Are you searching for Australian dropshipping suppliers? You’re onto something. Australia is now one of the largest e-commerce markets in the world. What’s more, compared with the US and the UK, Australian eCommerce is not even close to its full potential yet. 

The combination of significant market demand and an unripened industry is both an opportunity and a setback. On the one hand, competition is low, and the scene is up for the taking. On the other hand, the infrastructure is not as robust as in other markets, resulting in barriers to scalability.     

No need to worry. In this article, we’ll give you a leg up in the game by providing you with a list of the top nine dropshipping suppliers in Australia. In the end, you’ll have a list of excellent sources for products so you can begin winning in Australia early.  

What Are The Top 9 Dropshipping Suppliers In Australia?

australian dropshipping suppliers

To give you the best shot at success in Australia, we recommend you pick from the following nine suppliers:

Let’s take a closer look at these suppliers and how they can help us grow our business.

  1. Amazon Australia

Amazon Australia dropshipping

The first dropshipping supplier you should consider using is Amazon Australia. Its marketplace is easily the biggest e-commerce site in the country, providing you access to plenty of top-notch products you can sell in your store.

Some of the benefits of using Amazon as a dropshipping supplier include:

  • Fast shipping times 
  • Quality customer care
  • Large selection of products
  • Best selling products 

Variety and quantity are never an issue when sourcing with Amazon. The site has millions of products in just about any category you can think of. Additionally, dropshippers can take advantage of Amazon’s Best Sellers Section so they can pick only the best to sell to their customers.

Once you start making sales, you can consistently count on Amazon Australia for fast domestic shipping times. Furthermore, a prime membership awards you 1-2 day shipping times for eligible items. With such incredible delivery speeds, you build up stellar ratings and a trusting customer base.

Last but not least, Amazon’s quality is also reflected in the excellent customer care it provides. As a dropshipper, you’ll be able to reach an agent 24/7 via phone, chat, or email and receive an answer about a concern speedily and precisely. Consequently, you can offer your customers the same quality service and attention.

  2. Banggood Australia

banggood australia ecommerce

Banggood is a leading dropshipping supplier headquartered in Guangzhou, China. The company has a selection of over one million different products you can dropship in Australia.

What’s more, Banggood offers us:

  • Low, competitive prices
  • Free international delivery 
  • Dropshipping perks and benefits 

Banggood leverages its Chinese presence to acquire and distribute goods at much lower costs than its Western counterparts. As a result, we get to buy products for low prices and sell them for a high profit in Australia. 

And we never have to worry about Banggood’s distance from Australia. The supplier offers free international delivery on plenty of products. Moreover, since Banggood has a warehouse in Australia, we can also ship plenty of products to customers at domestic delivery speeds. 

Finally, Banggood offers unique benefits to entice entrepreneurs like us to dropship its products. As Australia Banggood dropshippers, we receive a dropshipping agreement to legitimize our business activities and a dropship center with a host of perks, including zero membership fees and special discounts.

3. Catch

catch australia dropshipping

Catch Australia has been in operation since 2006 and is one of Australia’s top e-commerce sites. It has over 9.6 million monthly visitors, the majority of whom are Australian shoppers. 

The following qualities make Catch a good dropshipping supplier:

  • A curated marketplace made for Australians
  • Large selection of products from multiple categories
  • Robust local fulfillment
  • Exclusive members benefits – Club Catch

If there is one supplier that understands the needs of your Australian customers, it’s Catch Australia. The marketplace has a selection of over 2.5 million products carefully chosen based on local preferences and offers the major relevant dropshipping categories.

Catch Australia also helps lower the cost of merchandise and shipping so we can increase our profit margins. In general, many products already have competitive price tags, especially those on the ‘Today’s Deal’ section. But we get even better discounts by joining Club Catch. A membership rewards us with free shipping on plenty of eligible items, exclusive deals, and early access to future discounts.

Finally, with Catch, you never have to worry about slow delivery or logistics issues. Catch Australia has a local fulfillment center in Victoria, with an additional one scheduled to open in Q1 of 2022 in Sydney. As a result, Catch gives you an edge over your competitors with effective logistics and fast domestic shipping times.

