What are the best Shopify dropshipping apps to help run and scale your online business?

These days, plenty of dropshipping businesses rely on the Shopify App Store, a place offering an abundance of solutions for almost every stage of the selling process.

Whether fulfilling orders, adding an upsell funnel, or tracking performance, the Shopify app store is every dropshipper’s best friend.

In this article, we’ll focus our attention on some of the best Shopify dropshipping apps. These apps are designed specifically for the dropshipping business model, helping us scale and run our businesses effectively and efficiently.

Shopify Dropshipping Apps

shopify app store

The Shopify app store contains many apps for dropshipping, and each offers a unique service or solution. One may automate orders while another finds the most trending products.

It can become overwhelming to choose from the thousands of apps on Shopify, especially when several seem to offer a similar solution.

But there is no need to feel lost. Today, we’ll cover the six best Shopify dropshipping apps and the ways they help scale your business and increase profits. 

AutoDS All-In-One Dropshipping

autods dropshipping shopify app

Let’s start with the AutoDS All‑In‑One dropshipping app, by far the best of its kind on the Shopify app store. AutoDS automates all the important tasks in a Shopify dropshipping store. And as its name suggests, this happens conveniently in one place

How does AutoDS make that possible? Simple. Instead of going back and forth between Shopify and your suppliers, you can manage one or multiple Shopify stores on the AutoDS platform.  

Furthermore, you can use AutoDS’ integration system to connect stores from Facebook Marketplace or eBay, with more selling channels coming soon. 

Regardless of selling channel, the platform features an automated ordering system that places orders, updates tracking, and processes returns for you. At any point, you can view the action on the Orders Page

Moreover, AutoDS stands out from the pack with unparalleled product sourcing and importing options from over twenty-five suppliers! Therefore, you’ll access to millions of more products than other apps. 

You can import any of these products at the click of a button individually and in bulk. Once imported to your store, AutoDS offers full product price and stock monitoring, so you won’t need to check with your supplier. 

As your store grows, you’ll be able to track progress in the business dashboard. Last but not least, the AutoDS customer service page lets you manage customer interactions from all your stores on one dedicated location.


oberlo dropshipping shopify app

Oberlo is another leading dropshipping platform for Shopify sellers. The app specializes in sourcing products from AliExpress and fulfilling customer orders.

You can use Oberlo to find trending products on AliExpress and import them to your store. After importation, Oberlo gives you the ability to fully customize products by choosing variants, adding images, or editing the title or description.

Additionally, once the product is in your store, Oberlo stands by your side, helps fulfill orders and updates tracking to customers. Finally, the app covers all bases monitoring any stock or price changes on AliExpress to help you stay on top of your products.

However, the most significant downside is that Oberlo only supports product sourcing from a single supplier. On the other hand, the AutoDS dropshipping app supports over 25 suppliers! In addition, AutoDS offers complete product finding, importing, and monitoring services.

And that is not all. With AutoDS, you can run multiple dropshipping stores, source from numerous suppliers, and have the entire ordering process automated.

DSers-AliExpress Dropshipping

dsers shopify app

The DSers Dropshipping app can also help run your store. Like Oberlo, it imports products from AliExpress and offers product editing features.

DSers stands out for its bulk order automation and multiple stores features. When you have a list of orders ready to be fulfilled, DSers can fulfill all of them in one shot. Additionally, its service offers simultaneous management of multiple Shopify stores at once.

Nevertheless, dropshipping with DSers only allows sourcing products from AliExpress, significantly limiting your business.

Conversely, the AutoDS app offers the unbeatable Fulfilled by AutoDS service, which manages multiple stores and orders on one page!

AutoDS fulfills each order automatically with any of its twenty-five supported suppliers, saving you the need for bulk ordering. Additionally, as part of the Fulfilled by AutoDS service, customers receive tracking immediately upon shipment. 

Printful: Print On Demand

printful dropshipping app

Printful: Print on Demand is a Shopify app that offers complete dropshipping services to print-on-demand stores.

The app can take care of every aspect of your store. Connect your store with Printful, select your products and specify the designs you want on the merchandise. Then, let the app do the rest.

When customers place orders with your store, the Printful app instantly forwards them to the appropriate warehouse for fulfillment. As a result, Printful streamlines the dropshipping process by saving you the need to source from third-party suppliers.

Additionally, you only pay warehouse fees for products that have already sold. Finally, to ensure you break and profit, Printful lets you set your own prices.

The obvious downside here is that Printful is limited to a single category of POD products. So if you want to sell anything else, the app can’t help you. Additionally, fulfillment only takes place through Printful’s warehouses.

Dripshipper: US Dropshipping

dripshipper shopify app

Dripshipper is another excellent niche dropshipping app, except that these guys specialize in coffee instead of wearables.

The Dripshipper app offers a coffee dropshipping service that has some fantastic benefits. As a company that provides complete white-label services, you get to have your store logo and brand on all coffee product packaging. Additionally, you set whichever price you want.

Dripshipper ships your coffee products worldwide and saves you time and stress by automatically fulfilling orders. However, like Printful, using Dripshipper limits you to a single niche. Additionally, your store is limited to whichever coffee products Dripshipper offers.

Contrast with AutoDS, which offers automated ordering and tracking from almost any niche or category you can think of. While AutoDS does not currently provide branding and white label services, you can hide the source of your products by selecting the gift option on supplier websites.

Winning Products DropShipping

winning products dropshipping app

This Dropshipping Shopify app specializes in finding the best products to sell. Instead of getting lost in the sea of products out there, Winning Products locates the most trending and profitable products for your store.

Each product it finds comes with detailed analytics of current performance and projections of how it might fare in your store. Additionally, the app saves you loads of time by offering a simple product import feature.

Unfortunately, Winning Products does not offer automatic ordering or price and stock monitoring. What’s more, like many other apps, Winning Products limits its service to AliExpress.

On the flip side, the AutoDS app has a built-in feature called the AutoDS Finder. This tool finds you the hottest products from multiple suppliers and lists them in your store in just a few clicks.

What’s more, AutoDS completes all ordering and monitoring services automatically, so you don’t have to skip a beat. 

Go With The All-In-One Winner 

Why use apps that lack features when one app can take care of all your dropshipping needs in one place? 

Start your Shopify dropshipping journey right and go with AutoDS. You won’t regret it. With most tasks automated and an easy system to keep track of your store, you’ll have the peace of mind to scale your business. 

As a bonus, AutoDS offers wonderful resources to help dropshippers on any level.  Master Shopify Dropshipping with Dropshipping 101, or try the following strategies to increase sales: