1. No Morning Music, Yes to Motivation Videos

The first thing that I do every morning is that on my way to the office, I don’t listen to music; I listen to motivational and mindset videos instead. And as usual, I will share with you some people which I follow, some of the mentors that I learned a lot from them. Their videos changed a lot of things about me as a dropshipper and business owner.

The primary mentors that I listen to regularly are Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, and Gary Vaynerchuk. These are the three people that I follow, and I like to listen to their videos every day.

Also, you can go to YouTube and search for “Morning Motivation” and you will find a lot of videos that will help you.

It is something that I think is much better to listen to in the car or the headphones than any other music.

In this way, you can learn on your way to the office, and you can change your mindset and start your day with a dose of motivation.

2. Write Tasks on a Paper Notepad

I always write down my tasks on Paper Notepad instead of using my computer or my phone.

Like you know, I am a technical guy, and I like technology, but, for me, I found that paper and pencil are way better than using applications for daily tasks.

As soon as I arrive at the office, write down all my daily tasks.

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Also, I split them into ABC, where A is for the essential tasks which must get done today.

B is the next one, and C is for the least priority tasks. C is like a backlist that I am taking tasks from when A and B get done.

You can also write down your tasks on a day before coming to the office. It depends on you and what you prefer.

Sometimes, I write down the tasks on the day before, and when I come to the office in the morning, I sort them based on their priority.

3. Doing the Tasks

I am starting the tasks from the tasks which I don’t want to do because, in this way, I can finish these tasks and continue with the tasks that I want to do and enjoy doing.

This way, I know that I already finished all the tasks that I don’t want to do
and I can go to other tasks with motivation.

Also, the first tasks which I will do are the smallest and essential tasks, because in this way I can start my day with a feeling that I had already done the hard part and that the next tasks will be much easier.