Imagine unlocking the secret to a low-cost yet super cool business venture – welcome to the cheapest Print on Demand.

Print on Demand is a great way to start your business without worrying about inventory or spending too much money upfront. Moreover, you can easily customize your products and start selling them online.

In this article, we will dive into the fundamentals of the Print on Demand business and some amazing products you can sell to make profits. It is ideal for beginners.

The Best Cheap POD Products & Suppliers - Key Takeaways

Learn more about Print On Demand and why you should choose this dropshipping model.

Dive into the best cheapest print on demand products you can start offering in your store.

Discover the top 5 cheapest print on demand suppliers to leverage your business.

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What Is Print On Demand?

In a nutshell, Print on Demand is all about customizing your products. Whether it’s with amazing art designs or your brand logo, you can seamlessly integrate this feature into your dropshipping store.

For example, imagine crafting a stunning T-shirt design or an eye-catching piece of art, a customer can order your product adorned with your design, like a cozy blanket with a nice huggy bear design printed on the item.

The beauty of this business approach lies in its efficiency, in other words, you’re not required to pay for the product until it’s purchased.

Why Choose Dropshipping Print On Demand Model Business

Here are some interesting data to give you a better understanding of the influence Print on Demand (POD) has nowadays.

In 2022, the POD industry was buzzing with a massive value of $6.18 billion! And guess what? It’s not stopping there. It’s expected to skyrocket with a growth rate of 25.8% every year to 2030.

Not to mention that a lot of consumers expect some form of personalization by default and are ready to wait longer for customized products.

This surge is all because of our love for one-of-a-kind gifts and the ease of buying them, thanks to more disposable income, better internet access, and the endless chase for fashion-forward and distinctive items.

POD: What people are looking for

Our research shows that Print on Demand is becoming increasingly popular. According to the Google Trends graph, people have been consistently interested in POD over the last year, with some fluctuations.

Google Trends Print On Demand

This means that the trend is stable and has a consistent level of interest, with occasional spikes. This is a positive sign, as it indicates that there is a reliable audience for custom products.

Moreover, based on the popular search queries in the US, users have a clear interest in finding the best print on demand sites for 2023, and the same would apply in 2024, with a massive 1,600% increase in searches.

Google Trends Print On Demand Search Queries

This means many people are eager to discover which platforms will give them the best options for creating and selling custom products this year.

Exploring Success: Print on Demand Popularity

We took a deep dive with a keyword explorer. Can you guess what we found? There’s a huge buzz around this keyword on Google. There are 30,000 searches every month just in the US alone, out of 12,000 searches worldwide.

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer - Print On Demand

In summary, there are a lot of reasons why to tap into this Print on Demand market. This is not only because it is feasible for anyone who wants to start an online venture and also for those who have a limited budget since it has a lowcost business model but also because it is very popular

Using The Cheapest Print On Demand Products To Make Sales

When it comes to online shopping, the price tag isn’t always king, but it sure is a royal member of the decisionmaking court. Stocking your virtual shelves with wallet-friendly custom merch can give you a serious edge against the competition.

Sometimes, people mistakenly think that “low-priced or “cheap” items are always of poor quality. However, this isn’t always the case. It depends on where you shop.

Some platforms offer the cheapest print on demand high-quality products at affordable prices because they work with reliable suppliers. For instance, AutoDS is an all-in-one dropshipping platform with a vast supplier list that provides highquality products.

In addition, the platform checks every item at multiple stages to ensure that it meets the required standards. Moreover, they also offer a Print On Demand feature that allows you to customize products with your logo or design.

In summary, various quality products don’t just draw customers in, they also build a squad of loyal fans. Happy repeat customers often splurge on pricier items because they trust your brand.

Know How To Price Your Items

By sourcing the cheapest print on demand item, it is important to hit that pricing sweet spot, so start by spying on the competition and tuning into market vibes. 

For example, with AutoDS Winning Products Hub, you can detect the hottest items in the market plus the target audience, social media popularity, who is selling it, how much it is being sold for by competitors, etc.

