Are you aiming to jumpstart a career in eBay dropshipping this 2024? Well, before anything else, choosing the right products to sell is crucial. But worry not! We’re here to help with our selection of the best eBay dropshipping products to sell.

The eCommerce landscape is ever-changing, and choosing popular eBay dropshipping products is key for a competitive edge. In this article, we look into the top-selling niches to understand why they’re promising choices. Plus, we share a few product recommendations for each niche to give an idea of what’s currently trending among consumers.

Moreover, learn how to dropship on eBay and find tips to scale a dropshipping business with automation tools to increase our chances of success.

The Best eBay Dropshipping Products To Sell This 2024 - Key Takeaways

eBay dropshipping offers a low-cost way to connect with many buyers, making it a promising and accessible business venture with great potential for success.

The best eBay dropshipping products to sell this 2024 include cellphone accessories, gadgets & small electronics, sports & fitness, home decor, and kitchen supplies.

Balancing the stability in choosing a niche with the profitability of trending products helps us build a successful dropshipping business long-term.

Using automation tools like AutoDS greatly reduces the stress and hassle of managing a dropshipping business while helping us scale our business better.

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What’s eBay Dropshipping?

Dropshipping infographic

Before we delve into eBay dropshipping, let’s first understand what it is. eBay is a major online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers, drawing millions of users to its platform.

Dropshipping, on the other hand, is an eCommerce model that lets us sell products without holding inventory. We purchase items from suppliers when orders are received and instruct them to ship directly to the customer.

In eBay dropshipping, we can reach numerous buyers with minimal investment, making it a promising and accessible business model with significant potential for success.

Key Features: 

  • Free organic traffic
  • Easy to start
  • Zero upfront investment
  • Promoted listings

As a major eCommerce platform, eBay boasts a user base exceeding 180 million individuals. This substantial user count ensures a significant influx of organic traffic, facilitating our sales generation efforts. 

Moreover, initiating sales on eBay requires minimal to no initial investment. This setup is ideal, especially for beginner dropshippers who don’t have sufficient capital to get started.

Furthermore, we can effectively market our products using eBay’s promoted listings, both in standard and advanced formats. These internal features enhance the visibility of our listings within the eBay platform.

Best eBay Dropshipping Products To Add To Your Store

When choosing eBay dropshipping products to add to our store, it’s important to look into profitable niches and trending products. By doing so, we can capitalize on current trends, consumer needs, and emerging markets to boost sales and revenue. The diverse range of items on our list caters to different interests and lifestyles, expanding our store’s appeal to a broader customer base. 

Cellphone Accessories

The cellphone accessories market is showing continuous growth, making it an ideal product category for any dropshipping venture. In fact, the market is forecast to have a value of $413.2 billion by 2030.

Statista mobile phone accessories market graph

With that in mind, let’s go through each recommendation we have for this product category:

Car Anti-Slip Mat Phone Holder

Car Anti-Slip Mat Phone Holder eBay dropshipping products

With an increasing number of people using their phones for navigation while driving, the demand for secure phone holders is high and growing. Therefore, this car anti-slip mat phone holder addresses a safety concern, making it a sought-after product.

Product img
Car Anti-Slip Mat Phone Holder
Retail Price
Item Cost
Potential profit:
Shipping time: 12-26 days

Smartphone IR Remote Controller

Smartphone IR Remote Controller eBay dropshipping products

As smart homes become more prevalent, the demand for devices that simplify control is on the rise. This smart IR remote controller follows this trend, offering convenience and compatibility with various electronics.

Bluetooth Sleeping Headphones

Bluetooth Sleeping Headphones eBay dropshipping products

The wellness industry is booming, and products that enhance sleep quality are in demand. These Bluetooth sleeping headphones, designed for comfortable sleep, tap into this market, appealing to those seeking a better night’s rest.

Gadgets & Small Electronics

In 2024 alone, the consumer electronics market will reach almost $666.40 billion and grow to $957.90 billion by 2028. It’s safe to say that there’s room for growth in this market, even for dropshippers just starting out.

Let’s make our mark in this profitable industry by adding the following eBay dropshipping products to our store.

Wireless Microphone

Wireless Microphone eBay dropshipping products

With the surge in online content creation and virtual meetings, a high-quality wireless microphone has become an essential tool. This product caters to a growing market of content creators, influencers, and remote workers.

Product img
Portable Wireless Microphone
Retail Price
Item Cost
Potential profit:
Shipping time: 7-21 days

USB Rechargeable Head Lamp

USB Rechargeable Head Lamp eBay dropshipping products

The eco-friendly and practical nature of this rechargeable headlamp makes it appealing to outdoor enthusiasts, campers, and anyone needing hands-free lighting. Plus, it’s a product that aligns with the rising demand for sustainable products while offering versatile lighting solutions.

MultiTool 18-in-1 Stainless Steel Snowflake

MultiTool 18-in-1 Stainless Steel Snowflake eBay dropshipping products

This compact 18-in-1 multitool appeals to DIY enthusiasts and individuals looking for a handy gadget with multiple functions. Its versatility and portability make it a popular choice for various everyday tasks. This item is also lightweight, making it easy and affordable to ship, which gives us a chance to earn greater margins

Sports & Fitness 

Sports & Fitness is a pretty consistent niche to get into. With athletes and fitness enthusiasts consistently keeping the market alive. However, rising interest in health and wellness has positively impacted the category making it more profitable than ever. In fact, current data show that the global eCommerce revenue in sports will increase gradually, peaking at roughly $119.10 billion by 2027.

With this in mind, here are the best eBay dropshipping products to add to our store if you are in the sports & fitness category:

Multifunctional Pilates Bar

Multifunctional Pilates Bar eBay dropshipping products

Home fitness equipment has gained significant popularity, especially after the pandemic when people began to prioritize exercising at home. This multifunctional Pilates bar offers a versatile workout solution, meeting the demand for convenient and effective home fitness tools.

Product img
Multifunctional Pilates Bar
Retail Price
Item Cost
Potential profit:
Shipping time: 7-18 days

Portable Silicone Water Bottle

Portable Silicone Water Bottle eBay dropshipping products

The emphasis on fitness and sustainability has increased the demand for reusable and portable water bottles. Moreover, this product caters to both trends, making it an attractive choice for health and environmentally-conscious consumers.

Soft Bike Seat Cover

Soft Bike Seat Cover eBay dropshipping products

With the growing interest in cycling for fitness and commuting, a comfortable bike seat cover is essential. This product addresses a common concern, providing a practical solution for cyclists seeking a more comfortable riding experience.

Home Decor

Home Decor is another profitable category to consider when looking for eBay dropshipping products. With its broad appeal and ever-changing trends, there is always room for new products, as Google Trends clearly shows the consistent demand. Therefore, we can take advantage of stable sales while capitalizing on trendy or even seasonal items.

Home Decor Google Trends Graph

Plus, social media influence and the enduring desire to revamp living spaces further boost the market. The home decor niche proves to be both versatile and timeless, making it a lucrative choice for dropshippers. Here are some eBay dropshipping products from this category we recommend:

Book Transparent Vase

Book Transparent Vase eBay dropshipping products

Home decor enthusiasts and those looking for unique design elements are drawn to aesthetically pleasing pieces like this transparent book vase. This fun and quirky design caters to the demand for distinctive and conversation-starting decor items.

Product img
Transparent Book Vase
Retail Price
Item Cost
Potential profit:
Shipping time: 13-26 days

Hanging Type-C Charging Retro Light Bulb

Hanging Type-C Charging Retro Light Bulb eBay dropshipping products

The combination of retro aesthetics and modern functionality appeals to consumers seeking both style and convenience. Thus, the hanging type-C charging retro light bulb stands out as a decorative piece with added utility, attracting a diverse customer base.

Sparkly Lamp

Sparkly Lamp eBay dropshipping products

Lastly, decorative lighting solutions continue to be popular, and this colorful, sparkly lamp adds a touch of wonder to any space. Its visually appealing design caters to those looking for statement pieces to enhance their home decor or trendy lighting for entertainment areas.

Kitchen Supplies

Finally, a product category that continues to stand the test of time is Kitchen Supplies. Products in this niche include basic household items that are must-haves for any homeowner. In fact, the market is expected to grow annually at a rate of 4.02% from 2023 to 2028.

Moreover, we can offer a diverse range of products, from basic kitchen sets to portable cookware or even innovative kitchen gadgets. With that said, here are our top recommendations for eBay dropshipping products under Kitchen Supplies:

Mini Waffles Maker Machine

Mini Waffle Maker Machine eBay dropshipping products

The popularity of homemade breakfast items and the trend of sharing food experiences on social media contribute to the demand for fun and innovative kitchen appliances. This mini waffle maker taps into this trend, making it a desirable item for home cooks and food enthusiasts.

Product img
Mini Waffles Maker Machine
Retail Price
Item Cost
Potential profit:
Shipping time: 7-21 days

Multi-Fruit Peeler

Multi-Fruit Peeler eBay dropshipping products

Kitchen tools that simplify tasks and save time are always in demand. This multi-fruit peeler addresses the need for efficient and versatile kitchen gadgets, appealing to a broad audience of home cooks.

Sink Filter Rack

Sink Filter Rack eBay dropshipping products

With a focus on kitchen organization and space-saving solutions, this sink filter rack meets the demand for practical and functional kitchen accessories. It offers a convenient way to dry dishes and keep the kitchen tidy.

How To Find Products To Dropship On eBay

If we want to simplify our product selection process, there is a checklist of steps that will help us find the best eBay dropshipping products to sell in 2024.

Product research is key to finding best-sellers in a vast eCommerce landscape. With that said, here are a few reliable product research methods to get us started.

AutoDS TikTok Ad Spy Tool

To start, we can also use the AutoDS TikTok Ad Spy Tool to track trending products on the platform. It’s important to analyze social media trends, especially if we want to attract customers to our store. In line with this, we must also look at social media product hashtags such as #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt to find which items are on the rise among consumers. 

autods tiktok spy tool

Best Sellers Sections

In addition, a more straightforward way to find popular eBay dropshipping products is by checking our supplier’s best-seller sections. This way, we can see what buyers are interested in. Similarly, spying on our competitors lets us see which products are doing well in our niche and market. For example, Amazon has the Best Sellers section where you can check hot items across different niches and categories. Other popular platforms like AliExpress, Temu, Walmart, etc. also provide similar sections.

amazon best sellers

AutoDS Winning Products Hub

Moreover, the AutoDS Winning Products Hub is essential for researching popular items for our eBay dropshipping store. The system offers valuable insights about the product, including selling price, potential profit, number of orders, engagement score (level of audience interaction with the product), saturation score (the market saturation based on the number of competitors), target audience insights (gender, age, interests, etc.), competitors (stores selling the product), return policy (return window and who pays for it), and reviews. Besides that, the Hub allows us to analyze the product’s Facebook and TikTok ads and potential market, resulting in better audience targeting. As a result, we can quickly spot winning products and import them to our eBay store.

Moreover, these products are curated by the AutoDS team. The experts research the market every day and handpick the most trending items with good profit potential. All you have to do is browse the products, pick what you like, and press the import button.

eBay Terapeak

Lastly, another method for finding top-selling eBay dropshipping products is through eBay Terapeak. It uses recent eBay supply, demand, and pricing data to help you determine what to sell, when to sell it, and at what price. This tool provides vital market data, sales trends, pricing, and competitive analysis, helping us identify profitable products with minimal competition.

By utilizing eBay Terapeak for our dropshipping business, we can easily find winning eBay products and start selling them immediately. It also gives all the necessary data for us to make informed decisions about our eCommerce operations.

Beginner’s Tip: it’s always helpful to look at the AutoDS Sell These Now Playlist and AutoDS Product-Finding Blog to find updated and curated lists of trending products we can add to our dropshipping store.

Once we’ve identified products with potential, we can double-check the popularity of the item via Google Trends. For example, if we want to look into the popularity of Wireless Microphones, simply type into the Google Trends search bar. Then, configure data such as location, time period, category, etc., to finetune results according to the data you need.

Wireless Microphone Google Trends Result

From the results above, we can see that wireless microphones have been high up on the web searches for at least the past 12 months. Moreover, there’s a current increase in searches. These results support the result of our product research that wireless microphones are indeed popular and in-demand based on search volume online.

Wireless Microphone Google Trends Related Topics

Additionally, Google Trends also provides additional data, such as interest by region and related searches and queries. This information gives us an idea as to where most of the interest in the product comes from and what product specifications most people are looking for.

Importing Products to eBay

Once we have a list of products we want to dropship, the next step is to import them to our eBay dropshipping store. There are two main methods for importing products to eBay: manual and automatic.

The manual method requires us to copy and paste the information for each product into our store. This method takes a lot of time. However, with an automated dropshipping process, importing products, even in bulk, can be just a few clicks away.

Let’s take a look at one of AutoDS’ tools – the Product Importer. To demonstrate, we will concentrate on the Multiple Product Uploader to import products in bulk.

On the AutoDS platform, click on ‘Add Products‘ in the top-left menu. Then, choose ‘Multiple Products‘ from the dropdown.

AutoDS Add Multiple Products

Simply input the product URL of products sourced from AutoDS-supported suppliers. Once that’s done, we can either directly publish to our store, schedule for later, or add as drafts to edit and optimize.

autods product importing

To optimize our listing, go on the Drafts Page to fine-tune and edit various elements, such as the product’s description, tags, images, and more, before publishing them in our stores. Incorporate SEO keywords to improve the searchability of products. We can take advantage of AutoDS AI product title & description generator to create optimized titles that include relevant and converting keywords with a click of a button. Once we’re ready to import, the system automatically transfers the items to our eBay dropshipping store. 

Voila! Our product import is complete with just a few clicks. The swift product-importing process is just one advantage of automation for our dropshipping business. With AutoDS, numerous dropshippers can streamline and see real results. Now, it’s our turn to find eBay dropshipping success!

Frequently Asked Questions

What To Choose For Dropshipping On Ebay: Niche Or Trends? 

The choice between focusing on a niche or trends in eBay dropshipping depends on our business strategy. Niche products serve a specific audience and offer stability with steady demand. Meanwhile, trending products ride on current market interests but may not last long. We recommend a balance of both, giving you a stable base while also benefiting from current trends.

How Can I Find Products To Dropship On Ebay?

There are several ways we can find products to dropship on eBay. We can spy on our competition and look into best-seller sections of reputable suppliers. However, we can also leverage product research tools like AutoDS’ Winning Products Hub, TikTok Ad Spy Tool, and eBay Terapeak for market trend analysis. Of course, we should also monitor social media trends to identify popular products and consumer preferences. 

Which Are The Best Ebay Dropshipping Products To Sell In 2024?

There are many products with potential for profit this 2024. However, we recommend the following eBay dropshipping products to get started: cellphone accessories and gadgets like wireless microphones, sports and fitness items such as multifunctional Pilates bars, stylish home decor items like transparent vases, and convenient kitchen supplies such as mini waffle makers.


And there we have it! With know-how on the best eBay dropshipping products to sell in 2024, we’re one step closer to launching a successful business.

With AutoDS, we significantly increase the chances of hitting it big with our online dropshipping ventures. Plus, it makes managing our business easier and hassle-free so we can have more time for our passions.

However, continuous learning is crucial if we want long-term success in the industry. Don’t worry. We already have a few recommendations to keep you going. Make the most of this momentum to find more tips, advice, and information with the following resources: