We previously made an article about this feature when it just came out. We noticed that many people were suffering from Amazon delays and found the feature extremely valuable.

Because of that, we decided to develop and integrate this Amazon feature to both the Automated order accounts and the Managed Order accounts on AutoDS, so it happens automatically, you don’t have to do it manually anymore.

Today AutoDS has finished integrating the feature, and it is functioning. So say bye to the longer shipping time, and let’s welcome the fast shipping from Amazon during Coronavirus.

For Managed Accounts

Since you can not access the Amazon accounts, the feature of speeding up the shipping will get automatically executed on all new and prior orders.

Whenever a new order occurs, it will automatically go through the process of changing shipping time to the fast shipping possible.

For Automatic Orders

For automatic orders, the feature will be triggered automatically on any new orders, and manually for the previous orders.

All you have to do is to configure your automatic orders as you always do. 

In case you needed some help, here is a video where we explained how to configure Automated Orders.

It is essential to understand that this Amazon feature is not active on all orders, but based on what we see, you can speed up more than 50% of the orders.

This feature will help you provide fast shipping to your buyers when you are dropshipping from Amazon, even during coronavirus. Also, it will save you much time and give you a massive competitive edge over your competitors who have longer handling and shipping times.

Keep in mind that your faster shipping times will promote you on eBay Cassini. This way, you will be able to drive more traffic to your store.  


We hope that you liked this feature. Try to make use of it, so that you can provide faster shipping times for your customers. All of this using automation.