Looking for dropshipping courses to level up your skills? You’ve definitely landed on the right page. The dropshipping space is a hot one, with many entrepreneurs getting into the business to take advantage of this profitable eCommerce strategy.

Like any other business, it comes with its own set of challenges. Having said that, we have to make some good plans before diving into it.

Whether we are fresh in the business or an experienced dropshipper looking to scale, choosing the right course is the best way to prepare. Moreover, courses help keep the information organized and easily accessible when needed.

This article will cover the best free and paid dropshipping courses in the market that will equip us with the knowledge. Additionally, they will help us unlock the prospects of dropshipping and turn our business into a successful one:

What Are Dropshipping Courses? Should You Get One?

importance of dropshipping course

Dropshipping courses are a comprehensive series of lectures on various dropshipping topics managed in a clear, organized, and logical order, most usually in video format. From marketing strategies to building websites, dropshipping courses teach various topics with a theoretical overview or a step-by-step approach.

Why take a dropshipping training course? Instead of searching for information all over the Internet, why not learn from proven dropshipping courses. On average, it takes days to scour through all the available information and find relevant ones. Meanwhile, the dropshipping courses save time because they have clear instructions that we can follow.

In addition, dropshipping courses allow us to learn at our own pace while keeping track of our progress.

All in all, dropshipping courses can yield high returns for your online business. Henceforth, you need is the right dropshipping course and proper planning.

Are Dropshipping Courses Worth It?

Are dropshipping courses worth it

The advantages of dropshipping courses are endless. Furthermore, dropshipping course is absolutely worth it if it motivates and enables us to reach our goals.

For example, if we want to establish a successful eBay business, investing in an eBay course is the step we need to achieve our goals faster.

Likewise, they keep us focused and direct us towards a successful business venture. We never know when our small investment can result in huge rewards. Even if we feel like they aren’t worth our time and money, we can try a free or low-cost dropshipping course that minimizes the risk.

Keep in mind that while there are many dropshipping courses out there, we need to learn from those who are successful in the dropshipping industry.  In the same vein, we need to learn to avoid making beginner’s mistakes and learn from the pros. To sum up, learning from the right courses and taking action is our next step to success, and it starts right after reading this article.

How To Choose A Dropshipping Course

How to choose a dropshipping course

Now that we know how valuable a dropshipping course can be for our business, how do we choose the right one? With the availability of so many dropshipping courses, it can be extremely overwhelming to choose among them.

These are the various factors we have to consider when choosing the right course from available options:

      1. Determine your level of expertise. 

Are we a beginner trying to learn the basics or an expert who’s trying to scale their business? Firstly, determine your level of expertise on dropshipping because that’s a major signal of the difficulty of the course you want to take on.

      2. Check your budget.

Secondly, make sure to check your budget while choosing the course as there are free courses and paid courses. While free courses are accessible anytime without any cost, paid courses can vary from about $10 to 1000s of dollars.

      3. Choose relevant courses for your selling channel.

Next, we can choose dropshipping courses according to our desired platform. For that purpose, there are specific dropshipping courses for platforms like Amazon, eBay, etc. Among many platforms, it’s mastering that one platform that counts.

      4. Pick a course teaching style.

Course teaching style deals with how the courses teach us. A theoretical approach talks about the concepts without performing and showing the steps. However, practical courses explain step-by-step methods for every topic included.

      5. Find a general or niche course.

The general course teaches about dropshipping with available products. Meanwhile, niche course focuses only on particular niches like print-on-demand products, pet products, or electronics.

      7. Other considerations.

In addition to the steps above, we must see if the courses provide additional resources and post-course support. While it’s great to get the knowledge we need, it’s always good to get that extra mile of support.

Which Dropshipping Course Is The Best?

Which Dropshipping course is the best

Given all the criteria above, the best course depends on our particular needs.

To make things easier, here we have handpicked some excellent courses from a range of topics which are both free and paid:

Top Free

  1. Dropshipping 101 Complete Course by MRR Download
  2. Wix Ecommerce School
  3. AutoDS Shopify Dropshipping 101
  4. Printful’s Start A Print On Demand Business

Top Paid

  1. Marketplace Titans By Paul J. Lipsky  
  2. Anton Kraly – Dropship Lifestyle
  3. AutoDS eBay Dropshipping Course
  4. Amazon Dropshipping 2021 By David Mack

Top Free Dropshipping Courses

No budget? No problem. Let’s begin with our list of the top free dropshipping courses.

      1. Dropshipping 101 Complete Course by MRR Download

Dropshipping 101 complete course

Firstly, we have Dropshipping 101 complete course, a video training that walks us through the process of building a successful dropshipping business.

Cost: Free

Level: Beginner

Teaching style: Theoretical

Main Topics Covered:

  • Choosing a niche and an industry
  • Choosing the perfect product
  • Creating your brand and building an audience
  • Persuasive writing for increasing sales

Why you should take this course:

Dropshipping 101 is an excellent course to learn for beginners who are just trying to get their feet wet in the industry. That’s because the course teaches about how the dropshipping business generally works.

Moreover, the guide will help us make intelligent decisions when dropshipping. And, it does so by helping us discover the best products to sell and the platforms we can use to sell them. Additionally, strategies like attracting an audience and persuasive writing are also included in the course.

Primary drawback:

The main drawback of this course is that it is only a theoretical overview of the different areas involved in the dropshipping business. Therefore, it is hard to find unique information on this course that differentiates it.

      2. Wix eCommerce School

Wix ecommerce school

Secondly, the course we have on the list of best free courses is Wix eCommerce School. The course consists of online video tutorials where Wix Experts teach step-by-step methods to build, run and market a dropshipping business.

Cost: Free

Level: Beginner to Advanced

Teaching style: Practical step by step

Main Topics Covered:

  • Designing eCommerce sites
  • Designing product pages
  • How to get repeat shoppers
  • Growing business with multichannel sales

Why you should take this course:

Wix eCommerce school provides two different courses: How to create your online store and how to market your online store.

The first Wix eCommerce course teaches us to create an online store and operate complex processes like order fulfillment. Similarly, the second course covers the foundation of marketing tactics to drive growth and sales for their online store.

In addition, the course provides lots of value at no cost and is a bonus if you are entirely on board with the Modalyst system.

Primary drawback: Despite being a comprehensive course,  the course is only designed for dropshipping on Wix’s platform. Therefore, if our store is not built on Wix, we might not be able to take full advantage of this course.

      3. AutoDS Shopify Dropshipping 101

AutoDS Shopify Dropshipping 101

Next up, we have AutoDS Shopify Dropshipping 101, a complete dropshipping course taught by Liran Zablo, an expert dropshipper who will teach us how to start and run a Shopify store.

Cost: Free

Level: Geared to beginners, but dropshippers on all levels can learn from it.

Teaching style: Practical step by step

Main Topics Covered:

  • How to find the best dropshipping products
  • Setting up our Shopify store
  • Marketing our online store
  • Creating, configuring, and launching Facebook ads
  • Managing our business

Why you should take this course:

AutoDS Shopify Dropshipping 101 will save you a ton of time, money, and frustration because this course includes tips to avoid mistakes. Basically, the course teaches only the most successful strategies that helped the creators of this course in their careers.

Most importantly, it is a complete Shopify dropshipping course with all the information on the topic like finding products, marketing, Facebook ads, and so much more. While the course is a step-by-step video on the main topic, each main topic has several subtopics to cover with in-depth information.

      4. Printful’s Start A Print On Demand Business

Printful's Dropshipping course

The final top free dropshipping course is ‘Start a Print On Demand,’ a comprehensive course offered by Printful. As a print-on-demand fulfillment company, Printful is a dropshipping supplier that offers custom printing on various products.

Cost: Free

Level: Beginner to Advanced

Teaching style: Practical step by step

Main Topics Covered:

  • Creating custom products with Printful
  • How to set up an eCommerce integration with Printful
  • Adding products to your store, configuring billing, and setting up the shipping
  • Using social media and word-of-mouth marketing

Why you should take this course:

Since Printful’s course focuses on print-on-demand businesses, it is a perfect course if we are dropshipping with this unique model.

Additionally, the course teaches Print-on-demand dropshipping on various e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, Ecwid, Magento, etc. Moreover, we can get familiar with topics like how to create our first products and set up payments and shipping.

Similarly, Printful offers this course completely free of charge, but we have to pass a test before moving to another lesson. Since it functions as an online college course, we might gain extra motivation with this learning structure.

Primary drawback:

The main drawback of this course is the guide is mainly prepared for sellers who create and market products sourced from Printful. Since their product only comprises apparel, accessories, and homeware goods, we can feel limitations in having various options. In addition, we will have no control over the quality of the product.

Top Paid Dropshipping Courses

Ready to kick it up a notch? For high-quality content from professional and successful dropshippers, we have our list of the top paid dropshipping courses:

      1. Marketplace Titans By Paul J. Lipsky 

Marketplace Titans by Paul J. Lipsky

The top-ranking paid dropshipping course is Marketplace Titans, tailored explicitly for Facebook Marketplace dropshipping. Marketplace Titans is designed by Paul Lipsky, a dropshipping expert with a proven track record in Facebook dropshipping.

Cost: $497

Level: Beginner to Advanced

Teaching style: Practical step by step

Main Topics Covered:

  • Setting up accounts for Facebook Marketplace
  • Finding, listing, and selling winning products
  • Tracking numbers and customer service
  • Virtual assistants mini-course

Why you should take this course:

Since Facebook Marketplace is a relatively new dropshipping platform, only a few courses are available on this topic. Marketplace Titans is one of those few that provides us with a complete tutorial on how to dropship on Facebook Marketplace.

In other words, Marketplace Titans is not just any ordinary course because it is in detail. The course includes setting up Facebook Marketplace accounts quickly, researching winning products, and optimizing customer service.

Furthermore, Paul also teaches various methods that help smoothen our operations while dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace. Essentially, these methods include staying organized, setting up a shop, working with virtual assistants, etc.

Last but not least, there are group coaching sessions where we learn with other fellow dropshippers on real problems occurring in the business.

Primary drawback:

The only drawback of Marketplace Titans is that it is only available for limited periods. Since Paul wants to ensure personal attention in group coaching calls, everyone can not have access to it in their free time. Instead, people have to wait for the course to be available.

      2. Anton Kraly – Dropship Lifestyle

Dropship Lifestyle

The second top paid dropshipping course on the list is Dropship Lifestyle, a comprehensive dropshipping course taught by Anton Kraly. Additionally, Dropship Lifestyle is the top paid course voted #1 eCommerce course by Shopify.

Cost: $2997/premium and $4997/ultimate

Level: Beginner to Advanced

Teaching style: Theoretical

Main Topics Covered:

  • Market Research
  • Optimizing for conversions
  • Getting traffic
  • Dropshipping Automation

Why you should take this course:

Dropship Lifestyle mainly focuses on dropshipping from private suppliers to Shopify. We learn to build relationships with private dropshipping suppliers who can choose us to be an official reseller of their products.

Furthermore, Dropship Lifestyle mainly consists of four sections. In the first section, Dropship Blueprint teaches a theoretical overview of the dropshipping business model. The other three sections consist of different sub-topics that help in enhancing the dropshipping operations.

In addition to the dropshipping tutorial, Anton Kraly’s team supports in designing and building our dropshipping stores for us so that we don’t have to worry about them.

Primary drawback:

The main drawback of Dropship Lifestyle is its high price. Due to the rising demand, the price has already risen by 100%. While we know how valuable dropshipping courses can be, it should not cost an arm or a leg.

      3. AutoDS eBay Dropshipping Course

AutoDS eBay Dropshipping Course

Next up on the list, we have the AutoDS eBay Dropshipping Course, one of the best dropshipping training courses. As a practical guide, the course teaches step-by-step methods to start dropshipping on the eBay platform.

Cost: $97

Level: Beginner to Advanced

Teaching style: Practical step by step

Main Topics Covered:

  • Creating and configuring eBay account
  • Choosing a niche 
  • Products finding methods
  • List products and optimize your listings
  • Order fulfillment
  • Handling customer service

Why you should take this course:

For starters, the eBay Dropshipping course is taught by Lior Pozin, an eBay dropshipping mastermind with several successful eBay stores. Lior is a true industry leader in this space, with real boots-on-the-ground experience. So far, he is a mentor to hundreds of dropshippers, helping them achieve their goals in the business.

Since the course is designed for the eBay platform, we will learn how to dropship on eBay particularly. In due time, we’ll learn how to scale our eBay business by increasing selling limits and using automation to achieve efficiency and freedom.

To top it off, the complete overview is available just for a super low price of $97. In essence, AutoDS eBay Dropshipping Course provides the best value for money with a low price and highly informative course.

      4. Amazon Dropshipping 2021 By David Mack

Amazon Dropshipping 2021

Finally, ‘Amazon Dropshipping 2021’ is a Udemy course for entrepreneurs who want to learn a-z strategies for dropshipping on the Amazon platform.

Cost: $13.99

Level: Advanced

Teaching style: Practical step by step

Main Topics covered:

  • Account setup on Amazon
  • Mandatory tools and chrome extensions
  • Account health
  • Product research
  • Low vs. high ticket items

Why you should take this course:

Amazon Dropshipping 2021 is the perfect course for those who want to learn dropshipping on the Amazon platform. Most importantly, the instructor of this course is David Mack, who boasts 10+ years of experience selling on Amazon.  Now, he has curated one of the best courses where he could teach his successful methods.

Furthermore, this course covers setting up an account, choosing products, creating listings, growing your brand, shipping products, and much more. With eight different sections, Amazon dropshipping 2021 teaches each section in-depth, such as setting up an Amazon account. In addition, it also teaches dealing with refunds, spying to find profitable products, etc.

Primary drawback:

Recently, Amazon dropshippers have been experiencing a high level of competition, making it harder to work in this space. In short, Amazon Dropshipping 2021 is valid only for dropshipping on the Amazon platform. Consequently, it might be a good idea to turn to another course for another platform.

Where Can I Learn To Dropship?

Where can I Iearn Dropshipping

Now that you know the top free and paid courses, you might be searching for the best dropshipping training academy.

There are lots of trustable sources to learn dropshipping courses. One of them is Udemy, a digital learning platform that offers many dropshipping courses. Also, we can find them by simply performing a Google search and selecting courses according to our needs.

Additionally, Youtube videos are an excellent source for learning and free. That’s why AutoDS’s Youtube channel provides invaluable information sessions by regularly hosting interviews with successful dropshippers and partners.

Besides Udemy and Youtube, dropshipping blogs and podcasts hold a huge amount of knowledge, thus being an excellent platform for dropshipping training. For example, AutoDS’ blog articles provide information on a range of topics from general to specific marketplaces or suppliers.

With all these resources, AutoDS also works as an advanced dropshipping academy for dropshippers around the world. Generally, it does so by providing a vast number of blog articles, videos, courses, and a live mentorship program.

Is Dropshipping Profitable In 2022?

Dropshipping Market size

As you can see from the image above, not only is dropshipping profitable in 2022, but it will continue to remain so in 2023 and beyond. Additionally, research by market data forecast predicts that the dropshipping industry will continue growing rapidly in the following years.

In addition to the rising trend, the Covid-19 pandemic has fuelled eCommerce as online shopping is now a convenient way to buy products. As a result, an unprecedented number of online shoppers are looking for products that you can sell to them.

For some people, dropshipping is beneficial because it can help them build a stronger brand through product circulation and smooth business operations. As for others, it can be beneficial because of their strong marketing skills. In any case, consistent profitability is possible if we pick a niche and commit ourselves to build our business online.

Overall, the profitability of the dropshipping business depends on our ability to find products, build relationships with multiple suppliers, and ability to experiment with new methods.

How Do I Build A Dropshipping Business?

How do I build a dropshipping business

Generally, knowing about the profitability of the dropshipping business is one thing but building it ourselves is another. With all the help we can get from ebooks and personal support, it’s still up to us to make decisions and implement them correctly.

These five steps are vital to building a robust dropshipping business:

  • Step 1: Product Research
  • Step 2: Pick A Good Supplier
  • Step 3: Choose A selling channel
  • Step 4: Import your product
  • Step 5: Order fulfillment

For an elaborate guide, take a look at How To Start & Run a Dropshipping Money Making Business which teaches us how to perform each step to build a solid dropshipping business.


And there we go, we have seen the list of top dropshipping courses and know where to find them. Now, we can easily find a suitable dropshipping course and follow its blueprint to build a successful dropshipping business.

Whether you are a beginner launching your first store or an expert wanting to scale your existing dropshipping business, there is always something new to learn. With these top-rated dropshipping courses, you’ll learn to master dropshipping business by learning to utilize proven services, practical tools, and powerful strategies.

Moreover, knowing the fundamentals helps us build a strong base while establishing any business. After all, knowledge never goes to waste. To gain some more information, keep learning from these articles below to stay ahead of the competition: