Before we start, you need to understand that there are two different places where you can put your PayPal on eBay.

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1. Paying eBay Fees:

The first one is for paying eBay fees. You can find it under My Account,

2. Receiving Payments:

And the second one is for getting payments when you sell an item. You can set this from Payment Policy.

To work with multiple eBay accounts and one PayPal account, you should get all of your payments from the sold items to one specific PayPal account.

And on the other hand, you should pay eBay using your credit card or any separate PayPal account.

What does it mean? 

It is not a problem to get money on eBay to one PayPal account even if the stores are not linked.

Think about it; if eBay is linking between different stores using the PayPal account where the payments go to, anybody can cause significant damage to your store.

Because they can just put your PayPal Address on their payment policy and then eBay will link between your accounts. And if the first seller got suspended from selling on eBay, your account will get suspended too. Fortunately, it does not work like that.

Therefore, if you put the same PayPal Account on multiple eBay stores and you start receiving funds, eBay will not link the eBay accounts.

The only thing that can link your accounts is if you pay using the same payment method to eBay.

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3. Our Recommendations:

So, what we recommend you to do is to link any new PayPal account it doesn’t matter which account and then you can click on one-time payment and pay eBay fees using your Credit Card.

The trick is to pay eBay fees using a Credit Card before eBay charges you automatically.

While all of your payments will go to another specific account, to do that, go to your payment policy:

In the bottom change the PayPal email address, and that’s all. 

Now you will start receiving all of your money to one PayPal account which is one for all of your eBay accounts.

Then you can withdraw the money to your bank account and pay eBay Fees using the credit card.


Awesome! Now we can easily integrate and manage our funds and fees from one PayPal account. No matter how many eBay accounts we’re working with, we can rest assured that our payments are organized all in one PayPal account. Besides payment methods, what else can we do to ensure easy dropshipping processes on eBay? The best way to succeed in the dropshipping world is to continue learning, so here are some insightful reads about how to scale your eBay business: