Dropshipping has taken the eCommerce world by storm, bringing a ton of success and revenue to dropshippers. Throughout this boom, the US market has been a prime target with a lot of consumerism. But, who’s the main reason we’re able to enjoy running a dropshipping store successfully in the US? Well, the American dropshipping suppliers, of course! USA dropshipping suppliers allow us to ship items from our store to our customers quickly and efficiently, especially if we’re dropshipping in the US.

So, in this article, we’ll take a look at the best USA dropshipping suppliers and the benefits of working with them. We’ll also see how to find American suppliers for dropshipping. Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

Some of the best USA dropshipping suppliers are: Amazon, eBay, Wayfair, Overstock, Costway, Costco, Target, and many more.

Some of the best international suppliers with US warehouses are: AliExpress, CJDropshipping, Baggood, RedBubble, and more.

When working with American dropshipping suppliers, you get faster shipping times, better quality products, better markups, reliable tracking, and more.

To easily find reliable American dropshipping suppliers, you can utilize the AutoDS supported suppliers page, the AutoDS blog and YouTube channel, and online research.

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Best American Dropshipping Suppliers

When choosing an American dropshipping supplier, we must ensure that they are a good fit for our business. It’s essential to choose a supplier whose business policies and product range align with our needs. After all, they are the ones responsible for sourcing and shipping products to our customers. 

We should note that it’s best to work with multiple suppliers. As such, we can compare prices and shipping times. Plus, if one supplier is out of stock, we can quickly fall back on another. It also gives a chance to offer more products and multiple different varieties. That way, we can appeal to a larger customer base.  Plus, AutoDS’ dropshipping automation system supports numerous American dropshipping suppliers, making it easy for us to dropship.

1. Wayfair

Wayfair USA dropshipping supplier

First on our list of American dropshipping suppliers is Wayfair. Wayfair is known for its vast selection of products within the ‘Home‘ niche. With warehouses around the world, they are a fantastic choice for dropshippers.

Additionally, Wayfair offers fast two-day shipping within the US, making it a top choice for the American consumer.


  • Huge Selection Of Products – With 14 million products from eleven product categories and over ten subcategories each, Wayfair has any product within the ‘Home’ niche you can imagine.
  • The MYWAY Program – Wayfair’s MYWAY program offers free shipping on any product on their site for only $29.99 per year. Additional perks include one-day shipping for multiple products and access to thousands of exclusive products.
  • Paypal Support – Enjoy easy and safe transactions. Fulfill your customer’s orders with Paypal instead of using a debit or credit card.
  • International Warehouses – Get free or inexpensive two-day shipping for all US orders plus fast and reliable shipping internationally. If you’re dropshipping to European consumers, take advantage of their international sites. Wayfair DE, CA, and UK.


  • High Prices – Wayfair’s product quality is high, and so are their prices. Don’t worry; you can still make significant profit margins, just not as quickly as other suppliers.
  • Niche Limitation – Although having many products, Wayfair’s products are all from one main niche.
  • Restricted International Shipping – International shipping is only offered through Wayfair’s international sites. You will need to use the respective websites of Wayfair Canada, Wayfair UK, or Wayfair DE for shipments outside the US.

Lastly, don’t miss out on their daily sales to score hot deals and increase profits.

Check out our complete overview of dropshipping from Wayfair to learn how to work with them successfully and profitably.

2. Costway

American based dropshipping supplier Costway

Second on our list of American suppliers is Costway. The founders of Costway are dropshippers themselves, so dropshipping from Costway is supported and encouraged.

Additionally, Costway can supply you with an official dropshipping agreement. So if for any reason you were asked to show business agreements between you and your supplier, you can use this feature.

Furthermore, Costway has a well-rounded selection of products. You can find furniture kitchen, toys, sports gear, baby items, and even pet supplies.


  • Cashback – Costway offers a cashback rewards program. For any order placed, you can earn back a percentage of the money you spend.
  • Free Standard Shipping – Costway provides free standard shipping for all their items. Costway processes orders within 24 hours, and the average shipping time is 3-5 days.  UPS, USPS, or FedEx fulfill the deliveries.
  • 90-Day Warranty – Costway provides a generous warranty. If a customer receives a faulty item, orders can be exchanged or refunded for up to 90 days after purchase.
  • Payment Methods – PayPal is offered as a payment method, so you don’t need to worry about card limitations.


  • Standard Products – Costway has a broad selection of products, but no special or unique products are available.
  • No Branding Options – Unlike some other suppliers on our list, Costway does not provide “White Label” support.
  • Payment Options – You can purchase items with PayPal or a credit/debit card, but there isn’t a payment installment solution.

Our favorite suppliers are the dropshipping-friendly ones, and Costway is one of them.

3. Overstock

Overstock USA dropshipping supplier

Next, we have another American dropshipping supplier, Overstock. Overstock is known for its high-quality products, mainly within the ‘Home’ niche.

Additionally, they offer reasonable prices, reliable shipping, and excellent customer support. Other benefits include their easy PayPal payments and daily deals to help you profit even more.


  • Friendly Return Policy – Overstock has a 30 days return policy. If you need to return an item, you can get a full refund within the first 30 days.
  • Price Match Guarantee – If you find the same product from any other supplier in the world for a lower price, you can contact Overstock and get a refund of the price difference.
  • Club 0 Program – Join Overstock’s loyalty program for $19.95 per year to enjoy free shipping on all orders and 5% cashback on any purchase. The first 30 days after sign-up are free.


  • Limited Variety – While being perfect for sourcing ‘home’ dropshipping products, they are not a diverse supplier with multiple niches.
  • No Dropshipping Perks – As opposed to Costway (right above), Overstock does not offer a dropshipping agreement or any other beneficial dropshipping features.

Learn how you can work with this US dropshipping supplier here:

4. Walmart

Walmart American dropshipping supplier

Fourth on our list is Walmart. If you’re not yet familiar with this gigantic online retailer, you’re in for a treat.

Walmart is perfect for selling to American consumers with a vast selection of products from endless categories and Next Day Delivery options.

You can also send products in gift packaging, so your customers won’t see the brand or your cost.


  • Price Match Policy – If you buy a product that goes on sale within your return period, reach out to Walmart’s customer support and get a refund of the price difference.
  • Product Diversity – Walmart has over 46.1 million products across its hundreds of stores. Whether you have a general or niche-specific store, you can easily find products from any category.
  • Free & Fast Shipping – Stay competitive and attract more buyers by offering Next-Day delivery.
  • Higher Profit Potential – With their big savings and daily deals, we can find opportunities for even higher profit margins.


  • Payment Methods – Walmart does not offer PayPal as a payment option.
  • Generic Products – Although Walmart has a diverse selection of products from multiple categories, you can find many of their products elsewhere.

More about dropshipping from Walmart here:

5. Amazon

Amazon USA dropshipping supplier

Amazon is another substantial online retailer that many dropshippers use to source their products. That is because they have hundreds of warehouses with millions of products, but that’s not all.

Amazon also offers fast and reliable shipping together with superb customer service, making it exceptionally easy to keep customers satisfied.


  • Prime Program – Amazon’s ‘Prime’ program membership enables fast shipping with same-day or two-day delivery.
  • Product Variety – Although many other American suppliers offer a wide selection of products, Amazon provides more product categories by far.
  • Warehouses – Amazon has 110 active fulfillment centers in the US and 185 centers globally. As a result, it is an excellent dropshipping supplier to use in the US and the broader European market.


  • Quality Control – Amazon is a marketplace/selling channel and not a direct supplier. Many Amazon dropshippers dropship from Chinese suppliers, resulting in lower-quality products.

Additionally, use Amazon’s most-wished-for list, best sellers section, and the Amazon movers and shakers to discover trendy products and rake in even more sales.

6. Costco

Costco USA dropshipping supplier

Next, we have Costco, a gigantic American wholesaler. Costco is known for its unique membership club and competitive prices.

Costco’s primary revenue and profit come from their monthly membership card fees and not their product sales, unlike most suppliers worldwide.

As such, Costco can offer meager prices and great deals. Another reason we love Costco is their fast two-day shipping to most US locations.


  • Fabulous Customer Support – Costco’s customer support is above and beyond. If you encounter any issues regarding tracking, cancellations, returns, or anything else, their team is quick to help.
  • Massive Amount of Products – Search through an enormous selection of over 20 categories and discover unique products. Since Costco is a wholesaler, you’re likely to find many products you won’t see anywhere else.
  • Same-Day Shipping – Costco offers fast same-day shipping and even two-hour deliveries within the US. Delivery fees vary, but a two-hour delivery for orders over $35 costs $6.


  • Standard Shipping – Although Costco’s standard shipping is relatively fast, free shipping is offered only on orders $75 and above.
  • Limited Payment Methods – Costco does not accept payment through PayPal. Besides credit and debit cards, your only other option is to use Costco’s  ‘Costco Shop Cards.’

Lastly, Costco has great deals for online shoppers on its online offers page. Always check for an opportunity to score discounts to profit more.

7. Home Depot

The Home Depot USA dropshipping supplier

Moving on to number seven, we have Home Depot. They are a household name with over two thousand stores across the US and ninety distribution centers.

Besides being one of America’s favorite retailers, Home Depot is another American supplier many dropshippers use for their eCommerce business.


  • Huge Selection Of Products – If you’re searching for ‘Home & Garden’ or ‘Home Improvement’ products, Home Depot is the way to go. They have over 2 million products, making them a perfect supplier for this niche.
  • Free 2-Day Delivery – Home Depot offers free 2-day shipping for over 1 million products. Free deliveries start from orders $45 and above for products not included in this category.
  • Tax Exemption Program – Home Depot has a unique tax-exempt purchase program. If you’re eligible to be a tax-exempt shopper, you’ll need to check if you already have state/country or federal tax IDs. You will need to fill in your tax-exempt ID number when you register online. If you’re approved, you can save an extra 5% on purchases at checkout.
  • Price Match Policy – If you’ve purchased an item from Home Depot and found it for a lower price anywhere else within 30-60 days, you can contact Home Depot and receive a partial refund for the difference.


  • Niche Dedicated – Although Costco offers over 2 million products, they cater to one specific niche. If you have a general store, you’re better off focusing on a diverse “all-in-one” supplier.
  • No International Shipping – Unfortunately, Home Depot does not offer international shipping. If you want to sell their products to consumers outside the US, you must use third-party services such as Hipshipper.

If you do choose to use Home Depot as a supplier for your store, make sure always to check what’s hot in their top-selling categories to save time on product search.

You can also read product recommendations and customer reviews on their products to sort and source high-quality items.

8. Target

Target American dropshipping supplier

The next American dropshipping supplier we’ll look into is Target. Unlike Home Depot, Target is an online marketplace with tons of categories and products. From clothing and accessories to toys and electronics, Target is as diverse as it gets.


  • TargetRedCard” – The Target RedCard membership offers free standard shipping on most items and free 2-day shipping on thousands of products. Additionally, you can receive a 5% discount on many select purchases.
  • 90-Day Return Policy – Target’s return policy is very generous and allows returns up to 90 days after purchase. If you are a RedCard member, you get an extra 30 days to the 90 days policy.
  • Various Niches – With over 20 product categories and endless subcategories, you can source products from practically any niche.
  • Free & Easy Returns – Target offers full refunds for returns within 90 days. RedCard membership holders get an extra 30 days for returns and refunds.


  • No Dropshipping Agreement – Target does not actively support dropshipping. Therefore, Target does not provide any agreement or other dropshipping perks.
  • Shipping Options – Target does offer decent shipping options, but two-day shipping is only available for specific items and orders above $35 unless you have a membership card.

Lastly, Target always prepares in advance for any holiday with ready-made categories full of festive products for any event.

So besides finding everyday products from general niches, use Target for your Q4 holiday preparation to stay ahead of your competition and generate more sales and profit.

9. Lowes

Lowe's American dropshipping supplier

Next on our list of top American dropshipping suppliers is Lowe’s. Lowe’s is an American online retailer that focuses mainly on the home niche (similar to Home Depot).

In addition, Lowe’s new arrivals section holds all their latest products, so you can easily find your next bestsellers. Furthermore, take advantage of their daily deals page to categorize and score hot products at discount prices.


  • Fast & Efficient Shipping – Lowe’s offers three shipping options. Standard shipping for deliveries between 1-4 business days is free for orders over $45. Orders below $45 will include a $5.99 delivery fee. Two-Day shipping costs $8.99, and Next-Day shipping is $19.99 per order.
  • Lowe’s Business Credit Cards – Lowe’s offers three card types with various payment options. Monthly or Revolving Payments, Pay in Full, and prepaid. You can also receive exclusive daily 5% discounts and discounted deliveries as a cardholder.
  • Lowe’s Pro Loyalty Program – Sign up to Lowe’s online and get immediate perks. Benefits include personalized offers relevant to your business, spending tracking and purchase history for any registered card, and Lowe’s tools to help manage your business.
  • Lowe’s Protection Plan – Lowe’s protection plan goes far beyond the basic and limited manufacturer’s warranty. The key features are no deductibles, no extra fees, and a flexible product warranty.


  • Standard Shipping – Free standard shipping is available only on $45 and up orders.
  • Shipping Eligibility – Many items are not eligible for Lowe’s standard shipping. As an alternative, Lowe’s offers an additional shipping method; however, it costs $79 per order.
  • Niche Limited – Unless you’re looking to sell products within the ‘Home’ or ‘Home Improvement’ category, Lowe’s won’t be such an excellent choice for you.

Lastly, if you choose to dropship products from Lowe’s, be sure to take advantage of them to stock your store during holidays.

10. Etsy

Etsy USA dropshipping supplier

Tenth on our list is Etsy. Etsy is an American online marketplace where independent crafters, artists, and collectors can sell vintage, handmade, or custom-made jewelry, clothing, home décor, art, toys, and more.

By using Etsy as a dropshipping supplier, you can support small businesses and find beautiful one-of-kind items to stand out against competitors.


  • Vast Selection of Unique Products – Although Etsy is not your typical supplier, the selection is still extensive. With over 2.7 million sellers and close to 60 million products, you can effortlessly find unique products.
  • High-Profit Margins – Due to the nature of the products you can source from Etsy, it is easier to increase your profit margin. Consumers are generally willing to pay much more for specialty items than generic mass-produced ones, allowing you to cash in big.
  • Expand Your Audience – Since many items are quirky and eccentric, you may draw in a whole new niche audience to tap into for sales and profits.
  • Free Shipping – Many Etsy sellers offer free shipping within the US on orders $35 and up.
  • Market Diversity – Etsy has sellers from all over the world. If you’re selling to the US market, excellent, use American Etsy sellers. If you’d like to expand your dropshipping business, find sellers from almost anywhere in the world and start scaling.


  • Shipping Times – Deliveries can take anywhere between a few days to a few weeks. Processing and shipping orders are each seller’s responsibility, and they all have different policies. Besides policies, it depends on the distance between the seller and your buyer. Additionally, because most items are handmade, some sellers have stock ready-to-ship items, while others will only start making them when they get an order.
  • Shipping Costs – If your order does not qualify for free shipping, there are no fixed shipping costs. Shipping fees will vary within the US or abroad and depend on the carrier your seller uses, the distance between the seller to your buyer, and the product/order itself.
  • Return Policies – When dropshipping suppliers like Amazon, Target, Costo, or any other major retailer, returns are usually flexible and accessible. Returns are possible when dropshipping from Etsy, but each seller has their policy, and unfortunately, some simply don’t accept returns.

Find out more about dropshipping from Etsy here:

11. eBay

American based dropshipping supplier eBay

Now let’s move on to eBay. As a dropshipper, you probably know eBay as a dropshipping selling channel. Well, if you can sell on eBay, why not source products from eBay?

As a supplier, eBay ticks a bunch of boxes. There are numerous benefits to using eBay as a supplier for your dropshipping store. You can expect an enormous selection of products, fast shipping options, and reliable customer support.


  • Quality Assurance – Use seller and product feedback and reviews to find trustworthy sellers with quality products and avoid unnecessary headaches down the road.
  • Stellar Customer Service – eBay is known for its high customer support standards. If you ever find yourself in a situation that requires their help, eBay will be there to provide the best customer experience that they can.
  • Product Options – Since eBay is a marketplace and not a supplier, there are endless product categories full of potential hot-sellers.


  • Shipping – Many eBay sellers are dropshippers who use AliExpress as their supplier. Thus, shipping times can often be very long.
  • No Unique Offers – Unlike other big marketplaces, eBay does not offer special offers. There is no ‘White Label’ option, Print-on-demand solution, or other dropshipping-friendly feature/function.

12. Sam’s Club

Sam's Club USA dropshipping supplier

Let’s check out our next American dropshipping supplier, Sam’s Club. Like Costco, Sam’s Club is a known membership-only retail warehouse. Due to its attractive savings offers, cash rewards, and convenient shipping, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it gained popularity amongst dropshippers.

Additionally, when it comes to products, Sam’s Club offers a variety of products from multiple product categories. You can find home products such as furniture, kitchen appliances, electronics, all the way to sports equipment and cosmetics.


  • Shipping Options – Sam’s Club offers multiple shipping options. As for shipping costs, members get free ‘Value’ or ‘Standard’ shipping with no minimum purchase depending on the product. For faster shipping methods, fees apply and vary.
  • Cashback – Sam’s Club offers 2% back on qualifying purchases, which provides the opportunity for you to profit a bit more.
  • Constant Hot Deals – You can find sale sections on almost any supplier site, but Sam’s Club makes it especially easy to find bargains. Besides their clearance section and ‘Shocking Value’ page, you can search specific sales like home savings or tech savings.


  • Payment Methods – You can pay by credit/debit/gift cards, but unfortunately, Sam’s Club does not accept PayPal or Payoneer at this time.
  • Returns – Sam’s Club does accept returns; however, their policy is as flexible as other suppliers. They apply multiple return policies across different products/product categories, so be sure to check every product individually.

International Suppliers With US Warehouses

Apart from American dropshipping suppliers, we can also utilize international suppliers with USA-based warehouses. That way, we can expand our supplier choices and source products at even better prices. On top of that, we can diversify our product catalog even more. 

Even though they aren’t American companies, these international suppliers have warehouses in the US. As such, it allows us to cut down on long international shipping times and deliver our products in a much more convenient time frame. So, let’s dive into the top 6 international dropshipping suppliers with US warehouses.

AutoDS Warehouse & Private Suppliers

AutoDS Warehouse & Private Suppliers

The AutoDS Warehouse is a great place to source products since it houses lots of private suppliers. This gives us a competitive edge since our competitors don’t have access to these private suppliers. We can access the AutoDS Warehouse through the AutoDS marketplace by choosing it as an option in the supplier list. Once we filter out the results from the Warehouse, we can easily import our chosen products to our store. 

Notably, AutoDS is also a supplier with a warehouse. It offers fast shipping making it a great choice to source from. Apart from AutoDS, the AutoDS Warehouse keeps adding new private suppliers and growing the list, enabling us to enjoy more diversity. And, since it’s linked to the platform, all orders will be fulfilled through the automatic order fulfillment system, Fulfilled by AutoDS. 

Uniquely, unlike other suppliers, we have suppliers that offer the option to add our brand logo to the packaging. By shipping out our orders with our store logo, these suppliers help us build brand recognition. Lastly, we can enjoy the benefit of getting discounts. This allows us to add a higher profit margin while remaining competitive.


International supplier AliExpress

Second, we have AliExpress, one of the most popular and widely used Chinese dropshipping suppliers. AliExpress is a massive marketplace that displays products from various suppliers worldwide.

With over 100+ million products available for you to re-sell, they are an easy choice for sourcing items for your dropshipping store. More importantly, AliExpress has warehouses worldwide.

For us dropshippers, this means we get the best of both worlds—a vast selection of products, competitive prices, and faster shipping.


  • Product Finding – AliExpress has an endless selection of product categories with countless subcategories, making it exceptionally easy to source hot products.
  • US & International Warehouses – This allows you to offer fast shipping to US clients and expand your business to other markets such as Europe.
  • Research & Analyze – AliExpress has a Dropship Center that helps conduct product research.
  • Convenient Payments – On AliExpress, you can purchase many items using PayPal, which helps your cash flow.


  • No Bundle Option – Unfortunately, products are shipped separately. If your customer purchases multiple items from you, there is no way to bundle items together and have them arrive simultaneously.
  • Supplier Communication – Issues may occur with some suppliers since not all of them speak English fluently.
  • Product Quality – Although AliExpress boasts an extensive selection and attractive prices, it does not hold all of them to a high standard. Always be sure to check reviews and ratings before you start selling a product.

More about dropshipping from AliExpress here:


Banggood International supplier with US warehouses

Next, we have Banggood. Established in 2006, Banggood has become a major Chinese supplier for dropshippers worldwide.

Similar to AliExpress, Banggood provides a vast number and range of products, low prices, and international warehouses in the US, Europe, Australia, and Asia.


  • Banggood’s Certified Dropshipper – Banggood supports dropshipping; therefore, it provides a dropshipping contract. If for whatever reason your selling platform asks whether you have a certificate for dropshipping from this supplier, you’re covered. If you’re an AutoDS member, you can obtain this certificate by simply reaching out to our customer support.
  • Dropship Center – Banggood has a special section called “Dropship Center”. It includes lots of valuable features for dropshippers, such as personalized product recommendations, a credit point accumulation system, image downloads without watermarks, cashback sites, and so much more.
  • Special Programs – Banggood is super dropshipping-friendly, and they prove this to us by offering professional product videos for us to use, coupons, an affiliate program, and a separate ‘Refer A Friend’ program.


  • No Additional Solutions – Unlike many other Chinese suppliers, Banggood doesn’t offer a print-on-demand solution or an easily accessible white-label solution.
  • Product Warranty – The warranty for electronics doesn’t cover basic product parts and breakage.
  • Product Repairs – Banggood’s ​​repair process for broken or malfunctioning items often takes much too long.

Banggood is one of the best suppliers for US dropshipping:

CJ Dropshipping

CJDropshipping international supplier with US warehouses

Up next is CJ Dropshipping. With eight international warehouses and multiple dropship integration tools, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that CJ Dropshipping is a dropshipping favorite.


  • Source & Negotiate – CJDropshipping offers a product sourcing solution through its CJ App. If you’re looking for a product and can’t find it on the site, or if you want a particular CJ product for a lower price, you can put in a product request. You can expect a reply with a quotation within up to 24 hours.
  • Print On Demand Solution – CJ Dropshipping has its own print-on-demand solution. With the print-on-demand business model, you can dropship thousands of custom-designed products. Buyers can send in their requested designs and get them printed on tons of different items, plus you can get creative and sell designs of your choice.
  • White Label Branding – CJ Dropshipping offers a “White Label” solution. White labeling allows you to custom design products and packaging. It gives us a considerable advantage, as it helps brand our store and push our business to the next level.


  • Limited Shipping Options – Although CJ Dropshipping provides free US warehouses, they work only with USPS as their shipping carrier.
  • Interface – CJ Dropshipping’s interface is not the most user-friendly. It can be confusing and overwhelming, especially to those new to dropshipping.

Find out more about sourcing from CJ Dropshipping:


RedBubble international supplier with US warehouses

The next international supplier we recommend is RedBubble. Founded in Melbourne back in 2006, RedBubble is an Australian online marketplace specifically for print-on-demand products.

Similar to Etsy, products offered on RedBubble come from user-submitted artwork.

As of today, RedBubble offers a variety of product categories. You can find specially designed clothing, home & living products, stickers, phone cases, wall art, and accessories.


  • Unique Products – Since RedBubble is a print-on-demand marketplace for artists, you can source unique custom-made products and stand out against competitors.
  • Multiple Payment Methods – Besides credit and debit cards, RedBubble accepts PayPal, Apple Pay, and RedBubble gift cards.
  • Payment Installments – RedBubble integrates with Afterpay and Clearpay, two payment installment solution companies. The integration allows you to purchase items and split your payment into up to four payment installments.


  • No Order Cancellations – Unfortunately, we cannot cancel orders once they ship. We can either exchange to a different size, color, or style or return the item.
  • Product Returns – Since you’re purchasing products from artists on RedBubble, each seller has a separate return policy. Therefore, make sure to thoroughly check each item’s/seller’s return policy before adding products to your store.


Lightinthebox international supplier with US warehouses

Next in line is Lightinthebox, another Chinese B2C marketplace that offers US warehouses. With a long list of product categories, a rewards system, and tons of flash sales, we highly recommend looking into Lightinthebox.


  • Fast Support – Lightinthebox offers live chat support directly from their site. You can easily resolve problems or get answers to any questions you may have.
  • Promotions & Discounts – On Lightinthebox, you can find flash deals with up to 50% off discounts, discounts for orders over $45 and $80, and extra discounts for simply using their app to place orders.
  • Prepaid Cards – To save money and get a 3% bonus, buy Lightinthebox prepaid cards to use for your dropshipping orders.
  • Fast Shipping – Lightinthebox provides their ‘Priority Line’ shipping for all US orders. Deliveries for this shipping method take between 4-7 business days.


  • Non-Returnable Items – Lightinthebox does not allow returns for multiple product categories. Some of the categories included in this policy are shoes, bags, sports, lighting, home and garden, and toys.
  • Global Expedited Shipping – Although Lightinthebox offers expedited shipping, it comes with a fee of $10-15 per package.


Gearbest international supplier with US warehouses

Last but not least is Gearbest. As another Chinese supplier with warehouses in the US and Europe, you can easily sell to American and European consumers.

Additionally, Gearbest sells products from a variety of categories at relatively low prices, so you’re bound to score hot dropshipping products for your store.


  • Multiple Shipping Options – Gearbest offers four different shipping methods: unregistered, registered, priority line, and expedited shipping. Shipping times vary but can be as fast as 1-14 days and up to 30-40 days, depending on the shipping method you choose.
  • Diverse Product Choices – On Gearbest, you can source products from the home and garden niche, fashion, electronics, toys, appliances, and many other profitable dropshipping niches.
  • Payment Methods – By offering PayPal as a payment method, you can enjoy comfortable and secure purchases.


  • Shipping Costs – Gearbest’s ‘unregistered’ shipping method takes 15-30 days and is free. However, ‘expedited’ shipping for deliveries between 1-14 days is almost $40.
  • Returns – Many items come without any return policy or warranty.
  • Trustpilot Score – With a Trustpilot score of only 2.5/5, many shoppers have deemed GearBest as not trustworthy. Be cautious and always check product reviews and ratings of products to avoid product returns.

The Benefits Of Dropshipping From US Suppliers

There are a bunch of benefits of dropshipping from USA dropshipping suppliers. Especially when dropshipping to an American market. On that note, let’s take a look at the specific benefits of dropshipping with an American dropshipping supplier.

Faster Shipping and Delivery Times for US Customers

First and foremost, when using an American dropshipping supplier we can cater to our US customers much quicker. In fact, using an American dropshipping supplier or suppliers with US warehouses enables us to significantly cut down our shipping and delivery times. This is because we’re using domestic suppliers that ship domestically. So, instead of waiting for 4+ weeks to get their orders, our customers will get them within a week. As a result, we can attract more customers and boost sales.

Reliable Tracking Information

Notably, most USA dropshipping suppliers work with highly dependable and legitimate shipping companies. For instance, they work with FedEx, UPS, and USPS, which offer reliable, accurate, and detailed tracking information. So, our customers will be able to track their order throughout the entire delivery process which allows us to build trust. As a result, we can significantly cut down on reimbursements, returns or lost packages.

Multiple Shipping Options Available

Now, since these suppliers are domestic or have domestic warehouses, they can offer multiple shipping options. To elaborate, since they’re shipping domestically, they can offer speedy one-day or two-day delivery options. Even though this may come at an additional cost, many customers are willing to pay it to get their order faster.

Stock Availability

USA dropshipping suppliers have a more accurate and reliable stock availability. Their logistics are much better so we can rely on their stock availability to be more accurate. Even if they run out of a certain product, American dropshipping suppliers restock faster. With other suppliers, for example Chinese suppliers, oftentimes their stock levels are not accurate. 

So, when a customer makes an order for an item that seems to be in stock but is not, it will affect the customer’s shopping experience and our reputation. With US supplies, we don’t have this risk, making them a great and reliable choice as our dropshipping partners.

Higher Quality Products

USA dropshipping suppliers and suppliers with US warehouses offer better quality products compared to other suppliers. This is because US produced products undergo more testing before they are put out for retail. Even the products from other suppliers with US warehouses undergo more testing before hitting the American market. As a result, by working with American dropshipping suppliers, we can offer better-quality products and increase customer trust and satisfaction.

Americans Appreciate ‘Made In USA’ Products

Most Americans prefer to buy US-made products. They take pride in supporting domestic businesses and manufacturers since they know it strengthens the American economy. They don’t even mind the higher price tags because they see pride and value in the “Made in USA” tag on their products.

Sell Products For A Higher Price Tag

The American living standard is much higher than other countries enabling us to mark up our products. In dropshipping, the competition can be intense, so having higher price tags enables us to make a solid profit in a saturated market. Even though our sourcing price might be slightly higher, our selling price can take a better markup. This is because the product quality and shipping times are better when working with USA dropshipping suppliers. On top of that, people in the US are massive consumers who don’t mind paying higher prices for their purchases.

Better Customer Support

Dealing with product returns, replacements, or other possible problems is just a part of running an online store. So, offering great customer support is imperative if we want to build a good reputation and customer loyalty. Thankfully, American suppliers offer better customer support than any other supplier. Additionally, most American suppliers offer free returns and generally better policies. As such, we’re able to offer a better customer experience to our buyers and turn them into returning customers. 

Ultimately, working with an American dropshipping supplier enables us to elevate our US dropshipping business. Plus, it gives us the opportunity to build a loyal customer base and positive brand recognition.

How To Find American Suppliers For Dropshipping 

Amazingly, dropshippers now don’t need to spend hours upon hours looking for USA dropshipping suppliers that fit their business. To find reliable American dropshipping suppliers, we need to vet our candidates properly. There are multiple tools available that do the work for us and we just need to choose whichever American dropshipping supplier best fits our needs. 

With that said, let’s take a look at some resources that will enable us to find solid USA dropshipping suppliers in no time: 

  • AutoDS Supported Suppliers 
  • AutoDS’ Dropshipping Blog & YouTube Channel 
  • Online Research 

First and foremost, it’s also a good idea to check out the 30+ AutoDS-supported suppliers. Here, we can add a location filter for the USA and filter out the American dropshipping suppliers and the international ones with US warehouses. Plus, by working with these AutoDS-supported suppliers we can automate everything from sourcing to order fulfillment and more. Therefore enabling us to run our business efficiently.

Furthermore, an easy and convenient way to find USA dropshipping suppliers is with AutoDS’ blog and YouTube channel. From the extensive educational content, we can get access to exclusive content that dives into the best suppliers and how to find them. Thus, making looking for suppliers a breeze and enabling us to find the best fit for us effortlessly. 

Lastly, a tried and true way of looking for reliable USA dropshipping suppliers is through good old online research. We can use relevant keywords about what we’re trying to find and Google and browse through the results. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dropshipping Worth It In The USA?

Of course! Dropshipping is worth it in the USA because people in the US are massive consumers willing to pay more for their products. Because the living standard is high in the US, we can mark up our products and make a solid profit. 

Is Dropshipping Get-Rich-Quick?

Not really, no. Dropshipping does require hard work and day-to-day management. But, it is a low-risk, low-investment business model with a lot of profit potential. 

Is It Too Late To Start Dropshipping In 2024?

Of course not! It’s never too late to start dropshipping. Dropshipping is proven to be profitable whenever you decide to start dropshipping. Most of the dropshipping success hinders on the products you sell, marketing, and your dropshipping strategy – not the timing.


And there we have it! Now we know the best USA dropshipping suppliers and their pros and cons. On top of that, we’ve learned which are the best international suppliers with US warehouses. And, since we know all the benefits of working with American dropshipping suppliers, we can choose the right one that best fits our dropshipping needs. 

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