1) Selling Policies Changes During Coronavirus 

Due to the fear of infection during the Coronavirus, changes in shopping behaviors were noticeable. The demand for products like masks, hand sanitizers, and disinfecting wipes reached unprecedented levels over a short time.

Some people started ordering these types of products in significant quantities, some sellers, on the other hand, began to raise these products prices to unreasonable levels.

ebay policy products not to sell during covid-19

All of this led eBay to introduce a new policy that forbids merchants from selling these types of products. eBay is not allowing sellers to list items that make false claims related to Covid-19, but you can list a lot of other products that people are buying during the lockdown. Find out which products to sell during Coronavirus in this article: What To Sell During The Coronavirus (COVID-19)

2) Changes in eBay Customer Services During Coronavirus

Coronavirus impacted many jobs around the world, including customer service and support representation. People left phone call centers and started working from home.

ebay sending support agents to work from home

eBay has released an update saying that they sent their customer service agents to work from home during Coronavirus. Many people, however, have tried to reach eBays support through phone but rarely succeeded in speaking to an agent.

We recommend that you look for answers inside communities that discuss eBay matters, either on forums or social media groups. You can refer to our Facebook group in which many eBay sellers help each other or to our Telegram channel.

3) Seller Performance Policy During Coronavirus

These changes are in favor of sellers and dropshippers. Because of shortages in production lines and also in shipping lines caused delays and long shipping times. These delays are affecting many dropshipping orders, even from a giant e-commerce company like Amazon.

eBay Coronavirus seller performance

eBay has released a policy indicating that there will be no negative effect over the shipping performance from the overall seller performance during the Coronavirus period. It means that if your seller performance rating is Top Rated Plus after March 20, eBay will not evaluate your performance or downgrade it for reasons like late shipments or order cancelations till June’s evaluation on June 20.


We are sharing these updates about the eBay policies changes during the Coronavirus with you to help stay in line with new eBay policies. Be aware of the changes so that you can save your time, protect your eBay accounts, and focus on growing your business.