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Our UK eBay Fee Calculator will help you to calculate your eBay profits accurately, so you’ll know exactly how much you’re spending and profiting from your eBay UK business.

Updated: 18 January, 2023

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How much your customers are going to pay for the shipping on top of the selling price
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The percentage value that you are paying to eBay to promote your product

Profit Breakdown

Total Fees
Ebay Final Value Fees
Payment Processing Fees
Total Profit
Sold price
Product cost
Total fee
Promotions fee
Profit $120,000
Expenses $110
Fees $450

Using our AutoDS Calculator for eBay Fees UK

You have two main ways to use our eBay fee calculator:

1. Take the product you are selling, copy its eBay Item ID or the full item link and paste to the Item ID field. Then, our eBay fee calculator takes the product’s price directly from eBay, calculating any fees and profits associated with the product. To ensure the most accurate results possible, please pick the relevant information from the fee calculator’s filters. This includes giving accurate information about store subscription, top rated plus, etc.

2. Get results instantly by filling out the product’s selling price, shipping costs, product costs, etc. Include any other properties such as store subscription or top rated seller status.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is eBay UK managed payments cheaper than PayPal?

Yes, eBay managed payment fees are cheaper than PayPal’s fees. PayPal is a third-party payment provider, therefore they need to charge higher fees to maintain their service.

What percentage of my earnings will eBay take?

Depending on your store subscription and the type of products you sell, eBay will claim between 1.5% and 12% as a final value fee.

Why are my eBay UK fees high?

You might be listing more items than your current store limits allow. Otherwise, your eBay fees should not be too high if you have a regular store subscription.

Should I sell on eBay or Amazon?

eBay is supported by AutoDS automation, and it is very easy to set up a store. There are over 180 million buyers, and you can select Amazon as a supplier if you like.

Will I pay for my eBay UK store?

The fees you pay to sell products on eBay depend on whether you have a store subscription or not. 


If you don’t have an eBay store, you will pay selling fees which include product insertion fees and final value fees when your product has been sold. Check here for a detailed breakdown of eBay’s selling fees related to product category and other properties.


If you are using an eBay store, you will pay lower final value fees and be able to upload more products with zero insertion fees. You can read about the monthly subscription fees for eBay stores here.


Our eBay fee calculator will give you a great idea of the fees you might pay, depending on whether you have an eBay store or not!

What marketplace is this calculator for?

This calculator demonstrates the fees you might incur when selling with eBay’s marketplace.

What are eBay and PayPal fees?

eBay’s fee is mainly related to the cost of the item and the postage. This stands at between 1.5% 12%. PayPal charges you 2.9% of the payment you received, and a $0.30 transaction fee if applicable.

How Do I Avoid PayPal Fees?

To avoid PayPal fees, check if eBay supports managed payments in your location. If so, sign up and enjoy smooth transactions with lower fees!

How Do I Avoid eBay Fees?

While there is no way to definitely avoid eBay fees, we can definitely decrease them by choosing the right store subscription and calculating our fees correctly. All that can be done with the help of our eBay Fees Calculator.

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