First, let’s assume that this product sold well for us in the last two months.

What should we do if the product stopped selling for 2 months or if the product went out of stock?

When products sold well, eBay Cassini promote these products much more in the search result.

This is why we do not want to remove products that have selling history.

So all we need to do is to wait 2 months after the last sale.

Then we will go to the product’s source, in this case, Amazon, and try to find a similar product.

finding similar products on Amazon

It is even better if a similar product is cheaper than the original product. Why?

Because the potential buyers will see that this product already sold for a higher price.

Now let us just take the ASIN of this dinosaur.

After that, we need to open the full item edit on AutoDS and go to the source product id section.

Listing products using AutoDS

We need to change the old product’s ASIN with the new one. Then click grab all the details.

Now, AutoDS will automatically change the old listing product to a whole new one.

In this way, we will have a listing with a good selling history but with a new product, which is currently in stock.

So the idea here is to find an out of stock product or a product which stopped selling on our store and then just replace the product with another similar product.

But why we should wait 2 months NOT LESS before applying this technique?

If you apply this strategy before the end of a 2 months period, your previous buyers can reach out and say that they did not buy this product or they will open an item not described return case.

This is something that happens a lot to the drop-shippers who we shared with them this strategy before publishing it publicly.

So make sure to apply this strategy after 2 months from the last sale.