Before we get started, the videos will get back from now on and we will continue releasing free drop spring videos on our YouTube channel regularly.

1. Created 35 Different eBay Stores:

The first thing which I did in the last month was that I created 35 different eBay stores, 30 of these eBay stores are working with the strategy which we revealed on our Webinar “2019 Dropshipping Strategy”.

But Hold down Lior Why did you create multiple eBay stores?

I really believe that this is the most profitable eBay Dropshipping strategy in 2019. On the other 5 different eBay stores, we used 5 different strategies, one for each of the stores.

After we will see that one of the strategies is working great we will make another webinar, all on our YouTube channel.

Great things are coming, for some of these new stores, the results are already amazing!

2. eBay Account Manager:

In the last month, we got an account manager on eBay. What does it mean?

Now we have someone to ask questions to, our eBay Account Manager follows up our stores and tells us what we do great and what is not, so we can improve. Then we will be able to share the exact steps with the dropshipping community.

3. More Mentors:

The next thing which we did in the last month is that we taught one more mentor in AutoDS. Now we have 3 mentors in our AutoDS Dropshipping Mentor Program – Clayton, ZVIKA and Ron.

Ron had amazing results so he turned from a student to a mentor.

4. eBay dropshipping strategy of 2019 webinar:

The next thing is that we had our amazing webinar, actually I was shocked because the room was full (500 people). I really didn’t expect that therefore I did not increase the room size before the webinar.

All of the people already got the recording so you can also get it from here.

I apologize to those who did not catch the webinar live, as it is really important to be live during the webinar, because you can ask questions and interact with me and our mentors.

Please remember, the next time when I tell you on the email or on a YouTube Video that the spots are limited and that the room can become full, come on time so you will not miss it again.

Actually, the room got full 4 minutes after the webinar started. Without mentioning that around 15 minutes before the webinar the room was already with 200 people which was crazy. I really appreciate how drop-shippers want to succeed.

5. AutoDS New Features:

We had some new features on AutoDS which we will release on the upcoming videos, new suppliers and some suppliers which we are currently working on the integration process.

6. AutoDS Blog:

The AutoDS Blog will return and we will have a lot of high-quality content that we are currently working on. We added some content writers to AutoDS which will release these blog posts. For sure, I am the one who is managing this content and I will give you the best value on these blog posts.

See you on the next webinars, a great period is coming, so many interesting videos and content, stay tuned.