Are you seeking to establish a thriving European dropshipping business? Well, building a successful dropshipping business requires more than just identifying popular products. As such, we have to work our way toward finding the best dropshipping suppliers in Europe to help us scale our venture.

Luckily, we don’t have to search far, as this article will uncover the best 20 European dropshipping suppliers. Here, we will explore the key features of reliable suppliers that will help us remain competitive in the European market. As a bonus, we will discover the valuable features that make AutoDS an all-in-one dropshipping platform for European suppliers.

How To Choose The Best European Dropshipping Suppliers

Notably, suppliers are our business partners. The quality of products and services they provide is the same that we extend to our customers. Thus, it’s crucial that we pick reliable suppliers to help us build a reputable dropshipping Europe business.

With that said, here are the criteria we should consider when selecting the best dropshipping suppliers in Europe:

Criteria When Choosing The Best European Dropshipping Suppliers

Sourcing from suppliers that cater to multiple niches can help us diversify our product listings. Plus, affordable prices can lead to higher profit margins for our European dropshipping business. Besides that, European dropshipping suppliers with international and domestic warehouses pave the way for a greater market reach and faster order fulfillment.

Additionally, the suppliers we choose must present practical business policies, such as returns and refunds. Meanwhile, reliable shipping carriers result in the quick delivery of orders.

Furthermore, we should verify the supplier’s credibility through positive reviews on its website. Lastly, excellent customer service is a must when selecting the best dropshipping supplier in Europe. Remember that when we work with suppliers, we also adopt their policies and extend them to our customers.

With the help of these factors, we can choose the best sourcing platform that will help us expand our European dropshipping venture.

20 Best Dropshipping Suppliers In Europe

On to the main highlight of this article, we’ll uncover the best dropshipping suppliers in Europe

Notably, this list includes European dropshipping suppliers that integrate with AutoDS. As an all-in-one dropshipping solution, we can enjoy full business automation, like product imports, while working with AutoDS. Next, we’ll discuss the key features that make these European dropshipping suppliers stand out.

1. AutoDS Warehouse & Private Suppliers

AutoDS warehouse europe dropshipping

AutoDS is the ultimate solution for European dropshipping businesses. Their advanced infrastructure and extensive private supplier network are tailored to serve the European market, ensuring efficient order fulfillment and seamless shipping processes.

The AutoDS warehouse has a diverse marketplace to gain a competitive advantage. You can connect with a wide range of dedicated suppliers who understand the needs of European dropshipping businesses. On top of that, benefit from unique products and exclusive discounts that help you maximize profits and scale your operations effectively.

Furthermore, sellers working with Chinese suppliers can take advantage of our latest feature, AutoDS Product Sourcing. This innovative solution addresses the challenges faced when sourcing from China, providing a streamlined process for requesting quotes on products from Chinese suppliers. With quick turnaround times, detailed quotes, and the assurance of quality inspection through the AutoDS warehouse, you get access to the best European dropshipping suppliers with top-notch product quality and fast shipping.

And, personalize your shipments effortlessly by adding your store logo, strengthening your brand identity and fostering customer loyalty. With AutoDS managing the logistics, you can focus on growing your European dropshipping business and delivering exceptional service to your customers.

2. Banggood

Dropshipping Suppliers Europe Banggood

Next on our list of European dropshipping suppliers is Banggood. This Chinese dropshipping platform connects 100,000 reliable suppliers with European consumers. Here are the features that Banggood offers our business:


  • Millions of products from all categories
  • Europe warehouses with fast shipping
  • Dropshipping-friendly
  • AutoDS-supported platform 


  • Only accepts Paypal for dropshipping program

With millions of high-quality products, Banggood has lots for us to sell from various categories. Although it is a Chinese company, Banggood has European warehouses, allowing us to offer fast shipping times all over the region. Furthermore, Banggood is a dropshipping-friendly supplier that offers wholesale programs, cash-back opportunities, and special discounts.

Although Banggood’s standard buying option supports different payment methods, its dropshipping program only supports PayPal. Thus, we need to keep this in mind when dropshipping from Banggood. Nonetheless, dropshippers can still enjoy low-cost pricing for millions of products on Banggood. 

3. AliExpress

Dropshipping Suppliers Europe AliExpress

Taking the number three spot is AliExpress. As one of the top-rated dropshipping suppliers in Europe, AliExpress has the following pros and cons:


  • A large array of product choices
  • An extensive network of European suppliers
  • Plenty of European warehouses
  • Low-priced products
  • Integrates with AutoDS


  • Non-English product descriptions
  • Low-quality product images

AliExpress boasts one of the widest selections of low-cost products available to dropship from almost every category. What’s more, the website offers an excellent way to find the most trending items to sell through the AliExpress Dropshipping Center. Additionally, AliExpress allows us to offer fast shipping in Europe through its extensive network of suppliers and warehouses.

However, the platform has many low-quality product images, which impacts the presentation of our products. Similarly, most product descriptions have non-English characters, making them difficult to understand. That’s why, we can adopt editing tools to produce high-quality product images and professional item descriptions.

4. CJDropshipping

Dropshipping Suppliers Europe CJDropshipping

If we love a European supplier that gears itself toward dropshipping, then CJDropshipping is for us. This dropshipping supplier in Europe is known for the following features:


  • Wide variety of products
  • Warehouses in Europe
  • White label services 
  • Print-on-demand services
  • Unique product selection in each European warehouse
  • Product sourcing request
  • Works with AutoDS


  • More expensive products

Interestingly, CJDropshipping tailors its product selection specifically for dropshippers, offering trending items from multiple categories. In addition, CJ Dropshipping offers white-label services and print-on-demand solutions. CJDropshipping is also a front-runner in shipping speeds, quickly delivering parcels from its European warehouses.

On the downside, some products on CJDropshipping are relatively more expensive than its competitors. So, we must adjust the product prices in our dropshipping stores accordingly. Plus, we should market our items professionally to highlight their values so customers will purchase them.

5. Costway

Dropshipping Suppliers Europe Costway

Next up, we have Costway. As a famous dropshipping supplier in Europe, this dropshipping supplier highlights home decor products at affordable prices. Let’s check the benefits and downsides of this supplier:


  • 8000+ self-branded items
  • Warehouses in Europe
  • Dropship program
  • AutoDS-supported supplier


  • Not a wholesale supplier
  • Delivery packages have Costway logos

Costway has over 8000 self-branded home decor items from more than ten categories. Costway’s local warehouses also allow us to dropship its products all over Europe at fast shipping speeds. Another advantage to sourcing with Costway is the dropship program that entitles us to special promotional pricing, dedicated support, rewards points, etc.

As a drawback, this retailer does not have a wholesale program for dropshippers, disabling access to lower prices when buying in bulk. Costway also includes the company’s logo on the packaging when shipping products. Although most customers don’t mind this, we can connect with Costway for branding opportunities.

6. eBay

Dropshipping Suppliers Europe eBay

Undeniably, eBay is one of the pioneering eCommerce platforms. It is one of the best dropshipping suppliers in Europe, offering the following features


  • Massive selection of products
  • Dedicated websites in major European countries 
  • Amazing customer service
  • AutoDS-compatible platform


  • Inconsistent shop policies – vary according to sellers

With 1.5 billion listings, eBay offers many products from various niches available for us to list in our stores. Most importantly, products listed on the European eBay websites are stored in local warehouses, enabling fast delivery across the region. When it comes to customer service, eBay is a marketplace where individual sellers rely on seller ratings and reviews to boost their reputation.

However, eBay’s major downside the inconsistent shop policies. Since different sellers impose varying regulations, we must also check these policies before product sourcing. This way, we can ensure that the policies we extend to customers are fair and clear.

7. Shopify

shopify dropshipping supplier

Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, but you can’t source from it, right? Actually, you can! With the latest AutoDS update, the platform now allows its users to import products from Shopify stores. This update is a game changer that empowers dropshippers to stand out from the crowd.

Here are some of the best perks of sourcing from Shopify stores:

  • Vast Product Selection
  • Winning Products
  • Quality Control
  • Vetted Suppliers
  • AutoDS Automation

Currently, there are over 4M stores active stores powered by Shopify. AutoDS users can now tap into this gold mine and source products for their dropshipping stores. Furthermore, Shopify’s reputation ensures the quality of offered products. Therefore, we can choose reputed stores and reduce the risks of dealing with unreliable European dropshipping suppliers.

Another key point is that Shopify merchants sell trending and demanding products. They already researched the markets and found winning products. Moreover, they have already vetted the suppliers they partnered with. These benefits save us time and effort on market research and product testing.

Finally, AutoDS customers enjoy the advantages of powerful dropshipping automation. They get instant product importing, real-time inventory monitoring and updates, and other benefits.

8. Wayfair UK

Dropshipping Suppliers Europe Wayfair UK

Wayfair is an American eCommerce company founded in 2002, mainly selling furniture and home decor. While primarily American-based, it also operates in the UK and Germany, making it an ideal European dropshipping supplier. With that said, here are the main reasons to work with Wayfair:


  • Specializes in home decor and furniture
  • A variety of design options, colors, and materials
  • Free shipping for orders above $49
  • Integration with AutoDS


  • It does not offer wholesale prices

Wayfair has a massive inventory of home decor items and furniture that we can sell to our European clients. Plus, its diversified product catalog allows us to list items in all imaginable variations. Moreover, the company provides free shipping for orders above $49.

On the other hand, Wayfair doesn’t provide wholesale prices to dropshippers, even when ordering in bulk. Nevertheless, we can set competitive product prices in our dropshipping stores to gain substantial profits.

9. VidaXL

Dropshipping Suppliers Europe VidaXL

Next on our list is VidaXL, a Netherlands-based multinational company known for its wide range of reasonably priced home and garden furniture products. As one of the best dropshipping suppliers in Europe, here are the key features of this platform:


  • High-quality products
  • Competitive prices
  • Free shipping on all products
  • Supported by AutoDS


  • Requires a separate account to dropship in each European country
  • Dropshipping service charge

VidaXL strives to provide affordable home and garden furniture without compromising quality. Besides that, VidaXL provides free shipping across Europe on all of its products. Sourcing a high-quality product with free shipping is a strong advantage when dropshipping.

However, we can only dropship in one country with a single VidaXL account. Essentially, dropshipping in a new country requires a new account, so we need to set up multiple accounts if we want to dropship across Europe. Despite charging a dropshipping fee of €30 per month, this subscription lets us access all perks for our online business. 

10. Costco UK

Dropshipping Suppliers Europe Costco UK

For a daily dose of deals, Costco is our to-go wholesale platform. Unlike other suppliers, Costco generates most of its revenue from its monthly membership fees and not from product sales. So, let’s explore more features that this top dropshipping Europe supplier offers:


  • A vast range of items
  • Unique products
  • Deals and discounts
  • Superb customer support
  • Practical return policy
  • Quick shipping
  • AutoDS-supported platform


  • Extra surcharge for non-members

Remarkably, Costco offers a large selection of items from 20+ product categories, many of which are not readily available on other platforms. Along with its unique model, Costco offers deals and discounts that allow us to increase our profit margins. In addition, Costco’s customer support resolves any issues related to tracking, returns, and refunds efficiently.

Due to its exclusive membership model, we need to acquire a subscription to take full advantage of dropshipping from Costco. Although it is possible to purchase products without a Costco membership, we will be charged an additional 5% on top of the original price. Despite these drawbacks, we can take advantage of Costco’s exclusive dropshipping deals for members, like discounted prices.

11. DHGate

Dropshipping Suppliers Europe DHGate

Yet another sought-after supplier that provides wholesale deals is DHGate. Dropshipping from DHGate allows us to access affordable prices and save money on bulk orders. Aside from that, here are the advantages and disadvantages of working with this dropshipping Europe supplier:


  • Large product catalog
  • Low-cost products
  • Wholesale pricing
  • A massive network of warehouses
  • Works with AutoDS


  • Low-quality products

DHGate has over 20 million products from different categories at low costs. With this in mind, we can sell items at a higher price in our dropshipping store, maximizing our profits. If we thought it couldn’t get any better, DHGate has a massive network of local warehouses within Europe that enable quick shipping of customer orders.

On the flip side, some products on DHGate are low-quality. Some manufacturers offer copies and replicas of branded products on the platform. Therefore, we should always verify product legitimacy through product reviews before adding them to our store.

12. Amazon

Dropshipping Suppliers Europe Amazon

Another major player in the worldwide eCommerce scene is Amazon. It is no surprise that Amazon is also a popular name in dropshipping Europe. With that in mind, let’s uncover the benefits and drawbacks of working with this supplier:


  • Millions of products in every niche
  • European warehouses
  • Fast shipping times
  • Reputable supplier
  • Integration with AutoDS


  • Inconsistent shipping and return policies 
  • High competition for identical products

Amazon has millions of products in almost any category, which means there is no limit on what we can sell. Additionally, Amazon offers comprehensive product and seller reviews, allowing us to verify the quality of each product. On the fulfillment end, Amazon has over 40 warehouses within Europe, enabling fast shipments of parcels.

However, sourcing from Amazon also means that we’re competing with other dropshippers for the same products. Therefore, we must work on promoting and branding our stores to make them distinctive from the competition. Another issue is the inconsistent policies, so we need to review these policies on Amazon so that we can extend practical regulations to our customers. 

13. Printful

Dropshipping Suppliers Europe Printful


Moving on to another excellent dropshipping supplier in Europe, we have Printful. This sourcing platform allows easy designing and selling of print-on-demand products while providing branding, warehousing, and fulfillment services. Let’s explore the pros and cons of integrating with Printful:


  • High-quality print-on-demand products
  • Advanced mock-up generator
  • Personalized branding options
  • Integration with 20+ selling platforms


  • Limited product range
  • Relatively expensive

Essentially, Printful offers high-quality products compared to other print-on-demand suppliers. In addition, its advanced mock-up generator lets us see our final product and allows us to generate photos for our dropshipping store. Moreover, Printful’s customization options allow us to build a solid brand by offering customized packaging and branded pack-ins for each product.

Meanwhile, Printful has a limited product selection that only includes apparel, accessories, and homeware products. Besides that, Printful has high-cost products compared to other print-on-demand suppliers.

14. Printify

Dropshipping Suppliers Europe Printify

Another emerging platform that provides access to networks of print-on-demand service providers is Printify. As one of the most renowned European dropshipping suppliers, let’s check out what Printify has to offer:


  • An extensive network of European print-on-demand suppliers
  • Low production costs
  • Wide variety of items
  • Free startup plan


  • Less control over product quality 
  • Limited selling channel integration

Although Printify does not print and manufacture products, it has an excellent network of suppliers and warehouses that deliver its products all over Europe. We can connect to huge printing facilities through Printify and significantly bring down the products’ costs. On top of that, Printify allows us to test the waters with a free startup plan to get our business started.

Due to the multiple print providers, the quality of Printify products can be inconsistent. Another downside is a limited number of selling channel integrations.

15. CDiscount

cdiscount one of european dropshipping suppliers

CDiscount is a French e-commerce platform that offers a wide range of products, from electronics and household appliances to fashion, beauty, and home goods. Founded in 1998, it has since evolved into one of the leading online retailers in France. Here is why it is one of the best European dropshipping suppliers:


  • Vast product range
  • Loyalty program
  • International presence
  • Wholesale suppliers
  • AutoDS integration


  • Language barrier
  • High competition

Cdiscount is the third largest marketplace in France, selling over 350,000 products from over 30 categories. It started as a retailer but expanded and now hosts third-party sellers similar to Amazon. In addition, many sellers there are wholesalers. There is also a loyalty program with discounts and free shipping for orders over 25 euros.

Cdiscount ships within 2-6 days across France and has an international presence across Europe. It delivers to Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Ireland, and Portugal. It also can ship to other European countries through its international marketplace network. However, despite its presence in several countries, the Cdiscount website is unavailable in other languages.

16. BigBuy

Dropshipping Suppliers Europe BigBuy

Now, let’s check out BigBuy, another dropshipping supplier in Europe. Aside from the wide range of products it offers, here are more reasons to consider BigBuy as our next supplier:


  • Extensive selection of products
  • Dropshipping focused
  • Wholesale pricing
  • Competitive shipping fee


  • High competition
  • Substandard return policy

BigBuy is a famous dropshipping European supplier due to its extensive catalog of competitively priced products. In addition, the company specializes in providing dropshipping services. Aside from that, BigBuy works with reliable shipping carriers across Europe, making shipping available all over Europe at affordable prices.

Unfortunately, this wholesaler does not have a favorable return policy, as it doesn’t accept returns and refunds unless the product is damaged. In addition, working with BigBuy means we have to deal with high competition. With many businesses sourcing the same BigBuy products, we must work effectively to differentiate ourselves and increase sales.

17. Brands Gateway

Dropshipping Suppliers Europe Brands Gateway

Following our list of the best dropshipping suppliers in Europe is Brands Gateway. As a fashion marketplace, we can source luxury goods at wholesale prices and dropship them all over Europe. Besides that, here is more of what Brands Gateway can provide our European dropshipping business:


  • 90,000+ designer items from luxury brands
  • Unique fashion products
  • Europe-based warehouses


  • Above-average dropshipping fee
  • High minimum order

Over 90,000 designer products from reputable and well-known luxury brands are available on the Brands Gateway marketplace. Moreover, the products are uniquely sourced from domestic warehouses. Moreover, dropshipping a unique product allows us to increase our profit margins as customers are willing to pay more for something rare.

However, the main drawback of Brands Gateway is that it requires a high minimum order of €1000. In the same way, its dropshipping fee is considerably more expensive than that of other European suppliers.

18. BTS Wholesaler

Dropshipping Suppliers Europe BTS Wholesaler

BTS Wholesaler takes the next spot on our European dropshipping suppliers’ list. This wholesale company offers products in the beauty and perfume niches. Now, let’s discover more features of BTS Wholesaler: 


  • 17,000 products from 600 brands
  • Private label services 
  • Customizable packaging


  • Few available selling platform integrations

With over 17,000 products from 600 established brands, BTS Wholesaler is one of the leading dropshipping suppliers in Europe. Aside from offering products from reputable suppliers, it also offers private label services. When we finally dropship these products, we can package the products under our custom-designed branding.

On the downside, BTS Wholesaler has very few marketplace integrations. What’s more, it lacks integrations with mainstream platforms like WooCommerce.   

19. Griffati

Dropshipping Suppliers Europe Griffati

As an Italian wholesale fashion brand, Griffati provides a wide range of designer clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories. Apart from that, Griffati extends the following perks to our dropshipping Europe business:


  • Branded products
  • Wholesale supplier
  • Fast shipping times
  • Dropshipping friendly platform
  • 15-day discovery plan


  • Dropshipping fee
  • Minimum order fee

Remarkably, Griffati works with 300 reputable and unique brands at wholesale prices. With warehouses all over Europe, Griffati enables us to ship these excellent products at swift shipping times anywhere on the continent. What’s more, Griffati is a dropshipping-friendly platform with many services geared toward our business model.

Despite these advantages, Griffati charges a periodic subscription fee for its more advanced dropshipping plans. Plus, it requires a minimum order fee when sourcing from this platform. All in all, these subscriptions allow us access to the best dropshipping support in the European dropshipping market.

20. Brands Distribution

Dropshipping Suppliers Europe Brands Distribution

Now, we have Brands Distribution, an innovative fashion leader in B2B wholesale branded clothing. The company has more than ten years of experience in fashion, excellent service, and robust logistics infrastructure. As a top European dropshipping supplier, here are the main reasons to choose this platform:


  • Product catalog of over 120 original brands
  • Images for marketing campaigns
  • Single dashboard to manage all selling platforms


  • Few selling platform integrations
  • High dropshipping fees

With over 120 original brands to offer, we can source unique and classy clothing from Brands Distribution. Besides that, it provides image and video shooting services for marketing campaigns. On top of everything, Brands Distribution’s user-friendly approach enables us to manage all our orders and selling channels on a single dashboard.

With all these benefits, there is also a catch. Brands Distribution only works with a handful of selling platforms. Similarly, this supplier requires a high dropshipping fee, which is comparatively more expensive than other suppliers.

All in all, sourcing from one platform may not be enough to attain dropshipping success in Europe. Therefore, we must work with multiple reliable suppliers that can provide top-caliber products and over-the-top services. If problems arise with one supplier, we’ll always have backups for the continuous operation of our online stores.

Streamline Your European Dropshipping Business With Automated Order Fulfillment

AutoDS Order Fulfillment Dashboard

While we may have already found a reliable European dropshipping supplier on this list, no strategy is better than automating the order fulfillment process. With the automated order fulfillment method, we don’t have to purchase products from suppliers manually. Likewise, we don’t have to individually enter customers’ shipping details, which is prone to input errors.

Subsequently, we need a dependable dropshipping tool to help us with business automation. That’s why, AutoDS is here to help us build a strong dropshipping business in Europe. As an all-in-one dropshipping platform, this tool allows us to fulfill orders automatically.

Besides order fulfillment, we can streamline other aspects of our dropshipping business in Europe. Here are more AutoDS tools to take advantage of:

  • Advanced Product Research Marketplace 
  • Complete Order Fulfillment 
  • Product Imports
  • Price/Stock Monitoring
  • Inventory Management 
  • Automatic Price Optimization 
  • Order Tracking Updates
  • and much more!

With all these automated features, we can serve customers without carrying out each task manually. Therefore, our customers remain happy while we maximize our profit potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Dropshipping Suppliers In Europe?

The best dropshipping suppliers in Europe include Banggood, AliExpress, CJDropshipping, Costway, and eBay. These sourcing platforms offer trending products and reliable services to our European dropshipping business, which we extend to our customers.

How Can I Find Reliable European Dropshipping Suppliers?

You can go to the AutoDS suppliers page and find more suppliers by filtering suppliers in the European region. Moreover, you can search Google for suppliers in the European region and contact them to learn what they offer dropshippers.

What Are The Benefits Of Working With European Dropshipping Suppliers?

Working with dropshipping suppliers in Europe allows you to offer fast domestic shipping and reliable customer service. Essentially, the presence of domestic warehouses in Europe helps us hasten the order fulfillment process. As a result, we can achieve high customer satisfaction with our efficient services. 


Undoubtedly, working with the best dropshipping suppliers in Europe is essential to our eCommerce success. Therefore, it’s important to stay updated with the latest information on the top suppliers in the region.

Now, we are set to start our online dropshipping business in Europe. With the help of dropshipping automation, we can easily expand our market reach and scale our profits.

Do you want to venture into other dropshipping markets? Here are some of the top suppliers in various regions that cover high-converting niches: