With an increasing number of consumers turning to online shopping, the Australian e-commerce market is booming. This presents an immense opportunity for entrepreneurs to capitalize on this trend and grow their businesses. But to truly take advantage of this, we need more than just access to consumers – we need reliable Australian dropshipping suppliers to help fulfill the growing demand.

By partnering with suitable suppliers, we can ensure that our products are always in stock and that orders are fulfilled quickly and efficiently. Therefore, with the list of the top 20 dropshipping suppliers in Australia, we’ll achieve success in no time!

What Is Australia Dropshipping?

Before learning about Australia dropshipping, let’s first go over the basic concept of dropshipping.

The dropshipping business model involves three parties

  1. A supplier or manufacturer
  2. You (the dropshipper)
  3. A customer

As a result, here is how the dropshipping process works:

  • A customer purchases a product from your dropshipping store.
  • You place the order with your buyer’s information from your chosen supplier.
  • The supplier ships the product to your customer.
  • Your profit is the product’s price margin.

Consequently, dropshipping suppliers in Australia allow us to sell products online to Australian consumers. Plus, we don’t have to buy the products until they’re purchased from our stores. Therefore, the dropshipping model combined with Australia’s huge market has massive potential for profits.

Dropshipping is legal in Australia, just like in many other countries. However, as with any business model, there are specific laws and regulations that we need to be aware of and comply with to operate legally.

For example, illegal products can negatively affect our dropshipping business or result in account suspension. In severe cases, it can also land us in legal trouble with our local government. With that in mind, here are some illegal products to avoid when dropshipping:

  • Copyrighted brands
  • Dangerous weapons
  • Age-Restricted products

Besides that, there are standard regulations to run a business in Australia, such as obtaining the necessary licenses, permits and paying taxes. Plus, following government guidelines and consumer protection laws is essential.

Beginner’s Tip: Read the VeRO guide to be aware of what products to avoid when dropshipping in Australia.

20 Best Dropshipping Suppliers In Australia

Now that we know about the legal considerations for dropshipping in Australia, it’s time to start looking for Australian dropshipping suppliers. Finding the right supplier is crucial for the success of our dropshipping business.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 20 Australian dropshipping suppliers we can trust. Among the list below, most suppliers are AutoDS-supported. This means we can automatically import products to our stores, helping us streamline our business operations.

Not only does AutoDS support many credible suppliers, but it is also a reliable dropshipping automation software helping Australian businesses.

With that in mind, let’s dive into this list of 20 Australian dropshipping companies.

1. AutoDS Warehouse & Private Suppliers

AutoDS warehouse australia dropshipping

AutoDS is the go-to solution for Australian dropshipping businesses that require fast shipping options. With a strategically located warehouse and network of private suppliers, AutoDS ensures quick order fulfillment specifically tailored for Australia. Gain a competitive edge by accessing the diverse marketplace connecting you with suppliers specializing in swift shipping to Australia.

AutoDS’ exclusive private suppliers offer unique products not easily found elsewhere, giving your store a distinct advantage in the market. Additionally, these suppliers often provide discounts, allowing you to maximize your profits and effectively scale your Australian dropshipping business.

Plus, personalize your shipments by adding your store logo, strengthening your brand presence and cultivating customer loyalty with the AutoDS warehouse. AutoDS streamlines the shipping process, freeing up your time to focus on expanding your Australian dropshipping business while they handle the logistics.

2. Banggood Australia

Next, we have Bangood Australia. This dropshipping supplier has a selection of over one million different products we can dropship in Australia.

Key Features

  • Low, competitive prices
  • Local warehouses
  • Free international delivery 
  • Dropshipping perks and benefits

As one of the best dropshipping suppliers in Australia, Banggood leverages its Chinese presence to acquire and distribute goods at much lower costs than its Western counterparts. And the supplier offers free international delivery on plenty of products. Moreover, since Banggood has a warehouse in Australia, we can also ship plenty of products to customers swiftly.

Finally, Banggood offers unique benefits to entice entrepreneurs like us to dropship its products. As Australia Banggood dropshippers, we receive unique benefits with various perks, including zero membership fees and special discounts.

3. AliExpress Australia

One of the most popular names among dropshippers in Australia is AliExpress. This dropshipping supplier ships products worldwide and has a strong presence in Australia.

Key Features

  • Large selection of products
  • Affordable products
  • AliExpress Dropship Center
  • Buyer/Seller protection

As one of the largest online retail platforms, AliExpress offers a large selection of products. In addition to the variety, they also offer affordable products, meaning we have plenty of room for profits.

Plus, AliExpress has the Dropship Center, a free product research tool. On top of that, AliExpress has a buyer/seller protection feature that secures our payment when buying from suppliers on AliExpress. Thus, if we receive products that are not according to the agreement, AliExpress refunds the money back to us.

Beginner’s Tip: Not all products on AliExpress are available to the Australian market. Before choosing a product, select ‘Australia’ as your ‘Ship To’ location at the top right of the homepage.

4. Target Australia

Next up, we have Target Australia, one of the excellent Australian dropshipping companies. They sell discounted women’s clothes, baby products, kitchenware, and much more.

Key Features

  • Great offers and discounts 
  • Wide range of products
  • Fast domestic shipping times
  • Free delivery for all orders above AU$45
  • Excellent post-sale customer care

If price is our biggest concern when sourcing products, Target Australia is one of the best options. The online store offers ultra-competitive prices on various products and categories. Additionally, Target’s products get shipped from local warehouses and take 3-7 business days to arrive.

On top of that, all orders of AU $45 and above come with free shipping. As always, we’ll want access to customer service if anything goes wrong. Thankfully, Target offers excellent post-purchase care via phone or chat so we can take care of customer concerns swiftly and effectively.

5. DHGate

Another leading Australian supplier that offers direct access to dropshipping products is DHGate. Its wholesale pricing and network of Chinese suppliers allow for significant profits when dropshipping.

Key Features

  • Wide range of products
  • Affordable products 
  • Wholesale pricing 
  • Various discounts

Essentially, this supplier boasts an extensive collection of over 20 million products across various categories, such as electronics, kitchen appliances, clothing, furniture, and more. Moreover, DHGate provides cost-effective products and wholesale deals.

Besides that, DHGate offers various special deals, discounts, and cashback offers that increase profit margins. However, DHGate does not have its warehouse in Australia. Hence, it is vital to make sure to tap on the “location/currency” tab and select Australia under Ship To when visiting the website.

6. eBay

In the eCommerce world, eBay is among the select few companies with a wealth of experience and knowledge. Its longevity and innovative approach have cemented its position as one of the best dropshipping suppliers in Australia.

Key Features

  • Multiple local warehouses 
  • Rapid shipping options to many regions
  • Wide variety of products
  • Exceptional customer support
  • Protection for both buyers and sellers

Because of eBay’s domestic warehouses in Australia, the platform facilitates fast shipping to our Australian customers. As one of the largest dropshipping suppliers, eBay offers an immense product selection from every niche.

Moreover, with its focus on customer satisfaction, eBay sellers provide excellent customer support to maintain and increase their seller ratings. That allows us to enjoy the same level of service and offer the same to our customers. 

7. Catch

If we are looking for dropshipping suppliers in Sydney, Catch Australia is perfect for us. It has been operating since 2006 and is one of Australia’s top e-commerce sites, with over 9.6 million monthly visitors. 

Key Features

  • A curated marketplace made for Australians
  • Large selection of products from multiple categories
  • Robust local fulfillment
  • Exclusive members benefits 
  • Fast domestic delivery

Catch Australia has a selection of over 2.5 million products carefully chosen based on local preferences and offers the major relevant dropshipping categories. On top of that, they offer a Club Catch program, a membership that rewards us with free shipping, exclusive deals, and early access to future discounts.

With their domestic warehouses, Catch Australia is also one of the best dropshipping suppliers in Melbourne. Plus, Catch gives us an edge over our competitors with effective logistics and fast domestic shipping times.

8. Kogan

With sales of over one million dollars per day, Kogan is one of the top Australian dropshipping suppliers. It provides a variety of hot deals and exclusive offers that dropshippers can take advantage of.

Key Features

  • Fast domestic shipping times
  • Wide range and an extensive selection of products 
  • Exclusive deals for members 
  • Self-branded products

There is no shortage of products to dropship from Kogan to our favorite selling channel. While its most popular category is Electronics & Media, we can find over ten million products in many dropshipping niches to sell.

Besides the usual benefits, we can get much more from this supplier by signing up for Kogan First. The membership starts with a 14-day free trial giving us access to free shipping, exclusive discounts, priority customer care, and annual gift cards. All of these benefits lower our operating costs and allow us to increase our profit margins.

9. Crazy Sales

Grabbing the number nine spot, Crazy Sales is an Australian domestic marketplace that prides itself on offering heavily discounted products for price-conscious buyers.

Key Features

  • Massive bargains on a wide range of products
  • Official support for dropshipping 
  • Fast shipping times
  • Superb customer care and support team

Unlike some of Australia’s major retailers/marketplaces, Crazy Sales officially supports dropshipping and commits to shipping products to our customers. As such, we can select from any of the 10,000 products it offers and sell them with confidence.

Furthermore, Crazy Sales is dedicated to fast shipping times, regardless if products come from its extensive domestic selection or overseas partners. Plus, if any issues arise, Crazy Sales is committed to providing us with superior customer service that we can extend to our customers.

10. MyDeal

Focusing primarily on selling home and lifestyle products, MyDeal is another major retailer covering all of Australia. 

Key Features

  • Large selection of products
  • High-quality items
  • User-friendly website
  • Refund guarantee policy

While this dropshipping supplier is somewhat limited to home and lifestyle products, it more than makes up for it with millions of products available. Additionally, the products are of high quality so we can offer our customers the same.

Furthermore, MyDeal’s refund guarantee policy has got our back. For instance, customers can get a full refund when items do not arrive as described. Finally, MyDeal has a user-friendly layout, which makes it easy for us to order from the platform.

11. Trademe

Next up, we have TradeMe. It is a New Zealand-based e-commerce site where users can buy and sell exclusive dropshipping products.

Key Features

  • High standards enforced
  • Wide selection of products
  • Domestic shipping for plenty of items
  • Exclusive membership

A fusion of eBay and Craigslist, TradeMe is a high-standards marketplace loved by many dropshippers. Unsurprisingly, it offers a large selection of products from multiple popular categories. While primarily based in New Zealand, many sellers are in Australia, allowing us to offer domestic shipping to our Australian customers.

Also, TradeMe limits membership to New Zealand or Australian residents. So, if we are lucky enough to obtain a membership, we’ll have a significant advantage. Also, we can become the unofficial exclusive reseller of TradeMe products in the Australian market.

Pro Tip: Make sure to filter results by ‘New Items’ and research a store before listing a product.

12. Bondi Beach Tea

Specializing in the tea niche, Bondi Beach Tea Co. is a homegrown supplier in Australia. With a strong focus on hand-crafted artisan teas, this company offers many perks. 

Key Features

  • Niche-specific supplier
  • Wholesale, private labeling, and dropshipping services
  • Fast order fulfillment
  • 30-day return policy

As a niche supplier, Bondi Beach Tea Co. focuses on a one-of-a-kind product line, helping us stand out from the competition. Interestingly, this supplier also extends wholesale and private labeling services.

Plus, Bondi Beach Tea offers diverse shipping options in Australia, including free shipping for orders above $50. Lastly, its 30-day return policy allows customers to return unsatisfactory or defective products, leading to better customer-seller relationships.

13. Bella Boutique

Whether it’s an everyday item or a statement piece, Bella Boutique has the perfect selection of jewelry items for our store. With its high-quality items and services, it is a great option for dropshippers.

Key Features

  • Reasonable pricing
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Practical branding solutions
  • Accessible customer support

As a dropshipping-supported platform, Bella Boutique offers reasonable pricing, allowing Australian dropshippers to gain high-profit margins. Besides that, it provides multiple payment methods such as credit cards, PayPal, and Google Pay to ensure swift online purchases.

In addition, Bella Boutique extends branding solutions with services such as blind packaging and invoicing options, allowing dropshippers to build their brands. Furthermore, its ever-present customer support helps us address our customers timely and effectively, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

14. Dear Jane Medical

With a broad selection of medical products, Dear Jane Medical is an excellent Australian supplier to source from. Their product variety includes crutches, commodes, suction pumps, nebulizers, and much more.  

Key Features

  • Dropshipping-supported
  • Considerable profit margin
  • Trial periods for verified companies
  • Warranty and refund policies

As one of the best dropshipping suppliers in Australia, Dear Jane Medical supports wholesale dropshipping. In fact, it enables online sellers to sign up for a dropshipping account. Subsequently, registered dropshippers can purchase items at wholesale prices and sell them at retail costs helping us set flexible profit margins.

Plus, verified dropshippers can access trial periods for most products, subject to the supplier’s terms. Meanwhile, Dear Jane Medical has practical warranty and refund policies. Remember that when we cater to customer concerns efficiently, such as returns, our buyers put greater trust in our business.

15. Daring Diva

Catering to plus-size fashion products, Daring Diva is a convenient and fast wholesale supplier. Furthermore, it is an Australian supplier that ventures into women’s clothing and accessories.

Key Features

  • Membership perks
  • Wide clothing size range
  • Fast order dispatch
  • 14-day return policy

Remarkably, this eCommerce company offers the Daring Diva Rewards Program that entitles members to a 5% discount, promotional vouchers, and exclusive deals. Plus, they offer a wide array of clothing and accessories for every woman of age and size. Specifically, its clothing lines vary from petite to plus sizes.

Generally, orders from Australian customers are dispatched within 24 hours. Through this, buyers can receive their packages in the shortest time possible. Apart from that, the company’s 14-day return policy enables customers to return dissatisfying items, ensuring that customers receive only the best products from us.

16. Dasch Design

Next on our list of best Australian dropshipping suppliers is Dasch Design. Primarily, they offer a wide range of home decor products such as furniture, vases, lamps, wall art, mirrors, lighting, and more.

Key Features

  • Top-notch furniture catalog
  • Domestic showroom
  • Superb customer service
  • Pay later arrangement

As a supplier specializing in furniture pieces, we can source durable and long-lasting products from Dasch Design. Aside from furniture, we can also find home needs like rugs, lighting fixtures, mirrors, and more. Plus, this supplier has a domestic showroom in Australia where actual items are displayed.

Furthermore, Dasch Design vows to extend a superb customer experience to its clients. Lastly, sellers can utilize a pay-later arrangement when sourcing dropshipping products from this platform. Through its zipMoney feature, we can purchase products and pay for them at a later time.

17. Eleganter

From art crafts to jewelry pieces, Eleganter focuses on offering products designed for kids. By sourcing items from them, we can help parents create a fun-loving learning environment for their children. 

Key Features

  • Diverse product choices
  • Sustainable raw materials
  • Dropshipping account registration
  • 14-day return period

With its diverse product choices, our customers can find school supplies, gift ideas, and more. In addition, this supplier supports environmental preservation using sustainable raw materials. In fact, the website openly displays test reports of its products and their materials for transparency.

Besides that, we can sign up for Eleganter’s dropshipping service. Once our registration is approved, we can start enjoying low-cost items. On top of that, the platform extends a 14-day return period, subject to the company’s policies on returned goods.

18. Rumble Coffee

Here, we have yet another niche Australian supplier, Rumble Coffee, specializing in aromatic and locally-grown coffee. The company also vows to offer quality and consistent service to its clients.

Key Features

  • Wholesale and retail services
  • 30-day return policy
  • Local farmers’ support
  • Transparency and sustainability

To begin, this supplier offers wholesale and retail services to interested sellers. Apart from that, the supplier extends a 30-day return policy for eligible items. For an item to be eligible, it must be in the same condition as the customer received it and with the original packaging.

On another note, Rumble Coffee works with local farmers to produce high-quality coffee. Ultimately, this supplier’s commitment to transparency and sustainability makes it rise above all other coffee suppliers. As such, the company engages in other ventures, such as coffee research, to further improve its services and products.

19. Ozdingo

Another popular Australian supplier, Ozdingo, is a general eCommerce supplier offering products under top-selling categories. 

Key Features

  • High trust score rating 
  • Membership rewards
  • Fast shipping times
  • Outstanding customer helpdesk

Interestingly, Ozdingo gains an average of 4.9/5 trust score rating from customers. With this, we’re confident that this supplier offers the best services and products. Plus, Ozdingo has a free membership that lets us earn reward points for every purchase.

Also known for its fast shipping times, this supplier delivers customer orders anywhere in Australia. On top of that, its helpdesk enables the filing of tickets for concerns or queries.

20. Amazon Australia

Our final dropshipping supplier on the list is Amazon Australia. It is easily one of the biggest Australian dropshipping companies in the country, providing us access to plenty of top-notch products we can sell in our store.

Key Features

  • Large selection of products
  • Best selling products 
  • Fast shipping times 
  • Quality customer care

Variety and quantity are never an issue when sourcing with Amazon. The site has millions of products in just about any category you can think of. Additionally, dropshippers can take advantage of Amazon’s Best Sellers Section so they can pick only the best to sell to their customers.

Once we start making sales, we can consistently count on Amazon Australia for fast domestic shipping times. Last but not least, Amazon’s quality is also reflected in the excellent customer care it provides. Consequently, we can offer our customers the same quality service and attention.

Pro Tip: Keep in mind when working with Amazon, we risk account locks. Thus, it can be best to find best-sellers through Amazon and source with another excellent supplier on this list. 

These are the top 19 Australian dropshipping suppliers that can offer a wide range of products to help us start and grow our e-commerce business.

The best option is to work with multiple suppliers as it helps us to offer massive product variety. Plus, it’s always good to have a backup in place if one of our suppliers faces any issues.

How To Optimize & Scale Your Australia Dropshipping Business

Great! The availability of 19 top-notch Australian dropshipping suppliers presents a fantastic opportunity to attract many customers to our stores with a wide range of products. However, it is also essential to ensure that we are ready to import all the products and fulfill every customer’s order.

Don’t panic! This is where dropshipping automation comes into play. In essence, utilizing dropshipping automation software like AutoDS streamline and optimize our e-commerce business operations. For instance, let’s go over how we can import products. Generally, we can import products in two different ways: manual and automatic.

With manual product importing, we copy product information such as titles, images, descriptions, and variations from the supplier’s product page. Then, we paste them into our listing. Overall, it takes 5-15 minutes per product to complete the product import process.

Automatic Product Importing

Now, let’s see how we can import products with automatic tools like the AutoDS product importer. Essentially, this dropshipping tool has four different features, which are:

  • One-click Importer
  • Single Product Importer
  • Multiple Product Importer
  • Bulk Upload with a CSV file

Out of these 4, we will use the one-click importer. To begin importing, we must create an account with AutoDS and install the AutoDS Dropshipping Helper Extension.

Once these steps are complete, head to a supplier’s website like Banggood and search for the desired product, in this case, a “Portable Mini Projector.” From the supplier’s website, navigate to the product page and click on the “Import to AutoDS” button located above the product title.

Through this process, AutoDS extracts and uploads all information regarding the product, such as its title, images, variations, and description, to its draft page. In the draft page, we can fine-tune the imported product to help us make our listing unique.

All in all, it takes under a minute, helping us avoid boring and repetitive tasks. This is how we can save valuable time and labor using dropshipping automation tools. Besides product importing, here are more AutoDS automation features that help us run our dropshipping business smoothly:

  • Advanced Product Research Tool
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Price/Stock Monitoring 
  • Automatic Price Optimization
  • Inventory Management
  • and more!

Overall, utilizing automation tools can significantly enhance the efficiency and profitability of our dropshipping business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dropshipping In Australia Profitable?

Dropshipping is profitable in Australia, as the e-commerce market in Australia is multiplying and is predicted to reach around AUD 32 billion by 2024. Additionally, the Australian market is known for its high purchasing power and relatively high average income, which create a good opportunity for dropshippers to enjoy more profits.

How Do I Find Australian Dropshipping Suppliers? 

We can find Australian dropshipping suppliers by working with reliable dropshipping software such as AutoDS. Since reliable suppliers are crucial for dropshipping, AutoDS works with many Australian suppliers. Plus, we can go to trade shows, search on Google, and contact suppliers for more information. 

What Is The Best Dropshipping Supplier In Australia? 

Bangood, AliExpress, Target, and eBay are some of the best suppliers in Australia. These are considered the best Australian dropshipping companies because they offer affordable products, fast shipping, and reliability. Plus, they also easily integrate with the AutoDS platform.


Wow! We’ve just uncovered the ultimate list of the top 19 Australian suppliers. Now, we’re ready to kick-start our dropshipping business in Australia with a bang! By taking the time to carefully select compatible suppliers, we’re well on our way to a successful and thriving business.

Furthermore, our knowledge, combined with hard work, is a winning formula for success in the Australian market. With that in mind, here are some articles that will help us take the reins and confidently dominate the Australian market: