1. Returns Policy:

The first thing that you should do is configure the returns policy in the right way.

1) Returns Accepted:

You should always accept returns in your returns policy because Cassini likes it, and you will get promoted much more on eBay search results.

2) Money-Back or Replacement:

You should also offer both Money Back or Replacement options for your buyers.

3) Buyer Pays the returns fees:

For AliExpress or any Chinese supplier, you should always configure the return policy showing that the buyer is the one responsible for the return shipping cost if the item didn’t arrive damaged.

But if the product arrived damaged to the buyers, it’s not a problem because the AliExpress supplier will either issue you a full refund.

If you are a beginner, we recommend you to work only with products up to 30$.

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4) Configuring the returns policy on eBay

This is how you should configure the returns policy on eBay:

2. Cases:

1) Request proof from the buyer:

If someone opened a return or a case against you saying that the product arrived damaged, you should always ask for proof.

Ask the buyer to send you a video or a picture showing the condition of the item that they received. 

Don’t hesitate to request proof from your buyer, it’s okay, and it will help you get your money back from your supplier.

2) Refund your buyer on eBay:

As soon as you receive a proof showing that the buyer received a damaged item, you should immediately refund the buyer on eBay. 

You don’t want the buyer to wait too long because, on AliExpress, the case’s progress can take up to 2 weeks.

3) Open a case on AliExpress:

When you issue the buyer a refund, you should now go to AliExpress and open a case against your seller.

Like we said earlier, AliExpress case progress can take up to 2 weeks. 

During this period, you need to communicate with your seller and send the proofs showing that the item arrived damaged.

Usually, the seller will issue you a full refund before AliExpress customer support intervene.

If you didn’t manage to figure out things with your buyer, AliExpress will step in, revise the case, and then they will issue you a full refund.


There are 5 easy steps; first, the buyer opens a case on eBay, then you ask your customer for proofs showing that the item arrived damaged. Then you should issue a refund to your buyer.

After that, you need to open a case on AliExpress, provide the seller with proofs showing that the item arrived damaged. Then the seller will issue you a refund.

If you didn’t figure things with your seller within 14 days, AliExpress will step in and issue you a refund.

If the product didn’t get damaged during shipping, your buyer needs to pay for returning the item to China. From our experience, the buyer will not return the item if it is a cheap product. 

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