4. Kogan

kogan australia dropshipping supplier

Kogan is an Australian retail marketplace with sales of over a million dollars a day. It is an excellent place to find what’s popular.

Some of the advantages of Kogan include:

  • Fast domestic shipping times
  • Exclusive deals to members (Kogan First)
  • Wide range and an extensive selection of products 
  • Self-branded products

There is no shortage of products to dropship from Kogan to your favorite selling channel. While its most popular category is Electronics & Media, you can find over ten million products in many dropshipping niches to sell in your store. Moreover, Kogan offers a line of self-branded quality products you can purchase at a low price and sell for a good profit in your store. 

Besides the usual benefits, you can get much more out of this supplier by signing up for Kogan First. The membership starts with a 14-day free trial giving us access to free shipping, exclusive discounts, priority customer care, and annual gift cards. All of these benefits lower our operating costs and allow us to increase our profit margins. 

Last but not least, as an Australian-based company, order fulfillment takes place locally, resulting in fast shipping times and happier customers.

5. Target Australia

target australia product sourcing

Target Australia — not related to the American Target Corporation — is another excellent dropshipping supplier. They sell discounted women’s clothes, baby products, kitchenware, and much more.

Advantages of using Target Australia as a dropshipping supplier include:

  • Great offers and discounts on a wide range of products
  • Fast domestic shipping times
  • Free delivery for all orders above AU$45
  • Excellent post-sale customer care

If price is your biggest concern when sourcing products, Target Australia may just be your answer. The online store offers ultra-competitive prices on a wide range of products and categories. And if that’s not enough, you can find even better deals and discounts through the ‘Deals and Exclusives’ section.

Regardless of product choice, Target’s delivery options are not bad at all. Products get shipped from local warehouses and take 3-7 business days to arrive. Additionally, all orders of AU $45 and above come with free shipping, except oversized items. 

As always, you’ll want access to customer service if anything goes wrong. Thankfully, Target offers excellent post-purchase care via phone or chat so you can take care of customer concerns swiftly and effectively. 

6. Crazy Sales

crazy sales australia dropshipping

Crazy Sales is another Australian domestic marketplace that prides itself on offering heavily discounted products for price-conscious buyers

Some of the reasons that make Crazy Sales a good dropshipping supplier include:

  • Massive bargains on a wide range of products
  • Official support for dropshipping 
  • Fast shipping times
  • Superb customer care and support team
  • Reimbursement for custom duties

Unlike some of Australia’s major retailers/marketplaces, Crazy Sales officially supports dropshipping and commits to shipping products to your customers. As such, you can select from any of the 10,000 products it offers and sell them with confidence. 

Furthermore, Crazy Sales is dedicated to fast shipping times, regardless if products come from its extensive domestic selection or overseas partners. And don’t let the word international shipping deter you. Crazy sales includes any required customs fees in its shipping quote or reimburses us for them post-delivery.

Hopefully, everything goes well with deliveries, and our customers receive their items flawlessly. But if any issues arise, Crazy Sales is committed to providing us with superior customer service

   7. MyDeal

mydeal australia ecommerce

MyDeal is another major retailer covering all of Australia. The company focuses primarily on selling home and lifestyle products.

Here are the advantages of working with MyDeal as a dropshipping supplier:

  • User-friendly website
  • Refund guarantee policy
  • Large selection of high-quality products

While this dropshipping supplier is somewhat limited to home and lifestyles products, it more than makes up for it with millions of products in categories like Garden, Kids, Fashion, Electronics, and others. Additionally, the products are of high quality so you can offer your customers the same.

Customers not happy about an order or did not receive it? Worry not. MyDeal’s refund guarantee policy has got your back. If an item is not received, the company will send out a new order. For items not as described, MyDeal processes a full refund, including all shipping and handling costs.

Finally, dropshippers can take advantage of the user-friendly layout of MyDeal. Each step is simple to follow, making for an easy buying experience and preventing unnecessary delays.

8. Trademe

trademe australia dropshipping

TradeMe is a New Zealand-based e-commerce trading site where users can buy and sell anything from real estate to collectibles, new or used.

