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The Q4 Dropshipping Product Research Masterclass

Q4 is one of the best periods during the year to dropship in. The Q4 starts on 1st October and ends by 31st December.

The Q4 period consists of many holidays and events that sellers of all kinds utilize to grab customers and boost sales.

Sellers can not ignore events like Black Friday, Halloween, Christmas, and many more.

This intense sales period is more significant than any other and can shape your business for the upcoming year. Therefore, getting to know each holiday and their holiday dropshipping product niches/categories is crucial to boost your sales.


  • Why you can expect to double your sales in Q4
  • How to prepare your business for an explosion of holiday sales
  • Most profitable product niches for the holidays
  • Specific product recommendations
  • The “P.G.O” Strategy (+ A Special Surprise)
  • Our method for increasing store traffic up to 150%
  • AutoDS’ top 10 new profit makers and automation tools
  • Ask Us Anything! Q&A with AutoDS CEO & our special guest
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