Starting a business in the UK is no easy task. So, what are the best ways to establish a steady flow of income? Well, one excellent way to earn money is by working online in the UK.

According to Statista, there are around 5.6 million remote workers in the UK in 2020. Collectively, these people working from home represent 17.4% of the workforce in the region. With this increasing figure partnered with the right resources, we’ll surely have decent earnings, even in the comforts of our homes.

Thus, we’ll uncover the profitable techniques of gaining money by working online in the UK. On top of that, this article will help us scale our online ventures by utilizing various automation strategies. So, without further ado, let’s jumpstart our profit-making adventures.

Pros & Cons Of Earning Money Online In The UK

Before we discuss the excellent methods of earning money online in the UK, let’s first tackle the benefits and drawbacks of this work setup.


Earning money is more convenient now than ever! As such, here are the advantages of working remotely in the UK:

  • Low-cost
  • Global Audience Targeting 
  • Increase in Productivity and Motivation 
  • Freedom and Flexibility 


Working online at home in the UK equates to a low-cost setup. In the business aspect, remote working means lower overhead and maintenance costs, such as electricity bills, warehousing, and more.

On the other hand, as employees, we also benefit from a work-from-home setup. For one, we can reduce travel time and minimize transportation costs.

Also, there are available mechanisms at home that we can readily utilize, such as tables and chairs. And, since almost everyone has an internet connection these days, not only it is low-cost but also easy to start.

Global Audience Targeting

The next advantage of working remotely is global audience targeting. For example, even though we’re managing a UK online business, we can still cater to audiences all over the world.

Meanwhile, working from home eliminates the geographic limitations. Thus, this setup will help us work with diverse individuals with suitable skills, regardless of where they are in the globe.

Increase In Productivity And Motivation

In addition to the benefits, there is an increase in productivity and motivation in an online work setup. Working at home eliminates the delays that come with traveling from home to work and vice versa. Also, the comfortable and peaceful ambiance at home enables us to concentrate better while working.

As a result, we can maximize our working time with fewer distractions. Thus, leading to more accomplished tasks.

Freedom And Flexibility

Another benefit of earning money from home is the freedom and flexibility that comes with it. Oftentimes, a remote work setup lets us carry out our tasks based on flexible timelines.

Additionally, since we’re at home, we have more freedom as to how to set up our workplace. We can also be more comfortable while doing our tasks.


On the other hand, an online work setup also poses disadvantages. So, here are some of the downsides of working at home:

  • Convert the Home to Office 
  • Comply with Traditional Regulations
  • Work-life Balance

Convert The Home To Office

The most prominent issue with making money at home is the need to convert our home into an office. Therefore, our personal spaces become our workplaces too. As a result, some job tasks can disrupt home chores.

For example, if we’re taking part in eCommerce retailing, we will need to store goods at home. Therefore, we need to allocate an adequate space at home, in order to cater to the demands of our work. As a result, our home becomes our workplace too.

Comply With Traditional Regulations

Next, we must comply with traditional regulations, which is another disadvantage when earning money online in the UK. Since most of the online jobs include freelancing work, we’ll need to personally take care of our finances and legal obligations.

For instance, we need to register our online businesses for necessary licenses and taxes. Likewise, if traditional regulations become burdensome, we might need to hire a professional to help us comply with the requirements.

Work-life Balance

Although working from home enables us more flexibility, sometimes issues with work-life balance arise. With an online setup for earning money in the UK, the boundaries between personal tasks and professional work become unclear. Essentially, we don’t leave our ‘office,’ so we end up working overtime, affecting our overall well-being.

Therefore, it’s always necessary that we put ourselves first. One way to do that in a remote work setup is by having a daily schedule and setting goals. By doing so, we’ll know what we need to achieve for the day and set the appropriate duration for each task.

8 Profitable Ways To Make Money Online UK

After weighing the pros and cons of earning money from home in the UK, let’s discover the best online ventures that we can undertake. Here, we’ve curated a list of the top eight profitable ways to make money online in the UK:

  1. Create A Blog 
  2. Start A YouTube Channel
  3. Sell Print-On-Demand Products
  4. Buy & Sell On Marketplaces
  5. Start A Podcast
  6. Affiliate Marketing
  7. Design Websites
  8. Start A UK Dropshipping Business

Now, let’s begin evaluating what we need to do for each business venture. Plus, let’s see how much we can earn from these online ventures.

1. Create A Blog

With the advent of the internet, creating a blog has become one of the most popular online ventures among people in the UK. According to a survey by Statista in 2020, UK bloggers receive about 1,000 to 10,000 visitors on their sites. Other content creators obtain as many as 50,000 unique visitors to their blogs.

With this in mind, blogging is a vast industry and it comes with tight competition. Therefore, if we’re planning to earn money from creating a blog, we need to remember the following information.

When creating a blog, we need to cater to a niche audience to have the highest profit-earning potential. For instance, we can create a blog about eCommerce, beauty and health, daily living, and more.

Additionally, we need to understand the key factors of success for a blog website. For example, providing relevant and valuable information, utilizing keywords for search engine optimization (SEO), and driving traffic with advertisements.

Then, to optimize our blog pages, purchasing a domain name is necessary. Doing so will also help us with our unique branding.

Another crucial decision to make when creating a blog is establishing a content plan. This plan allows us to identify when to publish content and how many posts we need to prepare. For example, we can schedule two to three comprehensive blog posts per week to increase our overall ranking on Google.

So, how do we earn money from creating a blog? Usually, blogs are monetized through advertisements. The more traffic that our pages receive, the greater the chance of profiting from our blogs.

In the UK, the first few months of blogging can be difficult, oftentimes not earning more than a few pounds. As we improve our blogs and attract more audiences, these earnings can increase as much as £29,157, the average yearly salary of UK bloggers. In addition, top UK bloggers even earn tens of thousands of pounds each month, which speaks about the profitability of creating blogs.

2. Start A YouTube Channel

Another lucrative way of earning money at home in the UK is starting a YouTube Channel. Most popular YouTube stars start with one viral video that paved the way to their fame. So, are you ready to be the next YouTube sensation?

But first, we need to choose the nature of the content we want to share with our viewers. For example, we can create travel vlogs, beauty tutorials, financial tips, and more interesting topics to explore. Once we know which type of content we want to create, it’s time to sign up for a YouTube account.

When creating a YouTube channel, we have to utilize reliable equipment that will help us create high-quality content. For example, we should have high-quality cameras, noise-canceling microphones, dependable computers, and more. Aside from that, we have to learn about basic scriptwriting, video editing, and other relevant skills that will help us grow our channel.

Remember that the key to attracting subscribers is the quality and timeliness of the content we’re sharing. Therefore, we must continue to analyze the trends and identify the preferences of our target audiences.

Once we establish our names as YouTube influencers, companies will start inviting us to collaborate with them. Thus, advertising revenues will help increase our earnings.

On average, YouTube pays £1,750 per every one million views on our channel. We can only achieve that if we create worthwhile content on our YouTube Channel and continue growing our audience reach.

3. Sell Print-On-Demand Products

In eCommerce, the print-on-demand (POD) business model is popular because of the convenience it offers to sellers. Hence, selling print-on-demand products is one of the most profitable ways of making money at home in the UK.

With print-on-demand, we can produce designs for custom-made products. To start, we need a reliable print provider to source the products for our business. Some of the most popular print-on-demand suppliers that we can work with are Printify, Printful, Etsy, and more.

In addition, print-on-demand allows us to integrate with white label companies. With the right supplier, we can even establish our own business’ brand with the POD products we sell. In particular, we can add our stores’ logos to items or packaging.

So what makes selling POD products profitable? For one, we are not required to maintain physical stocks, so no need to worry about inventory costs. Plus, POD items are specially made on a per-order basis, ensuring that no unsold products will go to waste.

And, while selling POD products, we need to choose trendy items that suit our customers. For instance, we can sell POD mugs, t-shirts, bags, hoodies, phone cases, and other functional products.

To illustrate the profitability of selling POD items, let’s look at an example. To start, let’s say a supplier offers a t-shirt for £7. Then, we resell the item for £15 to our customers. So, that leaves us with £8 in profit.

Therefore, when selling POD products, we need to work with top-notch suppliers and offer trending products. By doing this, we can maintain the quality of our business while achieving huge sales.

4. Buy & Sell On Marketplaces

The fourth proven way for how to make money online in the UK is to buy and sell on marketplaces. This online business venture allows us to purchase goods from other sellers and offer these items in our stores. Thus, this model allows us to set flexible prices for our products, maximizing our potential profits.

Subsequently, the buy and sell setup allows us to score bargains and sale items. Then, we can sell these products in our online stores at marked-up costs. For instance, some marketplaces offer auctions, where we can get new and second-hand items at lower prices.

Once we have a target marketplace where we want to source and sell our products, we need to create an account. Some of the most sought-after marketplaces are eBay, Amazon, and Facebook Marketplace.

Additionally, buying and selling require an initial capital, so we can purchase items before we can resell them. Similarly, we need to consider the selling fees in some marketplaces, such as eBay.

It is also essential that we know where to get great deals in the marketplaces we’re in. For example, on Facebook Marketplace, we can join buy and sell groups to know the in-demand products that we can offer.

Furthermore, to give more value to the items we resell, we can incorporate better packaging when selling them. For example, we can use sustainable packaging materials and add our logos to them. With the proper techniques, we can definitely multiply our profits by buying the right products and selling them at competitive prices.

5. Start A Podcast

Another great way of monetizing our content is by starting a podcast. Essentially, a podcast is a way of audio broadcasting that people can access through the internet.

However, launching a podcast can be overwhelming. Therefore, we need to properly plan our steps, so we can establish a substantial listener base.

Before anything else, our podcast must have a theme. So, we have to identify our target audience and the topics we want to talk about. Since we’re connecting with our audiences through audio, we have to establish a deeper relationship with them by discussing relatable content.

Likewise, we must identify the frequency and length of our podcast episodes. On top of that, proper machinery should be available in our homes. In particular, a good microphone and sound-proofed room will do wonders for our podcast.

To enhance our audio outputs, we need recording and editing software too. For hassle-free podcast sessions, we can utilize podcast hosting platforms. Some of the top podcast platforms include Buzzsprout and Transistor.

In the beginning, we need to create relevant content, so people will start listening to us. Then, after we establish a significant number of followers, we can start getting sponsors who pay us to advertise their products/services. From there, we can incorporate marketing services to maximize our earnings.

Now, do you know that some podcasters earn as much as £27,000 per week in the UK? We can also build our way up to such massive income at home with high-quality content and effective communication skills.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Why worry about selling when we can earn money by marketing other people’s products? Through affiliate marketing, we can advertise the products and services of other companies. In return, we gain commissions for every marketing activity, such as when customers purchase products through our affiliate links.

In general, there are several ways to do affiliate marketing. One popular means is to create a page, like a blog website, where we can list the products and create a call to action button, like ‘Shop Now.’ Then, when customers click the button, they will be redirected to the seller’s website.

Another way to do affiliate marketing is by posting advertisements in buy and sell groups. Here, we can provide testimonials about certain products and entice the audience to try the products by clicking on the store links.

Once again, when we are marketing products and services of other companies, it’s crucial that we have a wide market reach. It also helps if we try out the products and services, so we can share a more realistic experience with our audiences.

Generally, affiliate marketers earn an average of £42,247 annual commission, depending on the affiliate program. Remember, different companies offer varying commission arrangements.

So, before we start marketing, we must ensure that we understand the policies and commission arrangements. By doing so, we will obtain security and profitability for our affiliate marketing venture.

7. Design Websites

Undoubtedly, designing websites is one of the most lucrative ways of creating a flow of income at home. For graphic designers, designing websites can be an easy task. When doing so, we can utilize website builders, such as WordPress, Wix, Shopify, and more.

In particular, there are several platforms where we can advertise our skills as website designers, such as Fiverr and Upwork. Through these platforms, we can easily find clients to offer our services. Moreover, we can build our portfolio to attract more clients and increase our rates.

On the other hand, we need a reliable computer, fast internet, editing software, and other essential equipment for website design. Besides that, we need to acquire knowledge of the basic rules of website designs, such as optimized layouts. Bear in mind that we are designing websites to offer audiences the best visual experience.

In terms of how much we can earn from designing websites, it primarily depends on our skills, experiences, and complexity of work. For an overview, other freelance website designers earn £28,649 per year.

Therefore, from the comfort of our homes, we can easily earn an enormous flow of income. By having the proper equipment, partnered with our skills and knowledge, we’ll have success with designing websites.

8. Start A UK Dropshipping Business

Last but not least, one of the most effective ways to earn a passive income at home is by starting a UK dropshipping business. For an overview, dropshipping is a low-risk online venture that doesn’t require us to maintain physical inventory. What makes this business model even more popular is the small starting capital needed to begin.

To illustrate, let’s say a customer places an order worth £37 in your store. Then, you purchase the product from your supplier’s website for £24. Upon checkout, you input the customer’s shipping details and the supplier delivers the package directly to the customer.

In this example, you earn £13 as a profit from dropshipping. However, for us to maximize our dropshipping earnings, there are considerations to remember.

As such, we should utilize dropshipping tools for more efficient business processes. These tools carry out different business processes on our behalf, allowing us to save time. For instance, we have the AutoDS All In One Product Research Tool to help us find best-selling items to dropship.

Most importantly, we must source high-quality products at reasonable prices. We can get these items from the best dropshipping suppliers, such as AliExpress, CJDropshipping, Walmart, and more.

Apart from these factors, we also need to identify the selling channel where we’ll offer our products to customers. Some of the most popular selling platforms include eBay, Shopify, Facebook Marketplace, and Wix.

On top of that, the utilization of marketing strategies can help attract more traffic to our dropshipping stores. For instance, we have email marketing, influencer marketing, and other effective methods.

When customers start buying our products, we need to fulfill their demands and deliver the products to them. Upon successful confirmation of their orders, we’ll gain substantial dropshipping profits.

Overall, we can gain a 20%-30% profit margin for dropshipping retail goods. On the other hand, dropshipping in bulk can help us gain up to 60%-70% profit margin.

How Does Dropshipping Tie In With Other Profitable Ways Of Making Money Online In The UK?

Now that we understand how to make money dropshipping, let’s discuss how this business model connects with other superb online ventures. By integrating dropshipping with other techniques, we’ll surely maximize our income while working remotely.

Beginning with the creation of blogs, we can build our dropshipping websites on customizable eCommerce platforms like Shopify and Wix. As such, we can create a blog section on a website like Shopify or Wix, which will help us increase our organic traffic. In addition, we can utilize the same marketing methods that bloggers use and make double the income.

Meanwhile, having a YouTube channel or podcast channel can help us showcase our business through videos or audio. We can also link our dropshipping store to these channels, which will solidify customer trust since they’ll know we’re real people selling real products. Additionally, we can have higher sales conversions when we advertise our products, for example, by having a playlist of the most trending products to dropship.

Next, connecting POD services to dropshipping is straightforward, since both business models are similar in nature. Thus, we can dropship POD products and maximize our sales potential.

Likewise, we can buy products from marketplaces and list them in our dropshipping stores. Doing so will help us earn an extra flow of income.

Moreover, applying affiliate marketing to dropshipping can help us scale our business to new heights. Through this marketing method, we can multiply our stores’ traffic. As a result, more viewers will convert to buyers.

Subsequently, if you already have experience designing websites, then dropshipping is your calling! You can continue designing great websites for others but why not also create a dropshipping website for yourself? One of the keys to dropshipping success is a great storefront that will help build our business’ brand.

Finally, we need to equip ourselves with the basics of starting a dropshipping business in the UK to fully maximize our online venture. With adequate knowledge and effective techniques, we’ll earn massive dropshipping profits, even while we sleep.

How To Scale Your UK Online Business & Make More Money

Great! Now we know that dropshipping is the best way to earn money online in the UK. Due to its versatile business model, dropshipping can lead us to great success. Therefore, we must take advantage of the benefits that dropshipping offers us.

When we talk about dropshipping, one of the most dependable automation tools we can utilize is AutoDS. But why do we need to automate our online business?

Through dropshipping automation, the everyday tasks of running our business are handled by software. As a result, we’ll have more freedom, instead of having to manually conduct repetitive processes for our business. Similarly, automation will save us ample time, so we can relax while earning passive income.

Now, here are the excellent AutoDS dropshipping automation features that we can enjoy:

  • Quick & Easy Product Imports
  • Price & Stock Monitoring 
  • Convenient Inventory Management
  • Hassle-Free Product Research 
  • Complete Order Fulfillment

Let’s discuss each of these features in the following sections.

Quick & Easy Product Imports

AutoDS offers quick and easy import automation methods, allowing us to list products in just a few clicks. With import automation, we don’t have to go through the grueling process of manually copying and inputting product details.

Instead, a dropshipping automation importing tool will automatically transfer product information from the suppliers’ websites to our selling channels. Plus, we can optimize our product listings by setting titles, descriptions, tags, and other relevant details.

With AutoDS, we can choose from four straightforward importing methods:

  • One-click Importer
  • Single Product Uploader
  • Adding Multiple Product IDs/URLs
  • Bulk Importer

By utilizing any of these easy and fast means of importing items, we can optimize our product listings. Thus, we don’t need to spend too much time adding products to our stores in order to earn profits. With AutoDS, we can multiply our earnings with automatic product imports.

Price & Stock Monitoring

The next automation feature that will highly benefit our dropshipping business is price and stock monitoring. Through this feature, we can automatically monitor any fluctuation in prices and stocks of our products under the AutoDS dashboard.

Now, we don’t have to spend significant time constantly checking a product’s availability on the supplier’s website. The program also automatically updates the prices and stocks on our selling channel. Thus, our products’ stocks and prices are always up-to-date.

Convenient Inventory Management

Another worthwhile feature of dropshipping automation is convenient inventory management. With the help of this tool, we can manage our product listings efficiently.

Moreover, we’ll see inventory updates under one screen, regardless of the number of dropshipping stores we handle. With this feature, we’ll save time and resources in handling numerous products in our online stores.

Hassle-Free Product Research

Essentially, product research is one of the first and most important things that we need to do in starting a dropshipping business. However, manually searching for best-selling items can be a tedious task. Therefore, for us to optimize our product listings, we need to utilize hassle-free product research techniques.

In line with this, AutoDS offers its Product Research Tool, where we can search for trending products from reliable dropshipping suppliers. Also, we can analyze the sales potential of these products, enabling us to maximize our profits. With this product-finding tool, we’ll never have to worry about finding top-selling products to dropship again.

Complete Order Fulfillment

Lastly, we need to efficiently fulfill customer orders as they come. Thus, we need to utilize automated order fulfillment tools to help us collect order details from our online stores and deliver them to our suppliers.

That’s why the AutoDS Automatic Order Fulfillment service is here to help us manage customer orders easily. This order fulfillment feature allows us to monitor orders under one dashboard. Moreover, it automatically fulfills customer orders 24/7, so we’re confident that we serve customer demands on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Make Money From Home UK?

You can make money online by starting profitable online ventures at home. For instance, you can buy and sell from marketplaces or do affiliate marketing.

What’s The Easiest Way To Earn Money Online UK?

There are several ways of earning money online in the UK. For example, you can create a blog, start a YouTube channel, sell POD products, and start dropshipping.

Do I Have To Pay Taxes If I Work Online In The UK?

Depending on the nature of your online job in the UK, you need to fulfill certain tax obligations, such as income tax. As such, you can consult an accountant for a better understanding of how taxes work even when you’re working online.

Is It Possible To Make Extra Money With UK Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a lucrative business model, combined with best-selling products, reliable platforms, and effective marketing. Therefore, we can earn a substantial income when dropshipping in the UK.


At long last, we won’t have to worry anymore about going to the office. Now, we have lots of convenient ways to make money at home. Surely, we’re ready to start earning a passive income from working online in the UK.

Among all the online jobs, being a dropshipper will definitely be one of the most profitable. Therefore, start searching for products to dropship, and in no time, you can scale your UK eCommerce business towards success.

Before you can do that, you need a comprehensive understanding of how dropshipping works in general. With that being said, here are noteworthy articles that will equip you with adequate knowledge and proper skills when running a dropshipping business: