price
Shipping Cost
How much you are paying to ship the product to your customer

Profit Breakdown

Total Fees
Ebay Final Value Fees
Payment Processing Fees
Total Profit
Sold price
Product cost
Total fee

Using our AutoDS fee calculator for eBay

You have two main ways to use our eBay fee calculator:

1. Take the product you are selling, copy its eBay Item ID or the full item link and paste to the Item ID field. Then, our eBay fee calculator takes the product’s price directly from eBay, calculating any fees and profits associated with the product. To ensure the most accurate results possible, please pick the relevant information from the fee calculator’s filters. This includes giving accurate information about store subscription, top rated plus, etc.

2. Get results instantly by filling out the product’s selling price, shipping costs, product costs, etc. Include any other properties such as store subscription or top rated seller status.

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