Working in dropshipping as a side business while you have a job is a positive thing. Because your job fuels your dropshipping expenses and serves as your safe haven in case your dropshipping business fails.

That’s why it is important that you look deeply into your situation and most importantly these three points before deciding to leave your job and become a full-time dropshipper.

   1.  Do You Like The Business?

a woman enjoying her business work

Before considering becoming a full-time dropshipper, you need to make sure you have some passion for the business. If you don’t like your dropshipping business and keep doing it, you will negatively impact its growth and consistency.

To find out if you like dropshipping and if you can become a full-time dropshipper, try to do the business for a few more months. If you enjoy what you are doing and see consistent results, then maybe its time to move on and become a full-time dropshipper.

Remember that if you like what you are doing and become a full-time dropshipper, you will have more time to research and learn to be able to grow your business.

   2.  Is Your Dropshipping Business Stable Enough?

stable stones

Your business should be stable enough to make you sufficient money to live at the same level as having a job and also pay your business’s expenses.

If that isn’t true, you have one of two options:

1) You have saved enough money to live and run your dropshipping business and continue from there.

2) You already see good results from your business and you believe you are at all costs going to make it work after you become a full-time dropshipper.

   3.  Have a Clear Plan For The Long Term

planning beforehand

Remember why you left your job in the first place, it is to have more time for your dropshipping business.

So after you quit your job and become a full-time dropshipper, make sure you successfully plan how you are going to spend that time to grow your business.

Try to write down all the things you want to accomplish and how you can do that. For example, take a sheet and write on how many stores you want and how many products. How are you going to accomplish that, and what is the knowledge needed to succeed.

You should know that for your business to succeed, you have to give it your full attention. To become a full-time dropshipper, you have to start working towards fulfilling these three points that we mentioned.

Try to enjoy what you’re doing, and if you don’t like certain tasks, you make others do them. You can hire virtual assistants, to fulfill your orders, list products, handle your customer messages, and so on.

Start working on your business to make it profitable to the point where it exceeds your job’s income, which will allow you to become a full-time dropshipper.

More importantly, start planning and build strategies to accomplish every point of these and eventually leave your job and become a full-time dropshipper.

In Summary

After you fulfill these three points, you can be sure that things will be fine leaving your job and focusing on your dropshipping business.

To succeed, even more, we recommend that you automate parts of your businesses and focus more on growing and expanding.