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The Most Inspiring Amazon To eBay 16 Y/O Dropshipper (600% Sales Increase In One Month)

Hosted by

Lior Pozin Co - Founder & CEO - AutoDS


22 minutes

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Ron had FAILED.

Ron is a 16-year-old dropshipper.
His orders from Τarget were canceled (26 orders, in one day..),
He got an MC011 restriction, but afterward he grew his store by over 600% in one month
He is just a student, going to school, so he “doesn’t have time”

Why am I telling you all this?
Because I think that Ron is one of the most inspiring clients that I have ever met.
Ron runs multiple eBay stores right now,
And he continues to create more and more stores, every month.
He uploads over 200 products every day.
And he has stores with thousands of products

So, what does Ron do that you don’t?
Why Ron can, and what does he do differently?
What helped him grow by over 600% in sales in one month?

Listen to the full podcast in which  Lior interviews Ron, to find out how he does dropshipping in a way that allowed him to highly increase sales in a short time.

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