With the increasing trend of online shopping, the eCommerce industry has become a popular venture among entrepreneurs. One of the most lucrative eCommerce models is dropshipping. As such, it entails minimal risk to sellers, and it doesn’t require a physical inventory of the products.

However, attaining success is attributed to selling a unique niche. In line with this, dropshipping shoes is one of the most popular niches in eCommerce. As an in-demand niche, offering high-quality shoes can address the basic apparel needs of our audiences.

Thus, an in-depth understanding of how dropshipping shoes works is necessary. To begin our journey, we’ll uncover the best-selling shoe products and most reliable dropshipping suppliers. Plus, we’ll explore how to successfully establish our dropshipping shoes business.

Can I Make Money Dropshipping Shoes?

Definitely! As we mentioned earlier, shoes are an in-demand dropshipping niche. Therefore, we can gain substantial sales from the high market demand for shoe products.

In fact, Grand View Research reports a worldwide footwear market size of 207.6 billion USD in 2018. From this figure, the shoe industry expects a compound annual growth rate (CGAR) of 3.8% from 2019 to 2025.

So, what makes shoes a good dropshipping niche? Well, here are the key reasons:

  • Profitability 
  • Versatility
  • Functionality

Unquestionably, selling shoes is a profitable venture, as products are highly valuable. Basically, customers are willing to spend on high-quality shoes that will last for a long time. As such, we can gain significant profits while selling the correct pairs of shoes.

Moreover, there are many kinds of shoes we can dropship, depending on our audiences’ needs. Because of their versatility, there’s always a suitable pair of shoes for every occasion. For instance, we have boots for a dress-to-kill outfit or sneakers for everyday comfortable wear.

Subsequently, the need to wear shoes is a social norm that every person adheres to. Shoes, as a basic necessity, are highly functional dropshipping items. Thus, the demand for shoes will never cease as long as people wear them every day.

Of course, the features of dropshipping shoes go beyond these three main points. With that said, let’s evaluate the pros and cons of dropshipping shoes in the following section.

Pros And Cons Of Dropshipping Shoes

Aside from being a promising venture, the shoe niche also has its own share of benefits and downsides. Here, we’ll weigh the advantages and disadvantages of dropshipping shoes.


On one hand, dropshipping shoes gives our business a head start because of the following reasons:

  • Huge selection of shoes
  • High-profit margins
  • Global audience targeting
  • Evergreen niche
  • Matches all demographics

To begin, we can dropship an endless selection of shoes in the market. As such, customers have a wide range of colors, sizes, shapes, and designs to choose from. From stilettos to sneakers, we can find any pair for every need.

Additionally, dropshipping shoes can help us achieve high-profit margins. As previously stated, shoes are an essential commodity, thus, highly valuable to our customers.

Then, when products have great values, we can set competitive prices. As such, setting competitive prices to shoes can help us gain high-profit margins. Thus, substantial profits can help us scale our business.

Moreover, offering shoes in our dropshipping stores covers a global market. We cater to the demands of local and international customers alike. As a result, it allows us to expand our worldwide market reach.

Furthermore, shoes are an evergreen niche. Regardless of the season, buyers purchase shoes for different purposes. Hence, dropshipping shoes leads to remarkable demands all year round.

Ultimately, dropshipping shoes serves users of different ages and genders. From babies to adults and men to women, shoes are an essential everyday wearable. Because of the diverse demographics they serve, the shoe niche is definitely an excellent one to explore and take advantage of.


On the other hand, here are the drawbacks that our dropshipping stores may encounter when offering shoe products:

  • Competitive market
  • Lots of trademarked brands
  • Size-specific

Since many sellers venture into eCommerce, there is a tight competition in the market. So, the key is to hone in on a high sales potential niche, like shoes. However, even with dropshipping shoes, we may encounter heavy competition.

Amidst the tight competition, our dropshipping shoes business needs to stay ahead of the game. To do this, we need to offer top-selling shoes products. Similarly, sourcing these items from the best dropshipping suppliers can help us establish a good brand.

Likewise, our business gains a competitive advantage by providing exceptional customer service. Also, optimizing our marketing techniques plays a crucial role in the success of our dropshipping shoes business.

Another downside of dropshipping shoes is the presence of many trademarked brands in the market. Bear in mind to avoid dropshipping branded shoes, since intellectual property rights protect them.

