We are so happy to do this with you because we think that a lot of drop shippers are struggling with one or two maximum specific suppliers; usually, these are the biggest suppliers like AliExpress or Amazon.

But they want to expand for more suppliers; however, they don’t know how to do it right. So let’s see how we can do it the right way.

First of all, we should sell at least one product from our main supplier. So let’s say that in this case, our supplier is Amazon, for example.

dropshipping from amazon to ebay

We should go to the Orders page on AutoDS, and check which products we sold in the last couple of days.

Let’s say we sold this product. Now let’s open the product and check what it is.

Finding hot selling products from Amazon

So as we can see here, this is a USB flash drive. Now let us check what the main keywords of this product are.

Amazon to eBay dropshipping

As we can see, the main keywords here are “USB Flash Drive” also “Metal” and the size of this USB. Let’s say we take these main keywords.

Now, if this product sold for us at least one time on eBay, it means that we can sell similar products to this one quickly because we saw that this one got sold.

Also, nothing is unique with this specific USB, nothing special that only this one will sell, but others will not sell; this is why we can list more of these USB flash drives.

We don’t want to start and search for multiple suppliers because it will take a lot of time for us. We also don’t want to put all of our weight only on one supplier because if some problem happens with this supplier, for example, Amazon, we will get stuck, and then our business will drop.

The smart way to avoid this is to use the new version of the AutoDS Helper; we’ll copy these keywords, and jump to The AutoDS Helper.

How to use AutoDS Helper

We will put the keywords of the product in the AutoDS Helper search box; the main keywords – this is important, and then click “Select All”, then “Find All”.

Now, the new version of The AutoDS Helper opened for us all of the supported suppliers here with the search of these specific keywords.

AutoDS supported suppliers

Let’s say that we want to work with Banggood, for example.

Dropshipping from Banggood to eBay

Then we can apply filters to sort products by popular, which is a good indicator.

Let’s scroll down here and check that everything looks fine for us, no products with bad reviews on this page.

Extracting products using AutoDS item Grabber

To extract all the products from this page, we need to open the AutoDS Helper, and click “Extract.”

Now we have 49 different styles from the same niche of products that we already sold and even cheaper because this is a Chinese supplier.

So the prices are lower, and the quality is not a problem as long as the product doesn’t have bad reviews. 

Once you extract the files from the extension, click on ‘Export’ and a CSV file will download onto your computer.

Next, click on ‘Add Products’ on the AutoDS menu, and select the ‘Upload CSV’ tab.

Drop that CSV file inside the window and all of the products inside that file will begin the import process.



This method is essential for you, as it will save you a lot of time and headache to search for different suppliers because, with one click, you can just go and source similar products from different suppliers.

We hope that you liked this article; this is important for you to expand your dropshipping business to more suppliers. We wish you good luck and a lot of sales. Don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel right now and to download the AutoDS Helper.