In this article, we will share with you five dropshipping tips that you should follow as a dropshipper to keep up with the changes that are happening during the Coronavirus in the e-commerce world.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic and the stay at home policy, Amazon had a lack in their working hand, which affected both product fulfillment and product shipping. As a result, Amazon started to put long delays on some products that are fulfilled by them.

So as dropshippers, we need to follow these dropshipping tips during Coronavirus. To be able to set our shipping policies to match Amazon’s to keep our customers satisfied and also grow our dropshipping business.

1) Handling Time

Some would suggest that you put an extended handling time on your shipping policy. But that is not what you should do because long handling time will prevent your listing from appearing on eBay search pages. And also because customers will be unlikely to buy from you if they see long handling times.

eBay Covid-19 Policy

To solve this, you should know that eBay has published a proactive update concerning the shipping delays that may occur during the pandemic.

Ebay update For sellers during Covid19

This update, which we explained in this video, mentioned that eBay seller’s evaluation wouldn’t be affected by delays in their shipments.

As dropshippers, we need to follow these dropshipping tips to be able to take advantage of this update and try to provide excellent customer experience to buyers during the coronavirus. Since delays won’t affect your seller ratings, it’s okay to expand your handling time a little.

Just make sure not to extend it to the point in which it affects your listing rankings or the buyer’s shopping experience.

2) For AutoDS Users 

We recommend that you extend your max Amazon Maximum Shipping Time to 30 days here.

AutoDS Amazon Maximum shipping time max time

This will prevent AutoDS from adding your products to out of stock. Because many products that are fulfilled by Amazon will have long delays, but Amazon restocks them after the delays caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic. Also, eBay has your back when it comes to shipping delays. 

3) Automatic Messages To Buyers

Another thing you should do is to let your customers know about the situation of the shipping, explaining to them that delays may occur due to what’s going on.

You can automate this on AuoDS by going to Orders Processor, Messages to Buyers.

Automated emails for Ebay sellers

Although people know about the situation, it would be nice if they receive a message from you. The message should be explaining and assuring them that their orders will be delivered even if delays occur.

For Amazon users, you’ll need to change the pending orders limit. Many orders on amazon will get delayed. Because of that, your account will get stuck if only one order is affected by the delay. You will have to do one of two things to solve that. The first one is to increase the pending orders limit, and the second one is to create more accounts.

4) Products To Sell 

Since eBay has banned selling health products that are related to Coronavirus, some dropshippers are struggling to find products to sell during this period. In this article, What To Sell During The Coronavirus (COVID-19) we shared different categories and products to sell during the Coronavirus.

5) Reducing Orders Delays On Amazon

Amazon has introduced a new feature to reduce the number of delayed orders. The feature allows you to speed up some delayed orders. You can learn how to do that inside our article: AutoDS Amazon Faster Shipping Time During Coronavirus: Feature Released! | COVID-19 Ecommerce Trick


We hope that these Dropshipping tips during Coronavirus will help you make a lot of sales. Because of the pandemic, stores around the world have been closing. This led to the rise in online sales; hence we shared these tips to help dropshippers during Coronavirus stay positive and make profits.