The Advantages of working with TradeMe as a dropshipping supplier are:

  • Wide selection of products
  • High standards enforced
  • Domestic shipping for plenty of items

Trade Me is a supplier in a category of its own. In American terms, you can think of TradeMe as a fusion of eBay and Craigslist. The site has become a high standards marketplace loved by many New Zealanders. Unsurprisingly, it offers a large selection of products from multiple popular categories. 

The caveat to working with this supplier is that TradeMe limits membership to New Zealand or Australian residents. However, the terms and conditions imply that exceptions can be made by contacting the company directly. 

If you are lucky enough to obtain a membership, you’ll have a significant advantage. Since most visitors are kiwis, you’ll face low competition, and you can become the unofficial exclusive reseller of TradeMe products in the Australian market

Finally, while primarily based out of New Zealand, plenty of sellers are located in Australia, allowing us to offer domestic shipping on their items. 

Pro Tip: Make sure to filter results by ‘New Items’ and research a store before listing a product. 

9. AliExpress Australiaaliexpress Australia dropshipping

AliExpress is the retail arm of Alibaba and the Chinese equivalent of Amazon. It ships products all over the world and has a strong presence in Australia.

Partnering with AliExpress for a dropshipping venture is an excellent idea because: 

  • It is dropshipping-friendly
  • It has cheap products that you can sell for a higher mark-up

Compared to Amazon Australia, AliExpress is significantly more cost-effective. Many of the products are manufactured and stored in China, allowing dropshippers to purchase them for a fraction of the cost compared with domestic suppliers.

Additionally, AliExpress has a limitless selection of products we can sell in our stores. With over 100 million products in just about any category we can imagine, it’s never a question of what to sell. It’s only a question of finding the best products for your store.     

Furthermore, AliExpress supports dropshipping and provides us with many tools to help maximize our profits. The AliExpress Dropshipping Center is a prominent example of AliExpress’ commitment to our success, as it finds us the hottest products to sell in Australia.

Beginner’s Tip: Not all products on AliExpress are available to the Australian market. Before choosing a product, select ‘Australia’ as your ‘Ship To’ location at the top right of the homepage.

How to Dropship in Australia

australia dropshipping guide

You’re all set to start dropshipping in Australia! Pick a supplier that best suits your goals and start selling.

Just getting started and need some help? We got you covered. Here is a quick guide to opening a winning Australian dropshipping store.

It comes down to five simple steps:

  • Step 1: Choose a product to sell
  • Step 2: Select a platform to dropship on
  • Step 3: Find an Australian dropshipping supplier
  • Step 4: Import products to your store
  • Step 5: Sell, profit, and repeat

We shall discuss these steps in detail below.

   1. Choose Products To Sell

The success of our dropshipping business first and foremost depends on selling products with the highest potential to sell. Picking random products might lead to some short-term success, but maintaining high sales might prove difficult in the long run.

For best result, we should carefully research our products and verify that they:

  • Can be sold for a high-profit margin
  • Are popular on the market
  • Are available from a reliable source

Pro tip: Be on the lookout for copyrighted products when conducting product research. Run a search on eBay’s VeRO list before listing any product from an Australian Supplier.

   2. Find A Dropshipping Supplier

Once we have a list of high potential products, we’ll need to find a reliable supplier. Luckily, this article contains a list of excellent suppliers for Australian dropshipping businesses.

Take a look at each of the suppliers above to see which is best for your business needs and if it has the types of products you want to sell. 

   3. Select A Selling Channel

So, we have the right product(s) and a supplier. Now what? It is time to choose a selling channel so we can begin selling. Dropshipping platforms (same as selling channels) generally break down into two categories:

  • Marketplaces such as eBay
  • Customizable eCommerce platforms like Shopify

Let’s take a look at how we can dropship on each type, using the examples of eBay and Shopify.

Opening an eBay Dropshipping Store in Australia

ebay Australia store

We’ll start with eBay, a global marketplace with a strong presence in Australia.

To dropship on eBay Australia, you’ll first need to open an account. Go to eBay Australia’s homepage, and click ‘Sell’ at the top right. Next, click on ‘List an item’ and follow all the steps to create your account and your first listing.

Now that we have our first listing, eBay gives us to an option to open a store. While it comes at an additional cost, it will be worth it in the long run by lowering our selling fees, allowing us to create a storefront with our branding, and offering us a host of promotions we can attach to our products. Most of all, an eBay store gives us the option to list more items so we can scale and win big in the Australian market. 

eBay Australia offers three types of store subscriptions: Basic, Featured, and Anchor. As beginners, it’s best to start with a ‘Basic’ store and move up as our sales increase.  

So what comes next?

Once you’ve set up your store, simply start listing items, and let eBay do the rest. Since most of the traffic on eBay is organic, we don’t have to invest large sums of money and time into getting our products seen. Instead, we’re relying on an existing flow of customers arriving at our listings.

Beginner’s tip: eBay Australia limits the number of items we can list at first. Read eBay Selling Limits – How To Check, Get Around and Increase Seller Limits to maximize your eBay profit potential. 

Opening A Shopify Dropshipping Store In Australia

shopify australia store

For a more customizable option, no selling limits, and complete control over your store, then Shopify is your best bet.

The subscription-based selling platform allows users to create an online store from scratch and design their own themes and product pages. Furthermore, Shopify makes thousands of third-party apps available to help increase your sales and profits and enhance your store in many different ways.

To open a Shopify account in Australia, take the following steps:

  1. Go to and register for a 14-day free trial. The free trial will give you more than enough time to build your online shop.
  2. Shopify will prompt you to enter your store name. If you have a custom domain, you can use it.
  3. Choose a template for your store. 
  4. Add products to your store with titles and descriptions
  5. Upload products photos and other relevant media
  6. Set the price and publish.

If you’re looking for a full guide to starting a Shopify store in Australia, be sure to check out this free Shopify Dropshipping 101 Course by our very own Shopify wizard.  

4. Import Products To Your Selling Channel

import products australia dropshipping

Finally, we’re all set up to start dropshipping in Australia. All that’s left is to import products to our store.

Traditionally, importing a product required us to manually copy information from our supplier (titles, descriptions, images, etc.) and paste them on our store. The process requires tedious, repetitive work that takes up hours of precious time.

However, with the advent of dropshipping Automation, sellers can now import products quickly and efficiently. For example, AutoDS provides us with three easy automatic product importing methods:

  • One-click importing 
  • Copying the product URL/ID
  • Bulk Importing

All of these are essential and serve slightly different purposes. However, regardless of which method you choose, first, ensure that your store is connected to AutoDS and that you’ve downloaded the Chrome AutoDS Dropshipping Helper Extension

Now, let’s see how to import a product using the one-click importer, the coolest trick on the market.

Here is how it works. Say you’re browsing Amazon Australia and find a product that you want to sell. All you need to do is click on the product, and once you land on the product page, click on the ‘Import to AutoDS’ button. 

import to autods

This is where the magic happens. As soon as we click on the import button, AutoDS copies all product information, including titles, images, descriptions, and specifications from the supplier to our drafts page on the AutoDS platform.

Then, all that’s left is to optimize the product and ensure all settings are in order. Lastly, click on ‘Import.’ The product now appears on your Shopify or eBay store, ready to be purchased.

import dropshipping product

For more importing customization, use the Product URL/ID method. Or, to import items in bulk, use the bulk importer. Refer to Dropshipping Product Importer for a complete guide on product importing.

5. Sell, Profit, Repeat

dropshipping order fulfillment

Soon customers will begin ordering your products. Remember to fulfill orders promptly. Fast service means a better reputation and more customers.

But don’t settle for manual fulfillment.

Like with the importing process, AutoDS offers an automated order fulfillment feature. By utilizing it, you’ll save lots of time which you can use to scale your business or for other life projects.

Simply connect your store to AutoDS, add Fulfilled by AutoDS to your plan, and you’re done!

For more information, check out the Fulfilled by AutoDS – Auto ordering system.

Wrapping Up

To conclude, there has never been a better time to dropship in Australia. An existing trend accelerated by the pandemic points to a bright future for eCommerce ventures in the region.

As the game gets started, join in by opening a store, choosing a couple of solid suppliers, and begin dropshipping “down anda.” You won’t regret it.

If you need any help, we got you covered. Check out these resources for more information on winning in Australia and dropshipping success: