UPDATE: Check out our updated article on The Best Selling Items on eBay and get ahead of your competition!

In a previous article, we used eBay Explore to describe a technique that we utilize to identify trending products that are under demand. We then suggested a way to make sure the products are still trending and best selling on Amazon and that they are possible to be listed.

In today’s article, we will explain a method that also relies on eBay Explore, except for this time, we’ll be looking at finding the best selling products.  

Let’s start by going to explore.ebay.com, then click on Best Sellers in the top right corner.

ebay explore best selling

On this page, eBay lists best selling products and also provides some sorting options. For the best results, we recommend that you sort the products this way: Show the most sold items in the last 7 days and choose the category that interests you.

You can go for All categories, or you can choose a specific one, for example, we choose Home & Garden.

best selling products one ebay

Now you can start searching for a product that meets your criteria. For this example, we are looking for a generic product that is not expensive, not a well-known brand or VERO; so that we avoid problems with eBay.

Let’s take this product, for example.

a best selling product on ebay

Let’s open this product and see things like how many units were sold, what is the product price, when was the last sale, are sales consistent, and, most importantly, what are the keywords used on this listing.

how to analyze a product on ebay

Finding a Supplier

After you analyze the product and you are convinced with it, start looking at the keywords used on the product page and then start checking if you can compete on selling the product.

To do that, copy the main keywords and past them to the AutoDS Helper Extension. Choose the marketplace; in our case, it’s the US marketplace and then click Find All.

AutoDS Helper Extension

The extension will open tabs with searches for the product keywords on all the websites that are supported by AutoDS.

Best selling products fir dropshipping from Aliexpress

After the tabs finish loading, we start to check the opened websites to see if we can find the product for lower prices so we can compete on the price level. Otherwise, we can also compete by listing variations with colors and styles of the same product.

By combining the main keywords with other keywords from other variants, we can have more chances of people finding our listings.

As you can see, after sorting the results on Aliexpress by the top-rated and the most ordered products; we can see that there are many options of colors and styles and also low prices. This will allow us to have a good profit margin. 

Uploading Products

The best way to compete with a seller that has been selling the product for so long is by providing better options or offers for customers.

That is what we are doing. Listing all the variants that have good ratings and a high number of orders.

Use the AutoDS Helper to extract the products from the page.

AutoDS helper and uploader

Once the products are extracted, click on ‘Export as CSV’ and a CSV file will download onto your computer.

Then, on AutoDS, navigate to ‘Add Products’, and click on the ‘Upload CSV’ tab.

Drop that CSV file from the extension, make sure your selected supplier is Aliexpress, choose China as the location, and don’t forget to check Upload Variations in the advanced options.

Once finished, click on ‘Next’, and continue configuring your import settings for these products.

That’s how easy it is to add as many products as you want in just a few clicks!


This method is one of the fastest to find the best selling product. By choosing the best selling products and combining them with other offers in terms of price or variants. Then implementing the Big Numbers Rule, which is a technique of uploading a large number of listings; you will have a high chance of finding a jackpot product.