One of the most common questions which we get in AutoDs is: should I optimize my eBay listings or not and when? I’m Lior Pozin the owner and CEO of AutoDs– Automatic Dropshipping platform. I want to answer this question today.

When you should optimize your eBay titles, descriptions, item specifics, and pictures. Also why you should do it or why you shouldn’t do it.

So I want to split this answer into the three different types of stores:

Optimization for Stores with up to 200 listings:

For these stores, I would optimize every listing which I upload to my eBay store. I would spend time on the item specifics, on the title, description, and also optimizing the pictures.

Actually this is very important on these stores because they don’t get enough traffic to not optimize your listings and still get sales, when I say stores up to 200 listings I mean stores which don’t have enough limits to grow, so for these stores that are up to 200 limits I would spend my time on every single listing.

Now after the product gets sold on this type of store, I would go to the product and optimize the eBay listing. I will add more item specifics and more keywords to the title; this way, I will skyrocket this product even more.

Optimization for Stores between 200 and 1000 listings:

The second type is stores with between 200 and 1000 listings, for these stores:

I would spend time and optimize the listings for only 20% of the products which I upload. I will spend time on title optimization, item specifics, images, and descriptions.

For the other 80% of the products, I will upload them using the bulk upload with ASIN without any optimization. Then I will optimize the product only after the product has been proven itself, and only after the product gets sold. I will not spend any time on products which I don’t know if they will sell well for me or not.

Optimization for Stores with more than 1000 listings:

The third type is stores which have a big number of limits more than 1000 limits.

For these stores, I will not optimize the eBay listings. I will spend my time on finding the best products and providing the best customer support.

Also, I will test other niches or even other suppliers or just creating other stores and get more virtual assistants. I will not spend my time optimizing the listings that I don’t know if they can generate profit for me or not.

So only when the product that got sold on stores with more than 1000 listings, I will go and optimize these eBay listings.

What I will do on the optimization is that I will find my competitors, and then I will take more keywords from them, more item specifics, copy some lines from their description.

I will go also to other tools like Title Builder to grab more keywords or using Google.

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