1) Fast:

ePacket is faster than most of the regular shipping methods from China. The regular shipping methods usually take around 30 days to the united states while ePacket is between 10 to 20 days.

2) Cheaper:

ePacket is cheaper compared to other services. If you pick any other shipping service which has the same delivery time as ePacket you will see that ePacket is the cheaper option.

3) Door to Door tracking:

With ePacket, you get a door to door tracking, which means that when you send a packet using ePacket shipping you will get a tracking number that shows you all the information regarding your package.

4) Free Returns for undelivered packages:

When you ship a package using ePacket you will get free returns on the undelivered packages, but if you use other shipping methods you will not have this option.

For example, you sent a product from china to your customer that lives in the united states. Your customer did not receive it for whatever reason. The package will get returned to the supplier for free.

5) Customs and Taxes

All the taxes and the customs will be on the customer. This means that the products will be shown much cheaper on your eBay or Shopify Store. You do not have to include the taxes and the customs in your price.

Your customers are the ones who are responsible for any taxes and customs.


ePacket is a common shipping method in AliExpress and many other Chinese suppliers. It supports more than 30 countries we recommend you to use it when you are dropshipping from China.