Do you want to establish a dropshipping business where you capitalize on creativity and artistry? Then, the print on demand (POD) model is the right one for you!

But first, let’s define how dropshipping works. Dropshipping is a low-risk eCommerce model that requires little working capital and no physical inventory.

Meanwhile, POD enables us to sell custom-designed products, meaning we don’t have to produce items unless customers request them. When we combine POD with the dropshipping model, we end up with a highly profitable business.

As such, this step-by-step guide is here to help us understand the basics of print on demand dropshipping. With that said, we’ll learn about the ins and outs of POD, including the best POD suppliers and products for dropshipping.

What Is Print On Demand (POD), And How Does It Work?

Now, let’s understand the basic concept of POD and how it works. Print on demand enables you to work with white-label dropshipping suppliers.

Through this model, we can choose the product’s design and have it custom-made by our suppliers. Also, we can offer these POD items under our own brands. For example, we can put our logos on these items to signify that the products come from our brand.

Additionally, the supplier handles the printing of our designs along with shipping out the customized products to our customers. Therefore, as dropshippers, we don’t have to worry about unsold items since POD works on a per-order basis. In particular, POD applies to items like t-shirts, mugs, hoodies, stickers, and bags.

With that said, one of the most popular POD services is made-to-order t-shirt printing. According to Statista, custom t-shirt printing is expected to achieve a 3.1 billion USD global market value come 2025. With the increasing demand for personalized items, print on demand dropshipping is a profitable business.

Pros And Cons Of Print On Demand Dropshipping

After an overview of print on demand dropshipping, it’s time to dig deeper into what it offers. Like any business model, POD dropshipping has its benefits and drawbacks.


  • Easy to start
  • Establish your brand
  • No equipment required


  • Little control over product quality
  • Longer production time

Easy To Start

One of the greatest benefits of print-on-demand dropshipping is that it’s easy to start. This is because POD suppliers take an interest in working with online sellers.

Frequently, these suppliers provide straightforward guides and instructions on how to get our business started. Not only is it easy to start logistically, but also financially – as we don’t need huge initial investments when starting a POD dropshipping business.

Establish Your Brand

Subsequently, being in the eCommerce scene can be challenging because of global competition. However, a great way to stay ahead of the competition is to offer print-on-demand products in our dropshipping stores.

Doing so allows us to establish our brand. Since POD is all about customization, we can provide customers with one-of-a-kind products that our customers will surely value. Not only will the customers value it, but by being able to brand POD products, we increase our brand awareness which helps us scale our business.

No Equipment Required

Another remarkable thing about POD dropshipping is that it doesn’t require us to acquire equipment or maintain inventory. Instead, our suppliers produce the products and deliver them directly to customers.

Little Control Over Product Quality

On the other hand, we don’t have full control over product quality since we don’t hold the products physically. The only way to check them is through digital samples or purchasing sample items, so it’s best to work with reliable suppliers. But don’t worry, we’ll cover the best POD suppliers later in this article.

Longer Production Time

In addition, POD items take more time to produce since they’re made-to-order. As a result, shipping times may be longer than usual. With this in mind, it’s crucial that we have open communication with our suppliers and customers.

Five Best Print On Demand Suppliers And Services

Way to go! We now understand how print on demand dropshipping works, including its necessary features. Next, we’ll discover the best print on demand suppliers and the services they provide:

  1. Printful
  2. Printify
  3. Lulu Direct
  4. SPOD
  5. JetPrint

Let’s get moving, beginning with our first dropshipping supplier.

1. Printful

Printful is one of the leading print on demand dropshipping suppliers in the market. Today, clients’ collective sales through the platform are equal to 1.1 billion US dollars. Now, let’s discover the best features that Printful offers our dropshipping business:

  • High-quality items
  • Advanced printing solutions
  • Around-the-clock customer support
  • Global shipping
  • Top-notch dropshipping stores

As a niche supplier, Printful customizes several items under clothing, accessories, and home & living categories. Additionally, Printful works with top brands, so we can ensure that we get premium products from this platform. Likewise, Printful utilizes advanced printing technologies and techniques to ensure lasting designs on the products we source from it.

Another factor to look at is its around-the-clock customer service. Printful addresses its clients’ concerns in the fastest and most efficient way. In addition, it caters to customers worldwide through its global shipping services.

Furthermore, Printful integrates with popular eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Wix. Therefore, we can create our dropshipping stores on these selling channels and conveniently connect them to Printful.

Finally, this POD dropshipping supplier provides two subscription options: Free Plan at $0/month and Printful Pro at $49/month. With these subscription options, you can quickly establish your print on demand dropshipping business.

2. Printify

Next on our list is Printify, a print on demand dropshipping supplier that sources tailor-made clothing, accessories, and home items. Printify is a top POD supplier because of the following benefits it provides dropshippers:

  • Wide selection of POD products
  • Largest print network
  • Easy scaling
  • Higher profit margins
  • Integrates with major sales channels

When working with Printify, we can choose from 500+ top-quality POD products to dropship. Moreover, Printify takes pride in having the most prominent print network globally. This means that they can serve enormous demands from customers.

In addition to these benefits, this POD dropshipping supplier allows your business to scale quickly. Correspondingly, it can fulfill bulk demands during peak holiday seasons due to its vast network of partners and automatic routing.

On top of these features, Printify offers low prices for their products. As a result, we can offer our items at competitive prices to stay ahead of the competition. Additionally, we can ensure a smooth business flow because this supplier works with major dropshipping selling channels.

Lastly, Printify has the following subscription choices: Free at $0/month, Premium at $24.99/month, and Enterprise with custom pricing. These flexible subscription plans will surely help us optimize our print on demand dropshipping business.

3. Lulu Direct

Another print on demand dropshipping supplier is Lulu Direct. It is a self-publishing service provider that prints and distributes books and eBooks. Here are the advantages when working with this unique supplier:

  • Vast choices of customization
  • Free templates
  • Pricing calculator
  • Bulk order perks
  • Connects with eCommerce and hosting sites

To begin with, Lulu Direct provides excellent options for book customization, such as book sizes, binding types, and paper quality. Since the website has no built-in editor, it offers templates that customers can freely download instead.

Adding to its excellent features, Lulu Direct provides a pricing calculator that aids you with product costs and shipping fees. Lulu Direct also offers discounts when we order in bulk.

Moreover, it works with several dropshipping and web hosting sites, such as Shopify and WooCommerce. As a result, Lulu Direct enables efficient supply chain management for our selling channel.

On top of these features, Lulu Direct offers Basic, SMBs (Small and Midsize Businesses), and Corporate pricing plans at $50/month, $100/month, and $150/month. Thus, there’s a suitable plan for every POD business.


Fourth on our top print on demand dropshipping suppliers list is SPOD. With over 50 thousand daily item productions, SPOD is an exceptional choice for dropshippers. To further elaborate, here are SPOD’s best features:

  • 48-hour production time
  • Several printing options
  • US and EU warehouses
  • Technology-powered
  • Sustainability principles

Generally, print on demand products require more time to produce. However, SPOD ensures to deliver customers’ demands quickly through its 48-hour production guarantee for most products. They also utilize several printing methods like digital direct, thermal sublimation, and laser transfer.

In addition to speedy production, SPOD also has numerous warehouses in the US and UK. As a result, they ship orders quickly, no matter the destination.

Besides these benefits, SPOD is also powered by Spreadshirt – a global eCommerce company that sells personalized creations. SPOD was created to amplify print on demand dropshipping of the company. Also, SPOD integrates with Shopify for a better product sourcing solution in our Shopify stores.

Moreover, SPOD takes pride in its commitment to a greener future with print on demand services. It ensures no waste and the use of sustainable processes throughout the production.

Finally, you can create an account on SPOD’s website for free. Consequently, we can easily start working with SPOD. 

5. JetPrint

Last but not least, we have JetPrint, an all-in-one print on demand dropshipping supplier. JetPrint promises to give your dropshipping business a headstart by providing these advantages:

  • Diverse POD product ideas
  • Automatic design generators
  • Fast production
  • Excellent customer support
  • Flexible order fulfillment methods

When working with JetPrint, we can pick from over 200 product ideas on their website. These items range from apparel to home essentials and more. Moreover, JetPrint helps us design products with more realistic effects with the help of its mockup design generator.

Another noteworthy feature is JetPrint’s three-day fast production. Thus, shipping across the globe only takes seven days in most cases.

Furthermore, JetPrint ensures quality business by extending 24/7 customer and technical support. On top of that, it provides manual and automatic order processing features for dropshippers.

Lastly, you can create a free account for a general store in JetPrint. However, you must connect to a Shopify or WooCommerce store to unlock more features.

Create Your Own Print On Demand Designs

Now that we have a list of reliable POD dropshipping suppliers; it’s time to conceptualize our designs. For print on demand dropshipping, we capitalize on creating our unique designs.

Usually, customers put more value into personalized products. This is because we craft one-of-a-kind items specifically for them. As a result, selling POD items helps us increase our profit margins and continuously scale our dropshipping business.

When venturing into POD dropshipping, we must research to ensure that we are in the right niche. Thus, we must conduct in-depth product research to see what’s trending in the market now. Although AutoDS doesn’t integrate with any POD service provider, the platform still provides excellent tools for product research.

The secret to finding our next winning items is collecting and selecting which ones fit our business. Subsequently, we can achieve this with the help of the AutoDS Product Research Worksheet.

Another good thing about POD dropshipping is that we don’t have to be designers to create POD designs. If we don’t want to spend time creating designs ourselves, we can outsource our services to freelancers. One excellent platform where we can find designers is Fiverr.

A third viable option is to buy design templates instead. We can readily pick and print designs on our products through these pre-made formats.

What Are The Best Print On Demand Products To Sell?

After preparing our unique designs, it’s time to apply them to our product catalog. With this in mind, here are the top print on demand dropshipping products to sell:

  1. T-shirts
  2. Mugs
  3. Tote bags
  4. All-over print hoodies
  5. Posters
  6. Socks
  7. Face masks
  8. Stickers
  9. Phone cases

Let’s dive into action, starting with our top product.

1. T-shirts

While most clothes are seasonal, t-shirts are wearable regardless of the time of year. They can function as standalone clothing during hotter seasons or as innerwear for colder days. Therefore, running a print on demand t-shirt dropshipping business will bring us profits year-round.

When dropshipping t-shirts, we can provide several color options that fit different texts or graphics. Also, offering variations that suit adults and children will definitely entice customers. This is especially true for those who love matching clothes, like parents and their children.

Another feature customers look for is the type of materials, such as cotton, linen, polyester, or rayon. Additionally, we can incorporate different t-shirt printing options like sublimation, screen, heat press, and more. Remember that POD customers usually look beyond the price as long as they receive a valuable product in return.

Tip: Include a sizing chart on the product page or description when selling t-shirts so that customers can pick the correct sizes.

2. Mugs

Next on our list of the best print on demand products are mugs. These are versatile items that people use every day, whether for morning coffee or afternoon tea. Since mugs are must-haves, dropshipping these items will ensure sales all year-round.

Remember that buyers have different drinking preferences, so it’s best to offer mugs in various sizes. For instance, we can sell variations ranging from espresso types to oversized ones. In addition, mugs come in ceramic, porcelain, and other materials, so consider selling several kinds.

Moreover, we can go beyond the usual cylinder-shaped mugs. In fact, customers would love unique models like double-walled or footed styles. Lastly, the customization of mugs also includes embossed designs that look fancy.

Tip: Offering mugs that change colors or images when liquid temperature changes will definitely increase our profit potential.

3. Tote Bags

Tote bags are another great POD product worth adding to our dropshipping stores. This excellent product idea is easy to design and can serve many everyday purposes. So, selling tote bags can lead to significant sales.

Commonly, tote bags are made of canvas material. However, we can also provide other material options like jute, cotton, linen, and PVC. Additionally, some customers prefer waterproof and foldable bags, so remember to offer these options too.

To maximize customer choices, provide several tote bag colors and sizes in your dropshipping store. Finally, we can offer one-sided or two-sided designs using appropriate printing techniques.

Tip: You can offer discounted pricing for customers who purchase tote bags in bulk, whether as party favors or gift ideas.

4. All-Over-Print Hoodies

Our fourth in-demand print on demand dropshipping item is all-over print hoodies. It’s no wonder why these products are so popular since they are trendy apparel finds. Thus, selling all-over print hoodies will likely be a hit for your dropshipping business.

Generally, we can sell two types of hoodies: pull-over and zipped. Also, ensure that we offer sizes suitable for adults and children. Plus, we can provide unisex options, so customers won’t have difficulty choosing which ones fit them best.

Furthermore, increase the value of all-over print hoodies by adding customized designs like pockets. Of course, the product material is also essential for our buyers’ comfort. Therefore, explore several material options or mix several ones, like cotton and polyester.

Tip: Since all-over print hoodies are printed over the entire product, you can adjust your prices to suit the complexity of the designs.

5. Posters

When we speak about custom-made products, posters will definitely be on the list. If customers want to put life on blank walls, they don’t have to spend hefty amounts of money on paintings anymore. Instead, we can offer them creative posters that will radiate artistry, whether in private rooms or public places.

Remember that customers display posters both in indoor and outdoor areas. With that said, providing water-resistant and creaseless material choices is a must. For example, we have corrugated plastic and vinyl board posters.

Of course, we need to include various dimensions of posters to cater to different spaces. Moreover, customers have different design preferences, so we have to provide minimalist options along with colorful designs.

Tip: For the optimum resolution of digital arts, we must ensure that posters are produced using top-quality printing techniques.

6. Socks

A superb addition to our sought-after print on demand dropshipping products list is socks. Whether people have cold days at home or go out for work, socks are everyday essentials. Socks may be low-cost products, but selling them can get us a long way ahead of the competition.

In fact, you can choose from many design options when selling socks. These choices range from simple texts to full graphics. Additionally, these designs are available as printed or embroidered options.

In addition, socks come in many types like toe cover, quarter, and knee-high. They also come in cotton, bamboo, polyester, wool, and other comfortable materials that we can include. Remember to add different sizes in your store to offer more variety for your customers.

Tip: Add value to your products by considering special features like heated socks and odor-absorbing ones.

7. Face Masks

It’s no surprise that face masks have become a basic necessity with the current pandemic. Face masks protect people from dust and even harmful viruses. With our print on demand face masks, our customers can remain fashionable.

Because of their high market demands, many sellers venture into the face mask niche. Therefore, it’s crucial to sell over-the-top designs to gain a market advantage. With this in mind, remember to offer several unique designs suitable for everyday wear or for special occasions.

Furthermore, consider other functionalities like anti-microbial features and multiple-layered fabrics to add value to our products. Also include different sizes and shapes that fit different customer ages and genders.

Tip: To attract more customers, we can offer face masks in sets that include storage bags or matching headbands.

8. Stickers

Up next, we have stickers which are a top print on demand dropshipping product where we can showcase works of art. Stickers are more than simple art materials; they can also serve as labels and sealers. So, adding high-quality stickers can help our business gain substantial profits.

When offering stickers, consider several material options suitable for different printing techniques. Some of the most popular materials include vinyl, polyester, polypropylene, and satin. Also, matte, glossy, and clear sticker types are available for our unique designs.

On top of these options, we can also add different sticker template sizes and shapes. Plus, we can add heat-resistant or waterproof stickers, especially for labeling purposes.

Tip: For stickers that come in smaller sizes, we can sell sets of them in one packaging to maximize our sales.

9. Phone Cases

To end our list of top print on demand dropshipping products are phone cases. These excellent items protect phones from wear and tear or accidents. As phones have become an essential commodity, selling phone cases can lead to high sales conversions.

Generally, we can print one-of-a-kind designs on plastic, metal, rubber, leather, or silicone phone cases. Similarly, customers can choose from hard transparent or bumper cases from our stores.

Besides these options, we can also provide customers with design options other than simple texts or graphics. For instance, a money pocket is functional, or 3D water glitters provide a unique look.

Tip: Upsell print on demand phone cases by offering matching accessories like phone straps or pouches. 

How To Start A Print On Demand Dropshipping Business

Fantastic! Now that we have suppliers and products in mind, the next step is to create our print on demand dropshipping business. To successfully establish our business, here are the steps that we need to take:

Let’s go further by discussing each step below.

Step 1: Product Research – Find Your Niche

The first and most crucial step towards establishing a print on demand dropshipping business is to find your niche. Choosing a distinct niche ensures that your business will stand out among the competition. However, to discover all the potential products we can sell, we must conduct product research.

While conducting product research, we can utilize any of these proven methods:

  • Find out the best sellers on your supplier’s website
  • Research your selling channel
  • Utilize AutoDS’ Product Research System

To begin, we can get numerous product ideas from our suppliers’ websites by searching for top sellers and positive product reviews. For instance, we can search for trending items in the AliExpress Dropshipping Center. Also, we can utilize Google Trends to know what POD products are in-demand today.

Another way of finding profitable niches is by exploring the trends on our selling channels. These trending product categories have high sales conversions, resulting in many sellers offering them in their stores. For example, we can check a product’s number of sold quantities on eBay to verify its number of recent customer purchases.

In particular, we can uncover what products work for our competitors by using spy tools, such as Koala Inspector. By doing this, we can analyze store and price analytics, allowing us to apply proper practices to our stores.

Besides these options, we have the AutoDS Product Research System that lets us search for millions of products online. Using this service, we can get product suggestions with excellent market analytics, such as sales performances.

Step 2: Find A POD Service

After establishing our niche, the next step to take is finding a POD service provider. When choosing our POD dropshipping suppliers, we need to look out for the following features:

  • Dropshipping-friendly
  • Diverse product catalog
  • High-quality POD products
  • Minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirement
  • Excellent customer support
  • Fast shipping with tracking updates
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Practical return policy

Dropshipping friendly suppliers that offer diverse product choices go at the top of our list.

Moreover, it’s essential that our suppliers can turn our custom designs into high-quality products.

Another factor to consider when choosing a reliable POD supplier is the minimum order quantity requirement. Since we’re operating a dropshipping business, it’s better to work with suppliers that don’t require a minimum order quantity.

Next up, we need suppliers that offer optimal customer support. Meaning, these suppliers can address concerns or queries timely and efficiently. Remember that customers value it when their problems are well-taken care of.

Of course, the speed of shipping with tracking updates is crucial when choosing a POD service provider. Since we’re dealing with tailor-made products, they may take longer to produce, affecting the shipping time.

However, some suppliers utilize techniques that make their processes faster. Therefore, they can deliver customer orders quickly.

Then, we can read customer reviews to get the hindsight of a supplier’s business quality. Ultimately, our suppliers’ return policies must be clear and practical enough to eliminate misunderstandings with customers. This means that our suppliers have to address return requests at the soonest time possible.

Finally, if you want to work with the best POD dropshipping suppliers, check out the top five picks we provided in this article.

Step 3: Select A Selling Channel

Once we have our print on demand dropshipping suppliers, we can start looking for our selling channels. These selling platforms are the means of offering the products we source from our suppliers to our customers.

Similarly, picking the right selling channel is crucial to the success of our business. These channels are where customers search and purchase our products. Therefore, they must provide an outstanding shopping experience to customers.

With that in mind, we need to select the top-selling channels in the dropshipping scene. Some of the best ones include Shopify, Wix, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace. Moreover, here are some features to be on the lookout for when choosing a selling channel:

  • Delivers substantial traffic
  • Enables product research
  • Optimizes product listings
  • Allows store customization
  • Supports business automation
  • Provides flexible subscription plans

Furthermore, selling channels are either marketplaces or customizable websites. To clarify, marketplaces are existing websites where we can sign up and list our products, like eBay. Meanwhile, customizable websites allow us to personalize how our pages will look, such as Shopify.

Next, we’ll discuss the essential features our POD dropshipping stores need to include.

Selling Channels Must-Haves

With that said, every POD dropshipping website needs to have the following features:

  • Home page 
  • Contact information section
  • About us page
  • Frequently Asked Questions section
  • Privacy policy page
  • Shipping details page
  • Returns and Refunds section
  • Terms of Service

When establishing our website, we can start with our home page. Our home page is the first thing our customers see. In this section, we must present all necessary information pertaining to our business.

Also, our website must contain an ‘About Us’ section. On this page, customers will have a general overview of us and our business, like our contact information.

Then, a Frequently Asked Questions section is essential to guide customers about common concerns. This part discusses common problems about the range of products, shipping, tracking, refunds, and other related questions.

Next, we have the Privacy Policy page. In this section, we have to discuss the collection or sharing of information necessary in transacting business. Remember it’s important to remain transparent with our customers as it will help our brand remain trustworthy.

Another feature that every selling channel needs is a Shipping Policy page. The shipping policy gives customers an idea of the delivery time, including available couriers and equivalent fees. Additionally, this page includes other information about taxes, tracking, and damages.

Furthermore, the Returns & Refunds section should be on every eCommerce website. Specifically, it includes items eligible for returns, conditions of returns, and refund requirements.

Finally, every business needs to present its Terms of Service to ensure customers understand how the company operates. In this section, we can see the policies and guidelines being undertaken by the business.

Step 4: Design Your Products

Now that we have suppliers and selling platforms, we’re ready to create unique designs for our customers. There are several ways to create print on demand dropshipping product designs:

  • Search for trending POD products
  • Outsource freelancers
  • Buy design templates

The first way to get design ideas is by conducting market research. By doing this, we’ll discover best-selling POD items that we can adopt in our stores.

Another option is to outsource the designs by hiring freelancers. There are several websites where we can find top-notch and legitimate designers.  For example, we can search on Fiverr for expert POD designers that can create one-of-a-kind designs for our dropshipping products.

Lastly, we can buy design templates from reliable websites, such as Creative Market. Afterward, we can readily make our designs using these pre-made guides.

Step 5: Market Your Products

Hooray! We now have print on demand dropshipping products, and all we have to do is market these items. Marketing is the process of promoting our business and attracting the public to check our products and services.

Bear in mind that the right marketing strategies can help increase our sales and scale our business. Speaking of effective marketing, here are some methods that we should utilize:

  • Facebook ads
  • Influencer marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Blog

Facebook Ads

Now, let’s go into the details of these online marketing techniques, starting with Facebook ads. Putting our ads on Facebook is a practical marketing strategy due to the platform’s large user base. However, these ads are not free since Facebook requires payment from us before we can place our ads on their system.

However, posting our products on “buy and sell” groups is free. Then, we can actively interact with target customers in these groups so that we can convert them into our buyers.

Influencer Marketing

Another great way to bring traffic to our POD dropshipping store is through different influencer marketing platforms. Using this strategy, we let influencers advertise and review our products. Because of the vast follower base of these personalities, they can help us convince customers to purchase our items.

Email Marketing

Furthermore, we can optimize email marketing to increase our POD product sales. However, we need first to collect a set of emails in order to utilize this marketing method.

There are a few ways to do so, and one of the most popular methods is through newsletter subscriptions. As such, we can persuade people to subscribe by offering discount codes in exchange for their contact information. By doing so, we can collect a substantial set of emails where we can send our product advertisements.


Finally, we can create a blog section on our website where we can produce valuable articles related to our niche. As a result, when people search for specific keywords on search engines in relation to our articles, our store has a higher chance of appearing on their search list. Thus, increasing our free organic traffic and improving our sales.

Step 6: Start Selling!

At long last, we can start selling our print on demand dropshipping products to customers. However, before we open our doors to the public, we should test samples from our print on demand dropshipping suppliers. Doing this will ensure high-quality products and thus customer satisfaction.

Remember that in any venture, success doesn’t happen overnight. For us to constantly improve our business, we need to continuously test what products are selling and remove the ones that are poor performers.

Finally, we need to continually optimize our business and stay up-to-date on trending products in the market. With business automation and trending items, our POD dropshipping ventures will be steps ahead of our competitors.


Well done! We’re now ready to start our print on demand dropshipping business. The growing demand for custom-made products will surely bring more profits to our online venture.

To jumpstart your POD adventure, remember to work only with reliable suppliers and continuously optimize your selling channels.

So what are you waiting for? Begin the search for your winning customized products and scale your dropshipping business.

To wrap up, we’ve curated a list of helpful tips to help you kickstart your POD dropshipping business:

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Print On Demand?

Print on demand is the process of customizing products, usually through digital technology, on a per-order basis. Additionally, it enables us to establish our brand through custom-made products. The best part is that we don’t have to worry about the production process as our POD supplier handles all of the technicalities for us.

Which Is The Best Print On Demand Site?

We have several print on demand providers available, such as Printify and Printful. All we need to do is ensure they pass the requirements of a reliable POD supplier based on the “Five Best Print On Demand Suppliers And Services” section of this article.

What Are The Best Print On Demand Products To Sell?

The most trending POD products are t-shirts, mugs, tote bags, hoodies, and posters. Plus, you can find more item suggestions in this article.

How Much Can I Make By Selling Print On Demand Products?

Here’s a quick example of how much you can earn by selling POD products. For instance, you purchase a POD t-shirt for $12 from your supplier. Then, you sell the item at $18 in your dropshipping store, which means, you gain a profit equal to $6 for the sale.