With this in mind, we must be keen when adding shoe products to our stores. However, to ease our minds, we can utilize the AutoDS VeRO detector to help us filter prohibited shoe items.

In addition to the cons, shoes are size-specific. So, when people purchase inaccurate shoe sizes, the return rates increase. For us to manage this issue, we can add size charts as a reference for customers’ shoe measurements.

Now, we know that the right products and reliable suppliers play an essential role in the success of our business. Therefore, the next sections will help us find suitable dropshipping shoes products and suppliers.

The Top Shoes Products For Dropshipping

Before we get to the list of the top shoe products for dropshipping, remember that many sellers venture into the shoe niche. Therefore, in order to obtain a competitive edge, we need to pick unique and trending shoes to dropship in our stores.

As a general note, we should include size charts when dropshipping shoes, so customers can easily purchase shoes from our store. Aside from size options, adding different colors and styles provides our buyers with more choices. Thus, when shoppers can choose from a diverse variety of shoes, the sales potential of our products increases.

With this in mind, here are the top ten products for dropshipping shoes:

  1. Clear Top Heels
  2. Over The Knee Boots
  3. Men’s Dress Shoes
  4. Hiking Shoes
  5. Orthopedic Shoes
  6. Loafers For Men & Women
  7. Golf Shoes
  8. Furry Slides
  9. Slip-On Sneakers
  10. Flip Flop Sandals

Let’s get into action, beginning with our first product idea.

1. Clear Top Heels

Whether it’s to complement a chic outfit of the day or to finish off a sultry look, clear top heels are becoming staple shoes for women. In fact, the value of the high heels industry reached about 34.1 billion USD in 2019, and figures show that this value will grow up to 42.7 billion USD come 2024.

Consequently, these statistics show the profitability of dropshipping high heels. In particular, clear top heels are popular products in this category. Clear top heels are a barely-there footwear trend, perfect for any occasion.

When dropshipping this product, we can add different heel types, like block, kitten, pencil, wedges, and stilettos. Similarly, clear top heels strap variations that we can consider selling include single strap, double strap, lace-up, mule, and more.

Beginner’s Tip: To add quirk and class to clear top heels, we can offer options that come with embellishments, such as glitters, crystals, and spikes. 

Product img
Clear Top Heels
Retail Price
Item Cost
Potential profit:
Shipping time: 2-7 days

2. Over The Knee Boots

Our next trending shoe dropshipping product is the over-the-knee boots. Although summer is fast approaching, the demand for these boots remains high. For instance, the UK market in 2021 houses 2,276 retail stores that specialize in selling boots.

By knowing the increasing trend of these shoes, selling over-the-knee boots will surely bring more sales to our eCommerce business. Therefore, let’s start adding over-the-knee boots to our stores, like the classic leather boots. Besides that, there are also suede, heeled, and fringe types that we offer in our stores.

Additionally, the calf circumference is essential to give users a comfortable feel while using over-the-knee boots. Plus, we can add variations with different shaft heights, such as two-inch or three-inch above the knees. Of course, knee-high boots also come in patterned, fishnet, and other styles that fit fashion statement skirts, dresses, and jeans.

3. Men’s Dress Shoes

In terms of footwear, men can benefit from fashionable dress shoes. The men’s dress shoes are perfect for business suits or formal dress codes. From 2015 up to the present, the men’s formal footwear industry is constantly growing from a 6.6 billion USD market.

Thus, dropshipping men’s dress shoes is a promising venture due to the needs of our target market for formal footwear. Let’s begin our search for the top men’s dress shoes, starting with the most popular types. Notably, we have options like oxfords, monk straps, derby, driving moccasins, and loafers.

Beyond the trendy looks of these dress shoes, it’s crucial that we offer comfort along with our products. Hence, we can consider the arc support and contoured cushioning when selling these shoes. Generally, men’s dress shoes are available in suede and leather materials, so ensure that we add these options for our customers. 

4. Hiking Shoes

Today, there is an increasing popularity of outdoor activities like hiking and camping. In the US, about 57.81 million people went hiking in 2020 alone. Therefore, participating in these adventures requires wearing the proper footwear, like hiking shoes, to ensure safety and comfort.

Subsequently, selling hiking shoes will powerfully attract outdoor enthusiasts to check out our online stores. As such, selling suitable hiking shoes depending on their use is crucial so that we can target different audiences. In general, there are four types of hiking footwear we can sell: hiking sandals, cross-hikers or medium-weight hiking boots, off-trail or heavy boots, and mountaineering boots.

Moreover, since hiking can be a strenuous activity, customers must be comfortable and safe when using these shoes. Thus, we need to consider ankle support and protection, as well as grip and traction features of hiking shoes. Also, we must sell durable, waterproof, and weatherproof options so users are safeguarded in any condition.

Beginner’s Tip: We can upsell hiking shoes by offering matching accessories, such as bags, jackets, and gloves. 

5. Orthopedic Shoes

Next up, we have orthopedic shoes that benefit customers with specific foot conditions. Also, the use of these shoes helps the biomechanical foot function and supports foot orthotics. On a global scale, the foot orthotic insoles industry accounts for an increase from 2.78 billion USD to 3.7 billion USD from 2016 to 2021.

With that said, orthopedic shoes can offer health benefits, and at the same time, users can wear them with style. So, we have to consider orthopedic shoe features like removable insoles, cushioned out-soles, and impact absorbent mid-soles. In addition, variations with stretchable and seamless uppers prevent abrasion or pressure.

Furthermore, selling orthopedic shoes with wide and deep toe boxes is necessary to provide more comfort to users. Bear in mind that most people who utilize these shoes have mobility or flexibility issues. 

Therefore, we can offer easy to fasten or slip-on options, so users will not have a hard time wearing shoes again. Now, we know that shoes are valuable, but we can increase the perceived value even more. To achieve this, we should optimize the amount of features offered with the product.

6. Loafers For Men & Women

With the significant rise in the revenue of the footwear industry, the choice of sleek shoes is necessary. To illustrate, the footwear market reached 80 billion USD in revenue in 2020.

Amongst this number, the popularity of loafers continues to grow. Therefore, it’s important to keep an eye out for trends, since loafers are trending more than ever now.

Essentially, loafers are easy to slip shoes that don’t need fastening or lacing. Most commonly, these dropshipping shoes have little to no heel. Suitable for formal affairs or casual use, loafers are generally available in leather and suede materials.

Additionally, there are several loafers that we can sell, ideal for men and women of all ages. Popular variations include penny, horsebit, tassel, kiltie, driving, slipper, boat, and espadrille. Finally, we can offer loafers that come with metal ornaments, stitched designs, crystal embellishments, and other designs that add value to the shoes.

7. Golf Shoes

Approaching the warmer months, more and more people will begin golfing. With that said, 24.3 million participants were recorded to have attended golf courses in 2019. Through this figure, we know that many people need golf shoes when doing this outdoor activity.

Technically, golf shoes are oxford-type and waterproof footwear with sole spikes or hobnails. Basically, these features protect golf courses and provide style to users. Additionally, sturdiness, breathability, support, and comfort are vital considerations when dropshipping these shoes.

Moreover, we can sell golf shoe options, such as classic spiked, spikeless, golf boots, and golf sandals. Likewise, golf shoes are available in various materials like leather, waterproof linings, and synthetic plastics. Oftentimes, spikes can be made of metal and plastic, so ensure that shoppers can find these options in our online stores.

Beginner’s Tip: Going to a golf course requires proper attire, so to complete a golf-ready look, we can offer golf dresses or shirts along with shoes.

8. Furry Slides

Another in-demand shoes dropshipping item are furry slides. Generally, they are lightweight footwear, allowing the loose heel and having a front strap for support. Since these slides use fur, it’s worth noting that even since 2013, the fur industry has been a significant market with 35.8 billion USD in value.

With this in mind, selling furry slides will likely lead to huge profits for our dropshipping shoes business. Now, let’s see the variations and features of furry slides that we can offer our customers. For one, this fuzzy footwear comes in flat or heeled options that we can sell.

Likewise, furry slides can be slippered types that we can comfortably wear at home or sandal types that we can pair with our stylish outfits. Of course, furry slides can have single, criss-cross, or closed strap styles. Finally, these items come in plain or vibrant designs that we should consider adding to our stores.

9. Slip-On Sneakers

The next best-selling products for our dropshipping shoes business are slip-on sneakers. In general, sneakers reached about 70 billion USD in revenue in 2020. Correspondingly, the sneakers market revenue is expected to grow up to 102 billion USD by 2025.

As such, dropshipping sneakers like slip-on ones will help us expand our business by obtaining substantial sales. But first, we have to add trending slip-on sneakers to our stores. When selling these shoes, we need to consider durable, lightweight, and cushioned options.

Subsequently, machine-washable features and sustainable materials are also necessary when selling slip-on sneakers. Lastly, dropshipping slip-on sneakers with extra arch support, additional padding, and specialty width will add more value to our items.

Beginner’s Tip: For travelers’ convenience, we can offer packable or foldable slip-on sneakers and a protective pouch.

10. Flip Flop Sandals

To end our list of the best shoe dropshipping products is flip flop sandals. Belonging to the footwear industry, the flip flop market was valued at 18.6 billion USD in 2019. Today, this market trend continuously increases, leading to higher demands for flip flop sandals.

Essentially, this sandal serves as comfortable footwear made of a strap, insole, midsole, and sole. Typically, flip flop sandals are made of wool, plastic, leather, and foam materials. Additionally, we can add lightweight choices for home use and durable options for casual wear.

Furthermore, some flip flop sandals come with water-resistant features, while others are not suitable to be exposed to constant water and heat. Remember that we should also offer different styles, like solid colored or printed ones. Finally, arch support and ergonomic designs are features that we have to consider when selling flip flop sandals.

Now that we have diverse item choices for our dropshipping shoes business, we can utilize the AutoDS Product Research Dropshipping Spreadsheet. With the help of this tool, we can list as many possible shoe variations as we can and later on, filter our list. Doing so will help us organize our product ideas and analyze which ones best fit the needs of our customers.

8 Best Shoes Dropshipping Suppliers

At this point, knowing the trending shoes to dropship is one thing, but identifying where we can get them is another discussion. That’s why we’ll discover the best shoe dropshipping suppliers that we can partner with to achieve business success.

Now, here are the top eight shoe dropshipping suppliers that can provide us with high-quality products and outstanding services:

  1. Amazon
  2. CJDropshipping
  3. Banggood
  4. AliExpress
  5. DHGate
  6. Target
  7. Walmart
  8. Brands Gateway

Without further ado, let’s begin exploring our shoe dropshipping suppliers.

1. Amazon

Amazon is one of the largest eCommerce companies worldwide. This American dropshipping supplier offers the following benefits when dropshipping shoes:

  • Vast catalog of shoes
  • Swift shipping times
  • Domestic warehouses
  • Reliable customer service
  • Practical business policies

As a multinational company, Amazon offers a vast catalog of shoes for every customer. Under the fashion category, we’ll find every pair of shoes perfect for women, men, and children. However, many popular brands are also present on Amazon, so we should know which products are allowed in dropshipping.

Another worthwhile feature of Amazon is its swift shipping times. For instance, it offers two-day shipping to customers in the US.

Additionally, Amazon has various warehouses all over the world. These domestic distribution centers allow fast sourcing of products locally. 

Moreover, this shoes dropshipping supplier extends reliable customer service to its clients. In return, dropshippers can offer the same quality of business to customers. Amazon commits to addressing problems about shipment, tracking, cancellations, returns, and other relevant issues promptly.

 Speaking of returns, Amazon provides a 30-day free return period for unsatisfactory products and change of mind. Plus, it has an order report summary that aids dropshippers in managing our transactions. With all the benefits that Amazon can provide our business, it’s no doubt that it’s one of the biggest dropshipping suppliers in the market.

2. CJDropshipping

Our next shoes dropshipping supplier is CJDropshipping, a China-based eCommerce company. As a dropshipping-friendly supplier, sellers can enjoy the following exceptional features:

  • Wide range of shoes
  • Domestic warehouses
  • On-point delivery arrangement
  • White-label services
  • Sourcing solutions

Among hundreds of thousands of products, CJDropshipping has a dedicated Bags and Shoe category. Under this product line, we can find suitable pairs of shoes for special occasions or everyday wear.

Since CJDropshipping houses about eight distribution centers in strategic regions worldwide, it can cater to a greater global market. As a result, we can ensure fast delivery of products to domestic and international customers.

Likewise, this dropshipping supplier allows the shipment of multiple products in only one package. In this way, customers who have several orders can conveniently receive their packages at once, lessening shipping costs.

Furthermore, CJDropshipping offers white-label services. Meaning, we can source print-on-demand shoes to sell in our dropshipping stores. By selling customized shoes, we can set higher values on them due to their rarity.

Finally, the sourcing solution allows dropshippers to file a request for shoes that we can’t find on the website. Then, within 24 hours or less, CJDropshipping provides a quotation of the item we want. Now, we can start sourcing shoes from CJDropshipping and enjoy huge dropshipping profits.

3. Banggood

Like CJDropshipping, Banggood is a Chinese supplier that caters to the worldwide eCommerce market. Similarly, this dropshipping-friendly supplier presents the following advantages for our shoes dropshipping business:

  • Diverse array of shoes
  • Competitive prices
  • Worldwide warehouses
  • Membership perks
  • Discounts and deals

Banggood offers a diverse array of shoes for men and women under its Bags & Shoes category. We can source high-quality pairs of shoes, from sophisticated stilettos to comfortable sneakers. Thus, our customers will likely find the shoes they’re looking for in our stores.

Besides that, we can source shoes from Banggood at competitive prices. Because of the low prices of these items, we can set flexible costs and gain huge profits.

Moreover, Banggood has over ten warehouses in different regions all over the globe. Plus, these centers enable faster and more organized shipping worldwide.

On top of that, dropshippers can enjoy free memberships on Banggood. Along with the membership are valuable benefits, such as personalized product suggestions and a credit point accumulation system.

Lastly, Banggood offers several perks and discounts, especially when dropshipping. For instance, VIP members can get up to 9% cashback and as much as 20% markdowns on shoes. We can extend these perks to our products, attracting more customers to our online dropshipping shoes stores.

4. AliExpress

Another reliable shoe dropshipping supplier for our business is AliExpress. This Alibaba Group-owned company gives our dropshipping ventures the following head start:

  • Wide selection of shoes
  • Dropshipping Center
  • eCommerce-friendly solutions
  • Global shipping
  • Dependable help center

With millions of products available on AliExpress, we’ll likely find the best pairs of shoes to offer our customers. In particular, AliExpress has a Bags & shoe department where we can search for various items. Also, it includes the ‘Best Selling Shoes’ section that offers in-demand options for our stores.

Similarly, AliExpress guides sellers in choosing profitable products through its Dropship Center. Here, we can search for a diverse selection of low-cost shoes for our store listings.

Plus, this dropshipping tool gives us insights into items that sell best, aiding us in our product research. Remember that we need to source trending items for our online stores, so we can maximize our profit potential.

Subsequently, AliExpress maintains an eCommerce-friendly environment by offering many dropshipping perks. For instance, we can enjoy low taxes, reasonable duties, and competitive currency exchanges with this supplier.

AliExpress also serves customer demands wherever they are around the globe. With select products, customers can obtain free shipping. By having a broad audience reach, we can gain more customers, resulting in higher sales conversions.

On a final note, AliExpress extends dependable customer support to its clients. With its round-the-clock help center, we can be sure that they can address concerns quickly.

5. DHGate

The fifth supplier on our list is DHGate. This Chinese eCommerce supplier gives dropshippers the following advantages: 

  • Wide department for shoes
  • Competitive prices
  • Domestic warehouses
  • Fast shipping times
  • Buyer protection programs

Generally, DHGate houses over 30 million items on its website. From the vast product choices, we can search for top-selling shoes to sell. Likewise, DHGate provides endless variations of shoes that we can add to our online stores.

Since there are about 1.2 million merchants on DHGate, tight competition among suppliers exists on the platform. As a result, we can source products at reasonable prices. Then, we can set flexible prices that can help us attain higher profit margins.

Aside from its China-based warehouses, DHGate also has offices in the US and the UK. The presence of domestic warehouses in other regions allows this seller to produce top-quality items in a reasonable time. For example, it offers a three-day delivery service for the US market.

Adding to the perks, local distribution centers enable fast shipping arrangements. Therefore, we can ensure that customers receive their orders on time, resulting in the satisfaction of the service we provide. As a result, we will gain their loyalty towards our business, resulting in repeat sales.

To top it all off, DHGate vows to put its clients first through the provision of buyer protection programs. As such, this includes secured payment options, guaranteed returns, and escrow protection on each order. Therefore, working with DHGate ensures a safe and reliable business for dropshippers like us.

6. Target

Next up, Target is one of the largest retailers in the US. Here are the main reasons to choose Target as our next shoes dropshipping supplier: 

  • High-quality shoes
  • Private labels
  • Speedy shipping
  • Easy return policies
  • Exclusive membership perks

Primarily, Target offers top-quality shoes under its Clothing, Shoes & Accessories section. Not only does the section provide vast shoe options for men, women, and kids, but it also offers shoe care and accessories. Additionally, this category features ‘Shoe Deals,’ where we’ll find discounts and deals for shoes.

As a huge US retailer, Target manages 45 private labels. With these choices, we’ll indeed find just any pair of shoes for our customers’ needs.

In addition, this shoes dropshipping supplier provides a two-day shipping arrangement for orders $35 and above. Likewise, some shoes come with a same-day delivery benefit.

Another top-notch service of Target is its 90-day return period. This feature is free and comes with full refund perks.

On top of that, Target has a Red Card program that lets members get a total of 120 days refund period. Plus, cardholders enjoy two-day shipping and as much as a 5% discount for every purchase.

7. Walmart

We also have Walmart as one of the leading shoes dropshipping suppliers. With Walmart, we can extend the following benefits to our customers: 

  • A huge variety of shoes
  • Fair prices
  • Reliable delivery
  • Price match solutions
  • Reliable suppliers

To begin, Walmart has a shoe department where we can source a huge variety of footwear for our dropshipping stores. From babies to adults or men to women, we’ll discover top-selling shoes for every customer at Walmart.

Also, Walmart maintains fair prices for its products. Meaning, we can score durable shoes for lower prices on its website, allowing us to gain substantial profits.

Additionally, this multinational supplier serves local and international customer orders. Thus, we can achieve a broader market reach by working with Walmart. Also worth noting is its next-day delivery to some regions.

Furthermore, Walmart provides a price match guarantee. This feature is applicable whenever the price of the product a customer purchased decreases over a specified period. Then, Walmart refunds the customer with the price difference.

Finally, Walmart filters applications to sell on its website. Therefore, we are confident that we’re getting our shoe products from reliable suppliers. Thus, we can ensure that only the best pairs of shoes get to our store product listings.

8. Brands Gateway

On to our last shoe dropshipping supplier, we have Brands Gateway. This eCommerce supplier gives dropshippers these over-the-top benefits: 

  • Dedicated shoe category
  • Wholesale deals
  • Reasonable shipping arrangement
  • Personalized approach
  • Practical return policy

Among the top-caliber product lines on its website, Brands Gateway has a dedicated category for shoes. Under this department, we can source men’s and women’s shoes, ranging from casual to formal and more. However, as a precaution, we must always check the shoes we’re importing, as this supplier houses popular brands that might not be suitable for dropshipping.

As a wholesale supplier, Brands Gateway offers perks when ordering in bulk. Additionally, sellers can enjoy up to 250% profit margins because of wholesale deals.

Primarily, this dropshipping supplier is located in the EU, but it also has warehouses in various regions worldwide. Generally, shipping time within the EU is around one to three business days. For customers outside the EU, delivery can take about five to seven working days.

Moreover, Brands Gateway dedicates its effort to providing dropshippers with a personalized experience. For instance, sellers can request a 30-minute brainstorming session to learn about the services of this supplier. Plus, we can get expert pieces of advice regarding our online stores.

Lastly, Brands Gateway offers a 14-day return policy for its dropshipping partners. However, for customers’ change of mind, the buyers will shoulder the shipping cost of returning the items. Plus, packages must be sent through UPS, DHL, or FedEx.

Now that we have reliable suppliers where we can source trending products, it’s time to establish our shoes dropshipping business.

How To Start A Shoes Dropshipping Business

Yay, we’re moving forward to the most exciting part! Here, we’ll learn how to start our shoes dropshipping business. Before we attain shoe dropshipping success, we’ll have to go through the following steps:

Now, let’s begin our dropshipping journey, starting with the creation of our online stores.

Step 1: Create An Online Store

To begin, creating an online store is the first step before we can dropship shoes. When establishing our dropshipping stores, we have to pick an excellent selling channel.

Consequently, selling channels are the platforms where we offer shoes to our audiences. Among the vast selection of selling platforms in the market, the most popular ones are the following:

Bear in mind that different selling channels have their respective benefits and drawbacks. With this in mind, here are the main features we should consider when choosing a selling platform for dropshipping shoes:

  • Sign up requirements
  • Subscription plans
  • Listing limitations
  • Organic traffic
  • Integration with other platforms
  • Marketing techniques
  • Website customization
  • Store policies

Remember, these factors will help us determine the best selling channel for our shoes dropshipping business. Likewise, these considerations will play essential roles in many aspects of running our dropshipping stores.

Step 2: Select A Dropshipping Supplier

Another important part of establishing a dropshipping shoes business is selecting a reliable supplier. There are several dropshipping suppliers that can source shoe products for our business. For one, we can refer to the “8 Best Shoes Dropshipping Suppliers,” as presented earlier in this article.

However, how do we know which suppliers will best fit our dropshipping shoe ventures? To guide us in picking the best suppliers to work with, here are the features that a dropshipping supplier should provide our business:

  • Vast shoes catalog
  • Domestic warehouses
  • Reliable shipping options
  • Excellent customer support
  • Good customer reviews
  • Practical business policies

Aside from these factors, let’s not forget to work with multiple suppliers. Doing so ensures diverse choices of shoes, fewer delays in supply, and flexible pricing.

Moreover, AutoDS, as a leading dropshipping automation platform, supports 25+ top-notch suppliers in the market. Plus, these suppliers support the automation of the following dropshipping features:

Take note that our suppliers play an important role in our dropshipping shoes business. Since the products and services they offer are similar to what we extend to our customers, it’s crucial that we work with only the best suppliers.

Step 3: Import Shoes Products

After determining where to source our shoes products, the next step is to import these items to our dropshipping stores. Generally, we can import shoes to our selling channels manually or automatically.

For the manual importing method, we begin by finding shoes to dropship from the supplier’s website. Then, on the shoe product page, we copy relevant details, including images and videos. After doing so, we paste and upload the information to our selling channel.

Once again, each of these steps is done manually. As a result, manual importing consumes significant time and effort, especially when listing several items in a day.

So, to save ourselves from this tedious task, we can utilize the automatic product importing method instead. Automated importing methods carry out the processes of adding shoes from our suppliers’ websites to our selling channels on our behalf.

Through this, we can allocate a significant part of our time to expanding our market reach and improving other business aspects. With that said, AutoDS provides four efficient and straightforward importing methods:

  • One-click importer
  • Single Product Uploader
  • Adding multiple product IDs/URLs
  • Bulk importer

To illustrate the convenience of utilizing the automated importing tools, let’s take a look at how the single product uploader works.

Single Product Uploader

Then, on the product page, copy the URL/ID of the item. Now, proceed to the AutoDS platform and click the ‘Add Products’ button. Among the choices, select ‘Single Product.’

On the dialog box, paste the product URL/ID. Next, click the ‘Edit Now (Quick)’ button. After a few seconds, a dialog box will appear at the top of the page. When this happens, you’ll know that the item details are being transferred to the platform.

Then, on the product page, copy the URL/ID of the item. Now, proceed to the AutoDS platform and click the ‘Add Products’ button. Among the choices, select ‘Single Product.’

On the dialog box, paste the product URL/ID. Next, click the ‘Edit Now (Quick)’ button. After a few seconds, a dialog box will appear at the top of the page. When this happens, you’ll know that the item details are being transferred to the platform.

After the transfer, the product will be available as a draft. By then, you can start optimizing the product by setting its title, description, tags, and other relevant information.

When the optimization is complete, click ‘Save’ to carry out the changes made. If everything is set, click ‘Save and Import’ to list the product in your online store. At this time, the item moves from ‘Drafts’ to ‘Products’ on the AutoDS platform.

Finally, the pair of shoes that you just imported is live on your selling channel. Therefore, customers can start purchasing it and you can start earning money!

Step 4: Order Fulfillment – Sending The Shoes To Your Buyers

Now that customers are buying shoes from our dropshipping stores, fulfilling their orders efficiently and rapidly is crucial. Primarily, there are two methods of order fulfillment: manual and automatic.

When manually fulfilling customer orders, go to the supplier’s product page and input the customer’s delivery details. After purchasing the item, the supplier ships the package to the buyer’s address.

However, manual order fulfillment can sometimes lead to inaccuracies in customer shipping details. As a result, our return rates increase, and customer satisfaction decreases.

Therefore, to save time and resources, we can utilize the automatic order fulfillment method. This way, a dropshipping tool automatically processes orders on our behalf. In addition, it provides updates on tracking details on the whereabouts of the packages.

One of the most efficient automated order fulfillment methods is the Fulfilled by AutoDS service. Using this method, we load auto-credits, and the program processes orders 24/7.

As a result, we can save a significant amount of time, allowing us to expand other crucial aspects, such as offering excellent customer service.

Step 5: Customer Service

Once again, automating our business processes gives us substantial time to manage customers and their concerns efficiently. By extending exceptional services to our buyers, they will be satisfied with our service. As a result, we gain their loyalty, which will likely lead to repeat sales.

Offering superb customer service is more than just delivering customer orders on time. It also covers customer retention and acquisition techniques. Moreover, answering their queries in a timely manner will enable our customers to feel valued.

Remember that our customers are our business partners too. Without them, our business will not thrive for long in the industry. 

Likewise, happy customers can become our brand ambassadors too. Therefore, more buyers can help increase our customer base and sales potential. Finally, when we start gaining substantial sales, we can begin expanding our dropshipping business.

Step 6: Analyze & Scale Your Shoes Dropshipping Business

After we launch our store, it’s time to expand our shoes dropshipping business. To do this, we need to scale our business through automation.

Subsequently, automating other dropshipping processes can help us save a substantial amount of time and resources. As a result, we can focus on increasing our traffic and sales through effective marketing and excellent customer service.

In relation to this, AutoDS is a leading dropshipping automation software in the industry. With AutoDS’ worthwhile features, we can manage our dropshipping business conveniently, even while we sleep or travel.

Once again, here are some aspects of our shoes dropshipping business that we can automate through AutoDS:

In order for us to successfully scale our shoes dropshipping business, we need to stay steps ahead of the competition. To achieve this, we need to continuously optimize our product listings. Then, analyze which products work best for our business and which ones have poor sales conversions.

Furthermore, we can utilize dropshipping automation tools to help us analyze our store metrics, so we’re always at the top of our game. With these tools, we’ll enjoy high profits and efficient business management.


Is Dropshipping Shoes A Good Idea?

Absolutely! Dropshipping shoes is a promising venture to undertake. To give you a glimpse of the profitability of this business, Grand View Research reports a worldwide footwear market size of 207.6 billion USD in 2018.

Am I Allowed To Dropship Shoes?

Generally, you’re allowed to dropship most shoes. However, remember that we’re not allowed to sell branded or trademarked shoes protected by VeRO. Remember that selling intellectual property rights-protected brands can lead to sanctions, such as business suspension.

Do Dropshippers Pay Taxes When Selling Shoes?

Yes, every business, such as dropshipping, needs to fulfill tax obligations. Moreover, taxes may vary from one country to another, so it’s best that you consult a local accountant to understand how taxes work in your region. For a deeper explanation, check out the ‘Dropshipping Taxes: A Beginner’s Guide For 2022’ article.

Which Suppliers Are Best For Dropshipping Shoes? 

There are several dropshipping shoes suppliers in the market that can provide your business with high-quality products and top-notch services. In this article, you can discover the best dropshipping shoes suppliers, such as Amazon, CJDropshipping, Banggood, and other reliable suppliers.

What Are The Best Shoes Products For Dropshipping? 

With the vast selection of shoes in the market, offering best-selling and high-quality shoes is crucial. For instance, we have clear top heels, over the knee boots, men’s dress shoes, and more in-demand shoes to dropship.


Way to go! We’re now equipped with top-selling products and the best suppliers for our dropshipping shoes venture. Plus, we got to learn how to jumpstart our dropshipping business. 

Now, let’s take action towards our dropshipping success by adding in-demand products to our online stores. Afterward, we should utilize dropshipping tools that can help us run our business efficiently.

Of course, our dropshipping journey doesn’t end here. We must continuously search for profitable products and expand our market reach. With that said, here are product-finding articles for other niches that we can explore: