Undeniably, custom-made and vintage items are rare finds that customers love. Likewise, the value of these products allows us to dropship them at competitive prices. Interestingly, Etsy offers these unique varieties of items. With this in mind, now is the best time to venture into Etsy dropshipping.

With its unique product catalog, Etsy offers top-caliber products specially made for customers. As such, we can establish distinctive product listings by sourcing from this platform.

With that said, in this article, we’ll get insights into the basics of Etsy dropshipping. Plus, we’ll explore top trending products to dropship from this supplier. Now, buckle up as we prepare ourselves to welcome massive sales.

Bonus: If you’re interested in learning about how to dropship on Etsy, check out our full tutorial article that will help you set up an Etsy dropshipping store that thrives.

What Is Etsy Dropshipping?

Etsy Dropshipping

Essentially, dropshipping is a low-risk and high-reward business model. This eCommerce venture does not require us to hold a physical stock of products. To start dropshipping, we must source best-selling items from a third-party supplier and offer them in a selling channel.

With that in mind, Etsy is one of the top supplier choices among dropshippers. On this platform, we can source over-the-top items to help establish our unique brand in the market.

Remember that dropshipping is an order fulfillment model. Thus, we can import products from Etsy and dropship them to our online stores. Then, Etsy ships the packages to our customers directly. As a result, we gain a profit!

Is It Safe To Dropship Products From Etsy?

Etsy Dropshipping Is Safe

Yes! It is definitely legal to dropship from Etsy. One of the primary reasons to start an Etsy dropshipping business is the platform’s crafted and unbranded product selection. Thus, we don’t have to worry about trademarked items that may have Intellectual Property rights.

Even so, we should still ensure that individual sellers don’t impose product restrictions. Although this is not often the case on Etsy, we must search for reliable Etsy suppliers with practical business policies.

Besides that, we must ensure there’s nothing specified about not being able to resell items from specific Etsy sellers.

The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Etsy Dropshipping

As a thriving supplier, sourcing from Etsy provides many advantages for our dropshipping business. Conversely, we must also consider the disadvantages when working with this supplier. That’s why, we’ll explore the benefits and drawbacks of Etsy dropshipping:

Pros And Cons Of Etsy Dropshipping

Beginning with the advantages of Etsy dropshipping, this supplier provides a wide range of unique and innovative products. Additionally, the value of these items gives them a high-profit margin potential. Besides that, Etsy offers free and fast shipping on most products, delivering domestic items in as fast as 1-3 days.

On the downside, Etsy enables individual seller policies that make return/refund guidelines differ from one seller to another. Some items are also not readily available since products are specially crafted per order.

Moreover, there are third-party payment platforms that may block transactions on Etsy, such as PayPal. Nevertheless, we must choose sources that offer services and products that will help us gain a competitive advantage against our competitors.

5 Best-Selling Products From Etsy

Before establishing our online stores, let’s first discover top item choices for Etsy dropshipping. Without further ado, here are the five best-selling products from Etsy:

  1. Beanie Hats
  2. Minimalist Necklaces
  3. Makeup Mirrors
  4. Neon Signs
  5. Floral Wall Art Prints

Next, we’ll uncover the features of these hand-picked products to dropship.

1. Beanie Hats

Etsy Dropshipping Beanie Hats

To kick off our top Etsy dropshipping products list, we have beanie hats. Whether for cold protection or hippie fashion, we can offer customers a vast range of beanie hat colors, patterns, styles, and sizes. Plus, we can sell cotton, knits, fleece, or synthetic materials.

Product img
Beanie Hats
Retail Price
Item Cost
Potential profit:
Shipping time: 1-2 days

Beginner’s Tip: Cross-sell beanie hats with matching gloves or scarves to complete buyers’ winter outfits.

2. Minimalist Necklaces

Etsy Dropshipping Minimalist Necklaces

Another fashion must-have from Etsy is minimalist necklaces. These delicate yet elegant chains contain charms like letters, stones, and beads. When selling necklaces, ensure that they’re hypo-allergenic and tarnish-free.

Beginner’s Tip: We can offer customized minimalist necklaces, such as those that have pendants with names or messages, to increase the perceived value.

3. Makeup Mirrors

Etsy Dropshipping Makeup Mirrors

Then, we have makeup mirrors as our next Etsy dropshipping winning item. Notably, we can dropship makeup mirrors with adjustable LED lights, magnification glasses, and protective coverings. Furthermore, we can sell these mirrors in compact, desktop, or wall-mounted styles.

4. Neon Signs

Etsy Dropshipping Neon Signs

To add aesthetic glow to any area, neon signs are in-demand products for Etsy dropshipping. Ranging from texts to illustrations, we can sell specially fabricated neon signs according to our customers’ demands. In addition, we should provide various choices of colors, sizes, and styles that will fit any wall, post, or tabletop.

5. Floral Wall Art Prints

Etsy Dropshipping Floral Wall Art Prints

With floral wall art prints, customers can say goodbye to plain and boring walls. These products can be individual works of art or sets of complementing attractive creations. On top of that, we can offer a vast array of print designs and art sizes that will perfectly match any interior.

How To Start Dropshipping From Etsy

On to the most awaited part, we’ll finally learn how to start dropshipping from Etsy. To start our business, here are six steps to attain Etsy dropshipping success:

  1. Etsy Product Research: Find Unique & Profitable Products
  2. Select A Selling Channel
  3. Import Etsy Products To Your Store
  4. Use Marketing To Increase Store Traffic
  5. Fulfill Your Etsy Dropshipping Orders
  6. Communicate With Your Customers

Let’s review each step below.

1. Etsy Product Research: Find Unique & Profitable Products

Etsy Dropshipping Best-Sellers

Primarily, product research is a crucial step in dropshipping from marketplaces like Etsy. Since these platforms have endless product selections, we must know what items can work well in our online stores. So, here are product-finding methods to help us find unique and profitable products for our Etsy dropshipping venture:

Remarkably, the Etsy Best-Sellers section provides top product ideas to sell. In fact, we can filter and sort search results according to prices and shipping arrangements. In this way, we can narrow down our choices to the most profitable and in-demand items from Etsy.

Meanwhile, the AutoDS Product Research Tool offers great choices of trending items from Etsy. Interestingly, we can find the best-suited items according to their costs, reviews, categories, warehouses, and more. On top of that, this tool has a built-in importing process that allows us to add top-selling items in just one click, saving us more time and effort.

2. Select A Selling Channel

Etsy Dropshipping Selling Channels

Once we have products for our Etsy dropshipping venture, we must then choose a selling channel where we can offer these items for sale. Selling channels can be an existing marketplace that enables us to post our products in its system. On the other hand, we can also utilize customizable websites that allow us to establish our stores from scratch.

Subsequently, here are excellent selling channels that work well with Etsy dropshipping:

Each type of selling channel utilizes specific methods that can help us build our business. For instance, Shopify, Wix, and WooCommerce let us customize our websites according to our branding, making us distinct from competitors. Meanwhile, eBay, FB Marketplace, and FB Shops are marketplaces that have a substantial customer base, helping us attract massive audiences to our stores.

3. Import Etsy Products To Your Store

Now, it’s time to import Etsy products to our dropshipping stores. When doing so, we can manually import items by copying the product details from Etsy and pasting them into our selling channel. However, automatic import methods are more efficient ways to add items with the help of automation software.

With that said, AutoDS is an all-in-one dropshipping solution that offers product import automation. Thus, here are straightforward product importing methods from AutoDS that we can utilize:

  • One-Click Importer
  • Single Product Uploader
  • Multiple Product IDs/URLs
  • Bulk Importer

To give us a glimpse of how these importing processes work, let’s demonstrate the one-click importer method.

One-Click Importer

The one-click importer allows us to add a product from Etsy with the click of a button. Before anything else, we must install the AutoDS Helper Chrome Extension.

To begin, search for an Etsy dropshipping product. On the product page, we will see the ‘Import to AutoDS‘ button just above the product title. By clicking this button, the software automatically transfers the product information from Etsy to the drafts section of the AutoDS platform.

Add Etsy Dropshipping Product Using One-Click Importer

Once the transfer is complete, the product becomes available in the ‘Drafts’ section. By then, it is ready for optimization. Then, start optimizing the product’s information, such as the title, description, automation, tags, and other necessary details.

Remember that optimizing our product helps us assign relevant keywords connected with the item. Thus, our item will rank higher in customer web searches. Aside from that, optimization also enables the professional presentation of our product in our dropshipping stores.

You can take advantage of the AI Rewrite tool. This AI-powered feature automatically enhances product titles and descriptions. Forget about manual work – AI will handle it for you. You can optimize a title, description, or both with just a few clicks. Very handy!

Optimize Etsy Dropshipping Product

When the optimization process ends, we can click the ‘Save‘ button on the AutoDS drafts page to apply the changes made. Once completed, we can move the item to our selling channel by clicking the ‘Import’ button.

After doing so, the product becomes available under the ‘Products’ page of the AutoDS platform. Thus, signifying that the product is now available in our selling channel, and customers can start checking it out.

4. Use Marketing To Increase Store Traffic

Marketing Etsy Dropshipping Products

Once we have established our stores, it’s time to promote our Etsy dropshipping products. As such, here are the ways to market our business according to different selling platforms:


  • PPC ads
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Blog
  • Email Marketing


  • Buy & Sell groups
  • FB Promotions


Generally, marketing plays an essential role in increasing store traffic. By using effective means of promoting our business, access to our products becomes easy and fast. As a result, we can convert more viewers into buyers, helping us achieve high sales conversions.

5. Fulfill Your Etsy Dropshipping Orders

AutoDS' Order Fulfillment Dashboard

When customers flock to our stores, we’ll start getting orders. At this point, fulfilling our Etsy dropshipping orders promptly is crucial. As such, we want to deliver packages on time, so customers are satisfied with the business quality we’re extending.

Generally, we can fulfill orders using the following methods:

  • Manual Order Fulfillment
  • Automatic Orders
  • Fulfilled By AutoDS

When manually fulfilling orders, we need to input customers’ details individually. This process can be tedious if we’re dealing with high customer demands.

Thus, we can opt to utilize AutoDS’ Automatic Orders feature. With this order fulfillment method, the system uses our buyer accounts to process orders automatically on our behalf. Plus, this tool has an order tracking feature to provide the whereabouts of customer packages.

However, if we want an all-in-one order fulfillment tool, Fulfilled By AutoDS (FBA) is the perfect choice for our Etsy dropshipping venture. When using FBA, the system utilizes our auto-credit accounts to serve demands continuously.

On top of that, FBA also offers managed discounts for its supported suppliers like Etsy. For Etsy, we adopt regular order rates as they appear on the supplier’s website. As such, we don’t need to incur additional expenses for the delivery services, as we only pay the standard rates on Etsy.

6. Communicate With Your Customers

Offer Excellent Customer Support

Remember that our business with customers doesn’t end after we fulfill their orders. Thus, extending excellent customer service goes beyond simply fulfilling customer orders. With this in mind, here are effective methods to provide the best support to our buyers:

  • Live Chat
  • FAQ Page
  • Customer Management Tool  
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Ticket Submission

Essentially, offering outstanding customer service can help us gain buyers’ satisfaction. Then, when customers become satisfied with our products and services, they will likely repurchase or share their superb experiences with others. Overall, customer loyalty is one of the key factors that can keep our Etsy dropshipping business going, so we must take good care of our clients.

Scale Your Etsy Dropshipping Business With Automation

Scale Your Etsy Dropshipping Business With Automation

So, how do we achieve Etsy dropshipping success? To successfully scale our dropshipping venture, we must utilize business automation.

As a leading dropshipping software, AutoDS provides the best automation software that can help us scale our online ventures. Among the numerous automation features, here are the best ones we can use for our Etsy dropshipping business:

  • Quick Product Importer 
  • Price/Stock Monitoring
  • Price Optimization
  • Automatic Tracking Updates
  • Advanced Image Editor
  • One-screen Inventory Management
  • and much more!

In essence, dropshipping automation utilizes software that helps us manage our online stores. Thus, we can optimize our business processes and make them more efficient. The best part is that business automation works 24/7, so we won’t worry about pending tasks while we sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Etsy Allow Dropshipping? 

Yes, Etsy allows dropshipping. In fact, dropshipping from this supplier is completely safe and legal. As long as the Etsy dropshipping products we choose are legitimate and unrestricted, there’s nothing to worry about sourcing trending products from the platform.

Is Etsy A Profitable Dropshipping Supplier?

Yes, Etsy is a profitable dropshipping supplier. For one, there is an endless supply of vintage and unique items on Etsy. Thus, these one-of-a-kind products enable us to set higher profit margins due to their value and rarity.

What Are The Best Products To Source From Etsy?

Some of the top-caliber Etsy dropshipping items to source include beanie hats, minimalist necklaces, makeup mirrors, neon signs, and floral wall art prints.  

What Selling Channels Are Supported With Etsy Dropshipping?

For your Etsy dropshipping business, you can integrate with the most popular marketplaces and customizable websites. For instance, you can select among eBay, Shopify, FB Marketplace, FB Shops, Wix, or WooCommerce.

How Can I Link Etsy To Shopify?

To link Etsy to Shopify, you must log in to your Shopify account and go over to the Shopify app store. Then, choose the ‘Etsy: Sync and Sell’ button to add the app. Once done, you will be redirected to Etsy, where you can set up your account. Then, you can use AutoDS to import Etsy products to your Shopify store quickly.


Yay! That wraps up the best products to sell and the full guide on starting our Etsy dropshipping business. Now, we’re ready to kick off our eCommerce adventure and gain significant profits.

As we expand our dropshipping business, we must adopt business automation. With the excellent dropshipping automation features by AutoDS, we’ll surely multiply our successes in no time.

And, our eCommerce journey continues as we explore more platforms to offer our Etsy dropshipping products and optimize our profits. Thus, here are insightful articles to guide us

when dropshipping on these high-converting selling channels: