If you’re starting a dropshipping business, eBay can be a great platform to leverage. With its huge global user base and long-standing popularity, eBay provides an established audience to tap into. One of the most important factors to consider for your eBay dropshipping business, is crafting effective and attention-grabbing listing titles.

In this article, we will focus on eBay listing titles and explore how to write highly effective titles for your best-selling products. We will discuss the importance of a good listing title and how it can help you increase sales and grow your dropshipping business. Let’s jump right into it!

What Are eBay Listing Titles?

But what are listing titles? Our listing title gives the first impression about us and our item right from the listings page or the search results. Actually, the listing title is the title we give to each of our product listings.  Furthermore, the title provides all the required information regarding our product. Thus, we can help users to perceive our product better. To help with this we can rely on eBay listing templates in order to have an optimized and converting listing.

Simply put, the principal value of product titles is that they explain what the product is and why users should buy it. Additionally, useful titles for our products can make it easier for us to organize them into categories. Ultimately, the more optimized our eBay listing titles are, the higher the chance of sales.

Why Is It Important To Write An Effective eBay Listing Title?

Notably, one of the most important reasons to write an effective listing title is searchability. With a solid and effective listing title, we can improve our searchability and thus appear in front of more customers. As a matter of fact, the more we appear, the more views we get, meaning more potential customers. As such, we will be able to boost our sales.

Notably, we need to use proper and relevant keywords that will increase the search for our product. This means that we need to have keywords that can match our customer’s potential search terms. Consequently, our listing can appear in front of more people when they search, and we can drive traffic to our eBay store.

Furthermore, with an optimal eBay listing title, we can remain competitive. Since eBay is a marketplace, the competition can get tough. This is because multiple sellers can be selling the same product. However, we can differentiate ourselves and stand out from our competitors with a good listing title. All in all, an effective listing title will persuade customers to purchase from us as it will show the product’s value. 

What To Include In eBay Listing Titles

Key aspects of eBay listing titles

First and foremost, to create a good listing title, we need to include optimized keywords about our product. In essence, by having optimized keywords related to our product, we are increasing our searchability. What this means is that when a customer searches using a specific search phrase, our keywords will match it and appear in their search results.

Simply put, our keywords are critical in appearing higher up in the search results. As such, we need to think like our customers and find the relevant keywords to help us beat the competition.

What’s more, there are a few other key elements that are quintessential for a proper listing title: 

Product Name

Arguably, the most crucial element of the title listing is the product name. Obviously, this tells us clearly what the product we are trying to buy is. To note, we must remain clear in this part of the listing title as it gives us basic information about the listing.

We should note that our product name is often our main keyword. So, we should always include the main keyword (product name) at the beginning of our listing title. 

Product Specifications

Next, we need to include some product specifications. In fact, titles that are more detailed and include key specifications bring in more sales. So, specs like size, material, and color, paint a better picture of our product and thus attract more customers.

However, we need to be mindful of how many we include. Since we have an 80-character limit, we should leave room to include other vital elements. 

Keywords Searched For The Product

Undoubtedly, an element that we must not omit is the keywords searched for the product. To elaborate, these keywords usually accompany our customer’s search phrasing. For example, ‘big,’ ‘durable,’ and ‘quality’ – are all critical selling points.

As such, our customers can match their needs to our product title and be encouraged to buy. Plus, by emphasizing our key selling points in our listing title, we are giving our customers more reasons to make a purchase.

80 Character Limit

Lastly, we need to stay within the 80-character limit. Interestingly, the longer the title is on eBay, the better it performs, resulting in more sales. Since longer titles get more sales, we need to make sure to use up as many of our 80 characters as possible.

And, if we need more characters, we can always use subheadings. Consequently, this will give us an additional 55 characters. However, this is not the most user-friendly option. If necessary, we can opt for subheadings, but the objective is to use prime keywords within the 80-character limit. Once again, the crucial keywords include the product itself and other powerful keywords such as keyphrases most searched for our product specs.

How To Write A Good eBay Listing Title: Key Tips

Alright! Now we know why listing titles are crucial, and we need to consider some essential tips that will make them even better! In fact, these tips will either help us improve our listing title.

With that said, let’s dive into some key tips for good eBay listing titles that attract attention:

AutoDS eBay Title Builder

AutoDS eBay Title Builder


To begin with, we can take a look at AutoDS’ amazing eBay Title Builder. This automatic tool generates optimal keywords for our eBay listing that we can filter through. In fact, it takes into account: common keywords, competition, average search volume, and sales. As such, we’ll be able to use the most converting keywords in our title to boost traffic.

To explain, first, we can choose a marketplace and keywords we want to exclude. Then, we need to write the name of the product we are selling, and a list of results will appear. Actually, the results include searched keywords, average monthly searches on eBay for those keywords, competition, and the number of sales those keywords rake in.

Based on this, we can build a great listing title with the most fitting and converting keywords. For example, if we search for ‘kids toys’ we will get a list of well-performing keywords related to the kids toys. Then, we can select which of those keywords best fits our product and build our optimized eBay title. In this case, we can select ‘kids toys’, ‘for boys girls’, ‘6 to 12’, and ‘electric train toys’ since we will list a toy train.

As a result, we’ve used optimal keywords that have high search rates and a good number of sales behind them. Our titles are now optimized for more conversion and can help boost our sales. All in all, it’s a super useful tool to take advantage of to create the perfect listing title.

Place Main Keywords At The Start

A great tip for building our eBay listing title is always to put our main keywords at the beginning. To explain, the main keywords are usually the name of the product itself, like ‘baby clothes’ or ‘women’s watch.’

First, this is important because our main keyword is most likely the search term our customers will use. So, it’s only logical to put that at the beginning of the title so that the customer knows the search result is precisely what they need.

Second, the main keyword, a.k.a; the name of the product, will probably be the one with the largest search volume. As such, including it at the beginning will help us show up higher in the search results. Thus, appealing to our customers more. Notably, when we use the AutoDS title builder, we’ll have a generated list of powerful keywords. Therefore, these are keywords that can also be placed at the beginning of the listing title.

Google Keyword Planner

Next up, we have another tool that will help us optimize our listing titles, Google Keyword Planner. To explain, it’s a tool that gives us keywords with the highest search volume, impressions, and conversions from Google.

To start, we can enter our product name into the search tab, and the results below appear with all of their statistics. As a result, we can find the keywords with the most traffic, search volume, and conversion and include them. Consequently, our title will consist of powerful keywords from Google and boost appeal. 

Use Proper Capitalization

Use proper capitalization in listing titles

Importantly; we need to capitalize the first letter of every word in our listing title. This makes it easier for our customers to read the entire title, plus it looks more professional. However, there are some things to note here.

As a rule of thumb, we can capitalize all the letters in power words in the title. This emphasizes the key selling points of our product. However, we should be mindful to avoid fully capitalizing too many words.

However, the listing can look unprofessional if we don’t use capitalization in our listing titles. On top of that, we won’t emphasize key selling points and may lose sales. 

Examine The Competition

Similar to how we spy on our competitors to find best-sellers, we must also do the same for other dropshipping aspects. With that said, we need to take a look at our competitors’ listing titles and the keywords they use.

To elaborate, this gives us an idea of what is performing well and which titles are getting more sales. As such, we can adapt our competitors’ strategies to scale our eBay listings. Interestingly, as an added benefit, the AutoDS title builder provides competitor rankings for keywords. So, we can analyze and choose whether or not to use certain keywords. 

Maximize Character Limit

As mentioned before, longer titles get more sales. So, it’s best for us to use as many of our 80 characters as possible. In fact, it’s best if we try to use all 80 characters in the title as long as the keywords we’re using are relevant to our product. 

How To Automate Your eBay Store With Optimized Titles

Now we know how to write an optimized listing title for our eBay products; great! Thus, we can increase eBay sales. Additionally, we saw the huge benefit of using the AutoDS automatic features that immediately generate perfect listing titles.

Furthermore, we must emphasize an optimization feature when creating product drafts. To explain, when importing a product to our store,  AutoDS allows us to optimize the listing before publishing it. Once we add the product URL from our supplier’s website to the AutoDS product importer, we’ll see the ‘Edit Now’ option.

AutoDS Product Importer

After clicking that button, we’ll be redirected to the listing editing page. Here we can edit and optimize our listing titles before publishing.

Edit product listing title with AutoDS

Essentially, by automating our dropshipping processes with AutoDS, we can optimize our entire operation from A-Z. With that said, we can use even more automation tools to scale our dropshipping business:

  • Product Research
  • Quick Product Imports
  • Complete Order Fulfillment
  • Price/Stock Monitoring
  • Inventory Management
  • Automatic Price Optimization

…and more!

Undoubtedly, by utilizing all the dropshipping automation tools that AutoDS offers, we’ll save a bunch of time and effort while reducing errors. Many dropshippers attained success with AutoDS, especially when it comes to eBay dropshipping. With this all-in-one automation solution, we can scale our dropshipping business with ease. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Make A Good Listing Title On eBay? 

You can make a Google listing title on eBay by including optimized keywords for the product you are selling, the product name, and specifications, all within 80 characters or less.

Why Is It Crucial To Optimize Listing Titles? 

It’s crucial to optimize listings so that we can maximize searchability and remain competitive. With the right and relevant keywords and proper placement, our listings will appeal more to our customers.

What Are The Best eBay Title Builder Tools?

One of the best eBay Title Builder tools you can use is the AutoDS eBay Title Builder. It offers optimal and relevant keywords as well as a competitor keyword analysis.


Finally! We are ready to create a fully optimized and compelling eBay listing title. To summarize, an effective listing title will significantly increase our searchability as it consists of optimized keywords. As a result, it will help us boost traffic to our store.

Ultimately, having a good listing title on eBay is vital for our dropshipping success. So, let’s consider all of this helpful information next time we create an eBay listing.

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