While Facebook Marketplace is becoming increasingly popular, it continues to be an untapped market. With a massive number of users, Facebook Marketplace provides substantial organic traffic. As such, it is a perfect selling channel for dropshippers.

On top of that, if we perform product research for Facebook Marketplace, we can further boost our profit margins. As winning products increase our chances of sales, we need to focus on finding the best-selling products.

So, in this article, we will highlight the five best product research methods for Facebook Marketplace. Furthermore, we will also list the top 6 trending products to dropship in our stores instantly. Here we go!

Top 5 Facebook Marketplace Product Research Methods

While there are various ways to research products, the main objective of these methods is to find high-profit potential products. With that in mind, here are the top 5 product research methods for Facebook Marketplace:

  1. AutoDS Product Research Marketplace
  2. Supplier Best-Seller Sections
  3. Google Trends
  4. Google Lens
  5. Facebook Ads

Below, we will learn how to research products with these strategies in detail:

1. AutoDS Product Research Marketplace

One of the quickest ways to find top-selling products is by automating our product research. Generally, we can research products in two ways: manual and automatic.

The manual method includes searching for products by ourselves. For instance, other methods on the list are some examples of manual product research. Although these methods work well, manual product research is time-consuming and tedious.

In contrast, automatic methods such as the AutoDS product research marketplace help us find in-demand products from global suppliers in a few seconds. So, we save a lot of time and effort. The product research marketplace is just one of the many features that make the AutoDS dropshipping software an essential tool for dropshippers: 

Additionally, Facebook Marketplace is optimal for US sellers. So, our target market is US customers. And, with AutoDS, we can connect with many US suppliers. As such, we can provide faster shipping times to our US customers, increasing satisfaction with our business.

Furthermore, the tool provides various filters such as supplier, category, price range, amount of reviews, ratings, and more. With search filters, we can find products according to our specifications. Moreover, we can import products and handle returns in one click through the platform.

But that’s not all! There is also the Winning Products hub, which offers a collection of proven best-selling products curated by the AutoDS team. The experts have already conducted product research and handpicked the most trending items with good profit potential. All you have to do is browse the products, pick what you like, and press the import button. Simple!

The Winning Products hub provides a huge selection of winning products, ensuring we earn good profits with minimum manual work. The hub also gives a full product analysis of each product, so we can pick items based on our business requirements and target audience specifics. Each product page includes the following valuable insights:

  • Selling price, potential profit, and number of orders.
  • Engagement score (level of audience interaction with the product).
  • Saturation score (the market saturation based on the number of competitors).
  • Target audience insights (gender, age, interests, etc.).
  • Social ads (Facebook, TikTok).
  • Competitors (stores selling the product).
  • Return policy (return window and who pays for it).
  • Reviews.

With all of this information, we’re set to quickly import high-profit potential items to our store in a matter of seconds! Automatic product research is the way to go to ensure success for your Facebook Marketplace dropshipping store.

2. Supplier Best-Seller Sections 

First, we can find products on our supplier’s website. To find trending products, we can search our supplier’s best-seller sections. In short, most suppliers have a dedicated section that displays best-selling items. For instance, Amazon Best-Sellers, AliExpress Dropship Center, eBay Trending Items, and Walmart’s Top Selling Items are some examples of best-seller sections.

To demonstrate, let’s find an excellent product with eBay Trending Items. To find top-selling products, first head over to eBay Trending Items. On this page, we can discover in-demand products currently selling on eBay.

Next, choose a category from the top left side of the page. In this example, we are choosing the home improvement niche because it is one of the most popular dropshipping categories. From the dropdown menu, select Home, and click on the Home Improvement subcategory. 

Doing so will display all popular products from the Home Improvement category. Here, we can see the Surge Protector Multi-Plug Wall Adapter in #6 and #7. As such, we can conclude that this item is trending and selling well on eBay.

Since eBay is a marketplace and a supplier, we can find out what sellers are selling and what customers are buying on the platform. Similar to eBay, AliExpress also gives us a concrete idea about what other dropshippers are selling.

To begin the process, head over to the AliExpress Dropship Center. On this page, we can instantly find thousands of products that other dropshippers source from AliExpress. 

First, click on the Find Products tab from the Dropship Center page. This will display the most selling products on AliExpress along with the number of times sold. As such, it gives us a general idea about how popular the products are. Then, click on a Category and choose Furniture, as this niche is a profitable one.

Now, we can see furniture items as well as the number of times they are sold, indicating their demand. Additionally, we can also narrow down products with the help of search filters such as categories, price, rating, and shipping speed.

Along the Find Products tab, there’s also a Top Selection tab that displays top products with dropshipping-friendly services. For instance, features such as 7-day delivery, Print On Demand products, and products predicted to succeed by the AliExpress algorithm. Overall, with this strategy, we can find and add high-potential products to our FBMP listings to scale our profits.

Another amazing Facebook Marketplace product research tool we can use is Google Trends. To clarify, Google Trends is a data analysis tool that displays trending search queries from the internet. Additionally, it also displays keyword-related and location-related searches.

For demonstration, let’s find some more furniture products to sell. First, type ‘Sofa’ in the search bar. Now, Google Trends displays how often people have searched for that particular keyword and trending keywords in certain regions.

For example, New York has had around 100 keyword searches over the past 12 months. With this data, we can conclude that people from New York are interested in furniture.

So, we can go to our supplier’s website and import furniture like sofa or sofa accessories to our Facebook Marketplace listings. When adding products to our store, we can add multiple variations to give our customers plenty of choices, helping us increase our sales.

After that, we can set up a Facebook ad campaign through our dropshipping furniture store targeting users from New York. Furthermore, we can identify popular product ideas from the related topics section, such as sofa beds, couches, leather sofas, and more.

4. Google Lens

Next up on our list we have Google Lens. In essence, Google Lens is an image recognition technology that helps us find product sources and details. With the help of deep machine learning, Google Lens analyzes a product’s image and displays the same product and information based on its relevance.

So, let’s assume we came across an attractive product that our competitors are selling. In this example, let’s talk about The Bedside Moon Lamp. Right now, we do not have much information about the product or its suppliers. Therefore, we can simply right-click on the product’s image and click on Search with Google Lens.

Then, Google Lens reveals visual matches and relevant products from various suppliers. In this example, we can see that The Bedside Moon Lamp is available on different supplier websites such as Walmart and Amazon. Finally, we can navigate to the supplier’s website and find additional information such as the product’s price, shipping time, variations, and more. Overall, Google Lens is an excellent tool for learning about products and their details, such as price, suppliers, variations, and more.

5. Facebook Ads

Finally, we can also use Facebook Ads to our advantage to find excellent products to sell. As many sellers advertise their products on Facebook, we can spy on competitors’ Facebook ads to spot winning products. Then, we can copy what products our competitors are successfully selling.

So, we need to search for popular ads on the Facebook platform. To do so, first, go to the Facebook search bar and type any of the following keywords:

  • Get Yours Now
  • Limited Supply
  • Buy It Now
  • Click Link
  • 30%, 50%, 60% off (or any other percentage) 
  • Free Worldwide Shipping

These are some popular keywords sellers use to market and sell their dropshipping products. After we find such products, we can begin our analysis and spot popular products to sell.

In general, we should check our competitor’s Facebook ad’s audience reach and engagement rate to see if the product is trending. The higher the customer engagement, the more profitable the product is. Besides the manual checking, we can use different Facebook Ad finder tools such as Turbo Ad Finder and Unicorn Ads.

Overall, these five strategies are the best product research methods for our Facebook Marketplace store. With these methods, we can remain assured that we can gain maximum profits.

The Best-Selling Products To Dropship On Facebook Marketplace

Now, let’s look at some products that are selling well. Below, we have curated a list of 6 best sellers for our Facebook Marketplace dropshipping stores.

  1. Multi-Level Bookshelf 
  2. Microfiber Bed Sheet Set
  3. Digital Meat Thermometer 
  4. Indoor Insect Zapper Trap 
  5. Expandable Multi-Function Garden Hose
  6. Dog Poop Bags With Leash Clip

1. Multi-Level Bookshelf

The first product on our list is the Multi-Level Bookshelf. With a durable build and smooth finishing, this bookcase is perfect for keeping books organized. It is also available in different designs, sizes, and colors. Moreover, this product is a high-ticket item. Since high ticket products sell for more than $100, dropshipping them allows us to enjoy a higher profit margin.

2. Microfiber Bed Sheet Set

If we want a best-seller for our store all year round, Microfiber Bed Sheet Sets are the best option. They are made of finely woven synthetic fibers from materials such as wood pulp, polyester, or nylon.

Despite their durability, Microfiber bed sheets are affordable, soft, and don’t easily wrinkle like cotton. All in all, high-quality microfiber bed sheets will attract plenty of customers due to their functionality and attractiveness.

3. Digital Meat Thermometer

Designed for customers who work around the kitchen, a Digital Meat Thermometer is an easy way to measure the temperature of meat recipes. With LCD panels, they display the actual temperature of meat in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Furthermore, the Digital Meat Thermometer is an evergreen product that sells all year round.

Beginner’s Tip: When dropshipping the Digital Meat Thermometer, add thermometers with a large display that is easy to read and understand. On top of that, also list variations with a built-in buzzer for automatic alerts.

4. Indoor Insect Zapper Trap

As an essential home tool, the Indoor Insect Zapper Trap keeps insects and flies out of homes and yards. In essence, this product includes bulbs with UV light that attracts insects and kills them with an electric shock. However, it is completely safe for humans. As this product is in high demand, it will be successful in our Facebook Marketplace store.   

5. Expandable Multi-Function Garden Hose

Another item on our best-seller list is the Expandable Multi-Function Garden Hose. It is a Home and Garden product used to clean or water plants. On top of that, it has an expandable hose that can be adjusted according to the requirement. In general, this product ranks high on supplier’s best-seller sections, too, so dropshipping it will boost our profits.

Beginner’s Tip: Generally, the Expandable Multi-Function Garden Hose comes in different sizes and settings. As such, we can sell garden hoses with adjustable water settings for various purposes.

6. Dog Poop Bags With Leash Clip

For customers who love walking their dogs, Dog Poop Bags With Leash Clip is a convenient accessory to have. This product functions as a waste bag holder. Additionally, these holders can be hung on a pet leash via a hook. Since this product is highly trending in the pet niche, our first order will come in no time.

All in all, these six products are some of the in-demand products with high-profit potential. Therefore, we can stream our business operations with the Facebook Marketplace dropshipping tool to get our business running immediately. Plus, we can also learn to use the Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping Software Extension tool.

What Products To Avoid Dropshipping On Facebook Marketplace

Along with best-sellers, we must be aware of what products to avoid on Facebook Marketplace. To elaborate, Facebook’s eCommerce policies govern the rules and regulations outlining prohibited and restricted products.

In a nutshell, we should steer clear of violating eCommerce laws. Or else it will result in our accounts getting suspended and banned. With that in mind, here are some products that we should avoid dropshipping on Facebook:

  • Adult products 
  • Medical and Healthcare products
  • Products violating copyright and trademark laws
  • Alcohol or Tobacco products
  • Hazardous materials
  • Weapons, Ammunitions, and Explosives

However, there’s no need to worry if we are working with AutoDS. That’s because this dropshipping tool automatically warns us whenever we list prohibited products. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Product Research Tool For Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping? 

In general, strategies like supplier’s best seller sections, Google Trends, and Facebook Ads are excellent product research methods. However, the AutoDS product research tool is the best option for Facebook Marketplace due to its efficiency and automatic research features.

Do I Need To Do Facebook Marketplace Product Research? 

Absolutely, Facebook Marketplace product research is undeniably the best way to find successful products for our stores. With product research, we can find many trending and in-demand products to sell, helping us scale our business faster. 

What Are The Best Products To Dropship On Facebook Marketplace?

Some of the best products to dropship on Facebook Marketplace are the Multi-Level Bookshelf, Microfiber Bed Sheet Set, Digital Meat Thermometer, and Indoor Insect Zapper Trap. Moreover, we can find more products like these with the AutoDS product research tool.


Hooray! Now, we know about product research methods for Facebook Marketplace. With this knowledge, we have already won half the battle since product research is the first step to dropshipping success.

And we also learned about six best-selling products we can sell on Facebook Marketplace. So, we can instantly sell these winning products and make hefty profits. If we want to learn about further steps to achieve dropshipping success on Facebook Marketplace, here are some articles to learn from: