Before we get started, let us look at the eBay profit calculation dashboard on AutoDS and recognize the three different sections that display our eBay profit calculations.

AutoDs Profit calculation dashboard

The first section is the first four squares. Here you can see your active listings, Untracked listings, your last 24 hours orders, and profits.

The second section is the graph, where you see the chart that displays the number of orders and profits made on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

The third section has a table in which we can sort our profits in a more detailed manner; in addition, we can see profits calculations of all our accounts in case we have multiple accounts.

Now that we know these dashboard sections, the question is how to set up our AutoDS account to accurately perform eBay profit calculations and be sure that we are not missing any expenses, including all the fees that ebay and PayPal charge us.

To set up our accounts correctly for profit calculations, we need to understand two types of profit calculations that we have on AutoDS.

The Break-even Section 

The first one is the break-even calculation that we can see whenever we are uploading a new product from any of the suppliers AutoDS supports.

How To Calculate Your Profits

This field was designed to help price your products when you work with any of the supported suppliers. To help show you how we calculate the price of the product, let us look at a manual calculation for the product above with a break-even of 14 and the selling price of 41.85 and see if we end up losing or profiting.

calculation breakeven in excel

As you can see, this calculation outcome is the same as the source price. This means that if we sold the product at 41.85, we wouldn’t be making a profit.

(100-14)/100*41.85 = 35.991

However, we miss one important fee that could make us lose when we calculate using the break-even field, which is the cents PayPal takes in addition to the transaction percentage fee. 

To cover that with the selling price, we need to add 0.3 ( if the cents are 30) in the additional profit field. Now that the price covers all the fees, we can add our desired profit percentage; here, we made it 15 percent.

accurate calculation by addition of paypal cents in the break-even section

The break-even is there to give you the right calculation for your product pricing; it does not help display the account profits in your dashboard.

The Fees Section

The second type of fee calculation is the fees field that we can find under our account settings page.

fees section in autods settings page

This field gives you accurate profit calculations in your dashboard and the orders page profit section in AutoDS.

In here, we can put the percentage of fees that ebay and PayPal charge us. For example, if we are an ebay store owner, the final value fee percentage would be 9.15%. If we don’t have a store subscription, it would be 10%, in addition to that, we have a Paypal fee which is  3.4% for local transactions + 1% for international transactions. 

In the example above we set up the fee by combining the final value fee for an ebay account without a store subscription (10%), and a PayPal percentage fee with the addition of the international transaction fee ( 3.4% + 1%)

10%+3.4%+1%= 14.4% 

The good thing about the fees calculation field in the settings page is that it automatically adds the cents fee that PayPal charges depending on the marketplace you are selling on.

For example, if you are selling on, The cents added will be 30, but if you sell on a different marketplace, The cents will be automatically added depending on the marketplace and the eBay profit calculation will be accurate. 

To Keep it Always Accurate

Although the fees field accurately calculates your account’s profits; to keep it always accurate in your dashboard, you need to put the right statuses for your orders.

ebay profit calculation

For example, if an order was canceled, you need to mark it as canceled within 24 hours. That way the system automatically deducts it and accurately displays the right profits in the dashboard. It also marks the order as canceled when you export the orders. 

In case you work with Fulfilled by AutoDS; you should know that once a return is completed and the team processed it; the profits will automatically be subtracted from your earnings in the dashboard.

To have accurate profits calculations, head to your accounts settings page, and set  up the percentage of the fees by combining ebay and PayPal percentage fees in this way :

10% Final value fee for an ebay account with no store subscription.

9.15% Final value fee for an eBay store.

3.4% PayPal transaction fee for us sellers.

4.4% for international sellers.

Besides, you have to update the orders with the right statuses in case of cancelations or returns. This way, your profit calculation dashboard will be always accurate. 


Keeping track of your dropshipping business’s profits and expenses is an essential matter. We hope that this article will help you get hold of the correct way to set up your AutodDS account so that you get accurate eBay profit calculations in your profit dashboards.

To read more about break-even and eBay profit calculation, you can check this article about the difference between breakeven and % profit.