AliExpress is one of the leading online retail platforms worldwide. It stands out for having low competition, offering low prices, and extending worldwide shipping. As such, AliExpress has become the go-to supplier for dropshipping Shopify stores.

Initially, the enterprise used to focus on business-to-business arrangements. However, due to the increasing demand for online shopping, its services have broadened to business-to-consumer, consumer-to-consumer, cloud computing, and payment services.

These features makes this retail market befitting for your Shopify dropshipping venture. With the proper knowledge and tools, you too can join other dropshippers and begin importing items from AliExpress to your store. 

And that’s precisely what we’ll learn about in this article. We will discover the most convenient and efficient means to import products from AliExpress to our Shopify store. In the long run, these tools will pave the way for your dropshipping business to emerge worldwide.

How To Import Products from AliExpress to Your Shopify Dropshipping Store

Now, let’s proceed to the three widely known methods in importing products from AliExpress to a Shopify dropshipping store.

The first method is using the one-click importer. The second is by adding the buy URL/ID, and the third is importing products in bulk.

Don’t worry if it sounds confusing – here’s the explanation on how to use each of these time-saving features.

Import Products from AliExpress Using the One-Click Importer

The first way for importing products to your dropshipping store is by the aid of the One-Click Importer

The one-click importer, as its name suggests, allows us to import any product from AliExpress to your Shopify store with just one click. But before anything else, we need to install the AutoDS Helper Chrome Extension

AutoDs Dropshipping Helper

To start, go to the page of the product that you want to import from AliExpress.

Importing product to AutoDs Dropshipping Platform

After entering a product page, you will see a button ‘Import to AutoDS‘ just above the product name. Click this button to import the product automatically from AliExpress to the drafts page of your Shopify store.

When the ‘Import to AutoDS’ bar color changes, it signifies that the importing process has begun.

To verify if the product’s import from AliExpress is ready, click ‘Drafts‘ on the left sidebar of the AutoDS page.

AutoDs Drafts Page

We can see in the illustration that the Ceramic Pet Bowl is already available in the drafts and is now ready for optimization.

To start with the optimization process, click the drop-down arrow.

AutoDs Product Optimizing

Now, we can begin optimizing the product’s general information like title, collections, tags, automation, and location settings.

Furthermore, we can optimize the product’s description, variants, images, item specifications, and more.

AutoDs Finish Optimization

Once you’re done with the optimization process, you may now import the product to your Shopify store by clicking the ‘Import‘ button, as shown.

Import aliexpress product to shopify dropshipping store

Then, you will be able to see the item and its details on the Products’ page just above ‘Drafts’ on the left sidebar of the AutoDS platform.

AutoDs Product Page

Once the product moves from ‘drafts’ to ‘products’, we know that it is now live on our Shopify store, and anyone can go in and purchase it.

Furthermore, click on the ‘Destination’ link to see your product on your Shopify store:

AutoDs Product Destination

Once we click on the destination link, we’ll be directed to the product on our Shopify store. Here’s how it looks:

Shopify Product Overview

Import Products From AliExpress By Adding URL/ID

The second method to import dropshipping products from AliExpress to Shopify is by adding the product’s Buy URL/IDs onto AutoDS.

Simply copy the product’s URL or ID from AliExpress, and on AutoDS click on ‘Add Products.’

Then, paste the URLs/IDs. Additionally, you can add multiple products by pasting additional URLs/IDs with a line break in between.

AutoDs Add Product Url

After doing so,  click on ‘Add as draft’ and all of the product IDs will show up in your drafts page, and you may now start optimizing your products on the drafts page.

AutoDs Add Product Draft

Import Dropshipping Products in Bulk from AliExpress Through a CSV File

The third method for importing products is through a CSV File which will help us import them in bulk. You can import tens, hundreds, or even thousands of products at once from AliExpress to your Shopify dropshipping store with the help of this feature.

To utilize this method, you need the AutoDS helper extension.

After installing the extension, proceed to AliExpress and search for the product that you want to import to your Shopify store.

On the product search results page, click the AutoDS extension icon and click on ‘Extract.’ 

AutoDs Dropshipping Products Exporter

After clicking on ‘Extract,’ the IDs of all products will be available in the extension box. Then, click on ‘Export as CSV’ to continue with the importing process.

A CSV file containing all possible product IDs will automatically save onto your computer. 

Next, add the file to the AutoDS platform by clicking on ‘Add Products,’ then ‘Upload CSV.’

AutoDs Upload CSV

Drag and drop that CSV file in that area, and all products in the file will now import to the drafts section of your store.

You may then continue the import process by optimizing your product on the drafts page and importing it to the products page when finished.

In Conclusion

As you can see, importing products from AliExpress to Shopify using any of the methods above is simply straightforward.

Now that you are familiar with the three methods of importing products, choose whichever method suits you best and start saving time to invest in growing your online business.

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