AutoDS Winning Products Hub

Take this hoodie, for example, hoodies, are prime picks for print on demand. They’re like a blank canvas for your creativity, and everyone loves a good, comfy hoodie.

AutoDS Printed Hoodie

You can see that this item is targeted at a young audience, both genders, with a high engagement score, meaning that users are constantly interacting with the product. 

It has a potential profit margin of $16.43 if you sell it for the same price that most competitors offer, $30.60.

Competitor Analysis

Pricing Strategies

Here are some strategies you can use to price your products once you determine the market value they have:

  • Lean Margins for Volume Sales: Trim your profit margins to lower those prices even further. It’s a solid move that appeals to folks like students and young adults who prioritize cost over couture. 
  • Luxe Margins for Perceived Value: A plumper profit margin can determine your product’s value. Are you targeting professionals or quality crusaders? This is your jam. Just make sure your marketing game is tight to back up those premium prices with a spotlight on quality.
  • Capitalizing on Impulse Buyers: People often get hooked by bargains and buy on a whim at the checkout or click “buy” on a flash sale email. You can ride this wave by serving up bundles, time-sensitive deals, or the “get it before it’s gone” specials to spark that buy-it-now fire.

Finding the price that fits your niche and keeps your wallet happy is the ultimate goal.

Best Chepeast Print On Demand Products To Add To Your Store

Top POD Products

When it comes to top Print On Demand products you can offer in 2024, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of the coolest, most profitable, and cheapest print on demand products you can find.

We’ve lined up a treasure trove of awesome finds, all under $10, that can transform your store into a cashmaking hit.

Classic Print On Demand Ceramic Mugs

Ceramic Mug POD

Ceramic Mugs are day-to-day items for the majority of people, and it is perfect to start their day. In addition, mugs are not just for coffee lovers –they’re top sellers because they look fantastic, the print quality is awesome, and, let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good mug?

Depending on the size, you can get this mug from AutoDS Private Supplier for $5 to 8. It is one of the cheapest print on demand products out there. 

Market Niche

The market niche of this product is targeted to all coffee lovers who love canvas for expression. It is filled with unique artwork, inspirational quotes, personalized messages, or custom images, making them perfect gifts for various occasions or promotional items for businesses.


You will find Ceramic Mugs in the Kitchen Appliances section.

Peeking into Ahrefs Keyword Explorer with Amazon in the spotlight, we’ve discovered that the word “Mugs” is getting a whopping 35,000 searches. This suggests that tons of folks are hunting for that perfect mug.

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer Mugs

Digging deeper, when we zone in on “Ceramic Mugs,” there’s a bit of a drop in searches, but here’s the kicker: less competition. That means you’ve got a better shot at standing out and climbing those search rankings with ease.

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer Ceramic Mugs

Print On Demand Unisex T-Shirts

POD Unisex T-Shirts

POD Unisex T-shirts are one of the ultimate go-to for everyone, blending comfort with style in a way that suits any body type. They’re the perfect canvas for your creativity, with bold statements, eye-catching designs, or personal brand logos.

In addition, it is easy to design and even easier to sell, they’re a staple item that never goes out of fashion.

Depending on the size, you can get this mug from AutoDS Private Supplier for $6 to 8.50. 

Market Niche

The Unisex T-shirt market is for everyone who wants comfortable, stylish, and versatile apparel. It’s perfect for those who like unique designs or want to support their favorite brands, causes, or artists.

In addition, unisex T-shirts are great for anyone who wants to look good and feel comfortable. They are perfect for casual wear, fashion-forward individuals, and businesses looking to create branded merchandise.


You find Unisex T-Shirts in the Apparel/Clothing section.

Product img
Unisex T-Shirt
Retail Price
Item Cost
Potential profit:
Shipping time: 2-9 days

Print On Demand Poster Portraits

Poster Portrait POD

POD Posters Portraits are a fantastic way to bring any space to life with personalized flair. Whether it’s inspiring quotes, breathtaking landscapes, or vibrant artwork, POD poster portraits let you sprinkle a bit of your personality in homes, offices, or any wall, craving some color.

Furthermore, theyre an easy, affordable way to make a big impact, perfect for artists, photographers, and creatives looking to share or sell their work.

Depending on the size, you can get this POD poster portrait from AutoDS Private Supplier for $4 to 10. 

Market Niche

The POD Poster Portrait market niche is all about personalized wall art. This niche caters to individuals looking to decorate their personal spaces with unique artwork that reflects their style or captures memorable moments.

In addition, it’s also appealing to gift-givers who want to offer something heartfelt and customized. 


You find Poster Portraits in the Home Decor section.

Google Trends Poster Portrait

This Google Trends graph shows that interest in “Poster Portrait” has been pretty steady over the past year, but there’s been a significant spike recently.

It looks like this topic is gaining some serious attention, which might be due to a new trend, a viral poster design, or perhaps a recent event that has sparked people’s interest in personalizing their space with portrait posters. 

The AutoDS TikTok Spy Tool shows us that personalized poster portraits are all the rage right now. They’re getting tons of likes, shares, and comments, so people are really into customizing their spaces with these unique pieces.

AutoDS TikTok Spy Social Media Poster Portrait

In summary, it is a hot product for a hot market!

Print On Demand Phonecases

POD Phone Cases

POD Phone Cases are the perfect blend of personal style and practicality. They allow customers to protect their devices with a case that’s as unique as they are.

Furthermore, when it comes to design, this could be a splash of color, a meaningful quote, or a favorite character. These custom cases let personalities shine every time someone makes a call or sends a text.

You can get these amazing POD phone cases from AutoDS Private Supplier for $9.25 to 9.50, depending on the phone model. 

Market Niche

The POD Phone Case market is all about letting customers show off their unique style through their phone cases. This is perfect for people who love technology and want to protect their phones while adding a touch of personal flair.

In addition, it’s a popular choice for fashion-conscious individuals, fans of popular shows or movies, and anyone who wants to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. 


You can find Phone Cases in the Phone Accessories section.

Print On Demand Stickers

POD Stickers

POD Stickers are the ultimate way to add fun and personality to everyday items. These sticky little wonders let you flaunt your favorite quotes, designs, or characters on laptops, water bottles, notebooks, etc. 

Furthermore, they’re super customizable, durable, and a hit with anyone looking to make a statement or personalize their gear. Plus, they’re simple and cost-effective for businesses.

You can get this POD sticker from AutoDS Private Supplier for only just $8.50!

Market Niche

The POD Stickers market niche is all about having fun and expressing yourself. People love using stickers to show off their individuality and creativity. Similarly, users normally like to add personality to their laptops or phones. And if you want to promote your business uniquely, stickers are a great way to do it.


You will find Stickers in the Home Decor section.

Using Ahrefs Keyword Explorer, you can see the trend that “stickers” are only available on Amazon. With a total of 148,000 active searches on the platform, stickers are a hot product to sell, so imagine selling personalized stickers!

Ahrefs Keyword Planner Stickers

Furthermore, you also have some interesting keyword ideas with a lot of active searches monthly. This presents a valuable chance for you to tailor and design stickers for specific highdemand products, such as Hydroflasks and Laptops, among others.  

Print On Demand Baby Onesies

POD Baby Onesie

The POD Baby Onesies are a sweet spot in custom apparel, offering the perfect mix of style and comfort. They’re soft and safe for sensitive skin. You can think of charming patterns, funny sayings, or cute graphics.

In addition, this is a perfect product to offer those parents who want their baby’s personality to shine, or for friends looking for the perfect baby shower gift; these onesies are a hit.

You can get this POD baby onesie from AutoDS Private Supplier for only just $10!

Market Niche

The POD Baby Onesie market is a great place for parents, relatives, and friends to find unique and personalized clothing for infants.

This niche is all about dressing babies in outfits that reflect their personalities, whether it’s through custom designs, funny phrases, or cute illustrations.

Ultimately, brands can tap into this market by offering products that make excellent gifts or special occasion wear for little ones.


You can find these onesies in the apparel/clothing section for babies or toddlers.

Full Print On Demand Tank Tops

POD AOP Men's Tank Top

AllOverPrint TankTops for Men are where comfort meets style. Designed for those who love to stand out, these tank tops feature edge-to-edge designs that make a bold statement.

The AOP tank tops are perfect for anyone wanting to showcase their unique style, especially in the warmer months. They’re a hit for casual wear, gym sessions, or beach outings, offering both brands and wearers a way to express creativity and individuality with comfort at the forefront.

You can get this AOP men’s tank top from AutoDS Private Supplier for only just $10!

Market Niche

The AOP Mens TankTop market is all about fashion and fitness. This clothing style is perfect for people who want to look unique and feel comfortable in their casual and workout wear.

Moreover, it is safe to say that this item is particularly popular among gym-goers, beach lovers, and outdoor event enthusiasts. 

You can look to cater to people who value originality and personal expression, the AOP Men’s Tank-Top niche is a great opportunity for your brand.


These AOP Men’s tank tops are in the Apparel/Clothing for Men section.

By looking into this keyword research on men’s tank tops, we’ve spotted a monthly search demand of 3,000 on Google. Sure, it might not be sky-high, but it’s a cozy niche ripe for the picking.

Nonetheless, this little goldmine is just waiting for someone to tap into it, offering a special opportunity to make your mark with unique designs.

Ahtefs Keyword Men Tank Top

However, there is some interesting information: if you pivot your attention to selling All-Over-Print tank tops for women, you’re looking at a much bigger and more promising market; as you can see, there is a whopping search volume of 80,000.

Ahtefs Keyword Women Tank Top

Print On Demand Kid’s T-Shirts

POD Kids T-Shirt

The POD Kids Tshirts represent an exceptional opportunity to cater to the vibrant and dynamic children’s apparel market.

In addition, these shirts allow for endless creativity with designs ranging from superheroes to cute animals, tailored to spark joy in any child’s day.

They’re crafted to be both soft for comfort and durable for play, meeting the high standards of parents. 

You can get this POD kid’s t-shirt from AutoDS Private Supplier for only just $7.50!

Market Niche

The POD Kid’s Tshirt market niche focuses on delivering personalized, high-quality, and visually appealing apparel designed specifically for children.

Moreover, this niche caters to parents who want their kids to have cool clothes that show off their personalities and interests will love this niche. 

There are all sorts of designs to choose from, like fun and educational patterns, or shirts with their favorite characters on them.


You will find these POD kid’s t-shirts in the Apparel/Clothing for Kids section.

5 Top Cheapest Print On Demand Suppliers To Source From 

Print on Demand suppliers are a great solution for sellers looking to simplify their online business operations. 

These suppliers provide everything you need to manage your inventory, print your products, pack them up, and ship them directly to your customers. This allows you to focus on the creative side of your business, such as designing and marketing your products, while the supplier takes care of the rest.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 cheapest Print on Demand suppliers to help you grow your business without breaking the bank.

1. AutoDS Marketplace & POD

AutoDS makes it easier for you to find and add products to your store. You can use our Marketplace and Private Suppliers to find unique and highquality items, which will help you keep your customers happy with fast shipping.

In addition, you can also customize your orders with your logo through their warehouse, which has a variety of popular products that are ready to ship.

AutoDS Print On Demand

AutoDS offers a print on demand feature that can help your online store stand out. This feature lets you create and sell unique customdesigned products.

Equally important, the platform is easy to use, with well-organized categories like accessories, home decor, and printed apparel. AutoDS updates its selection of products every month, from apparel to footwear and decorations, to keep your offerings fresh and up to date with the latest trends.

Furthermore, With AutoDS, you can use the TikTok Spy Tool to see what’s trending on TikTok and import those products directly to your store with just one click.

Key Features

  1. Wide Product Selection: They’ve got an amazing variety of products you can customize, from trendy apparel to nifty accessories and cozy home decor
  2. Easy Navigation and Categorization: The products are organized into categories, so you quickly can find what you need
  3. Intuitive Design Editor: Their design editor is super intuitive, meaning you can tweak and perfect your designs without hassle
  4. Seamless Integration: AutoDS hooks up with your online store, automating day-to-day tasks like order fulfillment and tracking
  5. Monthly Product Updates: They drop new products into the mix every month, keeping your store fresh and your customers coming back for more
  6. Revisiting and Redesigning: Have you changed your mind about a design? No problem! You can revisit and adjust your designs anytime 


  • Import: Starting at just $9.90/month, this plan is perfect if you’re taking your first steps in automation. It comes with the essentials like a product importer for 200 products, a product research tool, and a draft manager, among other features
  • Starter: For $17.90/month and billed annually, this is the “most popular” pick. It’s ideal for beginners ready to level up, offering everything in the Import plan plus extras like price & stock monitoring for 400 products, unlimited store integrations, and more
  • Advanced: At $32.90/month, this plan is crafted for the seasoned dropshipper. It doubles what the Starter plan provides, supporting 800 products and adding VIP perks like live chat and ticket support
  • And if you need to go even bigger, they have a plan ready for you. Just pick the package that suits your expanding business


AutoDS not only offers the cheapest print on demand options, but it also seamlessly connects with different amazing platforms, like Shopify, Facebook, Etsy, WooCommerce, eBay, Amazon, and WIX, making your dropshipping game smooth and simple!


AutoDS’s print on demand feature comes with a super handy catalog of categories to choose from, including Printed Apparel and Footwear for all your fashion needs, stylish Accessories to jazz things up, and all kinds of Decorations and Home Decor to make any space feel like home. 

Cheapest Print On Demand Item

AutoDS Cheapest POD Product

The cheapest print on demand product, AutoDS has to offer the cutest BellShaped Ceramic Ornament for decoration at a super affordable price of just $2.75. Perfect for the holidays. 

2. Spreadshirt Print on Demand (SPOD)

SPOD Print On Demand

SPOD is a print on demand provider that’s like having your own personal printing and shipping crew. They wait for your customer to order a custom product from your store, and then they spring into action, printing it and shipping it out. They also offer some of the cheapest print on demand items out there. 

In addition, the benefit is that you don’t have to worry about storing piles of products or figuring out how to get orders to your customers.

Key Features

  1. Rapid Printing: They’re lightning-fast, getting most orders printed and out the door within 48 hours
  2. Customization Options: They’ve got a boatload of product options and designs
  3. Quality Products: They offer high-quality products that serve as the foundation for your designs
  4. User-Friendly Design Tools: SPOD provides easy-to-use design tools that make it simple to create custom products
  5. International Shipping: They cater to a global audience
  6. Eco-Friendly Options: They’re eco-conscious with their print-on-demand process, helping you and your customers shop with a clear conscience
  7. Integration: SPOD integrates with popular e-commerce platforms, making it easy to connect your store and start selling


Starting your business with SPOD is easy and affordable. You won’t have to pay any upfront fees to get started, instead, you will only pay when customers make a purchase.

However, there’s a cap on the variety you can offer. You can play around with up to 50,000 designs, not giving you plenty of room to get creative and cater to your customer’s tastes. Furthermore, you have some limitations in the amount of products you can offer.


SPOD seamlessly connects with amazing platforms like Shopify, OrderDesk, WooCommerce, Magento, and Squarespace.


SPOD’s print on demand service presents a wide range of clothing options for Men, Women, and Children. They have T-shirts, Polo shirts, Long-sleeve shirts, Hoodies, Sportswear, Tank tops, and Bottoms, so you can find something that suits your preferences and needs.

In addition, they offer a variety of accessories, stickers, and posters.

Cheapest Print On Demand Item

SPOD Cheapest Print On Demand Product

SPOD’s cheapest print on demand product is a Vinyl Sticker for laptops, notebooks, or any smooth surface at a super affordable price of just $2.17. 

3. Gelato

Gelato Print On Demand

Gelato offers a print on demand service that lets you sell worldwide with the benefit of local production. It’s super easy to integrate and riskfree, where you won’t pay a thing until your product sells.

Plus, they’re committed to high quality, using the latest tech and sustainable materials, all while offering some of the cheapest print on demand items.

Key Features

  1. Global Reach with Local Production: They’ve got a network of local printers all over the globe,  cutting down on shipping time and carbon footprints
  2. Ease of Use: Integrate Gelato with your e-commerce platforms quickly and start selling with ease
  3. Risk-Free Approach: there’s no cost to start, and you won’t pay a penny until your customers do
  4. Quality Products: They use cutting-edge technology and materials sourced from industry-leading brands
  5. Rapid Fulfillment: With production facilities in 32 countries, they provide fast and reliable order delivery
  6. Sustainability: A commitment to environmental responsibility through sustainably sourced materials


  • Free: You can start with zero cost, making products in 32 countries, selling on Shopify, Etsy, and WooCommerce, and enjoying an easy-to-use design editor.
  • Gelato+: For $24 a month or $239 a year, you get all the Free features, plus up to 10% off products, fancy mockups, and access to a mountain of stock images and fonts
  • Gold: This is the VIP experience at $119 a month or $1,185 a year, recommended for growing businesses. You’ll get everything in Gelato+, bigger discounts on products, cheaper branded labels and packaging, smart shipping pricing, and a dedicated success manager to help you thrive.
  • Platinum: Platinum comes with custom pricing, where you’ll get all the Gold benefits plus fixed-rate shipping on local orders and personal consultation hours


Gelato seamlessly connects with different amazing platforms, like Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, Wix, Squarespace, and BigCommerce.


Gelato offers a wide range of print-on-demand products that are available to everyone. It ranges from apparel for men, women, and kids to posters, phone cases, mugs, or tote bags.

In addition, they also offer personalized photo books and calendars, so you can customize your memories uniquely and specially.

Cheapest Print On Demand Item

Gelato Cheapest Print On Demand Product

The cheapest print on demand product Gelator has to offer is a Premium Silk Paper Business Card at an affordable price of just $1.50 plus the shipping expense. 

4. Printful

Printful Print On Demand

Printful is a POD supplier that offers high-quality, customizable products. They use a fulfillment system, meaning they print and ship items to your customers after placing an order. This saves you from holding inventory and allows you to concentrate on designing and marketing instead.

Key Features

  1. No Minimum Order: They print whatever you need, from a single item for a special customer to a whole batch for your clients, with no minimums.
  2. Wide Product Range: They offer everything from clothing and accessories to home goods and more, giving you plenty of choices for what to sell.
  3. Custom Branding Options: With custom branding options, your orders look and feel like they came straight from you, not a warehouse.
  4. Global Fulfillment: Their global fulfillment means your orders get made and shipped from a spot near your customer, which means faster delivery times.
  5. Easy Integration: Printful syncs with major e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Etsy, automating the order and fulfillment process.
  6. Quality Products: They’re all about making sure your designs shine on products that last.
  7. Eco-Friendly Options: For those environmentally conscious, they have eco-friendly products and practices in place.
  8. Design Tools: Their tools help you get your designs right on the product before you hit sell.


  • With Printful, you can start for free and only pay when your customers do, keeping things budgetfriendly. The free plan hooks you up with all the basics, like worldwide shipping management, a nifty layout builder, and 24/7 support.
  • In addition, you get to play around with their mockup and logo makers and sprinkle your brand vibe on delivery notes.
  • Furthermore, their paid plans offer perks that spice up your store. You can snag discounts on products, jazz up your packaging, get storage for all your goodies, and even have pros snap pics and videos of your products.

In conclusion, this supplier is one of the cheapest print on demand options you have. For more details on the paid version, contact the supplier directly.


Printful seamlessly connects with various platforms such as Shopify, Etsy, Prestashop, Storecloud, Wix, Squarespace, webflow, Ecwid, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Amazon, Square, eBay, Big Poster, Weebly, Adobe Commerce, Storenvy, Gumroad, Shipstation, Shift4Shop, and Launch Cart.


Printful offers a range of products in different categories, from apparel and hats to accessories and home decor. 

Cheapest Print On Demand Item

Cheapest Print On Demand Product

The cheapest print on demand product Printful has to offer is a Kiss-Cut Sticker for laptops, notebooks, or any smooth surface at a super affordable price of just 2.36€, which translates to $2.58.

5. Printify

Printify Print On Demand

Printify is a comprehensive print on demand platform that provides a seamless bridge between your designs and a global network of print providers.

In addition, it specializes in a wide array of customizable products, Printify allows you to create high-quality apparel, accessories, and home décor items that resonate with your audience.

Key Features

  1. Extensive Network of Print Providers: Printify connects you with printers worldwide.
  2. Wide Product Assortment: They offer a wide catalog of products across various categories.
  3. Design Interface: Their design tool is a snap to use, so you can see how your creations will look in real life.
  4. Integration: Printify integrates seamlessly with major e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify, Etsy, and WooCommerce, automating the sync between orders and production.
  5. Custom Branding Options: They support custom branding, which helps you build your brand by adding logos, personalized messages, and custom packing to your orders.
  6. Quality Control: Printify performs quality checks to ensure that the end products meet your standards and satisfy your customers.
  7. Environmental Consciousness: Some print providers within the Printify network offer eco-friendly printing options for sustainable business practices.


  • Starting with Printify is wallet-friendly because it’s free to begin with. Their recommended Free plan lets you open up to five stores and play around with unlimited product designs.
  • In addition, you have a Premium plan at $24.99 a month (billed annually to save you some cash) that lets you double your store count and throws in up to 20% off on products.
  • For the big players handling over 10,000 orders a day, there’s the Enterprise option with custom pricing to fit the vast scale of your business, offering unlimited stores and designs, plus the same nice discount on products. 


Printify seamlessly connects with various platforms such as Shopify, Etsy, Walmart, eBay, TikTok Shop, Prestashop, Squarespace, Shutterstock, WooCommerce and BigCommerce


Printify offers a range of products within different categories, these categories are: Men, Kids, and Women Apparel, Accessories such as masks, beauty kits, etc. And they also offer products in the Home Decor category. 

Cheapest Print On Demand Item

Printify Cheapest Print On Demand Product

The cheapest print on demand product Printify has to offer is a Fine-Arts Postcards at a super affordable price of just 0.77€, which translates to $0.84.

Frequently Asked Questions

What To Look After In A Cheap Print On Demand Company?

For the cheapest print on demand company, it is important to prioritize good quality products, dependable shipping, straightforward design tools, and e-commerce integration. 

Is It Possible To Dropship Print On Demand Products With AutoDS?

Yes, with AutoDS, you can dropship print on demand products efficiently. Their private suppliers enable you to customize products with your designs, which you can then seamlessly add to your store. Once sold, the suppliers handle the shipping directly to your customers.

Normally Which Is The Cheapest Print On Demand Product?

The cheapest print on demand products are usually stickers or small accessories. They’re a great, affordable way to kickstart your custom design journey!


In conclusion, there are different cheap print on demand products and suppliers you can rely on if you want to start your business in 2024. With the current growth of the market and the increasing demand for personalized products, it’s a great time to start a POD business.

Plus, there’s no need to spend a fortune to kick things off! With suppliers such as AutoDS, you get to pick from affordable, top-notch POD products and take advantage of their Marketplace and Private Suppliers section that allows you not only to fill your store with amazing items but also make managing your store a total breeze.

Keep an eye on trends, use market insights tools, and adopt smart pricing strategies to attract and retain customers. With hard work and dedication, you can turn your unique ideas into tangible products and watch your POD business flourish in the dynamic 2024 market. 

If you want to learn more about how to properly start and manage your dropshipping business, make sure to check out our following articles: