So this is a mistake which we see many different drop shippers are doing, from beginners to the experienced ones.

Sellers are spending time on finding hot selling products and uploading them to their stores, but the issue is that they do not want to remove these products even if the products didn’t sell for them.

So why this is so bad?

This is something which we tried to explain in many of our webinars and to many different people in social media posts.

You need to understand. When you have products in your store that didn’t sell for an extended period, they will not sell.

We recommend you to wait for 2 up to 3 months maximum and then remove these products from your store.


It decreases your sales through rate on your store, which means that you will end up paying more fees to eBay.

Maybe these products were trendy, maybe they were seasonal items or in the right niche in the past, and now it’s too late to sell these products.

Therefore, you should never be emotional about your products. If you see that a product did not sell for you for an extended period, it’s very important to remove this product immediately.

The important note here is that if you have a product with a selling history, it doesn’t matter for how long the product did not sell for, DO NOT remove this product.

What to do with a good eBay selling product which stopped selling or went to out of stock? (Advanced)